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Happy Sunday. Feeling excited for the beginning of spring - new flowers, leaves, birds, warm sun. ☀️Here’s a quote from the text of “Dwell,” my new chamber piece that I’m writing for soprano Lauren Welliehausen ( sopranowellie), baritone Christopher Dylan Herbert, and the Littman String Quartet. Poetry by Phoebe Reeves. 🎶💙 dwell ofquietmoments clintedwardsmusic musiqueclassique stringquartet stringquartets sopranolife operasingersofinstagram barihunk barihunks artsong songart 2linespoetry poetryislove composerlife composers composerslife classicalcomposer musiccomposer composersofinstagram musicalfriends chambermusic classicalmusicians classicalmusician thegoodvoice musicmakers lyricsoprano oper contemporarymusic modernopera

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Calling All music composers from around the world! In order to create a new community for creating original sound tracks for cinema, video games and advertising, we are looking for composers in various genres. Please send your resume and work to my email: alfredgenger or direct freddiegenger Collage by anastasiagenger Обращаюсь ко всем композиторам со всего мира! Создаём новое сообщество для создания оригинальной музыки для кино, видеоигр и рекламы, и мы ищем композиторов разных жанров. Пожалуйста, отправьте свое резюме и музыку на мой электронный адрес: alfredgenger или в директ freddiegenger composer composers composerslife composersofinstagram music musicvideo musically musician musicproducer musicvideos musica musicians musical musiclovers musicproduction musicproducers musicproducerlife musicproductions musicprod musicproducing musicproductionlife musicproducerslife komponist композитор композиторы freddiegenger freddiesfriends hollywood hollywoodstudios

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Can you believe it? All these flavors of tea, and I’m bored with them? I want to get something different from my favorite tea shop. But — this need for constant new stimulation is what drives my process as a composer. I’m never satisfied with the same old sound. ;-). composer composerslife composers conductors

1 day ago

Just done with a new piece and can’t help not to think of the next one! 🤔

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I am so glad to finally share with you, "A gift", produced by joelindfors and his machines. It is a song about sharing so don't forget to share your thoughts. singersongwriter songwriters songwriterlife songwriting songwriterslife indie indiefolk indieartist indieauthor musicianlife singer_songwriter singerslife musicman musiclife musiclove artisticshare artisticshare acoustics acoustic_guitar acousticmusic acousticpeople composers acousticmusician composerslife musiccomposer composerlife composersofinstagram pedrobergamo newsingle finland🇫🇮

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昨日は専門病院行って、骨は違う病気だというのが分かりました。よかった🍀壊死してなくて。MRIも嘘つくらしいです。 今後は走ったり、太るのはダメと言われたので気をつけます🍗 alternative rock vocalist composer composerslife youtube female music musician vocal japanese インスタ instagram instalike ライブ artist 表現 ボーカル singer rock オルタナ オルタナティブ 創作 original ロック

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Working with some wonderful actors on set today:-) surround yourself with good people and good things tend to happen :-)

2 days ago

Why do I go to classical music concerts or listen to it on recording? To experience something extraordinarily beautiful, to be moved to the point of tears, to feel chills, to be transported to some other imaginary place. The music that I love is a direct channel to emotion. I compose so that I can provide other people with these kinds of experiences. But, a fair number of composers do that. From where do I draw my inspirations specifically? I am inspired by fantasy worlds – not just those of Frodo Baggins and King Arthur – but of worlds not yet discovered. By “fantasy,” I mean worlds beyond ours – where certain impossible things are possible – where natural beauty is even more amplified. So for me, in a fantastical world, or in art that represents this fantastical world, there has to be a logical link to the natural world that we know and love – it has to be an organic outgrowth of reality. The fantastical world doesn’t throw out the rules of our reality, but instead extends and builds upon them. That’s what I try to do with my compositions. I create music that represents fantasy – scenes that are more beautiful, more dramatic, more intense, or have more dark energy than reality. There are a lot of composers out there, and what I do isn’t for you if are a fan of high modernism. However, if you want dramatic, fantastical music that wears its heart on its sleeve, please, let’s talk. conductor conductors conductorslife composer composerslife maestro maestros

2 days ago

SOTOR is here! Go to (or just check the bio) and choose your favourite music supplier! Once again, thanks so much to the team behind the movie! Have a great New Music Friday!