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✖️✖️✖️SCORE = 8.29✖️✖️✖️ holeybrewed brewedcrew Price: $1.95 CAD (Small) For all of you who sent us messages about getting the coffee in a cone at balzacscoffee I am sorry to tell you that we didn't. We wanted to make sure that we were only scoring the coffee and we didn't want the flavour of the cone to tamper the flavour. All in all balzacscoffee scored pretty well. We decided to go with 'A Dark Affair' which is their proprietary Stout Roast. They have four proprietary roasts and the Stout Roast is the darkest. We always give credit to coffee shops that sell their own roast(s) and balzacscoffee has four types! This specific roast is a mix of beans that were sourced from Colombia and Honduras. We really enjoyed this roast as it had such richness and fullness to it's body while hitting our tastebuds with some smokey and spicy flavours. What we really enjoyed was the spicy flavour would carry through into the aftertaste. You could smell the smokiness flavour as the steam came off the cup! We don't recommend this blend to folks who do not like strong coffee but for those who do, you will love it! balzacscoffee has 7 locations in Toronto, but we highly recommend you visit the one in the distilleryto as we love the aesthetics inside! Our followers told us that balzacscoffee had some of the best coffee in the city and we can certainly see why they would say so! torontocoffee coffee Toronto coffeeoftheday instacoffee toronto torontoblogger blogto narcitytoronto balzacs latte latteart coffeeshop coffeeporn instablogger doughnuts doughnutsofinstagram donuts doughnuts🍩 blogger torontoblogger foodblogger

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PaiKubPing2019 PaiKubPing ร้าน bakery สไตล์ homey ที่เปิดมาแล้วหลายปีในซ. สุขุมวิท 33 warmwelcomebakeryandcafe แม้ร้านจะมีไซต์กระทัดรัด แต่ก็มีความอบอุ่น และเต็มไปด้วย bakery homemade อร่อยๆหลายชนิดให้เลือกทาน เช่น Red Velvet cake, Double Chocolate cake และ Carrot cake เราได้ลองชิม caramel custard (85 บาท) เนื้อ custatd เนียนนุ่มแต่ไม่เละ หอมคาราเมลและมีรสชาติหวานกำลังดี ในส่วนของเครื่องดื่มจะมีเมนูมาตรฐานเช่น ชา กาแฟเมนูคลาสสิก green tea, chocolate เราได้ลองชิม Iced Coco Americano (130 บาท) กาแฟ americao ใส่น้ำมะพร้าว สิ่งที่ชอบคือน้ำมะพร้าวมีความสดและหวานมากๆ ลงตัวเข้ากับความเข้มของกาแฟได้เป็นอย่างดี (102nd cafe in 2019)

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A lil dialin’ never hurt nobody. 😎👍

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Who buys fresh coffee from your local cafe/toaster? Keep them fresh! Shop Atmos👉 Link in Bio 📷by alexander.mills

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Absolutely loving my home set up for coffee right now Finally i can do justice to the beans i buy for home like this Colombian from Small Batch roasting co. * * * latteart caffeine latteartist latte coffeetime coffee coffeeaddict coffeeporn coffeeholic cafelife cafe barista baristalife baristagram baristababe bendigo bendigocafe bendigo cappuccino explorebendigo espresso specialtycoffee coffeemachine coffeegram coffeelovers coffeeshop coffeeculture baristaskills girlpower femalebarista smallbatchroast

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⭐️Daily Lunch Set⭐️ 23 May (Thu) Soup of The Day & Mixed Green Salad ************** A)Fresh Clam Linguine w/ Garlic Basil Sauce $108 B)Tomato Risotto w/ Chicken & Mixed Mushroom $98 C)Home-made Barbecue Pork Ribs w/ Thick Cut Fries $118 D)U.S. Beef Burger w/ Thick Cut Fries $118 E)1855 Black Angus Rib Eye w/ Thick Cut Fries $128 ************** ✨FREE Americano / Organic Tea (Gluten-free) / Soft Drink ✨ . ⭐️+$10 Upgrade to Any Coffee . ⭐️+$20 Upgrade to Fresh Juice / ETC 🙅🏼NO SERVICE CHARGE🙅🏽‍♂️ caferelay caferelayhk mingyanlane hkcafe cafeinwanchai wanchaicafe café lunchtime lunchinwanchai freewifi hkfoodie foodies foodie hkig hkigers foodporn foodislife foodinsta foodstagram foodphotographer foodography foodlover coffeelover coffeelife coffeeporn organictea numitea redespresso

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☕️ 今朝の一杯。 アイスコーヒーをロックで! ※ 昨晩、とある先生をする方と「稼ぐ」ということについて話に。 うちは、儲かってませんが、ありがたいことに4年は続き5年目と言う感じなので、生活はできています。 ま〜その分、普通の人倍近い時間働いて、休みも半分ぐらいなのですが…。 じゃ〜、なにをしたら儲かるか? どうすればいいのか?なんて話になったのですが、僕が常日頃思うのは「今の時代セルフブランディング」をどれだけ上手にするか、と。 つまり「どれだけ自己主張を上手にするか・どれだけ売り込むか」が鍵。 他人様の悪口は言うつもりは全くないですが、味や実力が伴わなくても売り込み上手な店や人は成功するし、いくら美味しくてもいくら実力があってもダメな人はダメ。 かく言う僕もあまり売り込みが得意ではないし上手でもないし、できることなら宣伝まがいのことは何もしたくない。もともとインスタだって、写真を撮りたいがために始めたわけだし。 それに、人付合いもちょっと苦手…で、友達も数えるぐらいしかいませんし…。 お店をやっているから慣れた感もありますが、案外人見知りでして。 この間なんて、お店にかかってきた電話をMax愛想よく受け答えていたら、居合わせたお客さんたちに「お店なんだからもう少し明るく愛想よくしたら?」とダメ出しを…。 だらだらと書き綴りましたが、無愛想にしているわけではないので悪しからずってことです。 僕の代わりに当店の売り込みをよろしくお願いいたします。 ※ そんな訳で、ロックに行きたいと思います。 ところで、ロックって言葉の意味がわかりません。 どなたか教えてください。 「ロックだぜ!」 ※ ※ ※ ロックだぜ #セルフブランディング #売り込み 私とソラ珈琲 山小屋 bestcoffeephotos bestcoffee coffeeporn cafe cafelatte sorahutte ソラ珈琲 カフェ カフェラテ ラテアート 定食 食堂 飯どころ 相模原 矢部 strobist nikon

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Inspired from the shape of water drop, Smutta Kettle and Glass Server for pausliving is not just beauty to the eye, it also produce a nice cup for me this morning. Ethiopia Wush Wush from apartmentcoffee with notes of jasmine, peach, and candied orange. Another coffee shared from saatseduhdirumah 👌 - instacoffee CoffeePeople CoffeePorn Coffeegram coffeegasm Coffeetime Coffeeology CoffeeAddict coffeeoftheday morningbrew morningcoffee coffeesharing manualbrewonly manualbrew brewingisforeveryone brewmethods SpecialtyCoffee thirdwavecoffee SingleOrigin pausliving smuttakettle smutta

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好咖啡簡單泡☕️ 讓醇香的咖啡圍繞室內 陪伴早晨閱讀的時光 . 研萃咖啡茶包 訂購網址 ❤️官方line: iyd3088s 📞訂購電話:05-5333808 . 好咖啡簡單泡 咖啡 珈琲 咖啡店 台中咖啡 手沖咖啡 冰釀咖啡 冰咖啡 單品咖啡 咖啡茶包 研萃咖啡茶包 研萃咖啡 相機食先 吃貨 擺攤 吃貨日記 台中市集 咖啡豆 露營 市集 咖啡市集 icecoffee coffeeporn dawnhaze coffeebag coffeetime ilovecoffee coffeetable coffeeaddict

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這週末我們出動兩場市集喔☺️ 歡迎大家週末經過來喝咖啡找我們玩🙌🏻 市集資訊: ☕️✨ 中央大學104週年校慶 「Our Song 夢想耀動」創意市集 5/25(六)10:00–15:00 地點:中央大學太極銅雕草坪 (小木屋鬆餅對面) 攤位:C7攤位- Own color (這場我們只販售冰咖啡喔) ☕️✨ 藝術街小農市集 5/25(六)10:00–19:00 5/26(日)10:00–19:00 地點:台中市龍井區藝術街92號 (藝術街全家便利商店旁) 攤位:研萃咖啡 Dawn Haze (這場我們咖啡茶包都有販售喔) 好咖啡簡單泡 咖啡 珈琲 咖啡店 台中咖啡 手沖咖啡 冰釀咖啡 冰咖啡 單品咖啡 咖啡茶包 研萃咖啡茶包 研萃咖啡 相機食先 吃貨 擺攤 吃貨日記 台中市集 咖啡豆 露營 市集 咖啡市集 icecoffee coffeeporn dawnhaze coffeebag coffeetime ilovecoffee coffeetable coffeeaddict

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Review 91/100 Purchased: lorengrain Type: Thirdwave Body: Very Good Intensity: Excellent Sweetness: Excellent Aroma: Excellent Crema: Very Good Flavor: Excellent Acidity: Excellent Aftertaste: Excellent As an espresso, it has an acute lemony flavor with a peachy floral-toned finish. When espresso is accompanied by milk, the citrus dissolves while the peach and floral flavors ascend. Exceptionally bright, long lasting lush mouthfeel that allures the palate. trafficcoffeeclub lorengrain espressolove espressolove espresso espressoreview coffeereview roasters torrefaction thirdwave th3rdwave mtlcoffeecrawl coffeeporn photo_coffee_world baristagram baristalife barista coffeebean specialtycoffee canadiancoffee trafficcoffee montreal Quebec quebec farmtofilter

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Ask your barista for califiafarms oat milk substitute

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In stock Now 📦-Our coffee is packaged in 1kg and 250gram resealable bags 🙏🏼 Freshly roasted coffee beans 📍Ready to order? / Need a sample contact us M. +66 93-578-8221 T. (office) +66 76-601-116 LINE : kafin8th info ———————————————————— Office hours : Mon. - Fri. 8:30AM–5PM, Sat. 8:30AM–12:30PM / Sun.Closed kafin8th NitroColdbrewcoffee Coldbrewcoffee ———————————————————— Thailand phuketcoffee phuket Chalong Thailandcoffee coffeesesh coffeeroaster makecoffee coffee coffeeporn coffeeshop caffeine instacoffee coffeegram coffeetime coffeeaddict coffeelovers coffeeart barista coffeelife coffeecup baristadaily coffeebreak baristalife coffeehouse

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We could love a cup o’ joe tray more! We love how our Vanilla Bean Infused Simple Syrup is sitting pretty with coffee friends. Thank you for sharing, bohemianfarmlife

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어제는 가볍게 참이슬 카스로 말기 시작해서 시메이 예거 데낄라 진 위스키 그리고 화요와 생맥주로 마무리했다. 뭐 술이란 술은 다 섞었네. 그리고 오늘 문득 뇌리를 강하게 스치는 생각. 어쩌면 내가 술을 끊을 수 도 있을 것만 같은 느낌. 골초였던 내가 어느순간 담배를 딱 끊었을 때 받았던 그 느낌과 동일하다. 돌이켜보면 그동안 진짜 정말 원없이 마셨던거 같다. 그래서 한이 없다. 정말 무한의 영역에 도달한 기분이다. 진짜 몇년만 더 마시다보면 가능할 것 같다. 숙취 금주 목표 홍대카페 합정카페 디스코플래닛 국가대표 심사위원 커피수업 커피교육 국제자격증 바리스타자격증  스페셜티커피 디플로마 로스터 바리스타 관능평가사 커피 카페 로스팅 커피맛집 coffeeporn coffee barista roaster cafe seoul brewing

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Nice shot with the KVDW Spirit ☕❤️ Follow us for more Coffee goodness ⬆️ Tag a friend who'd love this ⬇️ Tag Us & theartisanbarista to be Featured ✔️ For more great pics see ↙️ 📷 officine_zero

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🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕 ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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got the Westly/Andrews China Dialed In and it's tasting floral, light and sweet! Hard to believe it's the night before Camelot's opening day

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Amé esta frase en chapteronegye LA FELICIDAD ESTA EN UNA TAZA DE CAFÉ Y UN BUEN LIBRO, me hizo analizar mis libros favoritos ideales para tomar una taza de cafe mientras leo Me encanta una taza de un buen Espresso y les compartiré mis 3 libros favoritos 1. Orgullo y Prejuicio-Jane Austen 2. Memorias de Alfonso Espinosa de los Monteros 3. El Conde de Montecristo de Alexander Dumas Y ustedes , cual es su tipo de café favorito? 🤓☕️ 1. Espresso 2. Cappuccino 3. Macchiato 4. Cortadito 5. Matcha cappuccino 6. Cafe irlandes 7. Latte 8. Frappe 9. Iced coffee 10. Americano coffeelover coffee coffeequotes coffeebar cafe delicious yummy antioxidants chill grababook reading relax foodie coffeeporn healthyeating lifestyleblogger life lifestyle healthylifestyle espresso cappuccino mocaccino latte cortadito irishcoffee matchacappuccino americano frappe icedcoffee

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本日のエスプレッソは「ブラジル サンチュアリオ」 ミルクと合わせるとチョコレートビスケットのような甘さがお楽しみ頂けます! 今日は天気も良いのでアイスのアメリカーノもおすすめですよ🙆 本日も20時までお待ちしております!