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Here, Vaibhavi shares a thought - "चाय और तुम" _ Read on. mondayswithvaibhavi Explore dunkanddrunk for poetry, stories, reviews and more. To get featured, send us your writings via link in bio.

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Kasmkash me fas gai zindagi,jab wo puch baithi ek cup chai ya ek bar unke lab chume 😅 Follow badnam_chai For more. Tag your special Friends •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Inquiries adarshjaiswal (Admin) 1st page love.relationship •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• badnam_chai badnam_chai badnam_chai 👇 A single mention of yours is a sheer silver line, For it makes every ounce of the book mine. chai tea teacup chailover chaimasala lemontea indiantea badnamchai writersofinstagram poetry poetsofinstagram deadpoetssociety writerscommunity bookstagram love  instagramers photooftheday 20likes amazing smile like4like look instalike

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Chai (Tea) It is a mere beverage to some people, but to others, an emotion. Any discussion- grave or casual, of happiness or sorrow, of friends or strangers can happen over Chai. A kadak (well-cooked) tea can lift up spirits, bad mood or even stress. While sitting along the River Ganga at the Ghats of Varanasi, people can have Chai along with taking a whiff of history of this ancient city. At every tea stall you will find intellectual elders having discussions about various topics over tea. This beautiful personalised kettle from woca_designs reminds me of the love for Chai and my beautiful city Banaras. Cheers to all the Chai lovers out there! _ _ _ _ _ foodphotograph foodphotographer foodphotography tea chaitea tealover tealove chailover teaaddict teacup teaculture india banaras banarasi banarasiya banarasfood banarasdiaries varanasifoodie smokephotography chai shradhaagr Fun18March doholihaii 18march019 revenlikz hutedmp preholiblogz

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😑 Such me bc 🤐agree 😬?? Tag your 3friends ❤️❤️ Comment Comment 👇❤❣SAM❣❤👇agree our not 👅🙈 .❤ shinchankagyan sachmebc ✌😹🤘😎 If you agree with Shinchan.ka.gyan so just like Share and follow now for more⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇😹😹😹 shinchan.ka.gyan🖕😂👻 yar pyar aur bakchodi Follow for more shinchan.ka.gyan 😂🖕👻👻 Shinchan.ka.gyan Shinchan.ka.gyan Shinchan.ka.gyan Shinchan.ka.gyan Shinchan.ka.gyan Shinchan.ka.gyan Shinchan.ka.gyan Shinchan.ka.gyan girls boys bestfriend chutiya bestie slow reply babu shona female ammijaan ammi bestfriend zindagi crush proposers hookah shadi chai chailover coffee

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Good evening insta.fam. Today after so much traveling I have reached my home for Holi vacation and yes one thing again I have learned in my life that is 👉aap kisi k liye kitna bhi achha sochenge wo aap k liye bura hi sochenge 😞😞.And also in college enjoyed alot with my friends ,played holi with my friends and college also given us gift (posting ticket )after college heard some songs and taken rest .today flatlay related to my two old mobile ,earphone, bag and postage ticket (gift)that is given by my college. after that I walked for my house 😉🙈😊😊 Cheers☕☕. tea tealover evenings chailover chai instaevening honorwp honor9lite shotonhonor9lite hihonorindia honorindiaclub honorglobal mobilephotography photographersteam snapseed snapseedindia scanninguniverse mobilegraphy_hub _indian_photographers_ instabest_photography muzaffarpurlive muzaffarpur_photography world_photography_page lightroom instagram instaindia1 mobilephotography9999 geniusphotographer mobigrapher foodtrails indianfoodtrail indianfoodtrails zuvamart flatlay instagram instaindia1

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Coffee & confidence - Two essentials to start your week on the right track ⭐️ What’s your coffee order this am? We’ll take a dirty chai with vanilla & almond milk ☕️

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The earthen cups served with tea is not new in India. In North India we call it "Kulhadd" Whereas in our Bengal we lovingly call it "Bhaadd" The stories behind one cup of chaa (tea in bangla) at a local Tapri is endless n memorable. And if u r on a roadtrip the joy of chai in kulhadd is a celebration . Who can relate to me? KhushiNotOnlyMakeup TravelWithKhushi highway chai

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Feeling low already? Has Monday flooded you with tremendous amount of workload and stress? No worries! When the world falls apart, there's a totally different realm, which takes birth and remains immortal. That's what foodicted.fellow calls "Chai world". 😎 Prevent yourself from catching hold of Monday hues with a rejuvenating cup of indias_tea chai. They come in leafy as well as powdered version. I am currently on a Green tea detox process and this one is truly helping me carry out the same thing. Assam tea is something I prefer having while in airport so this packet of tea, helped me recollect a lot of memories. Isn't it beautiful when sipping your favourite cup of tea makes you recollect memories? 😍  It was amazing partnering with indias_tea on the deshkiChai campaign. Their variety of tea is molded to perfection and ensures goodness in every cup. Keep following foodicted.fellow for more updates. 😇 deshkiChaicampaign Indiastea

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Divided by Teams united by Chai🔥🍵 Giving some major goals to the cricket lovers! ❤ Visit us to enjoy live IPL match starting from March 23 only at Chai Chaska house. Visit us for more exciting offers and enjoy some delicious sumptuous meals. chaichaskahouse chai chailover indirapuram ipl

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Inspiration can come from many sources. Reading books by strong independent people that have reshaped old definitions is one of my favorite ways especially when paired with a cup of chai! michelleobama providing so much inspiration Happy Monday chai spices tea latte chaieveryday ayurveda ayurvediclifestyle tealover chailover teatime tealovers teaaddict coffee chailove tealove instagood instagram cafe instafood chaitime chailatte chaitea instatea healthy photography tealife blogger lovetea morningtea restorebalance

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mereSath 😊🙂 chai_ke_nashedi 🤗🤗 tealover teamemes chaimemes chai_memes teamemes chai_ke_nashedi chaikenashemechaikenashedi 🤚🤣☕🔥 akhnd Love for Chai chailovers chailover chaikecharsi chai_lover chai . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔥 Follow chai_ke_nashedi ☕ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow if u rdie Hard fan Of Chai chai tea chailover chaitea chailove teatime tealover tealove chailovers morningtea chaipeelo indiantea chai delhifoodie foodtalkindia delhigram localfood indiapictures desifood chaikenashedi chai_ke_nashedi

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For the chai lovers all over india, one place you should definitely pay a visit atleast once is chaayos . Although the tea is not that much worthy of the price , but yes they have more than 20 flavours to add in your cup of tea and that makes it more amazing❤️☕☕ chai chailover tea tealounge tealover tealovers relax flavour foodblog blog bloggerstyle bloggerlife foodbloggers foodisfuel foodwalk foodreviewer foodcritic foodphotography foodpic foodoftheday eatrealfood healthyfood foodstagram foodiesofinstagram instafood foodwalk icapturefood foodsmeade

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Ye chai hai sahab isne Puri duniya jhagayi hai 😋😎 Follow ketlichai For more. Tag your special Friends •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ketlichai chai 👇 A single mention of yours is a sheer silver line, For it makes every ounce of the book mine. chai tea teacup chailover chaimasala lemontea indiantea badnamchai ketlichai writersofinstagram poetry poetsofinstagram deadpoetssociety writerscommunity bookstagram love  instagramers photooftheday 20likes amazing smile like4like look instalike mumbai mumbaidrinks

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Life is not always about big things,its about how you embrace little thingsyeah I am talking about my love for tea☕.last week I was busy a bit in preparation for an engagement of my loved ones. While i had mehndi in my(so called beautiful😂) hand,i couldn't resist myself having 1 more cup of tea at late night.Laptop is just to show that 1_more_dream is loadinglol Thanks for this click baranwalrachit My first entry for handinframeshot ,an amazing contest by platterjoy who truly knows to embrace little things❤ Shower your love Fam ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Follow 1_more_dream 1_more_dream chai tea tealover chailover teatime tealovers foodie teaaddict foodporn chailovers chailove tealove foodphotography indianblogger instagram indian cafe yummy foodtalkindia picoftheday bloggerofinstagram mehndi engagement likeforlike followforfollow comment4comment

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So this is the 777th post!❤️ . A journey that started 9 months ago is now at a strong Family of 3400 & a culmination of all that India’s favorite drink chai is!🙌🏻 . We love you all for your help in making Chai a global movement! :’) . Here’s to many more cups of Chai & a LOT MORE OF TEAM CHAYCO ON YOUR FEED!😂🙈❤️❤️

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. Tea Lover ☕ ☕KNOX_CREATION ◽◽( ll_knox_writers_01_ll )◽◽ ◽◽( ll_knox_writers_01_ll )◽◽ ◽◽( ll_knox_writers_01_ll )◽◽ ◽◽( ll_knox_writers_01_ll )◽◽ ◽◽( ll_knox_writers_01_ll )◽◽ DON'T forget to FOLLOW ◾◾( ll_knox_writers_01_ll )◾◾ ◾◾( ll_knox_writers_01_ll )◾◾ ◾◾( ll_knox_writers_01_ll )◾◾ ◾◾( ll_knox_writers_01_ll )◾◾ ◾◾( ll_knox_writers_01_ll )◾◾ . ◀▶◀▶◀▶◀▶◀▶◀▶◀▶ ⚫ ♥ Like ♥ Comment ♥ Share ♥ ⚫ ◀▶◀▶◀▶◀▶◀▶◀▶◀▶ . shairi urdupoetry sadshayari bezubaanthoughts mohabbat poetrymaykhana allamaiqbal hindiquotes sadshayri hindishayari twolineshayari shayarilover shayrilove pehlapyar 2linespoetry writeaway shayarioftheday urduposts shayrilover hindipoems urdulovers urdushayri shayer loveshayari urduquotes urdupoetrylovers shayaris urdushairi