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45 minutes ago

Is it weekend yet? 🐾🖤👅

3 hours ago

Let this be a lesson to meowmyif you don’t fold the laundry 🧺 right away, then I have free game to cuddle down into all the clean clothes, leaving little black cat hairs everywhere. It’s your own fault. And you have to admit. I’m too cute to move too🖤 Happy Tuesday laundryhelpernotsomuch blackcats minihousepanther tinyhousepanther blackcatsofinstagram cats_of_instagram canadiancat kawaii cutie cat meow adoptdontshop petoftheday catsoftheig black_cat_crew pamperedcat citycat guinnessblackcat blackcatlovers babyboy

5 hours ago

Big city livin’ 🏙

6 hours ago

Every morning before my workout I get kitty snuggle therapy Therapy, yes. Because i feel such a deep bond in my heart.

7 hours ago

9 hours ago

Huh whose bottle is it???

15 hours ago

Oh henlo fren it me Freyja! Just hangin, bein brave cat, livin life on edge. Actually Kyrie much braver than me, but I tryin hard to conquer fear. I not actually afraid of height, but I decide to start by conquerin one of Mahm’s fear. Now she no have to be afraid of height anymore! Frens, what you afraid of? You think you could try n conquer it? — tortiecrew tortiecats tortitude tortielove torties tortiescausingtrouble tortiesofinstagram tortiesofig tortiesrule catswag catsofdc catstagram catsofworld catsofinsta catsofinstagram catitude dccats districtcats dmvcats catladytribe catlady citycat citykitty citycats buzzfeedcats catsofinstagram freyjathoughts tortietude

16 hours ago

I rode my ass off coming home from work today. I had it in my head that Dahlia was having the kitten and she needed me! When I opened the door she was stretching from a nap. She must really be cooking up massive booper. 😃 My legs were burning so bad. Being a nervies cat dad is a great work out. Worrying about the kitten will have these gams in great shape by ‘kini season! 😰 🐈 chicagoblackcat 👙 blackcat blackcats cat catdad guysandcats citycat dahlia catman kitty housepanther catdaddy minipanther apartmentpanther chicagocat chicagopets kawaii booper chicagoblackcat realmenlovecats guyswithcats catdadsworldwide nervouscatdad nervycatdad mainecoon

17 hours ago

Shoutout to city_cat_vets for sponsoring a trap! We have 2 mass trap dates on the calendar for April: 4/10 & 4/28. As always help needed includes trapping, transport & release or just come to learn! More details to comes on specific locations and times. However, if you have cats on your block please don’t wait for these events to get out there and trap. The weather is warming up 🐱x 🐱= 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱For more info on how to sponsor a trap send as a DM or email purr!

18 hours ago

James had the best soul ever He's a saint to deal with all his girls. 🤣🤣 .

19 hours ago

📷 from Unknown 😍😍😍😍😍 ~ double tap ❤❤

20 hours ago

I have a lot of favourite places to sleep. I do the rounds every day. Sometimes this chair is full of clothes and pillows from the bed, then I have to sleep on top, but tonight human tidied my space and I can stretch out 🐾🖤

21 hours ago

Welcoming a new member to the family today. adoptdontshop

23 hours ago

Shy kitty 🙈 The weather was terrible today. For three weeks now they promised us sun every day, and each week we only got to see the sun on two or three days. Spring, please come soon! 🌱🌼☀️ ~~~~ 📬: Did you spot a cat? Please DM me! ~~~~ 📍: Willemstraat ~~~~ ️⃣: 290

1 day ago

Just woke up after a very gooooood nap. Happy Monday! 🐱✨