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An inside source close to the Black Widow movie claims that he will be standing off against Natasha Romanoff(Black Widow). The character has famously been able to learn Hawkeye's skills with a bow, the Punisher's firearms talents, and Daredevil's athletic abilities. Also With this news ,Marvel Studios has reportedly been eying “Moonlight” star André Holland to take on the role. What are your guys thoughts ? - { Follow planetn3rd } - blackwidow marvelcomics marvel mcu avengers infinitywar hawkeye nickfury captainmarvel agentsofshield scarlettjohansson ironman captainamerica hulk thor loki antman guardiansofthegalaxy doctorstrange blackpanther comics comicbooks heros disney movies avengersinfinitywar infinitygauntlet marvelstudio taskmaster nerd

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Look what I got Rick and Morty Monopoly, Rick and Morty Risk, 3 POP Dolls, and 2 Zelda cups. I regret nothing Didn't get to do everything I wanted or see everyone but still saw some amazing cosplays. Anywho on to the next con. ACEN ************************************************** comiccon c2e2 chicagoevents con comics chicagocomicandentertainmentexpo comicbooks anibae waifu nerd blerd geekygirls GeekGirlSwag boardgames gamenight rickandmorty zelda popdolls onepunchman onepiece anime manga otaku otakugirl ghettootaku

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Donasi buku ke perpus malah dpt barteran komik lama yg menurut mereka sudah tidak cocok dibaca buat anak2. Jadi mengingatkan jaman SMP SMA dulu uang jajan habis buat beli komik, sebagian besar komik dipinjam dan tdk balik lg, sebagian yg lain dibuang karena kebanjiran. Jadi dikasih ini tuh bikin girang. Terima kasih yaa 😊 komik comicbooks

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💌[MINE]💌 Feels like forever even if forever's tonight. 🌌 . 🎁Want a commission? Message me for information Would you like to support me? 🌻Link To Ko-Fi in bio!🌻 . 📺Catch me on Twitch!📺 - Miokizena Thank you so much for viewing my art! Please do not repost w/o credit commissionsopen commissions drawing colorful originalcharacters mangaart mangastyle digitalart ocs digitalartist illustration artwork comicbooks anime lineart artist digital painttoolsai mzart miokizena colors kofi wacom love mine couples

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lex_con is going and the wife and I finished the night off with a super hero roast battle and some drinks at the Hyatt that connects to rupp_arena they had there own makersmark 46 pick. Man it was goodthe 3 of mocha is what i got the most of and i loved it. The bartender even gave me a “on the house” pour of regular 46 to compare. Bourbon and comic conit doesn’t get much better whiskey bourbon scotch rye whiskeygram bourbongram bourbonwhiskey smallbatch singlebarrel movies comicbooks anime manga popculture whiskeyandmovies whiskeyandcomics whiskeyandanime drink nerd geek lexcon lexcon2019 makersmark hyatt kentucky comiccon

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Pack, pack, repack to get all of these gifts in for friends, family and comicfam! Stuff for mysterymailcall

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Black Cat by Mike Luckas ( stupiddeadskullhead) Commissioned via Instagram (2018) Wanted to repost this beauty from last year! I'll have another of stupiddeadskullhead's awesome pieces soon in hand when my buddy drops it off from C2E2! Hopefully not the last one from this year comic comics comicbook comicbooks sketch sketches sketchcover marvel marvelcomics disney spiderman amazingspiderman peterparker blackcat theblackcat marvelblackcat blackcatmarvel feliciahardy stupiddeadskullhead mikeluckas

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the first transition just couldn't contain her power and tbh i wouldn't be able to either

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Ya es hora.