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2 minutes ago

Hahahaha Challenge accepted Black cat, white cat devil and angel tattoo composition for client. Thanks for her trust for let me design this for her. I love crazy designs and interesting subject or style. Tell me your ideas! Let me design a beautiful tattoo for you. Ok next unicorn Hahaha - - WhatsApp: +65 92988624 Email: kingston_3 or dm for tattoo consultation - - **swipe left to see how I design process video! - - - flash tattooflash tattoo tattooideas painting colortattoo angeldevil worldofartist cattattoo flashaddicted tattoosg tattooartist tattoosingapore composition colortattoo procreatetattooteam colourtattoo singaporetattoo tattooforgirls blackandgreytattoo tattooart singaporeinsta tattoosketch tattooculture girltattoo tattoogirl tattoomagazine

5 minutes ago

아몬드가 죽으면?? 다이 아몬드😅

11 minutes ago

Always difficult to take good pictures of foot tattoos. 🙈 Thank you Simona for staying strong. 💪🏼🌸 tattoo tattoooftheday

15 minutes ago

The wound was covered 팔꿈치 사고 흉터를 추천드린 식물로 가려드렸어요🌷~ 흉터가 조금 보여요🙏🏻 . yonitattoo

17 minutes ago

Original design from Isaac’s flash. Tattooed by isaacsflyingmachines. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• annuitcoeptistattoo originaldesign originaltattoo tattooartist sailortattoo anchortattoo neotraditional colortattoo clarksvilletn chattanooga smyrnatn franklintn middletennessee murfreesboro boro musiccity mtsu nashvillegram instanashville nashvillescene explorenashville nashvilletattooartist nashvilletattooshop sparrowtattoo