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Movie of the week: Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999) *This movie is my all time favorite dcom and no matter how old I get thus movie will always go hard. It’s about a girl named Zenon who lives in space with her family. She wins a contest to go on stage with her fav boy band but she ends up getting in trouble and gets sent to Earth to live with her aunt. From Earth she has to save her space ship from bad guys trying to hurt the ship.

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Jensen Ackles | (1997)

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You know you love them🍓 (Movie: Edward Scissorhands)

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Liv tyler is our Mood because its friday

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ˢᵃᵗᵘʳᵈᵃʸ, ᴹᵃʳᶜʰ ²⁴, ¹⁹⁸⁴. ˢʰᵉʳᵐᵉʳ ᴴⁱᵍʰ ˢᶜʰᵒᵒˡ, ˢʰᵉʳᵐᵉʳ ᴵˡˡⁱⁿᵒⁱˢ Ac:archedheda/ TALIA (sc.)

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靴はちゃんと履きましょう。👠 脚がゴツいのが悩み。チアリーダーとダンサーだったから仕方ないね。 . スニーカー欲しい。買い物したいけどお金ない。 kstyle fff l4l instagood instafashion instalike selfie kpop japan 99년생 초아 일본 초아 사랑 셀카 소통해요 맞팔해요 데일리룩 韓国好きな人と繋がりたい お洒落さんと繋がりたい armyと繋がりたい いいね返し 交換宣伝 フォローミー 美容学生 美容師さんと繋がりたい ピープス女子 clueless peeps 韓国ファッション

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April 26, 2019. Happy Friday! We’re going to get a nice, Spring day today and then we’re back to Winter tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s going to snow again 😫. Oh well, good reading weather right?! The readgushapr19 color combo challenge today is orange and yellow. For some reason, that always makes me think of Amber and Cher from clueless . Love that movie! bookqueensapr19 - show some spine. funkofridayflavor funkofridayfavorite funkofriday bookstagrammer funko funkopop bookishfeatures funkofamily bookstagram booknerd

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۵ ☻ - — tv shows x nails ;)) - — idk what happened with the tvd nails 😂 ik that the quality sucks oml modernfamilygrp - — q; whats ur fav from these nails?

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Clueless (1995)

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Talk to me about quinoa! I want to try it, as its naturally gluten free, but I don't know what to do with it! 🤔 The dried quinoa packs I've found have a 'may contain wheat' warning on them, but I found these packs of cooked quinoa in sainsburys that don't! 👍 I just need ideas of what to do with them, anyone got any recipes? And has anyone convinced their to eat quinoa? If so, please tell me how quinoa naturallyglutenfree clueless

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this is literally my favorite edit of leo i mean just look at him how cute and attractive he is. 𝐜𝐫: ronislovers / 𝐜𝐜: western 𝐦𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐞: this boy’s life/ 𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐠: ready or not by bridgitmendler ourdicaprio

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leo, thanks for breathing 𝐜𝐫: nosltagic / 𝐜𝐜: western 𝐦𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐞: catch me if you can / 𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐠: nothing to regret by robinson ourdicaprio

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💕今天跟大家推薦十部好看的外國校園電影 - ✏️第十名-辣妹辣媽 Freaky Friday(2003) 海莉哈德森 琳賽蘿涵 飾演 "A journey soon begins, its prize reflected in another's eyes. When what you see is what you lack, then selfless love will change you back." 旅途將起程,終點映互眼,所看即所失,無私愛還圓。  媽媽和女兒因為cookies交換了身體 才了解到彼此的生活 互相能體諒對方 適合全家一起看 母親節跟母親一起看吧! ✏️第九名-歌舞青春High school musical(2006) 柴克艾佛隆 凡妮莎哈金斯 艾希莉緹絲黛爾 飾演 “But most of all, I choose the person who inspires my heart.” 但最重要的是,我找到點亮我內心的人。 這部是大家童年的回憶吧 柴克艾佛隆現在更帥了 凡妮莎最近在Nextflix有新電影公主鬧雙包可以去看! 充滿友情與愛情到夢想的電影 共有四集 ✏️第八名-女郎我最兔The house bunny (2008) 安娜法瑞絲 艾瑪史東飾演 “Keep doing that, keep doing that.” 對的事別留下遺憾,一定要堅持下去。 安娜法瑞絲帶著大家變美 也讓他們找到自信 ✏️第七名-獨領風騷Clueless(1995) 艾莉西亞席薇史東 保羅路德飾演 "To thine own self be true." 要忠於自己。 ✏️第六名-麻雀變公主  The princess Diaries(2001) 安海瑟薇 茱莉安德魯絲飾演 “Courage is not absence o f fear, but rather than judgement that something  else is  more important than fear.” 真正的勇者不是沒有恐懼 ,而是帶著勇氣一起前行。 從小不被注意的安海瑟薇竟然是公主 他長大後才知道 於是他的人生改變(超愛看改造) 卻也有人是意圖不軌的接近他  最後他仍然找到他的真愛 有第二集唷 ✏️第五名-破處女王Easy A(2010) 艾瑪史東 潘巴奇利飾演 “Judging a person does not define who they are; it defines who you are. ” 評論他人不會決定他是誰,但會決定你是誰。 旨在告訴我們謠言止於智者  裡面因為傳言大家認為艾瑪史東是個必取 但其實不是 但他也不怕被人指指點點 男主也不相信謠言只相信他自己認識的女主 ✏️第四名-恐龍尤物The Duff(2015) 梅惠特曼 羅比艾梅爾 貝拉索恩 “No matter what label gets thrown your way, only you can define yourself.” 不管你被貼上什麼標籤,只有你才能定義你自己。 Duff 是Designated Ugly Fat Friend. 女主就是美女旁邊的醜女朋友 為了襯托出美女的人 後來男主不在乎外表看到女主的內在 是他喜歡的樣子 即使前女友再漂亮也比不上(貝拉索恩) ✏️第三名-回到17歲 17 Again(2009) 柴克艾佛隆 萊絲莉曼恩 “When you're everything feels like the end of the world.” 當你年輕的時候,一點事都感覺像世界末日一般。 現在他的家庭工作一團糟 奇幻的經歷讓他回到了17歲的樣子 但時空還是現在 他用17歲的樣子修正了他這幾年的過錯 ✏️第二名- 金髮尤物Legally Blonde(2001) 瑞絲薇絲朋 飾演 You must always have faith in people, and most importantly you must always have faith in yourself. 你必須對人們有信心,最重要的是永遠要對自己有信心。 前男友跟他分手認為他配不上自己 女主為了復仇去考律師 成為比他優秀的人 共有三集 ✏️第一名-辣妹過招Mean Girls(2004) 琳賽蘿涵 瑞秋麥亞當斯 阿曼達賽佛瑞 “Stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to happen!” 別再以為 fetch 能引起潮流,它永遠不會發生的。 超級喜歡這齣!看了好幾次 女主琳賽蘿涵到了新環境  他不喜歡瑞秋的為人 但最後他變成像他那樣 領悟到最後交朋友真正的道理 allison的電影心得 外國電影推薦 外國校園電影 校園電影 校園愛情電影 辣妹過招 meangirls 金髮尤物 legallyblonde 回到17歲 17again 恐龍尤物 theduff 破處女王 easya 麻雀變公主 theprincessdiaries 獨領風騷 clueless 女郎我最兔 thehousebunny 歌舞青春

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Cutest dress 👗. clueless

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~Keep Going, Keep Growing For the longest time I was bothered by people’s opinion of me. And more often than not that’s how I saw myself to be. If someone called me beautiful, I felt beautiful, if I ever heard a bad comment about me it would result in infinite thoughts and self-doubts. Another thing was that I was always surrounded by people and I never really spent lone time with myself. While I was battling depression, I spent most of my time locked up in my room with myself. The only thing that played on loop in my head was Read more on my blog, link in bio! wheresheenu? -Sengalathu Padi, a small village in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu (Also felt what heaven would probably be like) keepgoingkeepgrowing pseudomanghani write wordporn writersofinstagrampoetry writingprompts dailywriting dailywritersinspo positivity positivevibes spreadpositivity spreadlove strongwomen clueless dailywriting blogs blogger bloggersofinstagram writersofinstagram selflove future reality spreadlove selfloveisthebestlove

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Stunt ❣️🥳 clueless