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Although it's not quite 1 yr yet, this is how far I've come. About 17lb down from May 2018, glad I'm headed the right direction. I am proud of how far I've come. The most important part is getting to know my body once again. What works, what doesn't. Still working hard to keep my strength while loosing body fat

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strength • grace • patience ⁣ ⁣ all the vibes that made this KB flow possible, and all the vibes that will help you through every challenge life throws at you this week! ⁣ ⁣ stay calm and keep flowing 🖤 happy monday babes! good vibes only please✨

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🐸 ON MONDAYS WE FROG 🐸 I can't tell you how difficult it was to get upside. My core was feeling it the next day. Such a simple move yet your body is working so damn hard 🔥🔥 Thanks to the lovely Amanda ajfitness_pt_pole for supporting me through this pole journey. Can't wait for tomorrow's class 🙌 pole polefitness barreaddict barresnippets barremotivation barreconcept barre barrestretch barrefitness barreconceptmethod barretraining barreinstructor barrebelle barreexperts barreclass balletbarre pilates yoga strongbodystrongermind fitspo fitfam strongissexy gluteworkout functionaltraining resistancetraining balancework stabilty coreworkout corestrength

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Where you are now Is not where you will always be I know it’s hard not to feel stuck! There’s levels! Trust the process. Just go for it & keep going for it! Till you get to the top! You did good today, tomorrow will always be better! levels Choose, todo fitness fitnessmotivation corporatefitness fitnessnyc fitnessbk personaltrainer fitnesscoach fitnessjourney outdoorfitness corestrength strengthandconditioning fitnessmodel athleticwear prospectpark fitnessjourney Adidas reebok nike athlete brooklyn newyorkcity

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Got caught training abs at the end of a great climbing session. The finger is healing up nicely 💪 😍

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Hooray! First open bluebell spotted! Love this time of year and so privileged that I work outdoors to discover and savour such moments 🙏

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Even after the St. Paddy’s day🍀festivities these guys came out to play😁💯. I could tell they got a good workout 💪🏼in but definitely had a better night out previous 😉from all the green sweat that oozed out🍻🤢🤣. But more importantly a huge shout out 🔊to Ken👱🏻‍♂️for winning last week’s leg drag challenge👌🏼. This guy👱🏻‍♂️ is an absolute beast💪🏼🔥. I see him every week and he brings it every time💯. Clearly he gets it from his wife😁. Congrats bro‼️ cornellfitness icanandiwillwatchme whereschico DoesChrisEvenTrain 😂

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🚨Monday Core Challenge🚨 Got tagged by linnealiftslifeup to try this challenge from pierreseliteperformance and win_24hr . Had about 10 mins to try this one out and got 17. I found this to be deceivingly hard. I really struggled to stay balanced. How many can you do in 30 seconds? coreworkout abs abworkout abworkoutvideos absworkout core corechallenge dragonflag coreworkout corestrength coretraining abgoal sixpackabs sixpack 6pack calisthenics abroller workoutvideos workoutmotivation functionalfitness functionaltraining bodyweight bodyweighttraining fitnessmotivation gymmotivation homeexercises homeworkouts_4u menwithhealth

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🔥New client Feature!🔥 Go to the website (link in bio) and read all about Kelsey, a new mother or 2! See how SpeciFit was able to help her maintain a healthy lifestyle during both pregnancies.

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Why not try something new? Repost cbdugan HeelsOutForSpring 👠🌺 Yay! We are starting this Saturday • March 23 - 29 And all heels are welcome! High heels, medium heels, low heels (my shoes), with the shape you prefer and your favorite colors! Sophie, Amy, Luca and Cheryl are waiting for you with great joy to have fun and enjoy for 7 days! Join us LizardPose variation ➡️Swipe to see flyer Are you ready to shake off your winter blues and have some fun? It’s time to ditch your winter boots and slip on some heels 👠 Join us for 7 days of yoga in heels - get sassy, be creative, have fun, but be safe! So dig out those shoes which you can’t walk in but look gorgeous, and join Sophie, Amy, Luca and Cheryl in HeelsOutForSpring 23rd-29th March 👠♀♂ 👠 Hosts: AmyWeckerMD CBDugan Yoga_Garage Sophie_Seoul_Yoga . 👠 Generous Sponsors: FaithFoxDesigns My black thank 🦄 MamasZen SongsOfEden TheSamadhiInitiative - a $70 Gift Card Toplus_BodyFit Vayumudra My leggings Winner receives a €60 Gift Card, all participants may use ‘vayu15’ to receive 15% discount Zenpolitan 👠 Daily themes: 1. Any Hip Opener 2. Any Seated Pose 3. Any Standing Pose 4. Any Backbend 5. Any Arm Balance 6. Any inversion 7. Yogis Choice 👠How to play: * FOLLOW all HOSTS and SPONSORS * REPOST this flyer to your feed or story and tag 3 friends to join * POST daily using the hashtag HeelsOutForSpring and tag all hosts and sponsors in the caption * Set your account to PUBLIC so we can see you * LISTEN to your body, modify as needed, and have fun 👠 👠 • AceptarLoBueno YogaAt59 StrongWomen ashtanga ashtangayoga Balance Core HipOpener CoreStrength Flexibility YogaStrong Stretch muscles instayoga igyogachallenges PhotoOfTheDay Makingshapes YogaChile YogaHispana YogaChallenge YogaEveryDamnDay YogaInspiration UtthanPristhasana YogisStretchMonday

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How’s your upper body strength, athletes? Put it to the test by leaning head first into the week with this pushup circuit: . Ply Push-Up: 6x . Declined Wall Push-Up: 6x . Lateral Push-Up: 6x . Beat those Monday blues by getting after it today! —Your Coach, Adam

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DrivePhase is one of the hardest things to master on an athletes’ starts. People tend to pop straight up aka FlyPhase leaving less ability to accelerate by striking force in the ground. A good forward lean allows an athletes to apply more Force which in turn builds Power and Acceleration. The faster you Accelerate, the faster you can get to top Speed. What is the relationship between force and speed? Speed is often used to mean Velocity but force relates to acceleration. Newton's Second Law states that force equals mass times acceleration. (F = ma) The higher the force applied, the greater will be your acceleration. Shout out to MatrixFitnessUSA for creating these unique SDrivePerformanceTrainers to help athletes perfect their DrivePhase and increase speed. speedcoachphil DriveUps technique really helps an athlete feel how their drive phase should be creating that muscle memory to duplicate on the track or field GAINZ GAINZSP GAINSSportsPerformance MatrixIHRSA2019 MatrixFitness IHRSA2019 FitnessEquipment SportsPerformanceEquipment SDrivePerformanceTrainers TrainedSpeed SpeedKills CoreStrength StrongHips LooseHips StrongGlutes GetThatWork NextLevelProgram WhosGotNext

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Ab/Core Challenge Week 4💥💥. • • Workout: (1-3 times per week) 2 Rounds of: 1️⃣30 secs Lo-Plank Circles 2️⃣10 Tempo Sit-Up’s -3 sec lower 3️⃣30 secs Reverse Sit-Up w/ Heels to the Sky 4️⃣10 each Crossbody Side Planks 5️⃣5 Tempo Leg Raises -fast up -5 sec pause at top -5 sec lower -5 sec hold at bottom ***Rest 10 secs between movements ***REST 1 Minute between Rounds • • -Change your workout intensity: ➡️15-20 secs between movements ➡️2 min REST after each round ➡️Shorten the Tempo time ➡️1 full round instead of 2 rounds ➡️3 full rounds instead of 2 rounds • • -Photo by joshalanimages • • abs absworkout mondaymotivation monday fitnessmotivation core corestrength getfit stronger strongertogether fitness fitfamily instafit fitfam beachbodycoach beachbody springbreak summerbody gains weightlosstransformation weightloss weightlossjourney gym gymmotivation gymnastics birmingham alabama getinshape mma mmatraining

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I LOVE A SKATE ❤️🥰I’m literally just in the studio filming a couple of flows to send to Tiffany for our workshop this wk end in Utah! Can’t believe I’m actually going to be there for our launch of dynamicpilatestv 🥂when something has seemed so far away and then you’re just counting down the last few days! 🥳if you’re reading this and you’re anywhere near Utah you can sign up for our workshop with poiseandstrengthpilates 💋

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During the 8 week challenge, your nutrition plan goes through 3 specific phases and are available in mainstream, veggie or vegan formats. They are adaptable for every individuals needs and goals. Our diet and nutrition experts at F45 HQ write a foundation plan and our coaches here in London provide accountability, advice and feedback throughout the process to ensure things are working properly for every person doing the challenge. Shopping lists, supplement advice, recipes and health tips are all included so you have everything you need to hit your goals! Our 2 week trials are available NOW via the link in bio. Get yourself signed up to something that is much, much more than just your average HIIT workout 🤙 f45 f45training f45community f45family teamtraininglifechanging hiit intervaltraining cardio strength abs lean fit fitness london strength 8weekchallenge londonfitness fitfam fitfamily londonblogger londonlifestyle corestrength dowhatyoulove f45leadenhallmarket f45londonbridge diet nutrition

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My machine for yesterday morning 😊

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❗️Upcoming Pilates Workshop: Healthy Spine❗️ . One of the great benefits of the Pilates method of exercise is that it is designed to promote a healthy, strong, flexible spine. In Pilates, the core muscles of the back and abdomen are trained to provide strength and flexibility for the spine. There are exercises that stimulate the spine, and an overall focus on balanced muscular development and skeletal alignment that helps keep the spine long, decompressed, and protected This workshop with our Pilates lead instructor pilatesbyanna will teach you how to be aware of some of your movement habits that may stress the spine, and will help you change these habits to those that preserve a neutral alignment Workshop Content: - The anatomy of the spine - Types of postural alignment - How to restore natural curves in the spine - The correlation between the abs and an alignment of the spine - Understanding the flexion and extension of the spine - Practical exercises to stimulate and balance your spine . Open to all levels Friday 22nd March at 3pm, the Greens Studio . Joining Fee: 160 aed . To book your spot please check link in our Bio Workshops . yogahousedubai breathingcommunity pilatesdubai dubaipilates healthydubai healthyspine pilatesworkshop pilatesbody pilateslovers spine spinehealth corestrength dubaiyoga yogadubai yogaindubai dubaiyogis abudhabipilates pilatesabudhabi

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🏋️‍♀️In today’s Muscle Morsel dr.joelseedman_ahp highlights 50 ultra challenging and brutally tough exercises that are impossible to perform unless movement mechanics have been truly mastered. —- 🏋️‍♀️These are not exercise one would include regularly in their training but they will expose weaknesses, compensation patterns, asymmetries and otherwise dysfunctional movement patterns. —- 🏋️‍♀️Joel’s IG post today features probably the hardest chest press I’ve certainly ever done: an eccentric isometric bottoms up chest press with plates. While Joel expertly -of course-demonstrates how to do this with 45lb plates, here I’m performing them with 35lb plates. —- 🏋️‍♀️ Note it is not the weight that’s the challenge but the height of the plates. And yes, the challenge includes cleaning the plates and lowering yourself onto the bench - no cheating by having someone hand them to you —- 🏋️‍♀️ So if you think you’re up to the challenge give these a try. Every single muscle in your body will have to maximally fire in order to successfully complete a set. And trust me, only 2-3 reps will have you seeing birdies

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🔥 FULL BODY LANDMINE WORKOUT 🔥 _ 📌 Save, Swipe and Share _ ⏪ Swipe left to view each exercise 1️⃣ Single Arm Bent-Over Rows x 15 per side 2️⃣ Reverse Lunges x 15 per side 3️⃣ Kneeling Cleans x 15 per side 4️⃣ Kneeling Chest Press x 20 5️⃣ Kneeling Rotational Press x 20 _ 3️⃣ Sets ✅ 30-60 seconds rest _ strengthtraining workoutvideo fullbodyworkout legday legworkout lowerbodyworkout upperbodyworkout upperbody bicepworkout chestworkout shoulderworkout armworkout coreworkout homeworkout homeworkouts HIITcardio HIITworkout intervaltraining absworkout corestrength functionaltraining functionalfitness workoutoftheday workoutroutine highintensity landmine totalbodyworkout motivationmonday

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With temperatures on the rise, we are getting a lot of questions about the different body sculpting options we offer here at Skin. Here is an overview of CoolSculpting, Emsculpt, and Exilis Ultra including the technology behind each treatment and the body concerns each treatment addresses. Call us at 207-572-1618 or DM us to schedule your consultation today!

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Chest and back with an added bonus of incorporating the core into all the push-up moves Thank you tonyshorton for this routine ✌🏻🌱💪🏻

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站姿瑜珈 站姿前彎式 Inversion StandingForwardBend Uttanasana In Sanskrit Uttana = intense stretch Asana = pose Benefits of this pose Provide a strong stretch for the hamstrings, back of the body. Helps lengthen and stretch the spine. The inverted nature of the posture increases the blood supply to the head and brain. Relieving stress and soothing the nervous system. 能改善消化。 對於雙腿較緊的人也可以達到放鬆效果。 quoteoftheday “不要懷疑自己或浪費你的一生。 人生太短了, 而你太特別了。 Don’t ever doubt yourselves or waste a second of your life. It’s too short, and you’re too special.” ~~~ Ariana Grande dailyroutine 🧘‍♀️ stretcheverydamnday 锻炼核心肌群 维持良好姿势 抬头挺胸收腹 改善驼背圆肩 namaste🙏 bodyalignment 🕴 flexibility stability mobility corestrength 🏋 balance 🤸‍♀🤸‍♂ practicedmindfully fightforbackache myrehabjourney selfie📷 blackandwhitephoto My Sunrise 🌞Pose Align & Refine Platinum Yoga moveit150 my10ktoday

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Storm Freya, Storm Gareth, Storm Hannah These storms don't seem to be going anywhere so you better wrap up warm! What better way than in one of our Hardcore hoodies? Look cool whilst you're keeping warm 😉 . Link is in our bio corestrengthstudios bristol bristollife bristolphysio bristolfitness bristolbloggers physio physiotherapy sportstherapy medx backpain backpainrelief backpaintips bristolbusiness fitfam fitfamuk bristolpersonaltrainer corestrength activewear sportswear stormfreya stormgareth stormhannah

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Pop up HOT barre class with catherine_thorpe, tomorrow at 4pm! 🔥🔥🔥 Sign up on our app, search Full Out Barre in the App Store. springbreak2019

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In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. - - 📸 credit dfit_pt - - Dip Bars 👉 ramassfitness

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La mobilità ed il controllo della SPINA sono la base per la prevenzione di infortuni e per la giusta attivazione dei muscoli durante l’esecuzione degli esercizi 👉🏼 Ecco 4 esercizi base che puoi inserire nella tua routine, non te ne pentirai ✌🏼😎. veinsthenics im.marcx_pt movewell calisthenics gymnastics gymnasticsbodies skills pullups rings bemorehuman calisthenicsaroundtheworld bb4life dips wayoflife getstrong muscleup workhard workoutstyle handstand365 bodycontrol roadtothedream corestrength gymnastics gymnastic gymnastics toptags stretch Shoulderhealth flexible gymnastique barworkout gymnastlife gymnastics

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A powerful physical body is only the result of an even more powerful mind 💭 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ On a real note though 📝 ⁣ If you constantly tell yourself you ‘can’t’ then you’re rightyou totally can’t!⁣ ⁣ When you’re ready to change the way you speak to yourself then that’s when the magical sh*t starts to happen 💫⁣ ⁣ You’re highest self is ready whenever you are ✨ ⁣ ⁣ practicemakesprogress goodmorning mondaymotivation

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Our Love Yourself challenge may be over, but we’re still here squeezing, tucking, and shaking ✨ Will you continue to build on your challenge momentum? Keep going strong, my babes 💕 barrestrong barrelove newweeknewgoals PC barmethodslo 😻 Happy 2 year anniversary beauties 🎈

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4 Rounds: Single Arm DB Row x 12 ea DB Glute Bridge x 15 In and Out x 15 Muscles activated: Upper back, Biceps, Core, Glutes

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"Life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent of how you react to it." So use the 90% and make the most of your life. 🤸‍♀️💚🤸‍♀️ "Das Leben besteht aus 10% daraus, was dir passiert und zu 90% daraus, wie Du darauf reagierst." Nutze die 90% und mach was draus! Day 4 VibrantSpringChallenge 💚🤸‍♀️💚 Pose Lineup: Day 1: Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana) 💚 Day 2: Lotus Pose (Padmasana) 💚 Day 3: Side Plank (Vasisthasana) 💚 Day 4: Camel Pose (Ustrasana) 💚 Day 5: Chair Pose (Utkatasana) Day 6: Lizard (Utthan Pristhasana) Day 7: Headstand (Sirasana) Day 8: Yogi's Choice Hosts: queeniephair codyyoga gesticulate thekarinasmith Sponsors: aumniecreatebalance aumniecanada

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Interested in being a part of the fun LIVE? . There will be another Culture Class this Weds 715a, neoufitness. If interested, simply DM for a guest spot and join us in the studio for breath, sweat, and movement Can’t join us LIVE? Click the link in bio to download the app and stream Weds class from ANYWHERE. 💙 . movementcultureco livethebody NEOUfitness alwayson markozzie movement culture fitrevolution gaytrainer queerworkout neopilates fitness corestrength fitcommunity fitlife dancetherapy nycfitness livestreaming dancefitness dancesport pilates pilatestrainer dancilates dancechallenge

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So true! Another way to say it: Do not mistake my kindness and gentle demeanor for weakness. Happy Monday! 💗 lookscanbedeceiving innerstrength tough ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• kindnestquest kindness bekind kindnessmatters loveandlight mindfulness mindset positivevibes mondaymotivation moxie happymonday persevere begonias flowerstagram pink weakness strength yougotthis delicate roots corestrength tenacious holdtight tenacity resilience

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Rolling into Monday with these spikey ballsusing them in my workout to massage into all those tights spots for a lovely bit of release 👌🏻

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LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. It's telling you things that you might want to ignore but you know are right for you. ⁣⠀ -⁣⠀ I didn’t do blokfestuk (THE competitive bouldering series of the season) on the weekend despite my return home, and as much as many darling friends old and pestered me to do so. But I did come to the thecastleclimbingcentre the next day, to have a wee play on some great blocs in an environment I truly love.⁣⠀ -⁣⠀ The smarter choice was saying no to competing and saying yes to self control and care, not pushing myself to breaking point. My natural competitor often fights against this and often finds this side of me demotivating and dull. ⁣⠀ -⁣⠀ I want to move til I am 100. I know I have an untapped well of physical capability, and I know I have much more to give. However, smarter, intuitive choices means listening to my body intuition as much as my ambitious nature. ⁣⠀ -⁣⠀ What is your GUT saying to you today? 🤔⁣⠀ Thanks achinasoul for capturing my British 🇬🇧 pride in my sweatybetty legs .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ iamasweatybetty mondaymotivation gutfeeling bouldering girlsboulder doyouboulder foryourmountain strongwomen powerful goals climbers climbinginspiration livewithoutlimits womenwhoclimb corestrength ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀

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I was so happy to see amysuewolfert for my Sunday night class She always brings such great energy to the room, always smiling and positive, working hard and having fun I’m loving his new time change too because it is still light out when coming AND going from classand the sun is beautiful! ☀️ Don’t miss next week’s class I’ve introduced 6 new workouts newclasses poppilates movetomusic totalbodyworkout matbasedpilates noequipment totalbodyopener corestrength poppinfoxfitness

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Every instructor has their own ways of helping students in their asanas. Some provide improvisation options while some instructors want their students to "do it the right way". For me, there is no right or wrong in how you work your way into an asana (as long as it's not harmful / dangerous). However, there are different levels of practice which requires more and more involvement of the core, other muscles and energy flow. So know your state of mind and physical conditions for the day. Attempt every asana as it comes and one day "the right way" - with the engagement of every aspect of the body and mind will come to you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 progress positive positivevibes reflection brainpower amazingfacts thehumanbrain yoga sirshasana headstand trainingthemind focus balance corestrength yogalove yogaaddict yogainstructor nakshatrasolutions vinyasaflex yogajournal yogakl yogamalaysia yogalife yogateacher yogatime yogavibes yogaclass yogadaily yogagram ig_malaysia

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My goal in life to make sure I spend time with my mind, body and soul to explore every possibility. Some have asked me why I am pushing myself please know that most of my videos are only a very small part of my full practice and they are fast forwarded up to 20 to 30 times. In reality, it take lots of time to bring awareness to the minor joints up to the major muscles and to engage the core which connects every part of the body and mind. Please do not misunderstand the concept of Yoga Practice by watching videos on Instagram which has a one minute upload limit. 😊❤😊 progress positive positivevibes reflection brainpower amazingfacts thehumanbrain yoga sirshasana headstand trainingthemind focus balance corestrength yogalove yogaaddict yogainstructor nakshatrasolutions vinyasaflex yogajournal yogakl yogamalaysia yogalife yogateacher yogatime yogavibes yogaclass yogadaily yogagram ig_malaysia

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Le one-arm Lsit AUSSI dans ma ligne de mire ;) Si je m’applique à me dégommer dans tous les domaines ça n’est pas parce que je cherche la perfection mais la destruction. De ma faiblesse, de mes peurs, de mes lacunes, de mes doutes et de mon corps. 👊🏻🔥