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Good afternoon 🍗 ⚫ ~💙Anime💙~⚫ ▶Source : Pixiv ▶Character : ▶Anime : ⚫ ◾✏hmm✏◾ ▪ ▫▪📣Info and messages✉▪▫ ▪ ✉ how are you today guys ? Hope you all always in good Condition 😄🍹 ▫ ✉ Follow me and turn on the Notification for more cute Picts ▪ ⚫ ▪⭐ Hashtags ⭐▪⚫ anime animegirl kawaii kawaiigirl cute cutegirl animation illustration otaku animeworld girl milf loli japananimation fanart manga novel blueeyes pink pinkhair bowtie bowties characterdesign character bluehair highschool teenager

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Here’s a messy watercolor piece. I swear, the sketch looked better.

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Ruby Ornate Sleeper Ray Mer-mount! (Ft. Javan Rhinoceros) They like stay on the bottom, they’re also a family oriented mer. This mer is playing on a seaweed field and he also likes ginger. Maybe because it’s warm? Ornate Sleeper Ray (Electrolux addisoni) is Critically Endangered. Their habitat is considerably small, there are no conservation plan on them, and there are very limited research. But human does like to capture them for aquariums, and they are dying because of pollution Javan Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus) is also Critically Endangered. There’s only 46-66 adults left. They are dying cause people hunt them for their horn. People believe it’s a miracle cure? It’s not very smart really, science says so mermay mermay2019 mermaids mermay2019day24 gemsandminerals gemstones endangeredmermay camillemermay endangeredspecies watercolour digitalpainting illustrationartists procreate illo illustagram characterdesign wacommermay2019 crystalgems kidlitart childrenillustration fantasycreature womenwhodraw girlsinanimation rhino stingray rhinoceros ruby ginseng ornate icedmako

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It's time to draw more magical tribe buff ladies :^) hmmm which fruit/ flower /spice should I do next?? ~☆ ☆ She is in a Saffron tribe, they are known to be a very crafty and creative tribe. At some point they decided to build an alliance with the blueberry tribe. This gurl got injured fighting off a giant bear to protect the blueberry gurl and some of her friends ~ (and yea I ship those two purple ladies) :^) ~ Ahhh this is a very quick and messy illustration But I'm so stressed and tired y'all :'^) ~☆ ☆ art artist artofinstagram artistofinstagram artist instaart künstler kunst digitalart digitalillustration illustration zeichnung drawthisinyourstyle portrait paintoolsai photoshop procreate applepencil style sketch pic hairstyle oc arte zeichnen drawing zeichnen doodle characterdesign

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Ok, NOW I think I'm getting somewhere This is a few sketches for a one of my characters. art sketch characterdesign

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Here with Saturday's behind the scenes production post for all to see. The first is an update on the latest larger scale Enter the Manifeco piece which has been fully drawn out, inked, and will be fully colored and enhanced in the near future. The second and final for today is a further look back on the piece during the early digital drawing stage. If you enjoyed today's content don't forget to leave a like or a comment and tune in for more behind the scenes goodness