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Food never goes out of trend 😋😍 Repost muftmashwaray BONELESS CHICKEN WHITE HANDI🍴 Ingredients & Method: . Oil Chicken (Boneless) •Fry chicken into the oil until it turns out golden then add Ginger garlic paste Green chilli paste Salt •Mix them well and leave for 5-8 minutes. •Now mix Yogurt Black pepper Crushed coriander (Sookha Dhaniya) Cumin (Zeera) •Add this paste to the chicken. •Cover & cook until water dries and chicken is tender. •After 5-10 mins, Add any tetrapack cream Ginger (julienne cut) Green chilli Garam masala Lemon juice (Optional) Let it cook for 10 minutes and then it’s ready to serve. 🤗 . cookingvideo cooking desifood desi punjabifood lahorifood chickenkarhai chickenwhitehandi foodblogging recipes easyrecipes food foodlover foodobsession getintomybelly foodstreet muftmashwaray muftmashwaray

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BONELESS CHICKEN WHITE HANDI🍴 Ingredients & Method: . Oil Chicken (Boneless) •Fry chicken into the oil until it turns out golden then add Ginger garlic paste Green chilli paste Salt •Mix them well and leave for 5-8 minutes. •Now mix Yogurt Black pepper Crushed coriander (Sookha Dhaniya) Cumin (Zeera) •Add this paste to the chicken. •Cover & cook until water dries and chicken is tender. •After 5-10 mins, Add any tetrapack cream Ginger (julienne cut) Green chilli Garam masala Lemon juice (Optional) Let it cook for 10 minutes and then it’s ready to serve. 🤗 cookingvideo cooking desifood desi punjabifood lahorifood chickenkarhai chickenwhitehandi foodblogging recipes easyrecipes food getintomybelly foodstreet muftmashwaray

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I went to pakistanhotel today basically it's a dhabba at super highway. I love their chicken karhai and Afghani tikka. This place is a must visit if you are a foodie. They always serve hot and fresh food. I ordered chicken karhai it was very delicious as always and economical as well. They served it with garam garam naan, chilled raita and salad. Do visit this dhabba if you like Desi food. dhabba dhabbafood chickenkarhai yum desifood enjoyedeating healthyfood foodpics raita naan salad foodislife

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🔥KOYLA KARHAI🔥 Recipe courtesy of foodfusionpk If there's one page, you need to follow for the Simplest of recipes, full on taste moments guarantees, quick guidances & the best of food, its definitely 👉 F O O D 🔸️F U S I O N This recipe has full marks & is a must try! 💯 . karhai koylakarhai chickenkarhai foodfusionpk recipes foodfusion foodlovers bestcookingpage highlyrecommended dubaifoodbloggers nikond3400 nikonmea dubaifoodblogger dubaifoodies karachibloggers karachifoodbloggers pakistanibloggers MyDubai Pakistan

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Frontier Boat Basin's Chicken Karahi. Again, overly hyped for no reason. The karhaì was like average karhai available anywhere in Karachi. Too oily and greasy. Not worth the hype tbh. karachifood chickenkarhai boatbasin spicyfood desifood

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Mama and I are co-cooking as you can hear us both talking in the background lol. She usually cooks with ‘andaaza’ meaning she doesn’t measure (as she’s a pro) and just throws her masalas in-which is why I was doing the counting for her. This is her very own chicken haandi recipe 2 chicken breasts 1-1/2 tsp of ginger garlic paste 2 small onions chopped 1 small can tomato paste 1/2 cup yogurt 1 tsp turmeric powder 2 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tsp of coriander & garam masala powder Salt to taste Green chillies and fresh coriander leaves to garnish Fry onions until then turn transparent, add ginger garlic paste, tomato paste, yogurt, and chicken breasts. Now add all your spices, then add water and let the chicken simmer on low heat or Until chicken is cooked and oil comes up. Garnish with green chillies and fresh coriander leaves chickenkarhai chickencurry curry chickenhaandi chickenhandi chicken desichicken ingredients desifood pakistanicuisine masala indiancuisine pakistanifood food foodporn haandi chickenmasala cooking baking

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There's two things I LOVE at Patli Gali: 1. Chicken Karhai 2. Their location and ambience. I love tiny twinkling lights. I have them above my bed, on my desk at work, and I'd put them in the bathroom if I could 😂 Patli Gali is one of those places, tucked away in the corner of a housing society which is yet to become overly populated, with a small dirt road that makes you feel like you're really not in Lahore at all. Love their imli shots they start off with, and the entire menu is super delicious. I'm not the biggest fan of desi food, but this has got to be one of my favourite places in Lahore! If you're looking for a nice dinner, away from the noise and the bustle of Lahore, this is the place to be. And don't worry about the heat or mosquitoes; they've got those covered foodaddict food foodporn desi chickenkarhai spicyfood indianfood pakistanicuisine pakistanifood desifood continental cusine internationalcuisine lahore islamabad karachi blogger blog instafood mashedpotatoes love karachi islamabad lahore faisalabad

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This is my Karhai and my Tiffin box. I cook in the Karhai and my husband and I both have a tiffin box to store our food. The Karhai is like a wok and cooks heats up food quick. The tiffin box has 3 compartments and holds a good amount of food, the box hooks to our backpacks so they’re great for hiking. They are from India and are stainless steel. Here’s a great recipe for u if u love Indian food. Heat up 3 tbsp oil Add garlic ginger onion powder salt curry and turmeric powder. Fry 2-3 min add either chicken or tofu and tomatoes garnish with coriander leaves and yum yum Sooo delicious! Serve with rice. karhai tiffinbox chickenkarhai tofukarhai vanlifefood hikersfood india iloveindianfood

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KARHAI CHICKEN 🍗 •Tomatoes, green chilis, garlic (choped), ginger (chopped), chicken, oil, laal mirch balls (use the seeds only), salt, red chili powder, garam masala, haldi, cumin powder, lemon juice, black pepper, corriender (garnish), ginger & garlic paste. Method: Heat your karhai with a 1/4 cup oil. Add in the tomatoes, green chilis, and ginger garlic paste & cook till the tomatoes are tender. It should form a nice paste like consistency. (But dont over cook). Add in alll the spices and cook for another min. Add in the chicken pieces & let it cook for about 2 min. Fill your pan with water, enough that the chicken can cook in. Cover your pan & let it cook for 20 min orr till the chicken cooks & you’re left with a nice dry gravy. Add in some lemon juice to enhance the flavours, as well as chopped ginger & corriender & serve ✨ (You can add more oil if you like it to be oily in consistency) cullinary chef food foodporn chickenkarahi chickenkarhai chicken chickenrecipes pinterest youtube flatlay positivevibes photography blog blogger corriender green leafs wood marble quote

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♢♢AONESNACKS♢♢ Today I went to AONESNACKS. I tried their food many times and they never disappointed me. Food was delicious. I ordered chicken karhai,boneless hand, fried rice Chicken karhai was little bit salty but taste was good. And fried rice was so yummy We also ordered barbeque platter it was smoky and flavor was so aromatic. Seekh kabab was soo cheesy it melts in my mouth. In last we ordered ice cream.all flavor was good except chocolate. TASTE:8/10 TOTAL DAMAGE:2610 (which was very resonable)😊 : : : CHICKENKARHAI CHICKENHANDI FOODLOVER DESICRAVING KARACHIFOOD KARACHI PAKISTAN FOODIES BLOGGERS FOODVLOG BARBQ BLOGGERLIFE FOODFORSOUL PAKISTANIFOOD ICECREAM NEVERENDINGLOVEFORFOOD

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Best Chicken Shinwari Recipe is best option for your main course in Iftar. This Karahi has tempting taste. Try out this recipe and share your thoughts with us. chickenshinwari karahi chickenkarhai traditionalrecipe authentictaste yummy ramadan2019 ramadan ramazanrecipes RamzanSpecialRecipe IftarSpecialRecipe iftar foodies deliciousrecipes musttry easyfood foodcoma foodvideos foodpassion cookingvideo cookingrecipe foodies foodgasm instavideo instagood instadaily soopercherrecipe sooperchef

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🌟🌟 Chicken karhai 🌟🌟 So guys this is really my favorite and the yummilicious dish! I love itttty ✨✨✨ Ramadan is coming our way so I'm sharing some of the easiest and less time taking recipes with you all guys! This is one of them ❤️ I'll share the full video of this recipe on the next feed 😍😍 Ingredients : Oil (according to you) Ginger garlic paste 2tbsp 5 to 6 medium sized tomatoes shanmasalawala chicken karhai masala full packet 1 and half tbsp kasuri methi 1teasp garam masala 4 to 5 green chillies Gingers strips 1 cup yogurt Coriander leaves 1 Lemon to sprinkle in last ✨✨✨Method ✨✨✨ Fry ginger garlic paste in the oil and add chicken it it. Fry the chicken for 2 mins and add all the cut tomatoes! Let it cook for 6 - 7 mins then add shanmasalawala chicken karhai masala in it Full pack! Mix it very nicely! When oil comes up, Add garam masala kasuri methi, green chillies, gingers. Let it cook more and then add coriander leaves and sprinkle lemon at the end The dish is ready to serve ❤️❤️❤️ Video is coming! Go watch it out and show love 😍 😍 chickenkarhai shanmasala personalblogger foodie foodbloggers fooddiaries instalove instablogger instameals instagood instastyles meals lovemeals instagoodblogger mua allrounded blogger artist styleblogger

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REVIEW TIME Whenever i passed by the sharjah corniche road near Radission blui used to see this restaurant KABAB BAZAAR kababbazar so today i finally had my lunch here and I must say this place is a hidden gem delicious and juicymouthwatering kababstikkasyummy food We ordered Kabab Grill platter which had Reshmi kabab, Chicken Kabab and tikka boti(it was more like Malai boti)Afghani Pullao RiceLahori chicken Karhaialong with Butter nans I must say i went there for the kababs and i fell in love with the Lahori Chicken karhaiwith the butter nans was an absolute delicacythe nans were soft and crispy as welland the karhai was creamy spicy and amazinggg kababs were awsomeejust every single morsel of the food We had Kulfi as the dessert it was good the price is also perfect for the food lovers good quantityand generous servingsi highly recommend this placeit was my first time to this place and i just loved the delicious food they have on their menu The ambiance was nice they have tables and chairs seatingand also the traditional majlis settingwe sat at the majlis area enjoying the "Dastarkhwan" with our favourite kababs and karhai beautiful paintings of old lahoreUAE heritage art workthose beautiful curtains and lights depictong the Arabian nights themegives u a wonder feeling overall kababbazaar chickenkabab Reshmikabab tikkaboti kabul lahore tikka kulfi lahorebazaar lahori chickenkarhai loveforfood yummilicious dastarkhwan majlis arabiannightstheme butternan afghanipullao bukhararice desifoodie

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Dinner for today: chicken karhai These are some raw pictures of today's food Making karhai wasn't so simple for me before getting married but later I learned from my MIL how to make jhut Pat chicken karhai and hai the delicious one MILwayofcooking No doubt she cooks very delicious but this time it's me who is making this, of course not the first time Whenever I cook any dish I always wanted to experiment something new with that tough I know the perfect recipe but still🙄 this the KEERA in me😉 alwaysexperimental I wanted to share the simple yet delicious and easy to make recipe of chicken karhai today I can't give you quantity to the items I have used in this coz I never take it seriously 😕bs jitna munasib lgay dal do As always my mom used to say 'apnay hisab say dalo dekho kitni zaroorat hai,' and this is how I learned selftaught lovetocook mywaytocook chickenkarhai Method: take 1kg of chicken karhai cut pieces -In a pan take some oil make it warm n place chicken in it, keep flame medium -Keep stirring chicken so that it changes color, now add Ginger garlic paste n stir more so that paste get mixed equally with chicken -After a good mix n stirring of 4 to 7 min add tomatoes, salt, turmeric, dry coriander seeds(crushed finely), red chilli flakes and cover the lid keeping flame medium -About 20 min later remove the lid n give it a good mix n check tenderness of chicken if it's done then remove the lid n let excess water evaporate (If not the cover it n give it 10 more minutes) -Now add pinch of roasted n ground cummin powder another pinch of hot spices powder (garam masala), a little crushed dried fenugreek leaves (available in Shan masala package), some fresh green chillies n mix it well so that every thing gets combined -Make the flame low n keep it on till oil comes over in the pan, as oil starts floating turn off the flame n enjoy your dish -Its ready to serve! desicooking homemadefood finditreal simpledish mommyblogger sayalhumdullilah fooddiaries yummyyummyinmytummy keepitreal

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A couple of days ago we decided to go to HaveliGrill restaurant. We ordered chicken karhai, baryani, seekh kabab, naan, and Nehari. Forget to take pic of Nehari. The food that I love the most from there is their seekh kabab, Naan, and chicken karhai. The baryani looked good but could have add more spices and tamarind to give it a bit of that kick. Nehari was good too but could have reduce the amount of oil floating on the top. The rating for the restaurant is below: Food 8/10 Presentation 8/10 Ambiance 9/10 Customer Service 9/10 pakistanibloggers dubaiblogger california californiablogger instablogger instalifestyle lifestyleblogger lifestyle review blogger productreview bloggersofinstagram follow nature fun picoftheday inspiremyinstagram foodreview chickenbaryani seekhkabab chickenkarhai foodie foodporn spices spiceoflife mashionpk usablogger pakistanifoodbloggers foodphotography foodcritic

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〰️Multani krhai suit 〰️ Colours: pink and white Unstitched Price: Rs 2000 with delivery Fabric: soft lawn with assured quality Note: can be stitched on custom favourites. Payment Methods: Cash on delivery, Bank Transfer, Easy Paisa or Omni. Print Silk SilkKurtis SilkTops Leopard Pattern ReadytoGo Embroidery Kurtis Kurtees Lawn chickenkarhai pink dispatch lehenga customised blackandwhite gold whitegold Ajrak bedsheets covers bedsheet pillowcovers pillow silkscarfs handmade customschoice multicolors

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Why, hello there chickenkarhai lover. I know it’s been a while but now I’m back better than ever and ready for you 😋 to take a bite into me. availableforlimitedtime

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~KARACHI BROAST~ I have always love to try out new things but when it comes to comfort food i always prefer my desi cuisine.i went to karachi.broast and ordered chicken karhai and malai boti the food was realllly delicious and served hot with all the condiments such as raita,chutneys,hot fresh nans and parathas. taste:9/10 price:600(halfkarhai) malaiboti:(360)not comfirmed : : karachibroast karachi boatbaisan chickenkarhai malaiboti bloggerlife desicuisine desifood foodlover foodforsoul blogs foodblogs desifood karachi foodie blogsbyayna pakistan pakistanifood foodphotography eat bbq musttry yummypakistaniblogger mouthwatering foodstories tasty delicious instagram foodvlogs

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Half flamed chicken covered in our delicious peri peri sauce 🔥

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Our very delicious keema paratha served nice and warm to our customers ♨️

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Customer picture 🌟 Some customers like to start off slowly 🍴 Poppadoms and Kebabs