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Detale, czarna lniana szmizjerka. Guziki w pięknym zielonym odcieniu. To orzech corozo. Zielony kolor towarzyszy nam od początku. Zielona jest witryna naszej pracowni, zielone są pierwsze projekty: szmizjerki, koszule, fartuszek i zielone logo na chlebaku. Taki odcień wybrałyśmy same. Ot, ciekawy akcent na czarnej szmizjerce. Sprawdźcie też jak ładnie się wyróżnia na białej koszuli. Co wy na to? Lubicie takie małe niespodzianki w ubraniu, czy raczej stonowane zestawienia? Jeśli ktoś woli klasycznie, mamy też ciemno - grafitowe guziki. Wszystko możemy zrobić na zamówienie 🙂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ corozo tagua buttons guziki corozobuttons taguabuttons guzikicorozo guzikitagua noplastic naturalbuttons shirtbuttons linendress summerdress springdress casualdress mididress robeenlin naturaldress summerdresses lnianasukienka sustainablefashion conciousclothing fairfashion sustainablebusiness fashionchangers zerowaste handmadefashion bethechange fairwork behindthebrand

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🕊walking angelically in our dynastygeorge dress, made from deadstock fabric from fab_scrap 🌱

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Just hanging with these handloom linen beauties, waiting for the sun to reappear ☀️

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wine is good to wear in summers when it comes in this super soft handspun khadi Get a 20% off on this kurta all this week

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repost srilachatterjee PERFECTION Brilliant hand block prints inspired by generations of this craft in Jaipur, now contemporised and printed on silk, and then intricately, carefully embroidered inside each printed unit to complete the most perfect, beautiful fabrics This is the hallmark of RASA, Jaipur : a design house I have the greatest regard for, who have taken an ancient craft and given it a new life and a level of quality not normally seen in India. Their cushions, seen here, are sumptuous Another one of the incredible designers that will make up the Baro Market I am so excited by baromarket mumbai baromarket rasa rasajaipur mumbaifashion mumbaifashionblogger jaipur jaipurdiaries fashion jaipurfashion blockprinting details sustainablefashion conciousclothing slowfashion knowwhatyouwear clothingbrand mood summermood summeroutfit summervibes handicrafts handblockprint

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Repost baromarket ( get_repost) ・・・ . Head on over to our store and browse through a HUGE range of brands! From home decor to apparel, we have it all! The amazing products from rasajaipur abhi_absynthe froggmag varnamcraftcollective rangeelagoa 145east Baro has used the space to introduce designers who are connected to grassroots, craftsmen, and who come from places not often seen in Bombay. That is what led to the BARO MARKET: to gather a collection of people we love, who work with the integrity and originality we believe in and make products that are unique and special. mumbai baromarket rasa rasajaipur mumbaifashion mumbaifashionblogger jaipur jaipurdiaries fashion jaipurfashion blockprinting details sustainablefashion conciousclothing slowfashion knowwhatyouwear clothingbrand mood summermood summeroutfit summervibes handicrafts handblockprint

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Sneaky peek at new bow coming soon.

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Our print babies are born and home from the printer. These turned out even more beautiful than we could have imagined! omarchris had such a killer vision with these colors and designs. 💯 fair trade 💯 organic cotton 💯 water based ink 💯 awesome Processing launch orders tonight! Can’t wait to get these limited edition art prints to their new homes! If you haven’t snagged one yet, we are running quite low in most sizes, but currently have small stock in all colors limitededition artprint conciousliving conciousclothing meanwhatyouwear waterbasedink organicbaby

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✖️experience the reflect collection by holding up your t-shirt or by taking a selfie to remind yourself to exhale , to exist and that your doing just great SelfieWithAPurpose Reflection Reminder mirror • Shop the reflect collection 100% organic soft cotton • remembertoexhale exist exhale conciousclothing sustainability sensible collaboration savetheplanet streetsmart urban soulful mindful clothing tshirts art artists writers travelers dreamers creators dubai mydubai uae

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Happy Monday! We love the versatility of these handwoven scarves. You can wear them at work for a dash of color or accessorize your summer dress on weekends. Either way they will bring a smile to your face!😊

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Tweaking our denim utility jacket sample. ⚡️ Landing this fall- 100% recycled denim from thenewdenimproject and made using a zero waste pattern, this unisex sturdy denim utility jacket will be the only one you need. ⚡️ did we mention all the pockets? ⚡️ sign up for our newsletter to get your first ⚡️thank you bkaccelerator for all your help on this one.

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⋒ This weeks Tuesday collection not only has 1, not 2 but T H R E E faux fur coats! Just in time for those chilly winter mornings. There will be a creamy, a white / grey & leopard faux fur available along with winter knits & lots of earthy goodies! 💫 Tune back here on Tuesday at 7pm to snatch up some goodies! Handy Hint: head over to my story there is a countdown on there. If you tap the arrow you can turn on a reminder. That way as soon as this weeks collection goes live you will get notified! 🐵 See you there! Xx.

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The sweetest dress coming soon 🍂

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The streets of downtown Portland are often unrecognizable due to the major construction all over the city. Last time I checked we were in the top 5 fastest growing cities and I think the amount of cranes and construction cones proves it. My current favorite bag from zara zara. PC xodearjune

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One of our favourites 🏵 "SHAMAN" already available on our Etsy Shop! Unique piece, sewn by hand ☀ Support small business! Link on bio

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I seriously had the best time yesterday with thriftingdivas during her thrifting tour event around the DMV! I got to take over findingyourgood Instagram page and show everyone how much fun it was! Getting to explore my own backyard and visit stores that I would’ve never visited was seriously the best👌🏽 Even though I tried (and successfully) stayed under within a budget, I still have enough to give you a haul soon! But, ya girl is tired- and I’m going back to take another nap! 📸 heartprintandstyle

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3 Powerful Colours for Conscious Clothing A bright, attention-getting color, yellow creates a sensation of brightness and warmth since it attracts those looking for joy and light Blue for Tranquility, Trust, Intuition, your communication, truthfulness, the expression of will power and creativity Orange is an energizing and creative color chakraclothing chakravibes brightyellow bluesilkdress orangesilkdress silkkurti vogues powerfulcolours conciousclothing sustainableclothingbrands sustainableliving peace tranquilleclothing indianhandloom

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Time is but an illusion,love is only real. With love I create with you in mind adorning you, making a path for you to find me here I hold treasure for you only you Model whatkatydidnext_ adorned in a one of a kind Angel Cape handsofimagination Styled by the beautiful anissavb Photography jessejaco

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Our precious planet is running out of fresh water. We all make the effort to save water while brushing our teeth, right? 👏 Unfortunately the real problem is much greater than that- we need to know the facts when it comes to our clothing and textiles. 5,000 gallons of water for 2lbs of cotton is only 1 outfit 😱 We all need to be more conscious about what we purchase, and that it is good to our earth 🌎🌱💦 👚👖 sustainablefashion hempfabric conciousclothing organic organicapparel ecofriendly ecofashion educateothers savewater savetheocean savetheplanet weloveourplanet hempapparel thinkHEMP containsnoTHC feelgoodfashion

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Back to stripes for summer! 😊

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ૐ Walk with G R A C E ૐ How we choose to carry ourselves in this world is the pillar of staying grounded and centered, given any situation that arises, we choose to ACT rather than RE-act. What does this mean, well let's break the word "react" down we are "re"-peating and act we have assimilated with a certain though pattern in the mind, for example when anger comes towards to I retort with anger or violence, when I am overwhelmed with a situation I respond by closing down my receptivity and resort to being flustered by filling my mind with high wind energy. But these are all learnt patterns, a way we have grown to believe this is how we protect ourselves or that it's the way we will get what we want. These reactions come so unconsciously and with a natural feeling to us we may not even realise we can separate the two. But we can, we can always relearn and reprogram our mind to come from a place of centeredness, not matter what we are receiving and what is being directed towards us, we can always take a breath, come into our mindful state of being, and process with awareness of what we are doing and how we are acting. This is what it means to be grounded, to be centered, and this alone will completely transform life as you realise you are not on automatic, but you are a fully concious and aware being who is empowered in every choice and action made. It might not be easy, this is where some sort of mindfulness and meditation practice comes in, also knowing your body and your "Prakruti" as it's called in Tantra or your 'natural constitution', know what YOU need to do to feel grounded and centered and implement that into your life how you can. When you feel more balance your thoughts and actions will follow in that manner, another seat of self empowerment, we can begin to collectively act more from the heart rather than the mind. 🙏 . This woman always inspires me with the grace shes touches the earth. hannahvelaart is wearing our Recycled Saree Silk Kimono in the online store via link in bio, this gorgeous blue is a one off piece. All fair trade practices and made with love 📸 by the beautiful jessshepherdphotography Much love for your day all xo

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Bamboo Basics ✨🌿🌈🌿✨ Available in all sizes and colours in the shop. Super soft and stretchy - your little one won’t want to take them off Hope to see some of your lovely faces at the stagnhareevents Spring Market in the Native Sons Hall in Courtenay today SS2019 organic handmade natureinspired babyclothes kidsclothes bamboo growwithmepants naturalfibers ecobaby bohobaby naturebaby naturalparenting shophandmade supportsmallbusiness conciousclothing slowfashion sustainablestyle vancouverisland madewithlove

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NEWS FLASH! We've been picking so many of the beauties that we're bunching some up and bringing them to zinniatextiles this morning! It's their First Anniversary Party this weekend so we think it's perfect timing yo help celebrate! Head on downtown for a visit- they open at 10 We love this little shop! Jen is a hard working momma and her shop is full of natural fiber, consciously made clothing and textiles that are selected for their beauty and the ethics of the company. Thank you Jen for creating such a nice place and for supporting our little farm 😘 supportlocal independentbusiness localflowers happyanniversary conciousclothing nelsonbc flowerfarmer localsupportinglocal

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Pretended for a while it wasn’t colder than I thought it would be in LA then gave up & lived in my denim jacket from shopfromcrisisarchway 🎉

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A totally sustainable wedding outfit flat lay from a few years ago . ♠️ Dress and shoes second hand Vivienne Westwood ♣️ earrings a vintage find on eBay and the bag a re-made bag fromBeyond Retro . Wedding season is upon us so why not challenge yourself to finding a sustainable outfit instead of a last minute fast fashion purchase!? slowfashionchallenge weddingstyle secondhandfirst designerresale flatlay stylethesustainable

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REPAIR your clothes, when well worn, go through a long journey. from one human to another if you go for secondhand or preloved. constant washing if you're a puddle jumper or grass crawler. patched and mended elbows and knees (these are typical stress points) top tip? mend your garments before you wash them, this prevents further damage slowfashionchallenge visiblemending slowfashion consciousfashion ethicalfashion sustainablefashion sustainablestyle conciousclothing handmadeeveryday sewforthesoul lovedclotheslast loveyourclothesforlonger slowclothes handsewn tattymoo littlemoo refashionedclothing upcycledfashion loveitdontthrowit circulardesign textilewaste fashionforthefuture remade fashionstories compassionfashion tattylove slowfashionchallenge

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Happy Friday! 🦂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Confession: So I found this spicy red silk tank in the intimate section at the thrifts for only $2 • •• If your familiar with thrift shopping, it can be a bit strange looking through the donated intimates because ummwell, only god knows what story is behind them & why they’re here for sale haha ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But, once you get over those invasive thoughts, you’ll actually find some cute things! And since all thinks silk are officially my new go to for a night out- I’m washing each of my finds twice before wearing 💋 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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I couldn’t help but draw up a little suit for my capsule collection, I’m forever swooning over Gucci and Balmain for those tailored suits 😍 . A big fat hell yes to that, so I’m gonna make myself one, maybe one with flared legs as well because you know a girls gotta have options Jumpsuit update: pattern is all done and managed to squeeze it out of a remnant piece of denim fabric I had to see what it looks like, winning ✌🏻 capsulewardrobechallenge imademyclothes conciousclothing sustainablestyle procreate tailoredsuit memademay2019 sewcialists handmadewardrobe

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Perfect for Autumn adventures 🍂 Our classic ribbed knee highs in Clay have been a favourite. Ethically made in Spain by Condor. Tights for your smallest folk will be available soon as well 🙌

6 days ago

Everyday daisies available now 🌼

1 week ago

All gone 🌿 We have sold out of our Flax pinafores. I am sure this much loved piece will be back for Spring but for now, keep your eyes out for our AW19 drop 2 colours.

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I am back and sharing this capture of the amazing Peach in our Linen kneehighs Perfect for a wild adventure 🌿 I am eternally grateful to those who responded and reached out after my last post. The intention was not to gain praise, but I am glad I could share a vulnerable moment and have it acknowledged. Many of us are on the same journey and again community over competition occured. Such a beautiful thing to witness.

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The perfect way to tame wild locks 🍂 A few new clips will be added later this afternoon including these amazing hand embroidered daisies. Have also been able to secure cheaper options for local and international accessory purchases. Wonderful news for a Monday ✨

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Sweet and simple 🍂

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The shop is looking a little bare right now but we do have a small restock of this divine River blouse coming. Once sold that will be it as we have officially used all the Prairie print 😭 We also have a few new pieces dropping throughout the season and a headwrap/bow restock this weekend. Sign up to our newsletter to make sure you are the first to know. If you see anything listed as sold out, you can also use the ‘back in stock’ alert ✨