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“Мы вернём к старту твой рассудок.”

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“Homelife,” The Whole Story, 2019. Digital print

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▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️ ArtMood Visualz P R E S E N T S Черный лес In frame and styling carolyn_lacasse 📸 and editing _m_a_r_7 T A G artmoodvisualz T O. B E F E A T U R E D Follow artmoodvisualz ▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️ portrait portraitphotography portraits portrait_vision portraitmood mood moody photography photographer toprepostme portraitgasm thefolkpr0ject portraitpr0ject pr0jectuno theportraitpr0ject portraitpage portrait_mf moodygrams pr0ject_un0 conceptart conceptual russia red creative photo fineartzone magicofvisuals

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"Common" Magpie As we know those birds FREAKING LOVE shiny stuff Imagine a Magpie living in a post apocalyptic steampunk world. Where there is plenty of abandoned shiny stuff - all for it!  It's a Paradise digitalart   characterdesign  conceptart  art   creaturedesign  digitalart   digitalsketch   illustration  illustrationartist   instaart artistsoninstagram artist   conceptisart   conceptual   artworks artworkoftheday   procreate   fantasy   fantasyart   fantasyland  fantasyartwork   adobephotoshop magic sketch steampunk fantasybirds fantasyland magpie

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Part of the series ‘Public Pets’, 1996 by Irish American conceptual artist Les Levine who was a pioneer in introducing words into art and other forms of new media leslevine thealthorsecollection

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It is necessary to cross dreams with reality in order to achieve what is believed possible

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****************************************************** I believe what makes each photographer valued is their “eye” or “vision”basically an aggregate of what makes anyone unique. The distinct blending and developing of the dynamics that make you think the way you think and perceive the way you perceive. For me it’s how this blend has formed my aesthetic. An aesthetic born from my adoration of creative storytelling, films, music, poetry, my personal interest and technical background in art and architecture, and my outlook on the world curated through travel and life experiences. It’s the attention to detail, the ability to find inspiration anywhere and have that inspiration mature into an entirely new entity. All these things have, and will continue to influence my personal vision/aesthetic and shape how I approach each project. - Kareem Quow ****************************************************** kareemquowphotography clean cinematic conceptual beautyphotography fashionphotography conceptualphotography beauty fashion branding content photography commercialphotography editorial creative mission goals inspirationalquote getnoticed standout ukphotographer laphotographer atlphotographer nycphotographer milan london paris newyork losangeles berlin *****************************************************

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Бывают такие моменты когда все надоедает, и нужна перезагрузка Когда много работы или много дел, а может быть просто такое настроение Бывает забегаешься замотаешься и упираешься в стену, не видя выхода и дальнейшего развития Что делать? Паника? Психологи в таких случаях говорят " отпустите ситуацию" но как? А вот как не говорят Есть простое русское решение Положить болт Идея этой работы пришла ко мне именно в такой момент жизни, когда было не понятно что делать И я сказала себе положи на все болт И стало легче, и открылись возможности Красный фон здесь символизирует бьющую ключём жизнь! Проблемы дела , радости и горести , красный цвет активности , по этому он здесь! И теперь когда трудно, нужно просто бросить взгляд на картину и сразу станет понятно что делать дальше Желаю всем лёгкого разрешения трудных ситуаций друзья! болт положитьболт концептуальнаяживопись живописьнапродажу живописьназаказ картинавинтерьер картинамаслом colorpsychology contemporaryart conceptart conceptual modernart yakis_art 🎨"bolt" 🎨oil on canvas 🎨50x50 sm 🎨available 🚚 доставка по СПб - бесплатно 📦 отправка в другие страны и регионы 📲 What's app/viber +79219886255

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Symbol of Moscow - St. Basil’s Cathedral on the Red Square. According to the legend, the Russian Tsar blinded the architects in order they would not be able to repeat it somewhere else. moscow cathedrale moscow_gram russia russian moscowcity culture russia🇷🇺 bestofrussia aroundtheworld cathedral moscowphoto photostreet streetphotography architecture_best photographers travelphotography streetphotographer conceptual architecture lifestyle lifestyleblogger cityscape cityscapes rawsterphoto travelblogger travel travelling travelholic travelgram

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EMERGENCY OF SPRING © (Wisteria) Series 🌸🌸🌸 {In 2015 I started the series "Emergency of spring", using a paper tape to attach flowers to my body. Over the years, my series has been going on with new ideas always connected to flowers, You can see on my Gallery and website link in bio } . Model lindabosetti . 2019 EXPO: MILANO-SONCINO- PARIS 🌍 Photographed and styled by K Visionary Storyteller 🌼 UnconventionalHuman 👽 AllRightsReserved🔒 Books, collabs, news, expo, info etc : limited edition fineart prints available for sale ⏩ DM or see my website link in bio instagram nikon collezionisti glicine fineartphotography fineart collectors conceptual wisteria vogueitalia flowers contemporaryart photovogue paris imagenationparis paratissima picoftheday flowers fiori flores art