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yoooo please consider supporting me for ONLY $3 by buying me a kofi you’ll get your own version of these cuties here ^^ <3 :3c

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Commissions are opened bbs °paypal only° ♥️♥️ thank you for +400 I'm really excited to start commissions and sale you guys stuff! And I hope this becomes a regular thing in this in this page thank you for sticking with me and my page more art coming so I swear! Ps sorry for the lack of stuff I'm posting.♥️♥️ * * * * * * * commission commissionsopen art drawing commissionopen commissions open fanart commissionsheet commissionprices commissionme pleasegivememoney

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Selling my oc liz on toyhouse! 25-30$ via paypal —— Dm me

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sellitsunday Have you realised it’s less than a month until Father’s Day? No? Don’t panic! A custom, pencil portrait will make the PERFECT gift! Maybe dad would love a small drawing of his little treasure, or maybe he’d love a big drawing of the whole family like the one pictured! Whatever he’d prefer, get in touch soon to ensure your portrait will be with you in time for Father’s Day! Email me directly - ehartandportraiture, visit my store - or visit my Facebook page - fathersdaygifts fathersday fathersdaygiftideas dad daddy father family familyportrait familydrawing childdrawing son daughter baby buymyart commissionme customartwork pencilart pencildrawing ehartandportraiture etsyselleruk etsy facebook findmeonfacebook giftideas giftideasfordad portraiture portraitartist

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Hello! Who's this? 👀 I've never officially have posted that I'm taking commissions here (maybe once in my story), but I have! I guess I just never made it official because I never got other examples to show, but it changed as I started focusing on my art future! With a few experiences of getting commissions before, I've come here with a better priced sheet (which I will do every year) as well a way better explanation regarding commission doubts and rules, and the whole experiences I got with this adventure were awesome and taught me so much about customer service, selling, as well as just being responsible (and having backups somewhere else other than the computer). 💕 If you want to commission me or have any questions just DM me or comment down below! 💕 I will also be making a highlight on my stories with the prices if you ever need to check again 🖤 I won't be drawing mecha or nsfw pieces. 🖤 I can draw humans, anthros, gore and your self-inserts or OCs uwu 🖤 Backgrounds are optional and do not cost more, as well the picture shot, but if you desire a specific shots &bgs please specify it in the request! (head/bust/half body/up to knees/full body) . Please share and help me get sum💲💲💲 Do not crop out or repost the art without permission. artwork freelancerartist youngartist commission commissionsopen digitalart digitaldrawing characterdesign ocs furryart artistoninstagram artdaily commissionme commissionprices opencommissions comission

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[ MAORMERMAN | (bad) pun intended ] Since it's Mermay and I want to participate, I simply had to draw desi.illu 's water boi Colaaron as an Merman and she was so nice to lend me her Maormer OC. Actually I'm more the Dunmer loving kinda girl but he's just so precious. 💕 Hope you like it 💕 Please visit my tumblr if you want to see the full picture :3 IG messed up the artwork again 🙈 I'm currently working on commissions, so keep an eye out for the next artworks 🙈 mermay2019 mermay mermaid merman mermen maormer seaelf theelderscrolls theelderscrollsonline artwork notmyoc commissionartist commissionme digitalart underwater followme elf goodlooking man manwithlonghair likethispost germanartist

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Today marks the day when I handed over a piece of work for the delightful Barbara. For the first time I was asked to create a piece using the photographs and stories of someone still very much alive and it was such a delight to meet and discuss what to consider, to change things and work together with the whole family thank you Ruth I hope it stays with the family forever. specialmemories personalised digitalphotomontage oldphotosrestored commissionme makeitpersonal artoninstagram checkmywebsite

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So yesterday saw my second meeting with my lovely new customers for their commission piece. Everything crossed & dotted, canvases ordered, can’t wait to get cracking. Thanks for the free reign! 🙏🏻👌🏻 x commissionme

1 day ago

🔥Reason no. 847 to invite me to your fun house parties (or not): 💪 At some point between arm wrastling and smashing yall in beer pong, I will bust out my drawing book and scribble horrible renditions of your kind souled friends (who deserve better than this). 👹🎉 Thanks for being good sports notkevinseery and young_annalee23 🖤 you da bezt art caricature lowbrowart meettheartist artistspotlight artoftheday characterdesign caricatureartist cartoon funnyart commissionsopen commissionme meandrawingsofnicepeople ink illustration illustrator illustrationartists lowbrowartist popsurrealism popart artist drawing handdrawn nopencil blackbookart sletchbook artbook weirdart doodle drawme

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Putting a few furry finishing touches to mr monkey 🐒 over here, commissioned as part of a wedding package I'm doing (see more about commissioning something special from me on my website, link in bio 🤗). As always, I'm drawing in a dip pen with a nib called a nikko g zebra, and dr ph martins bombay india ink (see more about choosing inks on my toptips blog 😊). I'm working from a photograph. I don't work from memory because a) my memory is bad b) I like to keep things accurate c) I question my own memory until I end up in a ball of theoretical questioning that lasts for ages and before I know it I haven't got any work done at all. As you might imagine, this can be a problem when I have clients waiting! 😂😅 monkey drawsomething womeninbusiness supportsmallbusiness shopsmall independent artistsoninstagram animallover naturelover makersgonnamake penandink originalart natureinspired etsyseller commissionme instagood beautiful love nature drawing sketching drphmartin nikkog

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It might not look like much now, but it's just your friendly neighborhood piece of artwork that's getting ready to hang on jumpcosplay's new apartment wall! Stay tuned for progress and hit me up if you want a custom painting of your favorite avenger (or anyone) for your walls spiderman marvel profileportrait marvelcomics infinitywar theavengers ironspider peterparker art artist pghartist realism blackandwhite portrait blackandwhiteportrait spideysenses spideysuit infinitystones fanart endgame tomholland workinprogress avengerendgame avengerendgameposter oilpainting drstrangecosplay endgameposter avengethefallen commissionme

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Boosting commission info! This is my temporary price guide until i can put together an illustrated one. Examples of my art are on my profile, all future commissions will be completed in a similar style to the most recent pieces. Slots will be unlimited, but you will only pay once your batch is up to avoid long wait times. Dm me of you're interested! All commissions are going towards rent and food, so anything helps! - - - furry furrycharacter furryart fursona furryartist furryfandom digitalart clipstudiopaint furrycommission commissionsopen artcommissions commissionme

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Here is a drawing I did for a lovely customer that incorporates her 2 loves - her gorgeous dog Hank and Harry Potter! I worked together with her to come up with this final piece - Hank wearing Harry’s glasses, the lightening bolt scar and the Gryffindor scarf coming out of the Mirror of Erised! drawing commission commissionme harrypotter gryffindor mirroroferised gryffindorscarf harrypotterglasses harrypotterscar harrypotterscarf lighteningbolt dog dogsofinstagram yellowlab yellowlabsofinstagram woof design tattooideas pencil pencilart art artist artistsoninstagram ehartandportraiture blackandwhite colour unique personal

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This morning on the drive back from the beach we saw a tiny baby rabbit just sitting in the middle of the road so we stopped and I went to see if I could move her. She just sat there and let me pick her up. I put her over on the grass verge but she didn't run away like you'd expect a wild rabbit to do so although she had no obvious injuries and could walk okay we decided to take her to the animal shelter just in case she'd been clipped by a car and was in shock. 🐇 I've just checked and she's made it through the day so fingers crossed she can be released back to where we found her if she does okay through the night. 🐇 I was back at my easel this afternoon painting more of these wee mixed media minis so, naturally, she inspired the first one!

1 day ago

🌺COMMISSIONS!🌺 Payments through Venmo! DM me for commission! Will take a max of 2 weeks to finish! (Should take less but I’m still in the middle of testing haha ^^) I will send a sketch of the drawing before payment! (Unless only a sketch was bought, then I’ll send the concept art for it!) 🎋Prices🎋 🌱Sketch🌱 BUST-1$ HALF BODY-2$ FULL BODY-5$ 🍄Lineart🍄 BUST-2$ HALF BODY-4$ FULL BODY-7$ 🌴Flatcolor 🌴 BUST-5$ HALF BODY-7$ FULL BODY-13$ 🌹Shading🌹 BUST-3$ HALF BODY-6$ FULL BODY-10$ 🌻 commissionsopen commission commissions requestsopen venmo art illustration furry draw drawing commissionme commissionprices furrybadge furrycommission digital commissioned anime fanart artist artistsoninstagram paypal character oc design originalcharacter digitalart commissionopen commissionart commissionswelcome🌻

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• Sea Shells • Conch Horse and Bay Scallop studies soon to be made into greeting cards 🐚🌤 Coming soon to my Etsy shop and Gallery - Only Originals, The Barbican in Plymouth scallopshell scallopshells seashells shells conch conchshell conchshells conchhorseshell collectingshells purpleshells orangeshells pinkshells seashellsontheseashore loveshells shellpainting originalpainting painting watercolour watercolor illustration illustrator illustrate commissionsopen commissionme christieillustration