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Tree Fun Fact: One of the more intriguing tree facts involves the sheer number of tree species that there are − around 100,000 that we know of. These include deciduous and coniferous species. Deciduous trees have broad, large leaves, which tend to drop in the fall. Deciduous trees are mainly hardwood, and are often grown for timber. Some examples of common deciduous trees include maple, birch, beech, poplar, elm, ash, oak, willow, hickory and chestnut. Coniferous trees, on the other hand, are identified by a different criteria of tree facts. They are often known as evergreen, because they remain green all year round and do not drop their leaves in the fall. They are able to survive in even harsh climates. They often grow in triangular shapes, and have pointed, needle-like leaves. Their timber is usually of the softwood variety. Common types of coniferous trees include pine, juniper, cedar, hemlock, fir, spruce, yellowwood, cypress, yew and alder. Trees are incredibly important, both to the environment, and to human culture. Who’s taking CARE of your trees? Contact us today to schedule a free estimate. 909.570.9499 TreeCare Yucaipa CA InlandEmpire TreeService TreeClimber StumpGrinding Redlands LomaLinda Nature Views Stihl Husqvarna Echo Chainsaw MadeForThis

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Have fun while it lasts!

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Quickly made woodland bench. Few spare logs, a chainsaw and 30 mins later a pretty cool place to sit in the wood.

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I'm definitely going to buy another husqvarna . I ran my saw over with my truck and it's fine . Literally, ran over with a diesel truck with 500 extra lbs of logs in the back . There was basiclly no damage other then one small cracked piece which I then removed myself . Well, I'm sold, I'll buy another one . It survived and runs and is unscathed . Nice work building a rugged saw . motivation treework chainsaw dodge truck diesel outdoors bluecollar work arborist farm nh countryboy cummins fitness strength muscle unbreakable 2stroke propertymaintenance springcleanup

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Нова акумуляторна мотопила STIHL Новини для вимогливих садівників і професіоналів: Нова акумуляторна пила MSA 160 C-BQ вже у продажу. Потужний інструмент з акумулятором на 36 В відповідає найвищим вимогам до продуктивності пиляння і робочого комфорту, будучи незамінним помічником під час заготівлі дров, догляді за земельною ділянкою, в садівництві, а також для пиляння в закритих приміщеннях. Розпакуйте, зарядіть акумулятор - можна працювати: за допомогою мобільних, тихих і потужних мотопил можна працювати без кабелю і без відпрацьованих газів - ідеальне поєднання новітніх технологій у конструюванні акумуляторів і двигунів. Це - справжній STIHL. Телефон гарячої лінії: +380675048815 stihl chainsawcarving chainsaw art gerls wotan woodenart woodcarvers wood odin drakum chainsawartist artworks stihl_od_ua boy woodworking woodcraft woodcarved ukraine paganart odesa chainsaws chainsawart artprocess радистів34б Stijl Kiev woodwork woodcarving woodart stihlcarving

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