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I don't usually get to write wedding march-in tracks, but when I do, I try to insist on having a choir to increase the epicness of things. This was fine until simplecyeo said no studiorecording composerlife musicstudio composer musiccomposer audioengineer audiorecording musicproducer musicproduction musicproducers musicproductions audioengineering audioproducer homestudio homerecording gamemusic singersongwriter filmscore trailermusic gameaudio gamedev epic logicprox weddingmusic

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It is important that you will it badly, only one purpose at one time with extreme focus. No alternatives, no plan B. Do or Die That will power will certainly not let you die. You will find out your way. expressedwhatitfelt morningmotivation motivation insta dream positivevibes willpower morninginspiration mrityunjaygwr mrityunjaysharma worldrecordholder guinness pianist piano music classicalmusic indianmusic musicians musiclovers musiclover composer composerlife pianomusic musician indianclassical melody performer philanthropist

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100daysofpractice Day 69. Solo piano. F major. I must admit that my practice compositions lately have been dominated by slow pieces in minor keys. I guess it reflects my mood after a long winter and a lot of work lately. Today, however, I was tapping my foot and smiling while composing this. Pure joy. I hope the feeling is contageous. If you wanna do a few dance moves, go right ahead. Nobody's watching! 😁🙈 Have a great week all of you listening out there, and thanks. 🙏 Keep the music flowing! 🎶 composer composing composingmusic composerslife musicstudent newmusic 100daysofpractice composerlife classicalmusic practicemakesperfect dailyhabits challenge musictheory music

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I’ve started to do a large amount of production in abletonAND I LOVE IT! 🔥🔥 Who else is using it??

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Good Article on Writing for Music Libraries - Learn more at

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I built this jasmine trellis a few years ago, but this is the first year it’s looked like this!

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I was laughing my ass off the entire time I wrote this. My how to guide on becoming a Great. Successful. Epic. Music. Composer. After this video, you will get my congratulations on completing this course that will catapult your career. Link in bio youtube vlog music composer filmcomposer filmcommunity musiccomposer losangeles composerlife toypiano sounddesigner sounddesign tutorial walkthrough logicprox samplelibrary musicproducer filmproducer spitfireaudio christianhenson musicvlog satire epicmusic epicfilmmusic

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Now I’m finally 30 and the 30th birthday party was a blast. 🥳🥳🥳 Three course home made dinner by ‘moi’ and friends and a little help from my cake baking mum in advance. Jamming on some music through the night drinking port (30 year old tawney 😗), cider (the west english medium dry sort of course), wine, calvados, you name it. Brilliant! Thanks to all who could come. composerlife jamming 30thbirthday 30th instruments livingroom furniture birthday

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Our students are the luckiest Two of the industry's most talented composer/lyricists giving private coaching sessions at The Prep on the same day! We are so grateful - thank you for sharing your time & talents, Michael_Mott & CroninBobby 🎹🎙️ REPOST CroninBobby: "Loved seeing this handsome and talented man giving some master classes at ThePrepNJ! Michael_Mott also knows where to look for a selfie. composerlife composers composer teacher masterclass lyricist newjersey jersey

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I tend to to find a lot of comfort and joy in Cinematic/Orchestral music. It can make you feel a lot of motions in 3-4 minutes, it could even trigger some childhood memories(?). I often find myself being dragged backwards in time when i hear music with such passion, love & emotions❤️ this post might be weird but i really wanted to share some of my perspective🌳💗 never the less, have an nice day(or night) 🌲🗻 Credit; Seycara Orchestral - Dreams Of The Brilliant❤️❤️

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Had a terrific weekend in Worthing for the WPO premiere, but this week’s vlog comes from Ely where I’ve been busy with my guillotine composer composerlife

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Ouiiiiii ☺️

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•Improvisation with my Marchione Fretless guitar.To watch the full video please visit my youtube channel and subscribe ➡️ link in Bio Upcoming Gigs in April •02.4.19 İtü Ksb Workshop 18:00 •10.4.19 Cenk Erdogan Solo İst GG gitar fest /Aynalı Geçit •16.4.19 Cenk Erdogan Trio Bova Taksim •24.4.19 Lahza Shelter Ankara •26.4.19 Lahza Bova marchioneguitars bova_sahne shelterstage cenkerdogan composerlife marchioneguitars fretlessguitar inprovisation kemperamps strymontimeline

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5 naked chords with more emotion than the entirety of Maroon 5’s catalogue. The chords (after all, I can hardly claim ownership to such a small progression): Im, VIImaj7add6, III, IIm7, VIImaj11 Tip: if you ever have a really tense chord, you can’t exactly make it less harsh, but you can spread apart the conflicting notes in your voicing, in order to widen the chord. This is sort of the musical equivalent of increasing the contrast of a photo. music composerlife piano chords classicalmusic musictheory minimalism

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I feel like Miles Davis I’m not getting any younger I have to do what I love and lived for all my life to perfect 👌🏾 my gift will no longer be overshadowed by life for life will stand next to my gift once again allornothing producerslife singersongwriter composerlife

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Sweetheart 😍

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WhatBomiListensTo CDs empruntés à la bibliothèque de la Ville de Paris. une forme de curiosité intellectuelle singulière. Pour les musiques dites savantes occidentales : allant de de la Renaissance, du Baroque, classique, romantique, moderne, jusqu’à la contemporaine (de toutes formations possibles) composées au XXIe siècle. Pour d’autres musiques de tous genres (sauf, rock et metal, à l’exception de quelques musiques bien faites) : jazz, free jazz, créations libres basées sur l’impro, expérimentale, amplified electronic, pop, latin pop, bossanova, tango, EDM, IDM (comme on dit), électroacoustique, acousmatique, traditionnelle coréenne, world music, diverses cultures musicales traditionnelles : africaine, indienne, arabe, des régions Java, Bali, etc. Il y a toujours forcément parmi ces CDs (un nombre considérable des archives se conserve à la réserve centrale que je peux commander d’être livrée à une bibliothèque à deux pas de chez moi juste en quelques clics), des musiques qui m’attirent, m’inspirent, donnent des idées et m’invitent à découvrir de plus près. Paris est une ville centralisée tant sur le plan culturel que sur d’autres plans. Je peux trouver ici à Paris des documents rares (audio, vidéo, imprimé, numérisé et même inédit, manuscrit). 파리 시립도서관에서 빌린 음반들. 독특한 지적 호기심의 한 양태 클래식이라면 르네상스 음악부터 바로크 고전 낭만 근대 21세기 현대음악까지(모든 편성), 장르 불문하고 (롹 메탈 제외, 메탈이라도 고퀄은 들음) 넓은 의미의 재즈, 프리재즈 팝 라틴팝 보사노바 탱고 일렉트로닉 EDM IDM 전자음악 일렉트로어쿠스틱 아쿠스마틱 한국전통음악 한국창작음악 월드뮤직 다양한 민속전통음악: 아프리카 인도 자바 발리 아랍 등 한번씩 이렇게 데려오면 (꽤 많은 자료가 중앙서고에 보존돼있고, 나는 집에서 클릭 몇번이면 집에서 코앞에 있는 도서관으로 운반되도록 주문할 수 있다) 꼭 나를 자극 시키고 영감을 주고 더 알고 싶게 만드는 음악들을 발견한다. 모든게 중앙집권된 파리엔 자료가 넘쳐서 탈. 오디오든 비디오든 인쇄된 고문서든 디지털화된 자료든 미출판자료든 수고든 희귀자료를 여기 파리에서 찾을 수 있다. - musicienne musician mélomane composer composerlife compositrice 작곡가

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Tonight you can watch the final episode of Baptiste on BBC One. I had the pleasure of playing guitars and other plucky things and doing other bits and bobs on the series. It was a joy to work with dominikscherrer again on such a thrilling series. If you have missed any of it make sure to catch up on BBC iplayer.

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— With Gustavo — So thankful to Gustavo Dudamel to have taken some of his time to look and discuss my music.