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Yep, flyingbrickciderco tricked us with this one too. Looks like a coffee, but it’s actually their Chai Latte Crème Brulée with gingerbread and cinnamon foam. Adding this one to the must-try list.

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** HOT SELLER ** Low in stock Burn Fat 🔥 & Lose weight with our yummy & healthy weight management CHAI / TEA Its instant to make Just add hot water & you are done Follow & Shop us fitness_brandaffectionuk 🌎Read more info on website link in bio. chaiaddict chailover photographer bestofday groom throwback bridetobe weddingday saudiarabia weddingphotographyparis jewellery beautiful statement glam wedding pakistani accessory glamour hairstyle henna mua stylish blogger instafashion gold tea chai blogger hijab weightlosstransformations gettingmarried

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Bisküvi, ceviz, elma ve çikolatanın eşsiz uyumu Apple Chocolate Pie ‘78 Coffee’de!

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Karak Chai ☕ launglaachiofficial -We had a visit launglaachiofficial with some of my friends. It is a very good place. Nice place, cool ambiance and beautiful wall craftings, unfortunately I wasn't able to took those wall pics. Review: -We ordered green tea and a karak Chai ☕, it was pretty rough day so that's why I ordered ' Karak', first I didn't get the tatse cause it was very very strong, but after very that I was like 'that was really good hahaha Literally guys it was amazing and I love it, hopefully I ll pay some more visit here. Lovin' this place. recommended -Rate 8/10 🔥 -Karak Tea = 120 pkr (around) -Green Tea = 80 pkr -Service 7/10 (bit slow) -Ambiance 8/10 🔥 -Totally worth Visiting 🙌 food foodie chai chailover foodblogger lahore delicious foodgasm lahorediaries foodphotography foodstagram foodlover healthy love foodporn eat breakfast fitness photography likeforlike foodpics dinner delish offolikz picoftheday weeked foodies foodpic lafodieeee Follow lafoodieeee 🔥

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This click just makes me feel melancholic yet full of love & joy ! Cannot help but marvel at this one by Ashish !😍❤️ . Be sure to participate in OUR GIVEAWAY OF chai GUYS ! 😁 DONT MISS OUT!❤️😍

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On the mooooooove again today 🐮 Goodbye Gokarna 🌱 Next ➡️ Kerala

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😋😋🐟 منشنو لاصدقائكم يشاهدو مقطع 😍👇 Follow👉 emad Follow👉 emad طق فلو ياعسل وشاهد مزيد 😍

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Aren’t we great when we’re two-gether? This Holi, order an ice tea and get one on the house to keep your conversations going and drinks sippin’. Terms & Conditions” 1.Offer valid on all Iced Teas. 2.Offer subject to availability. 3.Iced Tea flavors available to choose from. 4.The free Iced Tea will be of the same portion size as the original order. 5.Any add-ons will be chargeable. 6.This is a single billing offer, the free Iced Tea cannot be kept pending for later visits. 7.Offer cannot be exchanged for any other product or discount on the original order. 8.Offer available at selected outlets only. 9.In case of any disputes, the decision of the CBTL team will be considered final. cbtlIndia  Coffeelove Tea  TeaTime  TeaLover  TeaLove  Chai IcedTea  Coffee  CoffeeLove CoffeeLovers  Teaholic  Teagram  TeaLife TeaCup  TeaAddict  CoffeeAddict CoffeeLife  coffeeholic

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"こころとからだを温める ハーブと豆乳で作るチャイ" 玉川高島屋でWS開催いたしました。 ・ 陽射しがポカポカする☀️玉川テラスは、心までゆったりする心地よい空間で、あっという間に時間が過ぎてゆきました。 チャイのルーツやハーブの栄養、ハーブのブレンド方法などお話させて頂きました。 ・ ハーブの魅力が伝わると嬉しいです🥰 ご参加の皆さまありがとうございます。 玉川高島屋のスタッフさま ホーアイロナのスタッフさま ありがとうございます😊 ・ ・ herb spice chai blend holistic naturalmedicine ayurveda nutrition 体質改善 自然療法 伝承医学 ハーブ チャイ ハーブライフ healthylife mentalhealth 健康 美容 アンチエイジング 玉川高島屋 玉川テラス 二子玉川 ホーアイロナ ワークショップ felixina

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“In Silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves.” ― Rumi

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More about the chai cheesecake, the story began when my housemate and I were unwell. Her boyfriend made us chai milk tea and it was absolutely delicious. I remarked how I thought this would taste amazing in a cheesecake, having just baked a cheesecake shortly before, and thus, the chai cheesecake was BORN!

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Himalayan Daal Bhat kind of day for me today, this dish is something I grew up with and have never left my side once 💜🌈🌸☀️🕉😋 Also try our turmeric soya Chai ☕️ chai chailatte spice vegan tea himalaya cafe edinburghcafe localcafe edinburghhighlights edinburghlife edinburgh chaitea tealove yummy nourish cleaneating plantbased edinburghcafe healthy wholefoods nourish eatclean healthyeating localcafe himalaya foodie edinburgh vegan curry spice edinburghhighlighs veganfood himalaya cafe edinburghcafe localcafe edinburghhighlights edinburghlife edinburgh

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Masterclass : Accords rhums et poissons fumés par Matthieu Cosse Samedi 13 avril 15h30 Après une masterclass dédiée à l’association Rhums et Fromages, La Maison Isautier revient cette année avec un nouvel accord audacieux. C’est l’œnologue de la Maison, Matthieu Cosse, qui vous présentera une partition ou la délicatesse du poisson fumé répondra à l’élégance du rhum vieux. Une association originale qui prouve une fois de plus, que les rhums se marient parfaitement avec les mets les plus raffinés. rhums_isautier rhum rhumarrangé rhumagricole rhumfestparis RFP2019 spiritueux rhumlover drinks cocktails cocktailbar bartenders bar drinking rum rumfest ron festival rhumvieux sugarcane spiritueux instarum chill chai accordparfait

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This cosy and hip café close to the university invites you to hang out and enjoy its healthy breakfast treats. 👌Perfect for chilling in the hanging chairs and enjoying some healthy treats. 📍 hangingout_cafe 🍴Raspberry oats, chia bowl 💲Absolutely affordable 🥕Vegan options available Check out the full review on

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Spicy Chai de la Yogi Tea este o combinație de condimente exotice și ușor picante precum ghimbir, piper și scorțișoară și merge combinat cu puțin îndulcitor și lapte pentru a îi complimenta perfect aroma intensă. 🍵

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Read Caption 🤭🙈👇 एक गांव की लड़की जो अब शहर की हो गयी कहती है तेरी चाय से अच्छी अब ये कॉफी हो गयी वो पगला लड़का उसके प्यार में और दीवाना हो गया है घर भी उसका जैसे मयखाना हो गया है और उसकी हर पसंद को वो अपना शौक कहता हैं चाय से ज़्यादा अब वो उसकी कॉफी से इश्क़ करता हैं ❤❤ 2lines poetry poetrycommunity poetryporn poetryofinstagram poetryslam chai alonequotes writersofinstagram writer writerscommunity writerslife writinginspiration insta instagram urdupoetry photo photography photoshoot

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I dont know why but i am in love with this pic 😍❤️ Late night chai is love ❤️