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Si vas a trabajar pecho debes activar los músculos del pecho de la máxima manera posible, con un gran rango de movimiento con el máximo peso que puedas levantar para asi lograr la rotura de fibras y comenzar a crear músculo, los movimientos no deben ser rápidos, deben ser de manera controlada tratando de crear la máxima tensión posible en tu pecho, bajando hasta el fondo, sentirás como se va a explotar tu pecho. life healthy gymmotivation training gymlife instadaily workout fit fitness gym fitnessmotivation chestday protein love instagood followme like picoftheday nopainnogain strong strength coach goals team chest tiger teamtiger change changebody thursday

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The Cockyboys

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New Record - 9 reps - 40 kg lastre - Weighted Pull ups Soy el brasas de las dominadas, pero mejor subo esto que mi plato de arroz y ternera post entrenamiento. Lo mismo ganó a Mario casas en 3MSC en su competición de dominadas o salgo entrenando junto a brielarson en una nueva entrega de Marvel, o igual me estanco y no subo de aquí. El destino dirá. 🔵🔵💪 DREAM AND THINK BIG 🔸🔸🔸🔸 triceps training teamcrespo ifbb ifbbspain pecho protein physics abdominales abs diet dieta fullgas proenutrition frenchpress gym gimnasio hombros nopainogain chest cardio creatin biceps backworkout muscular mensphysique mensphisique arnold

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I went to sleep with this question on my mind knowing satan was going to attack me with a sleep paralysis because I had just committed major sin so I felt filthy & didn’t repent before bed but satan attacked me while I was facing down I couldn’t breath I couldn’t move I gave up for a quick second about to relax & sink into the feeling when I felt my soul was going to leave my body again I don’t know if I would astral project again & see the devil then casually hop back into my body or die die but Honestly for the first time in my life thought I was seconds away from dying cause I was face down couldn’t breath didn’t have another breath in my body if I leave my body I would die cause I’m face down, literally last second called out to Jesus & snapped out of it couldn’t even call out from the heart cause I was panicking when satan got off me after screaming the name of Jesus in my mind at the last second I gasped for air & used the blood of Christ to scare him all the way away & I felt warmth in me after this I for sure knew I could relax without him attacking again, when I realized what satan just tried to do I begged god to let me murder satan with my bare hands I just wanted him to come back in my conscious state & rip him to shreds I just wanted god to give me the strength & to make me the person who murders satan all I wanted was revenge & to end him, you know when someone just tried to kill you & you just want revenge like you got murder on your mind I had that big time, then I apologized to god for what I prayed for & I knew immediately to check YouTube cause god always tells me what I need to hear when things get this intense & I need to feel the presence of god & this is the very first video I see at 3:50am just thought I’d share it with y’all❤️ dedication discipline success entrepreneur entrepreneurlife youtube youtuber wealth abundance lawofattraction bodybuilding muscle gains delts shoulders arms chest like4like follow4follow

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The first version of my training program ANIMALU‘ 1.0 is a strength and conditioning training program (50%strength/50%endurance) designed to get in shape and to prepare your body for a fight, competition etc. ANIMALU‘2.0 is a strength and conditioning training program (70% strength , 30% endurance) specially created for natural athletes to increase their strength and power . ———————————————— If you want to know more about my two training programs send me a dm.

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You sleep to see your Dreams, I stay up to work on Mine 🔥🏆 drivenbymyvision

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Gruesome Pump Chest Workout🔥🦍💯 Rest period 45-90 sec in between sets. 2 mins before moving unto next exercise. Increase weight according to rep range - - 1️⃣Flat dumbbell press- 5 sets 10,8,6,4,15 2 sec pause reps last set( weights used 65,75,90,100,50’s) - 2️⃣Chest press machine- 3 sets 10,8,4-6 then dropset back down last set 15 reps on dropset - 3️⃣Incline dumbbell press superset Incline dumbbell flys- 4 sets 10-12 reps increase weight slightly on presses use same weight on flys - 4️⃣Static hold into Double cable flys- 4 sets total increase weight first 3 sets . First 3 sets do 5 reps each side then 10 reps double. Last set drop weight do 10 each side then till failure on double cable flys 20-40 reps is goal - -Give this awesome workout a shot and let me know how fire it was 👊🏻💯💯 Static hold cable flys into double inspired by hanyrambod 💪🏻 - - madpump dailyworkouts fitnessmotivation gymrat alwaysgrinding bodybuilding chest nastypump chestday physique ifbb fitnesslifestyle aesthetic workoutmotivation thinkoutsidethebox yourmindyourworld healthyliving doitforthebestyou aesthetic

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hier c’était la journée internationale sans viande 🥩 🍗 alors on fait un effort et on participe à l’effort de guerre pour la planète 🌍 salade 🥗 de pâtes, carottes 🥕, avocat 🥑, laitue 🥬 laureiller_vert . ✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️ musculation fitness muscu training veine fun motivation TeamNass litobox muscle followme tattoo bodybuilding fitfam fitboy mangersain diet abdos biceps chest footballamericain men superphysique zinasty nopainnogain igfitness bodytraining boy sixpack ✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️

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Level up.

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Let's train smarter not harder, TRY IT THATONEEXERCISE WE'RE FOUR FITNESS, NOT A GYM Our slogan: trainwithtrainerswhotrain Our website: Our address: 650 Montgomery st btw Baldwin Ave and Summit Ave. Our status: jerseycity 1 personaltraining service since 2015 rated by yelp fourfitness fourfitnessjc personaltrainer influencer jerseycityfitness gym legs core back chest 4MMG jerseycityeats healthyfood nutrition mcginleysquare journalsquarejc dowtownjc luxuryapartment eatgood livegood functionaltraining strengthtraining bebetterthanyesterday runners run

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Dan: 172 Day: 172nd Start: 1.10.2018. Jedna slika dnevno! Kako trening i disciplinovana ishrana utiču na telo!?! Let’s follow the progression together. 💪🏋️‍♂️ 🚫🍕🍔🥞🚫 fitover40 over40 body fitness fit teretana bodytransformation trening vezbanje motivation vsco vscocam vscofilter instafit instafitness dedication fitnessmotivation fitnesjourney personaltrainer mytransphormationstartstoday shoulders chest biceps triceps abs gym gymmotivation nopainnogain fitfam ishrana

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gymrats.nuff_said I had to try this one 😭😭 while I was afraid for me life it turned out pretty good! Great finisher ! gymratstyle What comfort zone ??!😂😂😂 gymrats.nuff_said you wouldn’t have got the full effect unless I posted it I’m thinking I should have tried this before my workout instead of after but either way it was super difficult But it just makes me want to master it gymratstyle gymrat fitnessmotivation fit fitness fitmom chickswholift gains melanin bodybuilding work gymaddict chest workout strength life fitfam muscle cardio gymaddict afrogirlfitness womenwholift swole HIIT gym workout fitnessaddict motivation fitnessmodel fitspo healthy gymlife