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Do you enjoy a good courtroom drama? Then be sure to check out these TV series for some serious legal binge-watching 🎬⁠ ⁠ And find more titles at!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ suits thegoodfight thegoodwife bull chicagojustice undercover suitsusa bullcbs gabrielmacht michaelweatherly tvseries tvshow tvshows series tv courtroomdrama tvdrama bingewatch bingewatching physicalmedia dvd bluray blurayaddict cinephile cinephilecommunity legaldrama patrickjadams christinebaranski roseleslie juliannamargulies

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Here is THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT, directed by Johannes Roberts. This 2018 slasher film is the long awaited sequel to 2008’s The Strangers. While not really comparable to the original film, this film feels stylistically completely different, but in a good way. The 1980’s beach party feel to the slasher gives it a fun neon tone, bringing some color into the dark film. The gore was terrific in this film as well, with possibly more of it shown on screen. While the script was fairly weak, the direction took it in a fun, silly way that makes up for it. 6.2/10 moviereview 2018film slasher movies filmreview cinema moviereviews review filmreviews blockbuster moviebuff cinephile movielover reviews films filmcritic horrormovie movienight movietime influential moviecritic actor hollywood filmlover popular cinephilecommunity filmbuff netflix movienerd thestrangerspreyatnight

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The Farewell = (4/5) — Would you ever imagine Awkwafina leading in a movie like this, not only that she is the main cast but I was blown away by her performance because of how raw, authentic it is and just outstanding. The Farewell delivered on so many levels that had a combination that will truly warm your heart, emotionally melancholic and its comedic side that will tickle your funny bone quite a bit. It’s a tale that will strike or can be relatable to any nationality because I believe whatever race runs in your blood, family is the priority. It’s stunning in its simplicity, heart wrenching at times, but this movie will leave you uplifted by the end. I can’t wait to see more from Awkwafina and the way she showcased her talent in this movie was just unbelievable. I would love also love to mention that the cinematography and editing in this movie were great. You don’t want to miss this movie, watch it if you can. — Starring: Awkwafina, Tzi Ma & Diana Lin Director: Lulu Wang Movie watched: August 16, 2019 — Recommendation: GO see it!

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Fortnite - The Hunger Games​​⠀ ​​⠀ ​👉🏻​ SWIPE FOR CHARACTERS!​​⠀ ​​⠀ In the dystopian version of millenial Japan, a randomly selected group of 9th grade students captured by the goverment and forced to murder each other in a gladiator contest called the Battle Royale. Sounds familiar? ​​⠀ ​​⠀ Based on a novel written by Koushun Takami in 1996 (published in 1999) shows a lot of similarities with the Hunger Games franchise also based on a novel written by Suzanne Collins in 2008. According to several resources it is entirely possible that the Hunger Games author had not heard about Battle Royale before writing her best-selling novel. ​​⠀ ​​⠀ It is kinda strange but I don’t want to make any judgement here. I’ll just leave it up to you. Do you think the Hunger Games is a ripp-off of the Battle Royale?​​⠀ ​​⠀ At first I thought it’s an amatuer, experimental attempt of a first-movie director. The sometimes chaotic storytelling solutions, the quality of the cinematography and the extremely raw violence gave me the feeling of a B-movie. Even the acting of the students are like from a lame horror-flick.​​⠀ But later I realized there’s more in this than just a bunch of get massacred in different ways. Millenial teenagers at contemporary Japan forgot the teachings of the ancient culture about respect and humility. The Battle Royale Act puts them into a new perspective where they can reconsider their place in society.​​⠀ Also I read the book ;)​​⠀ ​​⠀ WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER?⠀ ​​⠀ ​⭐​️ 9/10​​⠀ ​​⠀ ⠀⠀​​⠀ ⠀⠀​​⠀ for more follow ​👉🏻​ filmligram⠀⠀​​⠀ ⠀​​⠀ ​​​

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In the first half of the first four Alien movies, one or two characters are introduced and built up in a way to make the audience think that they are going to be important characters throughout the story, only to have them killed off less than halfway through. In this movie, it is Dallas (Tom Skerritt). Although Weyland-Yutani and Ash are the real villains of the movie. Dallas is also held accountable for what happens in the movie Dallas orders Ripley to open the airlock and disregards Ripley's quarantine concern which Ash breaks by opening the airlock and allowing Kane to brought back aboard with the Facehugger attached to his face When Ripley, Dallas and Ash examines the dead Facehugger, Dallas allows Ash to take the Facehugger back to Earth and have tests run on it, unaware of Special Order 937 and that Ash was under orders by Weyland-Yutani to direct the Nostromo to the planet and bring the alien back to Earth for observation If Dallas had followed the quarantine procedure and had listened to Ripley, the Nostromo crew excluding Ripley would not had been killed by the alien and Ripley wouldn't had blown up the ship 1979 Alien - 40th Anniversary . ridleyscott alien hrgiger horror xenomorph sigourneyweaver ellenripley ripley lv426 aliens horrormovies 70smovies filmisnotdead movie movies greatmovie moviebuff moviestowatch movielovers cultmovie film films filmfan cinephile cinephilecommunity cinematography filmmaking filmfeed inspacenoonecanhearyouscream

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The shot where the Xenomorph's tail goes through Lambert's legs and up her back, was actually taken from the scene in which Brett was killed. The pants and boots don't fit what Lambert is wearing in the scene, where she encounters the Alien. Originally, her character was to crawl away from the Alien, and essentially die from fright, hiding in a locker, but this was never shot. Another take on Lambert's death involved her getting sucked through a tiny hole into space in the airlock sequence. This would be used for the newborn's death in Alien: Resurrection (1997) The scene where the Alien enters the room and approaches Lambert was trimmed down and re-shot. Originally, it was filmed in wide shots, showing the full Alien as it approached Lambert while walking on all fours. Ridley Scott felt it made the Xenomorph appear too human in configuration, so it was re-shot mainly with close-ups, and far less focus on the Alien 1979 Alien - 40th Anniversary . ridleyscott alien hrgiger horror xenomorph sigourneyweaver ellenripley ripley lv426 aliens horrormovies 70smovies filmisnotdead movie movies greatmovie moviebuff moviestowatch movielovers cultmovie film films filmfan cinephile cinephilecommunity cinematography filmmaking filmfeed inspacenoonecanhearyouscream

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🎥 FIRST TO FINAL Fight Club (1999) Dir. David Fincher DP. Jeff Cronenweth ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “You met me at a very strange time in my life.”

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• TRILOGY MOVIES STACK • 👈🏽 SWIPE LEFT 👈🏽 Here’s a couple stacks of all the trilogy movies in my collection Saw blurayrich and a few others post theirs, thought I’d take a shot stack trilogy 4k uhd 4kuhd 4kultraHD steelbook blurays steelbooks bluraycollector steelbookcollector bluraycollection 4Kcollector movie moviecollection moviecollector moviebuff entertainment celebritynews follow media movieaddict movienews geek blurayaddict cinephile steelbookjunkie movies cinephilecommunity

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HOWL' S MOVING CASTLE⠀ We have been completely kidnapped and captured by the drawings and fantasy of Hayaho Mihazaki; undoubtedly a genius, compelling story! Let yourself be captured by the art that is enclosed in this animation movie! ⠀ saytomove moveadvise⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ cinephilecommunity community movielovers filmcommunity films movies movieclips cinelovers cinematic moviecollection scene cinephilia productiondesign cinema filmoftheday instamovies neon hollywood actor tv cinema ilovethis howlsmovingcastle studioghibli howl hayaomiyazaki 🎥

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Rocco and His Brothers | Visconti

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It was conceptual artist Ron Cobb who came up with the idea that the Alien should bleed acid. This came about when Dan O'Bannon couldn't find a reason why the Nostromo crew wouldn't just shoot the Alien with a gun. During early development, O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett ran into a writing impasse while trying to work out how the alien would get aboard the ship Shussett came up with the idea "the alien fucks one of them", which was eventually developed into the facehugger concept. This method of reproduction via implantation was deliberately intended to invoke images of male rape and impregnation, so both writers were adamant that the facehugger victim be a man: . Firstly, because they wanted to avoid the horror cliché of women being depicted as the easy first target; secondly, because they felt that making a female the casualty of a symbolic rape felt inappropriate; and thirdly, to make the male viewers feel more uncomfortable with this reversal of genre conventions 1979 Alien - 40th Anniversary . ridleyscott alien hrgiger horror xenomorph sigourneyweaver ellenripley ripley lv426 aliens horrormovies 70smovies filmisnotdead movie movies greatmovie moviebuff moviestowatch movielovers cultmovie film films filmfan cinephile cinephilecommunity cinematography filmmaking filmfeed inspacenoonecanhearyouscream

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Episode 156 of The Next Best Picture Picture Podcast is up where we discuss trailers for “Parasite,” “A Hidden Life,” “Little Women” and more. You can listen & subscribe on (Link in Bio)

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So I had the chance to check out quentintarantino 's new flick onceuponatimeinhollyood last night. The film stars leonardodicaprio and bradpitt as Rick and Cliff, two friends supporting each other towards the end of their careers in the late 60s. margotrobbie and mikemoh also star in the film as shannontate and brucelee There are a few other big names in this film but I'll leave you to Google that. What I've got to say MAY include spoilers. I actually really enjoyed this. I know some may not have and with the controversy surrounding both Tate and  Bruce has that has certainly added some fuel to the fire. Do keep in mind this film will have your attention for close to three hrs. Longer once Tarantino works it out with Netflix to deliver an even longer cut of the film as parts down the road. When the initial trailer came out for this, to me this already felt like a very different Tarantino film. As most of us know trailers can also be very deceiving today. Nevertheless I went into the theaters last night expecting something different and I believe that's what I got. With this being his next to final film Quentin has stated this is perhaps his most personal film and I would have to agree. This film is calmer than his most calm film Jackie Brown. It doesn't have the plethora of Tarantinoisms most fans have come to expect in his films. The amount of cussing, violence and witty dialogue beats while there are vastly spread out for the most part. Even the enjoyable soundtrack feels somewhat naked in comparison to his previous films ultimately leaving this experience not only sobering but leaves a genuine sense of sincerity. As entertaining as this different kind of film from him was I couldn't also help but recognize a certain sense of sadness about this film. Throughout the films narrative I think I could see the finality of Quentins work beginning to be told here. That he's starting to say goodbye here only to walk away into the sunset with his last entry into his filmography whatever that may be. ( review continues in comments)

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Your Daily Tarkovsky Day 129 * * * * [The Sacrifice] (1986) 🇸🇪🇷🇺 Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky - The Daily Tarkovsky returns, showcasing inspirational and awe-inspiring images from Andrei Tarkovsky’s seven feature films. One shot, each day, forevermore ♾ thesacrifice andreitarkovsky tarkovsky film movies foreignfilm worldcinema instamovies filmart art instacinema cinephile photography cinephilecommunity instamovies filmisnotdead filmcommunity filmbuff moviebuff moviejunkie arthouse 80s instaart bnwmood movienight fire filmphotography cinematography cinematic_imagery

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Awesome early arrival and new release of the hilarious classic InBruges from secondsightfilmsofficial featuring a sturdy slip-box with fantastic artwork by tommypocket, a book of the film’s entire script and an interview booklet

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67 YEARS AGO TODAY, Patrick Swayze was born in Houston, Texas. One of the most popular romantic leading men of his generation, he starred in numerous classics in the 1980s and was nominated for 3 Golden Globes. onthisday otd patrickswayze houston texas romantic leadingman generation classics 80s nominated goldenglobes crazyforswayze alltherightmovies movies movie film cinema instafilm hollywood didyouknow moviefacts instamovies actor cinephile cinephilecommunity filmcommunity filmisnotdead cinematography podcast

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You cannot hesitate. The only thing worse than being incompetent, or being unkind, or being evil, is being indecisive. 👩🏻👩🏻‍🦰🐴🔪🏆 • • • Escrita y dirigida por Cory Finley en su debut como director y concebida originalmente como una obra de teatro, Thoroughbreds es un thriller adolescente con toques de comedia negra y una trama digna de Hitchcock. La historia sigue a dos adolescentes de un acaudalado suburbio de Connecticut, Amanda (Olivia Cooke) y Lilly (Anya Taylor-Joy), que deciden idear un plan para asesinar a Mark el detestable padrastro de Lilly. Para llevar a cabo su plan ambas deciden chantajear a Tim (Anton Yelchin en el último rol que filmó antes de su trágico fallecimiento el 2016), un dealer local de poca monta que se dedica a venderles drogas a los niños ricos, para que cometa el asesinato por ellas. Como la personificación de buena crianza gone wrong Cooke y Taylor-Joy son perfectas en sus respectivos roles como Amanda, la psicópata experta en imitar emociones que es incapaz de sentir, y Lilly, la estudiante perfecta obsesionada con el control que esconde una fría y calculadora personalidad, cuyo reencuentro saca a relucir los peores aspectos de la otra. Esta no es una historia sobre pobres niñas ricas, sino una mirada a cómo una vida llena de privilegios ha hecho a estas chicas inmunes a las consecuencias de sus actos permitiéndoles planificar un asesinato sin ningún tapujo. El film aprovecha al máximo los recursos que tiene, demostrando el increíble talento de Finley en su debut como director, construyendo la tensión a través del uso de tomas continuas, filmadas en gran angular, que se deslizan por los pasillos de la mansión donde ocurre la mayor parte de la acción. La edición y la banda sonora son increíbles y contribuyen a la atmosfera de thriller del film. Totalmente recomendable. Disponible en hbo on demand. • • • Thoroughbreds Thoroughbredsfilm AnyaTaylorJoy OliviaCooke AntonYelchin CoryFinley 2017film filmquotes films movies cinema filmlover cinephilecommunity movieaddict filmblogger movieblogger minireview instamovies camilagoestothemovies hbolatam thoroughbreds

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‪One of the strongest contenders for the greatest working actor without an Oscar, Edward Norton was born on this date in 1969 in Boston. EdwardNorton

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Tarantino Ranked 👣 Tarantino is my favourite director and I consider his films to be the best of the best, this list is my personal ranking of how much enjoyment I have watching his films, from the least to the most.

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“And to think, if it weren't for you I never would've danced at all.” • Us [2019] • 🍅93% • Directed by Jordan Peele Cinematography by Mike Gioulakis Starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex

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Head on over to the Polls Page over at (Link in Bio) to tell us "Which Is Your Favorite Horror Comedy Film?”

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🎶Soundtrack Sundays🎶 🎬'Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi'(1983) 🎵"Ewok Celebration"(or "Yub Nub") song. The music to the song was composed by John Williams, while the lyrics were written by Ben burtt and Joseph Williams(John's son). The lyrics are not just Ewok gibberish, but do have English translation. They are: "Freedom, we got freedom; And now that we can be free, Come on and celebrate. Power, we got power; And now that we can be free, It's time to celebrate. Celebrate the freedom; Celebrate the power; Celebrate the glory; Celebrate the love. Glory, we found glory. The power showed us the light, And now we all live free." (Chorus repeats) soundtracksunday soundtrack johnwilliams starwars ewoks yubnub 80smovies music movietrivia filmcommunity cinephilecommunity cinephile cinema sigmon7cinema sundayfunday

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A Ghost Story (2017) 🎬 Directed by: David Lowery 🎥 Cinematography by: Andrew Droz Palermo

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How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal | Eugène Green

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Uber-Mini Review: Ode to Joy Synopsis: Charlie suffers from Cataplexy, a disorder that causes him to pass out with any extreme change in emotion, such an love, fear, and happiness. When Francesca walks into his life, things get complicated My Quick Thoughts: Any film that sheds light on a real disorder and plays it for laughs has to do so coyly as to not come off as exploitative. This story based on an episode of This American Life entitled I've Fallen in Love and I Can't Get Up does just that thanks to the performances of leads Martin Freeman and Morena Baccarin and a really smart screenplay by Max Werner and Chris Higgins. The comedic moments hit in the right places, and you feel for Charlie as he has to figure out this balance. The story is a bit messy and Jake Lacey as Charlie's brother Cooper does get a bit grating at times, but this a quick fun watch if you're looking for an under-the-radar comedy The Verdict: Charmingly funny and smartly written, Ode to Joy gets a B. It is now available to watch on many of your favorite VOD services including Google Play and Amazon Prime sunday movienight movieday doublefeature triplefeature weekend odetojoy comedy drama martinfreeman morenabaccarin cinephile moviebuff moviefan community reviews cinephilecommunity filmlover movies films discussion blog podcast comingsoon

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Took the broham to see goodboysmovie. Non-stop laughter! Superbad but with . Innocence + Ignorance + PG-13 to R rated content = comedy gold. Kudos to the boys for acting. They did an amazing job. WhatsNeceWatching ——————————————————————————— reviewer review reviews moviereviews moviereview movies movieaddict movieobsessed moviefanatic movienerd moviejunkie movienight movietime🎬 moviegeek movielover filmbuff cinephile cinephilecommunity moviestowatch geek nowwatching alamopass alamodrafthouse yonkers westchester drafthouse summermovie comedy goodboys

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A few recent thriftstore pickups! I already have SinginintheRain, but this was a two-disc special edition, I couldn't leave it behind. And I have all of Friends on bluray and dvd, but I couldn't leave that one behind either. GoingMyWay BingCrosby WestSideStory NatalieWood TheCrew BurtReynolds RichardDreyfuss GeneKelly DebbieReynolds DonaldOConnor ChandlerBing moviegeek cinephile filmcollector vhs oldhollywood classicmovies thrifting feedyourvcr cinephilecommunity filmnerd physicalmedia chronicfilmaddict

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle. 2017. Directed by Matthew Vaughn One of the hardest things for a director to accomplish is creating a sequel to a very successful film without falling flat or tarnishing the original story. As for The Golden Circle I believe Vaughn did a pretty decent job following the Secret Service! The Golden Circle expanded the world of the Kingsman by introducing the American branch labeled The Statesman. To me that is such a brilliant idea and was executed perfectly with the help of Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and the always incredible Jeff Bridges! This film kept what we loved about the first film while bringing in some fresh elements! In my last post I stated how ironic it was that Taron Egerton went on to play Elton John because there is a fantastic side plot that involves Elton John in this film that is by far the best part of it! One of my only complaints is probably the overall pacing of this film. Around the half way point, there is a pretty noticeable lull that may turn off some viewers. The climax really makes up for that lull and gives us some amazing violent sequences that involve a meat grinder. I really loved how Old Forester teamed up with this franchise and created the iconic Bourbon Statesman! Over all this film really left you wanting more of this world and to see what other Secret Services are hiding in plain sight! You gotta love the matching comic book artwork on both of the steelbooks as well What are your thoughts on Kingsman: The Golden Circle? Remember everyone is entitled to their own opinion bluray bluraycollection bluraycollector criterion criterioncollection janusfilms filmbuff filmmaking movienerd moviemaking movieobsessed cinema cinematography cinephile cinephiles cinephilecommunity blurayjunkie blurayaddict steelbook steelbookcollector steelbookcollection steelbookcommunity kingsmanthegoldencircle kingsmanthesecretservice kingsman matthewvaughn taronegerton eltonjohn

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Once upon a time in Hollywood - this is propably the best movie I have ever seen - well, at least in the category 'movies without any significant plot'!😁 A total episodesque amusement with 2 stellar performances from Leo and Brad, alone worth the admission price.👌👌👌 Especially Brad Pitt as Leo's stunt double Cliff Booth has the laughs on his side, the Bruce Lee scene is hilarious entertainment.😅 The 'story' touches many things in its 160 minutes running time, the whole Sharon Tate and Manson family plot seems a bit forced written into it, just as a reason for a typical Tarantino finale. But following Leo's character Rick Dalton through his career is extremely watchable, the many tv and on-screen scenes with him shown in the movie are made with such detailed masterful delight!👍 A truly great hommage to the 50s and 60s Hollywood. Apart from the performances, cinematography, set design and the musical score are also as expected for a Tarantino movie done with ultimate perfection!😎 So everything on a high-level, just the mashed-up story is a bit of a let down, you could even talk of some length!😴 Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate is also acting fine, but she just has not that much screen-time as I expected. A movie done with a lot of love from Tarantino - you sense the importance of this movie for him in every scene. Great entertainment with a weaker story as usual and because we get something original and not another franchise part or a remake, it is worth 4 of 5 wolf's tooth dog food! onceuponatimeinhollywood quentintarantino rickdalton cliffbooth sharontate bradpitt leonardodicaprio margotrobbie emilehirsch margaretqualley timothyolyphant juliabutters austinbutler brucedern dakotafanning alpacino damianlewis mikemoh lukeperry lorenzaizzo cinephilecommunity moviereview

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ⓡⓔⓥⓘⓔⓦEs gilt das gesprochene Wort (I was, I am, I will be) by Ilker Çatak “I was, I am, I will be” is a romantic drama about Marion, a strong self confident woman who works as a pilot but then gets diagnosed with cancer. She is also having an affair with Rafael, who now wants more than that. But Marion doesn’t feel comfortable to get dependent from someone or something. Loosing her choices feels like loosing her life. So she now gets confronted with a situation in which life and others dictate her what she now has to do. During a vacation in Turkey, she coincidentally meets Baran. Baran himself was homeless but found a job in bar in which many female tourists seek the attention from the boys and are offered the possibility to have sex with them. But for Baran it is way more than that, he tries to find a woman who would marry him to get him out of this country so that he can start a new and better life. With Marion he senses his chance to leave his old life behind Marion is portrayed by Anne Ratte-Polle who does a fantastic job! At the beginning Marion is the most confident woman but whose life gets shattered when she gets the diagnosis. From one moment to another it almost seems like she has given up a bit on life itself. Not being able to work now for a while during treatment, a huge part of her is missing. With Baran things changes. You can see the inner conflicts she has when she accepts to marry him and help him to start a new life in Germany. Why she made that decision is never really explained. Maybe she did it because she thought she had nothing to loose, maybe she needed another challenge or maybe she missed the feeling of being in charge and being needed from somebody. Either way how Çatak let the characters develop within the 2 hours runtime is absolutely stunning. Not just Marion but also Baran. There are moments that’ll make you laugh, moments in which you might get angry too or moments that’ll show you the fragility of the maincharcaters personality but which are beautifully captured. In the end you’ll see that despite the outcome of their marriage that both of them took something valuable from that experience. Highly recommended

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Smooth criminals. Le Samouraï, (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1967) Raising Arizona (Joel Coen, 1987)

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Movie : Silver Linings Playbook (2012). Director : David O. Russell. Language : English. IMDb : 7.7/10. Pat, who is sent to a mental health facility after brutally attacking his wife's lover, walks out of the centre after eight months and meets Tiffany in a bid to mend ways with his wife. hollywood bradleycooper jenniferlawrence hollywoodstudios hollywoodbowl hollywoodunlocked hollywoodsign movieaddict movies moviescenes movieclips movienight moviereview moviebuff moviequotes films filmisnotdead filmmaking cinephilecommunity cinephile cinema cinematography imdb screenplay script

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First/Last Shot: The Thief of Bagdad (1940) Directed by Michael Powell, Ludwig Berger & Tim Whelan DP: George Perinal * A roaring 'oriental' fantasy adventure. * First and last shot: From sailing the big sea to Abu on his flying carpet. * I've only seen this a couple of years ago but don't remember much of it, unfortunately. Famous for its revolutionary effects (the first proper use of bluescreens), it's dated in many aspects but still entertaining enough. At least Sabu here (named Abu, that's just what 'they' are called) is treated with respect even if he is not allowed to be the title character he should be (this goes to the white prince). They are better movies from the 40s but it's surely interesting. It's from the time when a movie could have three official directors and even more uncredited ones. * Two more than I expected: cannedd67 and curti.pablo firstlastshot firstandlastshots firstandlastshot firstshotlastshot firstshot lastshot thethiefofbagdad michaelpowell ludwigberger timwhelan georgeperinal sabu ship 1940film 1940movie unitedartists movies movie screenshot filmstill filmstills frame cinephile cinematography cinephilia cinephilecommunity instamovie

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Happy Birthday Robert Redford 🎂 83 years old today Favourite movie of his? 👇