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After skipping my workout this morning Yep I do it too I was making excuses and almost felI into the trap but I didn’t I snuck in 30 minutes and heck I was reminded of what wonders a workout can do for your ENERGY, MOOD, and HAPPINESS 💞 • All you have to do is start Which I get is harder on certain days than others but girl get it up and do it Do you see this smile It’s from my workout ☺️☺️ • • fitnessgirl transformationtuesday adiddas teacher endoftheyear dreambig believeinyou challengeyourself abworkout

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A lot of my thoughts lately have been centered around the choices I make. Whether it’s my attitude toward someone or something, everyday day situations or life changing decisions. —- I’ve been struggling with letting my emotions get the best of me. I overthink all the time and sometimes wear myself out with all of the stuff that goes on in my head— I hope I’m not alone 😒 I worry about everyone and everything around me, and I let it affect me. — I’ve always believed in God and his word. But lately I’ve been digging in to my faith even more. Not only going to church but talking to him and trusting him to lead the way. —- I haven’t been questioning God or my faith but I’ve been questioning myself and challenging myself to be better. Not only for me, but the ones around me. I think we let outside forces affect us more than needed sometimes I know I’m guilty of that. When we feel in control of our own life and decisions I think we feel better about where we’re going. I know not all of us can put those thoughts aside but if we make a valid effort to be better or be positive it’s a win for everyone. —- With all of that being said, what are some things you do for yourself every day or week that is uplifting or challenges you to do/be better? question dailyreminder positivity positive longpost heartfelt you challenge challengeyourself youareincharge begood benice behappy happiness thoughts thoughtful emotions beyourself

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legs/core done (snapped a red hip cirle band during kicks backs it flew hella far 😂, no vids today forgot stand 😭) Motivation- Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. Work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you. These are not cliches but real tools you need no matter what you do in life to stay focused on your path. Phillip Sweet motivationalquotes legdaymotivation gymmotivation fitness gym challengeyourself nofilter likeforlikes oncut fitnesssmotivation rucatraining legsdead legworkout tryitout gymrats drenched mindset beyourownmotivation noexcuses havefunwithit beyourself volume timetoeat timetogrow pushyourlimits core coreworkout

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This is how I felt after joelfreemanfitness throwing in an extra 30 seconds of abs 🤗 Can't break me Didn't realize he had such an evil laugh 🤣 went straight into T20 after I was dying today I couldn't keep up like I normally could, but I know I'm pushing when it gets to that point What are you doing to get out of your comfort zone?? nocomfyzone liift4 girlswholift sayyes challengeyourself feeltheburn nopainnogain readyforthesummer bikinibod gettingbikiniready t20 transform20 shaunt

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Every year for five years I have started my “birthday” off on the right foot - literally - with a marathon walk/jog from Bucktown to Evanston and back. Bettered my time from the last few years but really do it more for the other benefits. I started this the year I moved back from the UK and opened kalhome1. I find it’s a means of thinking about priorities, sorting issues, listening to some fab podcasts, appreciating what I can do vs. what I can’t, and challenging myself. Now - Advil, Dilly-cuddles and a glass of wine. Tomorrow will hurt and there is a rooftop patio living room/dining room installation slated - oh, the stairs! interiordesigner kalhome 44onfriday marathon personalchallenge piccadillydoodle bucktown evanston backtowork - birthdaygoals challengeyourself backaches

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hello hello and happy hump day🐪🐪 So wanted to chat abt something that i’ve been thinking abt lately 💭 Lately i’ve noticed as a person mentally I have grown so much and today I really was thinking well what changed? I realized I cared about what others thought-so much and i needed to let that go. It prevented me from doing things I loved and wanted to do. So i was on a mission to stop and just be me.I for sure don’t have this mastered but overall my mindset has changed. It really is so true that once you stop caring about how others view your life gets better. From January to now life has gotten so much better. I cut the negative people out and kept around only the people who supported me. i highly suggest that bc in 2019 we don’t have time for non supportive friends srry but it’s true. Lastly i have noticed now that i have pushed the idea of peoples opinions behind me, I noticed my goals and ideas of what I want to accomplish seem to be more clear. I‘m free to do what I wanted without the thoughts of others judging my every move . I can finally just be me and continue to grow into the person I want to be I challenge you to stop caring and just live ur life for you You only have one life so why not make it the best one ok long post over workout time This workout had my legs actually dead like i couldn’t walk this morning lol so make sure u swipe 👉🏻 and save 📌 🥑 Glute activation ( i have a post of what I do up) 🥑 squats right into jumping squats 4 sets of 10 🥑box squats right into courtesy lunges ( my phone decided to delete the lunges :() 4 sets of 10 🥑 dead lifts, i haven’t done these in ages so it was hard lol Start at a weight that’s comfortable for you 3 sets of 5 🥑sumo stiff leg rdl 4X 15 🥑 Hip thrusts 4 sets of 10 ( forgot to film this lol) 🥑 back extensions ( squeezes them glutes) I hope you all had an amazing day💛

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Well I cheated on this meal a bit. I made a Spicy Maple BBQ marinade for the chicken and put brown sugar and cinnamon on the pineapple 🤷🏼‍♀️ I regret making the kale chips. It seems like a whole lot of work for nothing. I feel like I would have been better off just eating a salad. Live and learn. Should I feel guilty about this meal??? I think I way over portioned too, oops 🤦🏼‍♀️ liveandlearn f45 f45fitness f45challenge f45challenge22 8weekchallenge challengeyourself fitness fitnessmotivation fitdiary fitchick realfitness weightloss fasting nutrition f45meals healthyeating gym grouptraining fitnessresults results goals teamtraining lifechanging

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Lisa understands how overwhelming the prospect of changing your diet and your entire approach to health and fitness can be. Let her be your guide for 28 days to help you eat clean and get fit! Learn more in our stories IdealRaw LiveIdeal FitMoms momfitness fitnesschallenge postpregnancy pwr sweat momswholift fitfam personaltrainer fitspo challengeyourself positivevibes raw lifehack protip fitnessgoals motivation organic lifestyle activelifestyle Vegan Plantbased Lifestyle VeganLifestyle WayofLife HealthConscious veganlifestyleblogger

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“JUST DO IT” [drop a ❤️🤘🏻below if you are game to try out this sauced up sweaty outdoor workout] ⠀ The famous saying from good ol’ Nike - just do it. Who lives by this? ⠀ It’s what I want to shout from the rooftops every time I get a message asking “how to get started”. Cause it’s the truth - you just got to freakin’ do it. ⠀ But, then I remember that sometimes people just don’t know what the “do” is. They don’t know what exercises to start with. How to squat. What a rep, superset or rest time looks like. ⠀ Sometimes I forget that there are people out there who might not have ever taken that first step. And that first step is really freakin’ scary. I was once there too. ⠀ That’s why I created a complete BEGINNERS series in the Progress Project. ⠀ Before you even dive into month one you can go through this little freebie section that breaks down the movements you often see me doing. It teaches you the basics that don’t often make it to my instagram page. ⠀ Don’t be scared to be that beginner. That’s where every single one of us started. ⠀ You can’t expect to do an exploding flat burpee without ever learning how to squat, plank and jump. You can’t do a double jump lunge without learning how to first lunge. ⠀ Try out this little circuit the next time you need some vitamin D but also a good sweat! Your legs might fall off… bring a wheelbarrow. ⠀ Workout Details: perform each exercise for a length of the field or 60 seconds and repeat the circuit 4 times through. This workout was sponsored by coffee and a grumpy attitude that needed to leave my body. ⠀ Outfit: keyhole cop (XS) and effortless scrunch (XXS) by tilyoucollapse - get your butt in these buttery soft leggings and use “JESS” to save money! ⠀ Band: the only band that creates this type of glorious resistance (aka burning) is from sculptlifesytle. Discount code: JESS15 ⠀ Work with me: I only coach through the Progress Project which is a monthly membership site that dishes out new workouts, mindset modules, recipes and more (weekly check ins 😜) for $29.99/ month! You can start today for FREE with a 7 day trial. Link is in my bio!

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If humidity is the new altitude training then I’m good! God it feels good to be back at the track, it’s really my happy place. The heat, sweat pouring down my face, the speed, lungs burning- oh how I love track work and speed work It’s been awhile and so happy to have it back In my routine now that schools are out and the Marathon is over. A fun night of running the stairs, push ups, lunges, and some speedy 400 laps around the track. Bring on summer running! trackandfield speedwork withrowhighschool summerrunning trackgirls womenrunningcommunity outdoorgym optoutside meetmeatthetrack speed challengeyourself getbettereveryday likeagirl queenbeehalfambassador nuunambassador nuunlife

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I'm working on myself to join the components of my health, fitness & wellbeing together. Individually I've achieved some good results in these areas in 2019 but feel I can still do better. I have a great support network of family, friends and my GP. It's up to me to continue focusing my efforts towards my goals. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Will Durant, American Writer & Historian reset refocus rebuild health fitness wellness beactive challengeyourself pushlimits becomebetter dowhatittakes nevergiveup metime newlife fitter faster stronger jorg upandrunning

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You’re invited to MFFOF’s 3rd Annual “We Run Richmond 5K Walk/Run”. 🏃 🏃‍♀️ Your support of this event will help us reach our goal of providing 10 $1,000 scholarships to Richmond youth/ adults seeking a higher education. 💪🏾🤩✊🏾Your support will also help us provide 100 backpacks filled with school supplies to Richmond’s most underserved elementary students. Your participation is vital in terms of the success of this program. 🌍✨Together we can make a greater impact! We need your support now more than ever! Tag a group of your friends who you’d like to participate in the 5K with! ⬇️⬇️⬇️. Richmond RichmondCa BayArea Community goodafternoon running 5kchallenge everybodytogether challengeyourself CommunityService LaComunidad ElPuebloUnido Scholarships CollegeBound MFFOF ForOurFuture ForTheYouth SoRichmond

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Sometimes it’s the smallest things that challenge our entire being. Skipping! Skipping in mine right now. What challenges me changes from time to time. Each new challenge I get more and more determined to fight through it, Suck it up, And get better than I was the day before. This saying up on this wall alternateroutes has helped me through those moments when I want to quit. I stare at it and somehow get out a little more of what’s left in me. What challenges me, changes me. I will not quitI’ll just rest a second or two 😉 beyou fighthard challengeyourself personaltraining pushhard skipping givemeallthesteelmace gettingstronger fitnessjourney beingreal crywhenitsover 💪💪

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Shoulder pumps going down tonight 👇🏼Lets talk motivation👇🏼 . Your training should be so good you want to continue to come back and keep advancing. It should be the ‘good’ kind of addictive, the kind you look forward to after a long day, not dread. The aim is to reach a state of ‘flow’ in your activity/workout When you’re presenting yourself with a stimulus that is too easy you’ll become bored, and vice versa, if it’s too grueling then it’s scary/causes anxiety and less likely to come back to/put it off. Intensity is amazing every once in awhile, but consistency is king and it all boils down to what will make you consistent day-in/day-out The perfect flow state is when the challenge is somewhere in between that too easy and too intense marker. It makes you want to come back to it and improve every time. It starts to become addictive in a non-controlling way. You have to learn what that is for you, as everyone is in a different phase of health/fitness and everyone has a different definition of what that means to them There is no blanket statement of what should be motivating for you. You have to figure that part out on your own, that’s a part of the journey. Find the right tools/modalities that are unique to you and help you become self-sufficient in whatever direction you pursue in your fitness endeavors findyourflow flowstate smallwins challengeyourself trueempowerment consistencyoverintensity dedicated fitspo shelifts countdownison

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I don’t know about youbut I’m trying to retire as soon as possible. I don’t want to HAVE to work until I’m 65 years oldsitting around waiting to qualify for social security. If you’re going to devote 90% of your time and energy into fast food, grocery stores department stores, factory work and any other job that’s doing nothing for you besides giving you a minimum wage paycheckwhy not join the Army for 3 years?? During those 3 short years you’re working for the US Armyyou have a full time pay check, your rent and meals are free. Your healthcare and college is free. Sounds like a good stepping stone right? Save money and go to school on the Army’s dime. Play it smart. Ask yourself if your wasting your time working 2 or 3 minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet. Why not work 1 and have ALL of your needs metplus more. Have you thought about the Army?🤔💯 Let me know if you’re interested in learning about the 2 year active duty option. WorkSmarter DontGetComfortableWithTempWork ChallengeYourself BetterOpportunities CareerOpportunities CollegePaid ActiveDuty ArmyReserves

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Find an opportunity to become better every day. WorkoutWednesday

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🖤 The best reason to paint is that there is no reason to paint. — Keith Haring 🖤 Yep. Keeping this commitment to paint every day means some days you just don’t feel it but you go paint something for absolutely no reason other than needing to paint to keep up the commitment. 😬 1000daysofmakingart day429 challengeyourself dailypractice showupeveryday 365 makearteveryday artprocess experimentation colorinspiration artisticjourney creativelife sacredart inspirationalart abstractart fineart originalart abstractpainting splatterpainting acrylicpainting girlswhopaint mlhoferartist michellelhofer artistsofinstagram instaart reasontopaint justpaint keepgoing artquote intothedarkness

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WORKOUT WEDNESDAY powered by my Unicorn Juice, a few donut holes yesterday, and motivation to always BE BETTER 🖤 . Today's workout was cardio. A few years ago, cardio to me would have meant posting up on some machine (the stair master, elliptical, or treadmill) for 30, 45, or even 60 minutes at a time. It was SO boring. SO mundane. And SO FLIPPING INEFFECTIVE. And I did it Every. Single. Day 😖 . Sure, doing cardio machines at first might allow you to lose some weight. You might even see a little bit of progress. But long lasting results? Heck. No That requires challenging the body, constantly switching up your routine, and incorporating HIIT moves and weights Swipe to see a few moves from my cardio workout this morning! 41 minutes with limited equipment, limited room, and NO machines. And I was dripping sweat and burned a ton of calories 😅 . Are you looking for a change in your fitness routine? Hit a plateau in your weight loss journey? Ready for something easy and effective that guarantees results if you WORK FOR THEM? Let's get you going! Drop an emoji below 🖤💪🏼 Workout WorkoutWednesday Wednesday WomanCrushWednesday WCW WorkoutMotivation Motivation GirlsThatWorkOut FitGirls GetFit BeFit NeverGiveUp StrongerThanExcuses GirlsWithAbs Flex ChallengeYourself

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I went over⬆️⬇️he went under. 90° day ✔️creek so gooood‼️ ☀️💦 cooloff itshot summertime trailsession • • • Support Local Dog 🐕 Rescue Adopt | Foster | Volunteer | Donate • • AdoptAChallenge • Check out my friends ghost_on_a_couch goudathepibble kratos.and.kobalt • • adoptdontshop discgolf dogsofig challengeyourself dogstagram adventure rescuedog atlanta pitmix doglover doglife lovinglife dogsofinsta dogsofinstaworld pitbullsofinstagram insta_dogs explore brindle love handsome ourpitpage dogs_insta naturelover lovenature lol

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We are all beginners at something. Remember that when you admire someone’s art. I need lots of practice at this printing fun. treicdesigns makes it look so easy. Some of the pieces came out surprisingly well after getting frustrated with my results. But Traci says it’s when the layers of color get added, you start to see the results you are looking for. She’s right. Most of these will become background pages for art journaling. artjournalplay printingfun artjournaling gelliplateprinting glassplateprinting acrylicpaints indiainks weareallbeginners learningsomethingnew challengeyourself

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Mother and daughter Vision board workshop was also about girls supporting girls an opportunity to meet other girls in similar ages. Empowered and fulfilled are on a mission to get everyone to support one another and build people up positivepeople lifebydesign entrepreneurmindset mindovermatter positivethinking ideas womeninbusiness empoweredwoman changeyourlife brain brainstorming challengeyourself changemindset womensupportingwomen mindsetforbusiness mindsetformums women womenstartups consultant services successmindset entrepreneurquotes lovemindset freeconsultation australia instagrammers wealthmindset empowered fulfilled empoweredandfulfilled

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Does the thought of speaking to a crowd like this make you want to run? Please join us tonight. It’s a friendly crowd that’ll make you feel right at home while you challenge your skills!

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On top of regular exercise + healthy nutrition we can’t forget about exercising our brain with its own workout routine. 🤯 Mental exercises should include real world activities that are challenging but a novelty to you! 🤪 Suggestions include working on a Sudoku puzzle, brushing your teeth with the opposite hand or driving home via a different route. The more senses you involve the better! Let us know which routine you pick! 🤩 challengeyourself wellnesswednesday mentalhealth brainteasers fitness health crossfit crossfitforglory fishhawkfitness fishhawk fishhawksfittest brainpower

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Back done and dusted nice and early today with melleemmm Stronger than you think miss 💪 I however was feeling weak. Not used to this AM weight training thing anymore. Don't know how I used to do it on the daily. Cardio tonightweird back backday thickback for smallwaist weights weighttraining instafit fitness motivate trainright trainhard teampd believeinyourself chickswithmuscle challengeyourself girlswhotrain chicksthatlift fitnessmodel nevergiveup nevergivein fatloss weightloss

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Here is your reminder. You are enough. Today. Right now. As you are. You may not have reached your goalsYET, and let me tell you, that is OK. You have a lifetime work towards those goals. YET is a promise. YET is a gift. We have a whole month, year, lifetime ahead of us to become who we were meant to be. Be in your happy right now. You only have this moment one time. And you will not have it again. Be in your present. You will always be enough right where you are. 💕💕💕

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Today, I was feeling really proud of myself. I have completed 4 days of a new cleanse & detox program, and I have always struggled in the past to stick to a prescribed nutrition program. I was celebrating a little victory. Then, I opened social media. 🔥 I saw a friend who posted about their own fitness journey & everyone was so happy for them, and my first thought was “well, who is going to celebrate my victory when they see this?” 🔥 Comparison causes us so much doubt & fear. We are all at different places on our journeys, and my story isn’t any les important than someone else. Why do we automatically compare our story to others, and a dime theirs is more important or noteworthy? 🔥 We all need to be brave and share our own stories. What and who resonates with one person won’t resonate with someone else. The world needs us to show up & be our most authentic self. Your journey & victory will inspire someone else. 🔥 The number of likes, comments & follows doesn’t truly show the impact we are making. Keep plugging away, showing up, and inspiring others to victory!

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A rather foggy jaunt up Scafell Pike in the Lake District. Thankfully there were a lot of cairns (rock markers like the one behind me) so I could find my way because I couldn’t see even a few metres in front of me Having markers to find your way and track your progress is essential in achieving your goals, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. What goals are you working on right now and what’s been your most recent marker of success/knowing you’re on the right path? lakedistrict foggyday selfie_time goalsetting achievements lifelesson cumbria scafellpike challengeyourself pushyourlimits greatdayout lovetheoutdoors rainyweather adventurer adventurepic liveadventurously outdoorfun womenwhohike womenwantadventure andshesdopetoo nationalparks choosemountains ventureout hikingadventures hiking_daily solotrip hikingtrail dayhike trekkingday lakedistrictcumbria lakedistrictnpa nationaltrust womenwantadventure womenwhohikeaustralia hikelikeawoman

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That moment when Class is almost over‼️💪🏽😓 • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jr High Strength Class Monday • Wednesday 4PM • • • • • • • • • • • • • dontstop keepgoing arewedoneyet strongertogether gymlife crossfit kidsclass afterschoolclub fitness mykidisstrongerthanyours determined strongereveryday healthyhabits icaniwill skills joinus strengthandconditioning gymrats challengeyourself crossfitdeerpark buildingbetterhumans strongkids gymmotivation joinus lookwhaticando teamwork deerparktx workout workhardplayhard

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Has anyone used the Sun Basket home meal service? I'm planning to try the carb conscious plan for my dinners. The reviews I've read have been amazing. Here is a sample.

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1993 early days fresh in art college. If I had known then what I’d be doing today 😂 Even after 16yrs in the tv/film industry I completely changed my career to making cold pressed juice and here I am 8 years later! Choose not to fear change.

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Weekly CHALLENGE. We always challenge ourselves with a minimum 5km run, that to catch up at the speed of 5mins/km. Outdoor run is always our first choice. We jog to refresh our mind, tone our muscle and to improve our respiratory system, for a better health Don’t forget to double-click if your like this post 💪🏻 fitnesslifestyle fitness fitnessmotivation healthylifestyle healthylife gym bodybuilding bodytransformation gymlife bodybuilders staystrong staypositive stayfit challengeyourself malaysian malaysia motivation fitnessgoals nevergiveup instafitness fitnessinspiration fitnesslife fitnessjourney workout instadaily photooftheday positivevibes likeforlikes outdoorrunning goodday