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Meat vs Soup. Most food pictures on social media shows like 50 proteins on one plate. So we ask. Do you get drawn to seeing plenty protein on your plate or do you appreciate to have more soup? Don't be deceived, better tilapia fish is on the 2nd picture and has more protein than the 1st, be guided, social media deceives. We have cooked for a customer and packed all the whole protein in the world only for them not to want protein rather soup. (Meanwhile, we wanted to join the internet pipu). So the question is, more protein or more soup? Comment your team, let's know ourselves. adysfoodmart adyskitchen meat protein teammeat teamsoup food wednesday choices foodshoppinginlagos lagosfoodshopper personalfoodshopper Lagos lagosnme

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I am not interested in floating through the shallows. I want to live, love and explore the deep ends of my purpose. I am more than enough and I can make a change to this world. This is a promise. I believe in me. ~ projectinspo m_e_g_h_a_n_e : ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wednesday Flow 🌸 10.00 w/Danielle caeloyoga : 🌼 12.30 w/David yujyoga_studio (17ème) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thursday Flow 🌼 10.00 w/David caeloyoga : 🌸 12.30 w/Danielle yujyoga_studio (17ème)

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THE HANGED MAN l'appeso rappresenta la capacità di saper vedere le cose da un altro punto di vista, il prendere tempo per decidere, la riflessione. Ho preparato questo cocktail con f.lunghi per poterci permettere un attimo di relax e riflessione. A noi ha portato molte ispirazioni spero possa farlo con chiunque lo assaggi Change your point of view . 1 oz. Butterfly pea tea infused russianstandardvodka 1/2 oz. iovem_official 3/4 oz. Fresh lime juice 1/2 oz. Mauve flowers homemade syrup Top tonic water fevertree_it . Shake & strain . Cheers . purple magic tarocchi smoke change choices relax cocktail drinks drinkup flair mixology cocktailporn drinkstagram love inspiration hashtag cocktails_for_you barman shake glass ice cocktailmilano consulting cocktails colors follow followers yellow cheers cocktails_for_you

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Tuna saladisnt she a beauty! Trying to stay accountable. I had cabonara last night. But a tip cook sauce first remove your portion then add your pasta for those still eating pasta. Still get the perks of the meal without those carbs. Need to up my protein after jseries last night keto ketoaus ketoperth ketocooking ketocreations lfl lchf goodfats ketoinspo lowcarbcooking lowcarbmeals lowcarboptions healthierme choices lowcarbcreations lowcarbinspo lowercarbs fatsburnfats ketocraze ketodiet ketocommunity ketolove l4l ketorecipes ketofeed transformation lifestylechange munchketo

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We may not see and talk to each other all the time but once we do it’s never a dull moment with these two. We’ve known each other for a very long time and just like what psychologists say, if a friendship last longer than 7 years, it will last a lifetime. A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friendship never part. We have three types of friends in life. Friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime. I had a great time doing lunch and hanging out with these lovely women I call my lifelong friends. lifelongfriends friendsforkeeps longtimefriends twentyyears friendslikefamily friendsforlife friendshipgoals lunch date funtimes bonding okinawa japan ladies reminiscing goodtimes memories lasts forever palacasino choices buffet caliliving socal

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Vegas spam comin in hot! 🔥😍 I can't stress how important it is to surround yourself with people who believe in you 110%, who want you to succeed, who help get out of your comfort zone, who appreciate you for where you're at, who make you level up, the ones that never let you forget how amazing you truly are & who love you for YOU I am so blessed to have family and friends in my life who do just that, but this is a shout out to these boss babes who I love and appreciate so much! 💫💖💫 laurenmoran.x amanda.eklunds X O X vegasbaby usa businesstrip ownit gtc2019 arbonne mygirls socialmediamarketing goals mindset success timefreedom choices motivate dreambig onlinebusiness arbonne healthandwellness

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Time to get out of your own way 😳 . [Yes, you heard me correctly] . I see you, as I was just like you my lovely, hiding behind a website, business name and no real business plan or strategy. I soon realised I needed to invest in support as we can't do it all by ourselves and we have to invest to move our business forward. Working with my Coach, taking part in a Business programme, reading, learning, implementing, failing, tweaking and getting myself out thereit works when you do and you have the tools, strategy, support and accountability to help you. Are you 📜 Stopping your self from moving forward through lack of belief that people will buy your products or services? 📜 Feeling scared to go on camera incase you're not looking your best? 📜 Worried you'll fluff your words? 📜 Don't always know what to say or write about? 📜 You feel safer hiding behind images and words on social media than showing your face, let along go on video or LIVE? Well, you need to get over yourself or your business will continue to suffer, said with love and I've the solution for you ⚡ Imagine how you would feel to wake up full of belief and confidence in your business? ⚡Know your why and have a goal in place ⚡ Be able to sell directly to your ideal clients or customers but in a non-spammy way ⚡ Know your worth, charge it and build profit back into your business ⚡ Have a content plan ready to roll ⚡Know where your ideal clients 'hang out' on social media Well, you can, if, you join me and 4 other ladies w/c: 10th June for my 5-week online 'Get Business-Ready for Summer' group coaching programme If you resonated with any of the above we need to talk! DM me so we can see, if, my business growth programme is right for you. 🤗 Link in bio and comments to find out more and reserve your place before registration closes businesswoman muminbusiness belief confidence mindset yourwhy 90daygoals clientavatar pricing worthy marketingcontent scaleup makeithappen entrepreneur ladyboss followyourpassion lovewhatido workingonyourbusiness investinyou businessgrowth timefreedom choices dreambig Lymington Hampshire NewForest

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YOU ARE FREE TO DECIDE TO DO ANYTHING. BUT YOU CANNOT DECIDE THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR DECISIONS. Consequences are more important than choices. Choices can be made in seconds. But we live with consequences. Do not decide to do a thing just because you can choose to do it. Your decisions must be made with a consciousness of the outcome. You can eat anything. But eating anything has unhealthy results. You can drink anything, but drinking anything can be fatal to your health. The list goes on. Consequences are what remain with us after our choices have long been made. This is why laws are really not about taking away our power of choice, but to reveal the consequences of certain choices. For example, a law not to kill in your country does not really stop you from killing. You can still decide to take the life of a person. However, if you choose to do so, you become subject to the consequences of your actions. This is how God's laws also work. God does not take away your choice to do something. He is more interested in protecting you from certain consequences. Adam was told not to eat of the tree, not because he couldn't but because he shouldn't. He could eat it, which he did. But he died. He made the choice. He had to experience the aftermath. Next time you want to disobey a law, or a principle established by God. Think beyond the urge to make the choice. Consequences are more important than decisions. You are unprepared to make a choice for a consequence you are not ready to bear. makingwisedecisions beforeyoudecide choices beyondyourchoice livingeffectively inspirationforliving metamorphosis qotd

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Ramadan, Day 16: Though clarity has definitely come in so many ways, it has left me to make some final decisions on my future plans. And that's OK. Actually, it's great. I rather be clear on what I want and have to only make a decision about the road to take, rather than not being clear on what I want at all and paralyzed in making any decisions and taking any steps. It oddly feels good to be at a fork in the road. Insha'Allah I take the better path ramadan ramadanmubarak ramadankareem fasting ramadanreflections ramadandaily choices forkintheroad decisions

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Düşünün, vapurun hareket etmesine 5 dakika var. Siz biraz uzaktasınız. Aranızdaki mesafe eğer yürürseniz yetişemeyeceğiniz şekilde. Ama koşarsanız yakalayabilirsiniz. Bir karar vermeniz gerekiyor. Ya yürümeye devam edip değiştirmeyeceksiniz adımlarınızı ve ne yapalım kısmet yine gelecek nasıl olsa diyeceksiniz ya da ne olursa olsun o vapurda olmaya karar verip başlayacaksınız koşmaya Kim bakar kim ne der diye düşünmeden Üstüm başım dağılır mı diye dert etmeden Dün sabah yine böyle bir karar anı yaşadım. Ve koştum yetişmek için. Bu iyi veya kötü değildi. Sadece bir seçimdi. Orada olmak ya da olmamak. Zaman durdu belki de ve ben arasından akıp yetiştim vapura. Randevuma vaktinde gitmeyi seçmiştim. Her nasıl olursa olsun Vapura yetişebilmek için ne zaman koşmam gerekse aklıma “ADANMIŞLIK” gelir. Siz, istediğinizi söylediğiniz o şeyi yaşamak için bugün ne kadar adadınız kendinizi? %30? %35? Yoksa %80 mi? Eğer adanmışlık yoksa her şeyi rüzgara bağlamışsınızdır aslında. Çünkü hayat seçimlerden ibarettir. Siz istediğiniz şey için kendinizin ne kadarını adıyorsunuz? Bugün sorun kendinize. “Seçtim ama olmuyor. Ne yapmalıyım?”ın cevabını göreceksiniz Hayatınızı kaderin ellerinden alıp kendi seçimlerinizi yapma isteğinizin ve adanmışlığınızın önünde duran ne varsa hepsini yıkıp yeniden yaratımını iptal eder misiniz? Kaçırmış gibi yaparken ya da kaçırmayı önemsemiyormuş gibi yaparken; aynı zamanda yetişemediğiniz için mızmızlanıp evrene küstüğünüz ve kendinizi -yalandan- şanssız ilan etmeyi seçtiğiniz tüm alanları fark edip iptal eder misiniz? 🍃 nazlınınnotaları bemoira kaderinikendinyarat picoftheday gününsorusu awareness consciousness accessthebars photography photooftheday happiness joy choose accessthebarseğitimi accessconsciousness accessthebars choices sihirliyim

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We get to choose on a daily basis and make many choices. What to eat What we do What to wear etc. The great thing about Kindness is that it doesn’t cost us anything, but makes us feel good as the giver as well as the receiver. It’s easy to let our day or our situation determine our emotions, our feelings. But making that conscious decision is an amazing choice for us and the people that surround us. Have a great day! mydailychoice choices jeffbezos choosehappiness kindness thinking thoughts thoughtoftheday choices quotestoliveby quoteoftheday motivationalquotes quotestagram

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~ Manifestation ~ You get to shape the life you want. You can literally carve it out. Manifestation happens via your emotions in visualisations. But it’s also created through the little actions you take each day; The stepping out of your comfort zone. The humans you choose to surround yourself with. The measures you take to persistently make your dreams come true ♡Just a little reminder that you deserve to live the life you want - and that it is totally possible. Sending love 📸 cindwill wednesdaywisdom manifestation life practice yoga love choices itstartswithyou

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Dit is hetzelfde filmpje als een tijdje terug. Maar nu met wat aanpassingen. Namelijk tekst. Ik heb benoemt wat je Nora ziet doen om het moment dat ze het doet. ( nog niet alle kleine dingetjes heb ik benoemt, ik ben nog even de app aan het uittesten). Hieronder de tekst die ik toen bij het filmpje had staan: Spanning Nora is hier bij een kinderboerderij. In dit filmpje kun je zien dat Nora dit heel spannend vind. Ik neem daarom mijn tijd en ik volg Nora op haar eigen tempo er voorbij. Wat zien we aan Nora? Je ziet dat Nora veel pauzes neemt om even te kijken. Ik respecteer deze pauzes en trek haar niet mee. Je ziet dat Nora veel met haar neus naar de grond dipt (net alsof ze heel druk ineens daar moet snuffelen, maar ze snuffelt op dat moment helemaal niet) dit net alsof doen, dit dippen is een kalmerend signaal. En word best vaak door honden ingezet. (Kalmerende signalen zijn kleine subtiele gedragingen die een hond automatisch doet bij spannende gebeurtenissen en/of stress. Hiermee kalmeerd de hond als het ware zijn eigen stress gehalte en de buitenwereld ziet dan dat de hond het spannend vind) Ook zie je dat Nora aan het eind van het filmpje haar pootje heft. Pootje heffen is een intentie beweging. Intentie bewegingen zijn bewegingen die niet worden afgemaakt omdat ze niet bij het gedrag horen wat op dat moment toepasselijk is. Pootje heffen hoort meestal bij het gedrag vluchten. Maar omdat Nora niet kiest voor vluchten word de beweging niet afgemaakt:intentie beweging. keuzes choices hond hondengedrag leerprocessen honden gedrag honden hondenneus hondenvannederland snuffel snuffelen neus doglovers dogsofinsta dog dogbehavior hondengedrag smell geur pootjeheffen intentiebeweging dippen spannend kalmeersignalen kinderboedrij

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Sooo I’m sorry for the silence on here! We’ve all been busy with Royal Council meetings, Royal visits, and I’ve also had some press to attend to for the upcoming sequel coming out next month So soon you guys! Can’t wait for you to read what we’ve been up to! Speaking of which, I found this picture on my phone taken a little while ago that I forgot about! I told them all I was taking a picture and Drake I believe was in the middle of saying “I’m not being in the photo!” Buuut too late! This was taken at Applewood Manor following a Royal Council meeting! I’ll try to be more active! But whew what a busy past few days! See ya soon! - Maxwell trr theroyalromance drakewalker kingliam queenleila choices playchoices choicesgame choicesstoriesyouplay cordonia applewoodmanor choicesstoriesyouplay cordonianpalace choicesreaderedits

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GOD MORGEN ALLE FINE🌞 Jobber du hardt nok for det du ønsker deg? Prioriterer du riktig i forhold til hva som er viktig for deg? . Jeg har blitt mer og mer opptatt av hvor viktig det er å reflektere, være mindful og litt ego over hvilke valg jeg tar i livet mitt. Og jeg har blitt flinkere til å være litt mer ego og tenke på meg selv. Og det er helt greit! Vi har alle travle liv, men vi gjør alle valg og prioriteringer hver eneste dag⚡️ . Hva er dine viktigste prioriteringer for deg selv? treningsglede aktivhverdag sats sognsvann sporty nature choices dittvalg dittliv pierrerobert ego mindful selfrespect prioritizing you yourself aktivejenter yourchoice fitness goodlife living oslo norway

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Our 1 rule: Increase variety through different colours, textures and flavours Why? Because 🍇 Each colour represents a different phytochemical 🍎 Different textures means you're getting a range of fibres from soluble to insoluble, even resistant starch 🍈 Changing up flavours gives us an more of an opportunity to absorb different antioxidants 🍊 All plant based foods are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals 🍉 Increasing variety reduces the need for supplementation 🥑 It also means we are meeting our requirements whilst promoting our health 🍋 More plant based foods, means prevention of disease risk factors 🍓 By consuming different fruit and veg we are essentially feeding all the different good bacteria in our gut 🥕 Having a range of nutrients may enhance the bioavailability and absorption of other nutrients . So there you have it! Aim for more, aim for variety and you reap all the benefits.

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☀️ good morning! ☀️⁣ ⁣ White candle, black candle, woodwick, cotton wick, luxury box, no luxury box and then the scents There’s so many options to choose from when creating your perfect candle on our website ❤️⁣ ⁣ Don’t forget there’s a 10% discount on everything until Monday 😍 enter THANKYOU10 on checkout.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ SweeneyCandles choices wednesdayvibes giftidea present luxurybox ribbon woodwick cottonwick scents naturalproduct soywax essentialoils handpoured madewithlove custommade bespoke smallbusiness smallbusinessuk thankyou discountcode onlinecode vouchercode onlineshopping candle

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Launched this week 🌀 So looking forward to appearing as a guest on this in July - ‘The Business Mastermind Podcast’, with my friend and colleague Gavin Preston 🌀 Give give it and listen! 🌀 More details on Gavin’s site and bio gavin_preston 🌀 thebusinessmastermind businessmastermind podcasts podcast

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Programul MMM Consulting pentru dezvoltarea tehnicilor de facilitare dureaza 2 zile si se adreseaza tuturor celor care modereaza si conduc sedinte de lucru, intalniri de echipa sau conversatii la telefon cu echipe aflate la distanta. Acestia pot fi: Manageri de echipa, HR Business Partners, HR Manageri, Manageri de Proiect etc. ”O sesiune de facilitare reprezinta o intalnire extrem de structurata, in care liderul intalnirii (facilitatorul) ghideaza participantii printr-o serie de etape predefinite pentru a ajunge la un rezultat care este creat, inteles si acceptat de toti participantii.” Inscrie-te in programul Transformers. Detalii la camelia.gheorghiu

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It’s up to you to find beauty in the ugliest days.

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Get out of the rut with Ujene

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Waiting for my Rap?🔥 Don't have to Hit more Who's your ride? How many you have on your side, Will you count on your fingers or find from your Facebook likes? Get these clear guys, you have a handful who's helping you, rest are playing with you. You're wasting your time, figure out your side, b'coz right now is the best time! You can't dither about your life, You've to make a choice; It is not easy to choose one side but this is LIFE! Sometimes you don't have a choice, yet you have to make a choice! Find those silent praying vibes, N stop oscillating around wordy befriends! They might win your heart but screw your best part. Take a paper-pen, write down all their name, imagine all their help; And what the hell now do I have to tell you still, Who's your ride? Think About itAhh ha MUA - shaffy16 | 📸 - iamback rap lyrics foryou ride youandme friends strangers swag gentleman luxury choices rapgod eminem rapper raplife rappers freestylerap pose urbanwear menstyle menslook mensfashions outfitstyle love style picoftheday photoshoot brandambassador influencer littlestoriesofmylife