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Upper body - chest and tris 🏊🏼‍♀️ Slide 1️⃣ Incline Dumbbell Bench Press, 4x6+6 (drop) Slide 2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣7️⃣ Incline-Drop Dumbbell Bench Press, 4x6+6+6 Start on a steep incline. Perform 6 reps, reduce incline, perform another 6 reps, and then perform 6 reps from the flat bench until you have performed 6 sets in total. Slide 8️⃣ High Cable Flys, 4x10 Slide 9️⃣ Close-Grip Bench Press, 4x10 Slide 🔟 Tricep Push-Downs, 2x8 - giant set - Tricep Dips, 2x8 - giant set - Narrow Push-Ups, 2x8 🌀 🌀 🌀 consistency workout chest triceps fitlife polishgirl fitness gym gymmotivation fitfam nike justdoit fuckaverage fitlife youblameyou gymgirls

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CONSISTENCY is a MUST if you want PROGRESS❗️ . John came to CFMH a few months ago and has limited range of motion and strength in his upper body. Any position overhead is very difficult for John. This means modifying a lot of movements. The most common modification for pull-ups is ring rows. Since he was not comfortable hanging onto the bar, John was doing ring rows often Even with his limitations, John pushed himself each time he stepped through our doors and tonight something happened. John was able to hang from the bar! AND He was able to do jumping pull-up through the entire workout 💪🏼 Great job John Through CONSISTENCY and HARDWORK you’d be surprised at what you are truly capable of 🤗 . cfmh crossfitmerlehay consistency hardwork progress

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Repost andyfrisella ・・・ No matter how hard you work No matter what you accomplish No matter how nice you are No matter how much good you do No matter how noble your intentions No matter how good your heart No matter who you are or what you do There will ALWAYS be a long line of miserable idiots who are unhappy with themselves waiting to fuck up your day Dont let them keepsmiling keepdoinggood discipline action mindset success successmindset changeyourlife driventosucceed growth personalgrowth personaldevelopment getmotivated fromunmotivated behappy changeyourlife consistencyiskey consistency hustle hustlehard yesyoucan dontsettle

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Week 3 Day 3- Shoulders 30min of lifting/HIIT intervals “We weren’t born ashamed of our bodies, we were taught to be.” Reminded of this from a podcast while driving home. Most of what and how we feel about our bodies has to do with what we’ve been told. -be dainty, but also have a big butt and boobs -always wear makeup, but not too much -don’t wear tight clothes, you’re dressing provocatively -don’t wear baggy clothes, you’re letting yourself go I mean, I sure you keep keep that list going yourself. What if instead of looking in the mirror and pointing out your “flaws” you focused on the parts of you that you love. If you try that out does it seem weird? Probably, but if you make the switch in mindset often enough it’ll become the new norm. Which would you rather focus on? mindset motivate inspire empower youvsyou bodypositive bodytransformation health changeyourmindset flipthescript selflove selflovejourney fitnessjourney healthcoach fitnesscoach accountability loveyourself positivevibes bestself happy dothework consistency beyou embraceyourself

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Best complement that I could ever receive on my work is YOUR progress THIS is the reason WHY! This azz deserves shot out! This is the effects of hard work, pain, sweat and tears and bam! there it is👍🏼❤️👆🏼👙🍑 This is my reward, thank you kristinmfloyd15 for being consistent and determined. Thank you for trusting me and the whole process❤️I couldn’t be more proud of you barre thisismybarre iamthebarrequeen determination consistency confidence strongwomen fitness fitnessmotivation progress bodytransformation

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“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” 🔥 Shout out to fit city gym member templo_sanson getting ready for his next bodybuilding show! If you are looking to get ready for a bodybuilding show look up ifbb_pro_israelleanos and lightweight_lo the best in El Paso to help u out!

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When you set your mind and sights on a goal not only do you need to give it everything you've got but also maximize the EFFICIENCY in which you do those things You will be able to accomplish more in a shorter period of time by planning your attack, surrounding yourself with the right people and by DOING THE THINGS OTHERS WONT DO Attend those classes, read those books, sign up for the seminars, watch those videos, and take those notes If you are putting everything into what you want to achieve it isn't work, it's a HABIT, creating good consistent habits is your direct path to your goal.

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A smidge Alice in Wonderland, felt a little awkward in my space. Making me think about why feeling awkward often makes us avoid situations or activities. We should consider that the awkward feeling is more of a perceived notion, something that is mostly a mindset. Yes, awkward can have a physical manifestation, however, it is the mental attitude that cripples is from persevering and overcoming. We are all awkward at something, I say own it and move on. tracyandersonmethod tracyandersononlinestudio gymshark gymsharkwomen reebok reebokwomen tracyandersonmethod tracyandersononlinestudio consistency hardwork leaveitonthemat fitness workout homestudio athome online stream sweat colour aliceinwonderland awkward believeinyourself perseverance overcome attitude gymshark gymsharkwomen reebok bemorehuman dayone ginger longhair tattoo septum music playlist

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7:30am. “Energy is Everything”. * * KNOW YOUR WORTH IN EVERYTHING YOU DO REMAIN TURE TO WHAT YOU STARTED. DON’T GIVE UP KEEP ON PUSHING UNTIL THE HEAVENS OPEN I’m SUPER EXCITED ABOUT WHAT IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE “Don’t Quit Don’t Stop Keep Pedaling” fitmoms GODFIRST socaspin cardio SPINFAYA caribbeanbeats afrobeats blackfitmoms fitness fitnessmotivation fitnesslifestyle womenhealth womenempowerment healthylifestyle motivation weightloss weightlossmotivation indoorcycling ridetothebeat transformation spinclass conyersga cardiofitness explore explorepage consistency

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[Moment 0046/2019] I learned pretty quickly that actions always spoke louder than words. And I learned just as quickly to appreciate, cherish, and take care of those who learned that the best way to get through to me/communicate with me was through action and consistency. And food. I always listen when there's food. Twinsie Foodie 2019in2019 PhotoOfTheDay TrueFriendship ActionsSpeakLouder Communication Consistency Friends Friendship ReasonsToBeHappy PhotoGram Instagood PhotographerLife BehindTheCamera Joy Appreciation Happiness Gratefulness ImmortalizeTheMoment

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I’m not sure if I can find the words to describe how these pics make me feel. The pic on the left was 2017 and until we put them together neither one of us really realized what a transformation both of us have had since then. On days when we feel discouragedwe need to remember this. I love that we get to do this together Sarah. I love making memories with you. ❤️

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💥How to better your clean💥 The benefits to doing cleans are vast. However, we want to make sure you are getting the best out of them. If you struggle to use your hips to get the weight on to the shoulder (as shown in video 1) proceed to do this next time you warm up ⚫️ video 2: a muscle clean from the hang. Start in the power position and use the hips to launch the bar up to the shoulders. Do this over and over until the hips can do most of the work, using your arms only to keep the bar close and guide it to the shoulders. ⚫️ video 3: The same start, but done to a harder degree by now jumping back under the bar. This will now allow you to start working on your speed under the bar FlatlanderFitness grouptraining strengthtraining strengthandconditioning consistency weightlifting form coaching

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Everyday I’m hustlin I don’t have time for days off or half ass excuses! If I’m going to reach my goals I’ve gotten keep this level of intensity and commitment. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, momma didn’t make no quitter. Stay hungry my friends, let’s get it! fit fitness fitgirl livefit fitnessmotivation lgbt pride lesbian girlswholift girlswithshorthair girlswhokissgirls tomboy beinspiring motivation beachbody instafit fitfam strivingforgreatness ink dedication consistency heraxhero nopainnogain bossbabe letsgetit livesore iamhera progress

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What’s cookin?! Chicken Broccoli Pizza Bowlio This is my own creation and holy I surprise myself! YUM Air fryer chicken and pepperoni (patted down when down to get rid of excess pepperoni grease) Broccoli steamed Lactose free mozzarella cheese Homemade pizza sauce Garlic butter Tossed in a bowl and broiled for approx a minute Tada pizza without the work! Sooo yummers! keto kickstartingketo KO knockoutdynasty extremeweightloss nutrition saynotohighfat goals crossfit liftheavyshit fitness chickswholift dedication motivation macros macroliving bodytransformations cleaneating effyourbeautystandards strong overcomingmedicalobstacles recovery onedayatatime faith weightlossjourney consistency electrolytes electrolytesarenotoptional

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My man Ny’Tavis in the lab with me tonight. Major progress made tonight on his shooting that I think will end up transforming his game especially from a confidence standpoint. He’s most definitely a student of the game and it’s going to show big time. Keep grinding bull 💪🏾🏀 PositionlessPlayersClub PPC CoachEcholsPPC BasketballSkillsTraining BasketballTraining BasketballCoaching Basketball Consistency Discipline NBA Euroleague Youtube PPCTVBasketball CarlisleChiefs BallIsLife Nike NikeHoops BallDontStop BallHandling Shooting Footwork AAUBasketball HoopMixtape MambaMentality LionMode BeastMode ALLIN TrustYourProcess ElevationRequiresSeperation

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🚫failed lifts🚫 🤦🏻‍♀️ Please excuse the second video for how sloppy it is. However, failed lifts teach you so much sometimes about your weaknesses. I know these did. 💪🏻Going to PT, getting body work done, getting enough sleep, fueling my body right, and doing all my accessory work is all important for my success in weightlifting. You don’t always make time for everything, but what I got out of today was to take my foot off the gas pedal for getting more weight on the bar and focusing on my weak points at a lighter weight, more consistency, and strengthening. 👉🏻Pay attention to what your body tells you. Slamming weight around is not healthy or sustainable. If something hurts like hell, don’t power through it. Be in the mindset that you’re trying to work WITH your body, not against it. 💁🏻‍♀️Taking the next few days to hammer my core and recover so I can get back at it. FYI I’ve been meaning to test out these IAB 3.0 iab_mfg shorts. I took their challenge and they did not hold up for even a second during that. However, as soon as I get the least bit sweaty during lifts or cardio I have to admit they stay in place at least in the leg region. I find myself mostly adjusting the top band to make sure they aren’t falling down (they are low-rise). Thought I would let you all know how it went down. fitgrad legsonfire discherniation hiplabraltear physicaltherapy ptstudent recovery coreiseverything movewellmoveoften sweaty cleanandjerk liftheavy doyouraccessorywork failedlifts bestronger strongnotskinny staystrong perservere iabmfg iabshorts recover trainsmarternotharder iliftyouliftwelift mindset workwithyourbodynotagainstit consistency hammerthecore

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Allow yourself to grow by stepping outside your comfort zone!

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Trying out something new, overwhelming or scary? Start with small steps first. ⠀ ⠀ If you want to get into an exercise regimen, start with 10 jumping jacks daily.⠀ If you want to improve your communication skills, start with ONE conversation.⠀ If you want to become a leader, start by volunteering for your small group project.⠀ If you want to clean up your room, start with one drawer first. ⠀ ⠀ The key is to start. You don't have to take a big leap yet. Take one small step, then do it consistently.⠀ ⠀ Check out my bio for one way to take the first step. ⠀ ⠀ buildhabits changehabits onesmallstep lifecoaching consistency personalgrowth lifegoals comfortzone couragezone

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Long day at work? No problem! 👍 We got you! 😉 Refresh your day with our handcrafted meals that is totally made with love! 👌 Head down here in the DFW for where we are known to be one of the best restaurant serving Chinese cuisine in the state of Texas. 💯 Our delicious homemade dishes are complimented with spices that your tastebuds will go crazy! 😋 We aim to bring consistency in serving you all the finest traditional and contemporary Cantonese and Shanghai cooking! ✨ So, stop by today by coming home to JSChens in PlanoTX and have a taste on some of our flavorful entrées, remember we always aim to please! 😉

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🏃🏻‍♀️ . 3 Easy Mile Getting to beautiful areas Working on my form Listen to my body 🏃🏻‍♀️ THURSDAY MARCH 21 Week 12 Day 4 londonmarathontraining2019 💫 💫 🌎 runnerphotography intarunnersthegirlcosmorunnersofinstagram ✨ 💯 🌟 💫 💕 consistency run instarun loverunning runnerscommunity 💪 💕 dowhatyoulove goals doit planner goals beyourself runningday runningmotivation happyrunner running runnersofinstagram BSFM2019 nikerunning runtheyear2019 londonmarathontraining2019 runningmotivation me journey nature lake park thursday

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3rd straight day of HIIT trading. Did a circuit 20min. Assisted pull ups,dips, squats and push ups. Constant rotation. 1min break after 5 straight. Didn’t get to my best today. Glad I went. Good sweat. Salad for dinner and that’s a night. hiitworkout consistency fitness planetfitness workout

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Change your thoughts. Change your habits — and train hard Push-ups Can Determine Your Risk of Having a Heart Attack 👉 Researchers collected data from 1,104 male firefighters and determined how many push-ups they could do
They followed the men for 10 years. ✅ At the end of the study, the more push-ups a person performed, the smaller the chances of heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular disease
✅ Men who could do 40 or more pushups had 96% less chance of cardiovascular disease compared to men who could do less than 10 pushups
✅ Surprisingly, pushup capacity was more strongly associated with cardiovascular disease than the results of submaximal treadmill tests
✅ The evidence suggests that pushup capacity is an easy, no-cost method to help assess cardiovascular disease risk in almost any setting. 💪 🏋🏻‍♀️ For maximal muscle growth and recovery, drink BangEnergy pre/post workout and build strength using workoutswithbeckfordbar Follow BangEnergy.Ceo GET 25% OFF USE CODE ‘VPX25’ 💥 bangarang_grace bang.revolution habits365 vpx_sports filmed by meagkayyyy SIX EXERCISES IN ONE 😱 1) The Bench Press 2) The Dumbbell Press 3) Push-Ups 4) Cable Crossover 5) The Pec Deck 6) The Dumbbell Fly
Do you BANGARANG like Rufio❓ thinkhappythoughts citrustwist preworkout bcaa energydrink fuelyourdestiny fitness aorticstenosis beckfordbar consistency heartwarrior wearyourhabits bangenergy fuelyourdestiny

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WALKING LUNGE Lunges are one of my favorite leg workout, walking lunges are said to be a better form of lunges when compared to stationary lunges due to the impact they have on the leg and thigh muscles. However, apart from this, there are a few other benefits of walking lunges that you should be aware of: . 1⃣ Improves balance 2⃣ Boost functionality 3⃣ Symmetrical toning 4⃣ Boost hip flexibility 5⃣ rest for the spine 6⃣Improves core stability Lunges may seem like such a basic exercise! But the reality is that lunges, especially walking lunges, can give your body a good workout. So, if you are planning your workout regimen, make sure lunges form a part of it Music 🎵 torylanez Leave in the morning fitness aesthetics bodybuilding legfocus lunges legworkout legday musclebuilding hardwork dedication motivation consistency passion pain results personaltrainer fit coach gymlife fitlife repost shredded lifestyle fitfam instafit weightlifting addiction kingkongnation ™KingKongNation® 🦍

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Really busy day, leaving me without much time to train. It doesn't happen often, so it's ok. I did some light pushing and arm work. Tomorrow is a new day! 📽 heatherizg

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"One cannot think well, love well, or sleep well, if one has not dined well"- Virginia Woolf • • My mouthwatering dinna from the other night. 🤤 had a massive burger, stuffed with spinach & pepper jack cheese, topped with grilled onions, and a tomato, with charred broccoli & roasted red peppers & of course, some TOTS on the side. 😜👌🏼 love having a good home-cooked burger for dinner. Whats one of your favorite meals? EATS

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Trying to get to working out consistently and finally made myself a work plan. Any thoughts and or advice would be greatly appreciated😊

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Take that first step to a New Brand New you,the view is breathe taking at the top! getset • 🔻Direct Message for my very own personalized work out regiments,nutritional guidance plan,my top selling fitness programs,check out my 4 week shred and to work out with me 1 on 1 in person.Don’t miss out on your fastest and amazing transformation guaranteed results,become the best you and a all around athlete.Online Coaching with me as well,don’t miss out on the best you this 2019 summers almost here start today🔻

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Post Workout Stretch