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We are looking to hire If you are in the Gloucestershire area & are looking to begin a new venture hit us up on our Facebook page, the link is in the bio ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ So much to do tomorrow I’m feeling Monday already & it’s not even here yetlove my job ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ recruitment hiring cleaner jrhousekeeper gloucestershire cotswolds work job newventure facebook link joboppertunity mrshigbeyshousekeeping monday

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Bargain of the day! 😍 not sure where I’ll put them yet but I bought both!

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According to a study led by Markus Egert with Furtwangen University, kitchensponges can harbour a more dense collection of bacteria than almost anywhere on earth with an equivalent density of the human GI tract. 🤢 Here’s how to keep it cleaner according to Jennifer Quinlan, a food microbiologist with Drexel University: 1️⃣ Keep it away from raw meat. 2️⃣ Replace every 2 weeks. 3️⃣ Clean the sponge every few days in the dishwasher on a heated dry cycle. Image credit: YLWBioClean Kelowna CleaningTips

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Doing a little planning on Sunday night will make a huge difference . Not only because you'll be so much more productive (though you will), but because you won’t have that worrying feeling that you’ve forgotten something important. _ A good place to start is with your non negotiables to your most important, your sleep time, and then everything else. _ Make sure you make a plan to achieve your goals too no matter how you go on. _ We? We are well mapped out for the week already. Taking your calls, messages, bookings and making time for your space is definitely part of our calendar 😁😁 so here's the number to call _08063503590 for all your cleaning and facility maintenance need for this week.😍 _ boiboicleaningservice cleaner professionalcleaning cleaning newweek newgoals portharcourt naijacleaner

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This is becoming my ride or die One little bottle, soooo many uses It cleans my house from top to bottom - literally everything! Counters, floors, bathrooms, dilute it and it becomes the fruit and veggie wash to get the pesticides and wax off fruits and veggies I never thought that one simple, non-toxic, completely safe and natural product could help me in so many ways 😍😍😍

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Hands down 100% my favourite cleaners ever 🙏 . I’ve keep reading these articles about the 1 products to use to clean your home and freshen up for spring and EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT on these lists are full of chemicals and toxins. 🤢 knowing I once used these products makes me sick and I’m so happy Thieves exists! Not only is it 100% pure and plant based it makes my home smell like fall. Seriously, what’s better than that!? If you haven’t don’t your research on the products you have in your home, please do. And while you’re at it do a quick search on Thieves household cleaner! It will change your (and your families) life! If you have any questions at all on the product please DM me and I’d be happy to help thievescleaner thievesdishsoap dishsoap householdcleaner youngliving younglivingcanada younglivingessentialoils healthyhomes healthyfamilies healthykids wellness nontoxic nontoxicliving plants plantbased plantbased seedtoseal oilyhacks cleaner springclean

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Can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I decided to go at it alone & I don’t think I’ve came up for air since. My business is just thriving every single day & I have learn so many lessons. It’s been hard graft and a lot of scrubbing but it’s so worth it. I have the most amazing customers & the girls that work for me are second to non ✨💎🧼 thank you 😊 domesticcleaning domesticcleaners endoftenancycleaning businessowner hincharmy businesswoman smallbusiness workingmum singlemum cleaner

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Are you in need of a yogi, massage therapist, handyman, wig creator or cleaner? Look no further! Follow bodiesbalanced and keep your bodies and minds balanced knowing you can book all your services in one place! Only working in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. cleaning maid cleaningservice brooklyn commercialcleaning helper affordable cleaner home family clean ecofriendly  nyc apartment manhattan service bookme booknow bronx queens wigs handyman yogi yogaeveryday

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SỮA RỬA MẶT BOTANICAL 120g 🍀Là loại sửa rửa mặt có tác dụng 3 in 1: tẩy trang, rửa mặt và trị mụn đầu đen. Vì lớp nền được làm bằng đất sét nên khả năng làm sạch sâu của bạn này khá đỉnh, ngoài ra giúp bạn diệt trừ lũ mụn đầu đen đáng ghét trên mũi sau khoảng 2 tuần sử dụng. 🍀Làm sạch tất cả những lớp dầu thừa còn sót lại do dầu tẩy trang và những bã nhờn trên da, đem lại cho bạn làn da sạch hoàn toàn mà vẫn giữ được độ ẩm, không bị khô căng da. 🍀Chống oxy hóa da mạnh mẽ, ngăn ngừa quá trình lão hóa, ngoài ra còn giúp làm giảm mụn, vết thâm nám. 🍀Nùi thơm thư giãn đem lại cho bạn cảm giác thư giãn, thoải mái. Thành phần tự nhiên 100% – Cà chua – Roman Chanomile ( Hoa cúc La Mỹ ) – Tow Calendula ( một giống Hoa Cúc ) – Cornflower ( Hoa thanh cúc ) – Chamomile ( Cúc dại ) – Tilia Cordata ( Đoạn lá nhỏ ) – Hypericum Perforatum ( Cây Ban Âu ) – Hawthorn ( Chi Sơn Tra ) – Jujube ( Táo tàu ) – Grapefruit ( hạt nho ) – Cam – Chanh – Chanh dây – Táo đỏ 💰350k/ 120g botanicalmarche japancosmetics fromjapan jpcosmetics orderhangnhat orderhangnhatnoidia skincare facewash cleaner fromtakeistore

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💙🧡 ALDI Fabric Softener Priced at £1.35 per 1.16 litre bottle. Fabric softener in scents: . 💜 Jasmine & Dewberry 💚 Lily Bloom & Lime ♥️ Strawberry & Magnolia . They all smell absolutely divine and I can't wait to try them. From a quick smell of the bottles, the Lily Bloom & Lime is my favourite aldiuk But we will see when used on my washing 🌺 Have you tried any of them? What did you think? Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday Mrs M x

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Hey y’all! 👋 If we have never met before, let me introduce myself. My name is Lee Karcher but my besties call me the LoudOilyLady. You can call me that too since we are sure to be BFFs in NO time! 👊💃 I live in the dirty south with my husband and have 3 grown daughters, 1 brown dog named Bella 🐶 and 2 adorable kitty cats named Echo 🐈 and Hazel 🐱. I have been using Living Essential Oils for 5.5 years & have literally turned my health around in the process. Cleaning with Thieves products has flipped the script in this house. As a former housecleaning business owner, I can testify to the terrible damage done to a person’s health by using traditional toxin-filled cleaners. My respiratory system was so damaged from overexposure that it took almost 6 months of using plant based YLEO to get my lungs into tip top shape. Now I will not use ANYTHING but YLEO to clean my house, laundry, family and even pets. Our health is too important and I won’t jeopardize it ever again! 💯 I am looking forward to showing you some amazing Spring Cleaning hacks with my Sistah Clean Team this week and would LOVE to send you an invite. It’s just educationno weirdo salesy bull crap in THIS class! 📲 YOUR family deserves the bestand that is EXACTLY what we plan to deliver Thursday, March 28th at 5pm PST/ 6pm MST/ 7pm CST/ 8pm EST. DM me if you wanna join us! Happy🧽Spring🧽Cleaning🧽from🧽the🧽Sistahs🧽 liferefreshed6 essentiallydawnbailey drakeoilyblessings

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If you want to start cleaning without harsh chemicals and aren't sure where to begin, start with Thieves Household Cleaner! It's versatile, effective, and can clean almost everything! Here are some of our favorite recipes. What are your favorite ways to use Thieves Cleaner?

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How to make a vacuum attachment easy MULTIFUNCTION DUST VACUUM CLEANER STRAW Multifunction Dust Vacuum Cleaner Straw is a dusting attachment that works with the most vacuum cleaner. It features dozens of individual suction tubes that are small and flexible. Link in bio🛍 shopping fashion style love instagood photooftheday beauty outfit stylish girl beautiful dress shoes model cute instafashion me pretty shop like styles design heels jewelry girls fashionblogger kitchen saladmaker cleaner vacuum

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È giunto il momento di pulire il frigo. Il momento migliore è quello subito precedente alla spesa, quando ormai non vi è più nulla da mangiare. Staccate la spina, asportate tutte le parti amovibili, lavatele con acqua e detersivo e asciugate con un panno pulito. Procedete con lo sbrinamento e la pulizia delle pareti interne del frigo e del freezer. Periodicamente scostate l'elettrodomestico dal muro e rimovete la polvere accumulata.

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CELLOPHANE🐝 . Un légume utilisé à moitié ? Un restant de pâtes ? Je le recouvre de cellophane ! 🥦🍠🥘 . Ce film transparent d'emballage alimentaire a très vite fait parti de mon quotidien Pendant quelques années il était considéré comme cancérigène lorsqu'il était en contact direct avec les aliments en raison de sa composition ⚠️⛔️ Mais aujourd'hui la plupart des marques ont supprimé ces substances et essayent de le rendre plus "sain" s'il est écrit bisphénol A ou polytéréphtalate d'éthylène sur ton rouleau fuis !🏃🏻‍♀️ . Je ne sais pas toi mais personnellement maintenant quand j'entends les mots "plastique" et "jettable" j'évite !🙅🏼‍♀️ . Je me suis donc tournée vers le beeswrap ! Une version écologique, économique et saine pour le remplacer🐝 Il s'adapte très facilement aux aliments ou plats à recouvrir et se lave à l'eau et savon . Les miens viennent de apifilm . Et toi est-ce que tu l'utilise déjà ? Ou es-tu prête à passer le cap ? poubelle nature better cleaner world ecologie trash ordure itseasy zerowaste plastic noplastic stopplastic plastique savetheplanet beatpollution planetorplastic saveearth savethenature beeswrap cellophane unsponge reducereuserecycle reuse

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Rubick standard brush Brush ini terbuat dari nylon yang tidak mudah lepas dengan finishing pada bagian kayu nya membuat aman dari jamur. Would you buy it ? just 30k Workshop : Jl. Solo - Purwodadi Km.5, Wonorejo, Gondangrejo, Karanganyar. Ready on Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shoope Contact Person : Whatsapp : 085728615628 Welcome for Reseller Free tester untuk setiap pelaku usaha laundry shoes Good for your shoes bestservice bestproduct

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Unyellowing 100ml still ready Grab it fast for solution yellowing on your shoes. Workshop : Jl. Solo - Purwodadi Km.5, Wonorejo, Gondangrejo, Karanganyar. Ready on Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shoope Contact Person : Whatsapp : 085728615628 Welcome for Reseller Free tester untuk setiap pelaku usaha laundry shoes Good for your shoes bestservice bestproduct