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Lunch on Sichuan airlines flight to Shanghai: spicy fish, pork, vegetables and rice, with optional spoonful of delicious laoganma 老干妈 chilli and black bean sauce. Also bread with sachet of pickles, fresh fruit, yoghurt, and little hot deep-fried dough cakes 油条 dispenses by stewards. sichuanfood chinesefood airlinefood

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Always ❤️ 🌱 Chinese cuisines in Hong Kong. Pure Veggies is one of the best vegetarian food. We need to walk a lot, average 18,000 steps per day. Eat well and digest fast! 😄🙌🏻❤️

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We're honored to have husband and wife Leo & Lydia riceboxla celebrating 10 lucky years of LUCKYRICE with us! 🙏🏼 And they're hosting a giveaway for a pair of VIP tickets to thedaniellechang's Night Market of the Future on May 30th 🎉🥢🥟 Enter now riceboxla 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ "LUCKYRICE is voice of our Asian culture, which is what RiceBox strives to be. We whole-heartedly believe that food is the best way to understand one’s culture and for LUCKYRICE to be doing it for 10 years, it is truly admirable. Being able to take part and celebrate 10 lucky years of LUCKYRICE is extremely humbling and honoring for us." - Leo & Lydia LUCKYRICEx riceboxla EATDRINKGETLUCKY

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Ainda não conhece os Bentôs? O bentô é um tipo de marmita japonesa, que é preparada para ser consumida individualmente em uma bandeja com repartições para diversos tipos de alimentos. E o melhor: são diversas combinações para escolher o que mais combina com você. Gostou da novidade? Então clique aqui> 素晴らしい時間 Tem no bosquedosipes ficadicaCG campogrande ms shoppingbosquedosipês comida japones chinesefood

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📍 Kuala Lumpur Hope makes a good breakfast. Eat plenty of it.  Good morning ノ☀ 奶油在早餐是金、午餐是銀、晚餐是鉛,過猶不及。早上好ノ☀ 吃吃早餐 富有小時候的味道 烤麵包 古早味 早餐 小時候的味道 toastbread rotibakar kayabutter breakfast streetfood chinesefood localchinesefood asianfood onlythelocaleats foodblogeats foodreview foodlover foodcomposition foodgraphy foodphotography foodpornography foodilicious foodblogger foodporn foodie kualalumpur malaysia ambersam32 amber32photography

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I have a feeling I'd enjoy kalewizard's Lu Rou Fan more than the meat version! (And I love the cross-pollination of inspiration from east_meets_west_veganism!) Reposted from kalewizard - Vegan Lu Rou Fan, tasty and aromatic Taiwanese dish. Really good but I think it would be good with detain or shredded king oyster mushrooms. Will have to make it again. I do really like it with the mushrooms, eggplant and tofu I used in this one. Thanks to east_meets_west_veganism I didn’t use your recipe(I know I should have. 😂 ) but your post inspired me. vegan veganchinesefood vegantaiwanese vegantaiwanesefood chinesefood taiwanesefood luroufan veganluroufan mushroom tofu eggplant veganasianfood

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Ciba /糍粑, mashed rice dough for breakfast. I soaked the glutinous rice in rice cooker last night and set the time for steaming this morning, so when I got up, I only needed to pestle the rice. For the topping, I had pork floss, some nuts and syrup. It always my favourite to just cook for myself, for I only need to care about what I like and what I want. Still very much miss those long days when I was single. Marriage really isn’t the thing suitable though I have had for many years😶 - - - 早餐 chinesefood 糍粑 riceball mochi glutinousrice chinesebreakfast breakfastideas breakfast dinningtable kitchenlife eatathome lifestyle lifestyleblog homecook homefood whatieat foodfeed foodstagram foodblogging foodofinstagram healthyeating foodblog foodblogger healthybreakfast balanceddiet healthylifestyle

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my lunch box🍱晚上自己一個食邊可能食得哂,最重要係每餐一定只可食到7成飽😌,如果太飽會大肚腩之外,又妨礙我做運動🏃,所以lunch box質到好滿😅 | 📌my office - 📍FOLLOW ME💖 caca_wakaka cacaの幸福料理 cacacookingtime - lunch healthy chinesefood cooking yummy tasty delicious good nice keepfit 家庭料理 chef 料理 healthyfood healthylifestyle healthylife healthydinner food foodshare foodpics foodies hkfoodie hkgirl hongkong hk hkig kitchen followme

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Hot and sour radish pickle. appetizer ,《妙私房》开胃前菜 酸辣樱桃萝卜,据说中午吃火锅,想着她们昨天逼着我吃2个大卷饼,所以今天伺候他们一道开胃菜,保管让她们胃口大开吃多多[得意] 白醋 盐 姜 红绿小尖椒放了些冰糖,放冰箱三天腌制, 光影太美,已不需任何调色修图,只需还原斑驳光影中食物的本色!这个最爱[微笑] deliciousmagazine heathyfood delicious healthyrecipes lifestyle deliciousfood chinesefood beatifulfood foodgrammerph foodphotography heathyfood delicious healthyrecipes lifestyle veganrecipes

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We have once a year cooking competition at work. Fees for morning tea all go to charity. This year our theme is naturally good food. I made Poached Organic Chicken in Bone Broth, Organic Vegetables (celery, carrots, red capsicum, blanched black fungus. Crushed peanuts) Rice Paper Rolls, served with Homemade Spicy Dipping Sauce, toasted Sesame Seeds and Fried Shallots. asianfood chinesefood foodgasm foodporn foodphotography foodie superfood eat eathealthy organicfood homecooking homemade protein diet

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📣📣📣 Cheguei! Vocês já viram que a taxa de entrega do jinjinoficial tá beeem mais barata lá no theliverybr ?! 😍😍😍 Eu não perdi tempo e já aproveitei. Pedi um frango empanado com arroz primavera que tá bem bom. Aproveitem que o preço do jinjinoficial é ótimo e agora com a taxa de entrega mais barata tá melhor ainda! 📲 onde pedir: theliverybr 💰 Valor: R$ 20,90 📦 Taxa de entrega: R$ 3,00 food foodies comida chinesefood comidachinesa frango vca vaicomeroquevca instafood igersfood instacomida likeforlikes like4likes followers follow4followback lovefood foodlover

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ニコニコそば(*´ч`*)メッチャウマー 無化調支那そばはノーマルとえびのワンタンが2個づつ入ってニコニコ ( ¨̮ )焼豚もおれの好きなパサパサ系 ほんのり煮干しスープと三河屋ストレート麺で滋味•̀.̫•́✧キラン 店構え可愛い(⍢)麺の整えと具のレイアウトが綺麗だなあ 井荻 ラーメン 飯テロ 支那そば 無化調 instapic instafood ramen instaphoto chinesefood

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今日のランチ(ストック) 今日は、中華料理アップします☺ インスタ映えしてません🙏 何度も訪問してますが、初投稿ですね 2階で色々注文して、シェアするのが オススメです! なかなか美味しいです😏 写真撮り忘れ多数(笑) ご馳走様でした💛💛 後は、アルバムから見つけた 6才の頃の息子(めちゃ可愛かった😤) テレ朝のドラマにちょい役で 刑事ドラマ( 深沢日体大近辺の緑道) ディレクターに頼まれて出たっけ笑 夕陽、病院食🙏 ご馳走様でした!✖️3 スワイプしてください! ランチ巡り ランチ 中華ランチ 歌舞伎ランチ 唐苑酒楼 新宿店 クラゲの冷菜 蒸し鶏の冷菜 海老の卵炒め イカ炒め 炒飯 餃子 角煮 チンゲン菜 中華蒸しパン包み lunch Chinesefood 息子(6才) myson 親バカ 大学3回生 夕陽 sunset 病院食 昼食 夕食 朝食

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What goes with our delicious baos? 🤔 A delicious beer of course! 🍺☝️ Grab a beer & bao for only $15 today 5pm - 8pm.

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🍚🌶 The szechuan peppers in this mapo tofu reeally made our mouths tingly😅 That's when you know your szechuan food is good. We also had an eggplant dish I couldn't stop taking spoonfuls of omg