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Easy English Club - Câu Lạc Bộ Tiếng Anh của easyenglishvn đã ra đời với mục đích hỗ trợ học viên cập nhật những kiến thức mới, cơ hội được gặp gỡ và trao đổi trực tiếp cùng các diễn giả ❤️ easyenglishvn easy english teaching teachings class classroom study online learningenglish learning instagram workhard vietnam hcmc hoctienganh hoctienganhonline tienganhdongian topic topictalk learn study englishcenter center hcmc saigon vietnam

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It's amazing to have mymusclechef get on board in my wheelwodgames prep! Nutrition is something that I'm not amazing at. I understand how important it is but it's one area in my game that I need to button down I'm really excited to see where this will take my training and performance on game day! It's an awesome feeling to know I don't have to stress about meal prepping and can just leave it to the professionals and when your fridge looks as good as this does there's plenty of reason to be excited mymusclechef fuellingpersistence everybodyeverygoal

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Looking at the positive and negative consequences of our actions. We are focusing on anger management this week.

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TaOkadism 2歳の友人💕 久しぶりの金曜日の振休。 久しぶりの ROSSI 中目黒 高橋竜太 先生の楽しすぎる オープンクラス 大人バレエ 今日は、寝坊して来れない人がいたり、 4人のママなのにキレイすぎる人がいたり、 ママの性格と真逆のカッコいい息子がいたり、 先生の奥様の 高木綾 様がいたり、 みんなのアイドル汰鳳くんがいたり。 なんだろう。 幸せが止まりませんでした。 もうすぐ、ROSSIの発表会とのことで、 綾先生に竜太先生が振り付け。 そんな中、私は汰鳳さんと遊ばせて頂きました! もう、癒し。 ほんと、かわいい。 つやつやでサラサラの髪に、 すべすべお肌、 顔に似合わない圧倒的な運動神経、 そして、弾ける笑顔とテンション✨ ここ数週間、精神的にも体力的にもやられていた状態が、 急激に回復しました(o^-^o)祝 まだまだ課題はあるし、 結局、ちーん。。。ってなる日もすぐ来るけど、 今日のところは、 元気を貰えました😆💕✨はいっ 竜太先生も綾先生にも感謝です✨ ROSSIの発表会は夏に控えてるとのこと。 楽しみ✨ 明日のお仕事、私の発表会と、頑張ります! バレエ ballet クラス class lesson ともだち friend littlefriend

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When you catch lots of double turns from your students 👌🏻🙌🏻🥳 SO PROUD OF YOU Looking relaxed, working together as small teams and helping each other out. At Team BPDC we are always cheering eachother on! H A P P Y F R I D A Y 💃🏻 Dance Class Lyrical DanceClass BTDA Teamwork TeamBPDC BPDCompany Fun Friends britishtheatredanceassociation DancingFriends Training Skills HardWork dedication dancingfriendsarethebestfriends Woodey Berkshire Ballet CommercialPop Acro Modern contemporarylyricaljazz Pirouettes pirouettesurgery

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28 Days Academy巡回路演来到第三站咯!3️⃣👍🏻😃 . 5月27日,我们相约在有“花城”之称的芙蓉! 说到芙蓉,让你想到什么?芙蓉烧包、芙蓉烧螃蟹、钻石海南鸡饭😋😋……诶,怎么又想到吃了?!这都不是我们这一趟花城之旅的重点啦!😜😜 . 我们将连同GoodMorning Global一起前往拜访 Confinement D'Home Seremban 宥好陪月之家以及家缘精緻月子会所的妈妈宝宝们,分享产后营养调理与智慧育儿小贴士!🤱👶🏻❤️ . 5月30号,第四站,我们将回到吉隆坡与雪兰莪的大本营,开始展开另一段巡回路演咯!🤩🤩 . • 询问热线:011-2801 7449 • LINE ID:28daysacademy • Facebook PM . 欢迎关注我们: Facebook l 28 Days Academy Instagram l 28daysacademy Website l . 28daysacademy 28days postnatalcare postnatalcaregivers postnatal postpartum class confinement confinementcentre roadshow seremban

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คนมือแข็งเรียนเพ้นท์ได้มั้ย ได้ค่ะถ้าไม่เกร็ง ทำใจให้สบายๆ แค่ต้องโฟกัสที่งาน ไม่สนใจสิ่งอื่นใด ทำตามที่ผู้สอน สอน แค่ไม่กี่นาทีก็ทำได้แล้วค่ะ สบายๆ nsinailsproductandacademythailand class nailart nsinails nailsclass missnails missnailsphuket

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Tonight was 🔥 🔥 🔥 Inspired by rosalia.vt & jbalvin ‘s song Con Altura 😍 SwipeLeft to see all the magic! Thank you to wenchhhdaddy antipatriarcaa winrichbeknowin anamaria_alegria makayn_maytchaf cyaol8r angeelarangeela miserabelia for dancing with me. Join us next Thursday at peoplesforumnyc from 7:30 to 9pm! Until thenlike and repost the video and tag people in the comments. Let’s keep this class going and growing 😘 ✌🏽 dance class choreography reggaeton hiphop conaltura nyc

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“Shoes are just a pedestal,What interest me is the power of the woman who wears them” Tag all the woman who inspires you,woman who are driven,woman who are motivated and keep us going My power house goes to 👑 nyikx bonang_m stylealertsa stylesbytumi simzngema kamomodisakeng norma.gigaba nomzamo_m Stilleto heels available for purchase Price:R1199 Color:Maroon,Lilac And Nude Sizes:4-8 Stocks Limited to 10 Please Send us a DM or Send us a WhatsApp to place your order Whilst stocks last casualfridays styleitfriday Shoes maroonshoes maroon class womanofclass womaninpower powerhouse

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Week 8 in my Leadership Communication Strategies class at uclaextension ✨ I had two powerful leaders: benaltopuzlu - Director of Business Development at ups and micaela.passeri - Director of globalwoman_club Los Angeles to come speak about their leadership style and how they show up as a leader in their life followed by a panel discussion and a long Q&A session to empower my upcoming, about to be graduating 🎓 leaders. ✨ On behalf of my students and myself, I would love to thank you for the realness and inspiration you brought to my class my wonderful speakers: benaltopuzlu and micaela.passeri 🙏🏻😊✨ It’s been such a pleasure ✨ We will always remember the emotional wisdom from Micaela and from Betty, the beautiful story of Wanda💕 ✨ Last 3 weeks for my new GALACTIC LEADERS to graduate! 🎓 ✨ What is your leadership style? My dear friend who is reading this? I invite you to improve your awareness around how you show up in the world even more 🌎 Because true leaders do not need followers, they develop other leaders👌 ✨ Xoxo 💋Shiny Unsal ✨ ucla leadership communication strategies class uclaextension business development growth mindset emotionalintelligence onamission wonderwoman loveyourlife ilovemylife lifelovesyou love oneness

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" Fais des choses faciles et ta vie sera difficile, fais des choses difficiles et ta vie sera facile. "