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Summer is almost here and for many of us that means time to get away! How do you stay on track with your nutrition while navigating the road, the airport, and while at your destination? ✈️ Have no fear- here are some tips and tricks to ease your nutrition worries! 😬 1. Bring food from home! 🍎 2. If you don’t want to pack your own food, research the food options beforehand 🤓 3. Stay hydrated! 💧 What are some of your favorite healthy travel tips? Comment below! To see the full post, visit our Facebook page: travel nutrition food healthyeating healthyfood crossfit fitness fortcollinsathletefactory fortcollins colorado dietitian dietitianapproved dietitiansofinstagram

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We're ready to race, get in here for our Indianapolis 500 party! Drink our special small-batch beer, Won't You Be My Jim Nabors, and play pick-a-car: randomly select a car and win prizes when your car performs certain feats e.g. leads after half the race, is first out of the first pit stop, crashes, etc. 🏁🏁🏁 Indy 500 fact 6: Kissing the bricks is a relatively new tradition and didn't even get started in IndyCar. NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett started the tradition after he won the Brickyard 400 in 1996.

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🐍 while stomping through the brush in search of wild mushrooms, i was laughing at myself for being hyper vigilant of not accidentally stepping on a snake that looked like a stick. i chalked up this cautious behavior to having had dreams in the past where a snake dashes out of the grass in front of me (always as i’m semi-conscious and just dozing off, and it causes me to kick and jerk myself awake). this was the first time it registered with me that the only animal (reptile) to repetitively show itself in my dreams was a snake (not counting my trusty canine companion, who often adventures with me in dreamland). maybe i didn’t realize it sooner because the slithery symbol was a brief snippet of a nightmare, but i had to consider that, perhaps, this has been a sign from my spirit animal all along. then, within minutes - boom! i see a huge fucking snake. i guess it’s time to start researching the symbolism of the serpent and how it can guide me in my journey snake snakes serpent spirit spiritanimal hiking foraging weekendvibes weekend colorado bullsnake reptiles slither

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No snooze button can compare to breakfast in bed. (📸: darpunzel)

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We hope you have a great and safe Memorial Day 🇺🇸 so grateful for our amazing Men and Women in service who made the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom 🙏🏼🇺🇸🌟 Client: Miss L Hamu: meghi.misfit Photo: melissacinnamon milehighpinupsphotography . Mile High Pinups™ Denvers’ Premier Pinup Photography Studio, Apparel and Digital Magazine. Woman Owned and Operated pinup model denver pinupgirl milehighpinups pinuplife fitness gym fit workout fitnessmotivation yogamom pinup fitfam training health love lifestyle healthy gymlife vintage instagood retro wakeupandmakeup colorado exercise fashion fitnessgirl yoga

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Let the King of my heart be the mountain where I runthis was my view as I was out on a run/walk this morning. He was reminding me that He is always the safest place to run to! May He be your Rock! Happy Lord's Day❤ Heisfaithful therealRock colorado okierunner sundayvibes

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🚨ATTENTION🚨 EPISODE 7 is up now on Apple Podcasts and Podbean instead of on Memorial Day so it does not take away from remembering the fallen soldiers that laid down their lives for this country. In this Episode we have special guest Ben Dettamanti ( shedcrazy) on the podcast to talk shed hunting, his strategies, equipment and more. Link is in my Bio bowhunting hunting bowhunt bowhunter hunter hunt bowhunter4life deerhunting hunters bowhunterbrotherhood honortheritual bowhunters archery huntingday huntinglife hunttoeat huntingthings shootablility backcountryhunting huntingvideos landscapephotography photography backcountry camping backcountryhiking elkhunting elk colorado

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Congrats class of 2019! We had a great time catering a graduation party yesterday!

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I’m all about exploring and finding where I belong. This is my next destination. This is where I’m going to find myself soon. Time to learn a new culture and become someone I always wanted to become. I’ll be here at home for a little longer but, my plan is starting. This is about finding myself and being happy. Not counting on anyone and doing whatever I want. I don’t have to try and convince anyone else to go with me just my dog she’s happy wherever I am. This is my self love and growth. selflove growth explore colorado moving

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Cotton the fabric of our lives. The Fiber You Can Always Feel Good About. Easy Care. Always Breathable. Soft. Look Good In Every Season ‘At every stage of my career I have had interesting and cordial colleagues, some of whom are close friends.’ ——Daniel Nathans brooksltd funtobedressedup relationship_goals

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SUNNYSIDE | OF | DENVER Details from our latest project, come check it out next Saturday June 1 from 2-5! 3926 Kalamath St. Denver, Co. 80211 brass blackandwhite farmsink comingsoon kitchendesign ————————————————————— | F Ô R T + H Ō M LLC |

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Já faz tanto tempo que soltam as redes em qualquer lugar mardelplata

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new year means new insta