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Доброго дня, друзья)) Wish you good day, my friend)

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Richard Phillip Dean got his start playing intermission piano for Earl “Fatha” Hines and his All Stars, at the Black Sheep Restaurant in San Francisco. He later joined legendary band “Moby Grape” and played keyboards, and wrote songs, (Heart ‘84’ album. He and guitarist Peter Lewis decided to form a musical comedy duo. And they got gigs in Indian Wells, and at Camp Pendleton’s Officers Club in Oceanside and Coronado Currently, Rich entertains at 30 to 40 retirement communities in the Seattle area. 💣 MojoHeadz Records 💥 mojoheadz mojoheadzrec mojoheadzrecords countrymusiclover countrymusicsinger americanmusic bluesmusic

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It’s been a looong time since I’ve done anything even semi-heavy as far as lifting goes. Today I finally jumped back into it. Built up to a “heavy” double on hang power cleans. This was my last set and I was surprisingly pleased with what I could still do. I still don’t have all of the weights to need to build up properly so I cut it off here. Only 15 shy of what I was doing in November last year! 🙌 • streetparking has made it possible for me to almost completely maintain most of my strength while taking a break from traditional CrossFit workouts and I have only been doing their daily workouts, nothing extra! My stamina might not be as great with heavier workouts but my muscle tone and definition has actually improved! Keeping it simple is extremely effective when it comes to exercise AND nutrition! 💥 • Side note: there’s no one I’d rather listen to than good ol’ George Straight when working out! 😍 Anyone else a huge fan? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ • nutrivation motivation nutrition pncoach pncoaching nutritioncoach streetparking streetparkingmembers itsnotadietitsalifestyle strongmom countrymusiclover georgestrait

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Presente do meu maninho Fera Costa CD maravilhoso com lindas canções Obrigado meu irmão.

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Y’all can we look at this face? He made me a mama almost 7 years ago and it is by far the best gig I’ve ever had. He sees me being healthy and he’s the best hype man I’ve ever had. He gives the best hugs and kisses. He gave me a high five this morning for increasing my weights, and runs to hug me every time I finish a workout. My wish is that everyone be their own hype man. Hype yourself up, believe in your damn self, and push yourself to greatness. 🙌🏻🦄 motherhood hypeman boymom rolemodel motivationmonday

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My girl, Miranda Lambert, Themed Tumbler! 🎼 Order yours today! 🖤

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There is beauty all around us, even if you see it every day Stop and take a minute to appreciate what surrounds you iloveoregonskies pnwlife

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Calling all CountryMusicFans! Don't miss your chance to ask me anything! Is Elvis REALLY still alive? Where is Big Foot hiding? What the heck was the ending of Lost all about? How do you make the perfect Manhattan? I know you've got Q's so stop by and we'll try to find some A's together at thevalentinenashville!

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Loved getting to see Jordan Davis open for Old Dominion at the Hulu Theater at MSG Friday night on the Make It Sweet Tour!

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Spoiler 🚨 FNHH 5/24 5:45 PM Country Hoedown with K.K. It’s going to soldout Be sure to RSVP before it’s too late! See you at BARREbeat💋

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Someone called me out on my lack of having my shit together lately, and honestly I’m 100% glad they did. I get we’re all busy. We all have different things going on in our life. I used moving and unpacking as my reason to not do much else throughout my day. However, what started as a somewhat legit reason has turned into a full blown excuse and I definitely fell flat on my face. This morning I woke up and left all my excuses behind. I rallied my team and we came together and started an AMAZING accountability thread on Snapchat (seriouslythe girls KILLED it today), I crushed my workout before work, and I’ve stuck with my meal plan even when my brain and cravings wanted me to do otherwise. I’ve also worked on being more mindful of how I’m spending my time today - attempting to do more productive things and less social media scrolling. Change is hard y’all. It takes time and dedication. And we all know how tough it can be to stay consistent, but it’s what ya gotta do to reach those goals. I’m going to start focusing on each day at a time and all the little things I can do RIGHT NOW to help me reach my big ass goals in the future. Also, remember to love and respect those that have the guts to call you out on your crap. THOSE are the people who know you can do more and be more than you have been, and those are the people who want nothing but the best for you.

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Do you get excited about Mondays? I do! 🙋 It's a new week, I love both jobs that I am blessed with, I thrive on routine, and any day we wake up is something to be excited about! 🙌 Not everyone is blessed with one job they love, let alone two! I realize that. But why couldn't you have ONE you love? No boss, no schedule, and freedom. How does that sound? It's amazing, I can testify to that. So, my question is: Why. Not. You? What are you telling yourself in your head right now that is already shooting this down before you've even thought it through? The only place negative self talk gets you, sister, is absolutely nowhere. I'm placing a Help Wanted sign on my damn forehead and I want your spirit in my squad! Because, WHY NOT YOU??? 🤩 linkinbio helpwanted squadgoals whynotyou positivity * * * * findyourtribe freedomsquad workoutathome momlife mamatried disneynerd coffeelover countrymusic fitmom momofboth fitness bookworm selfcare loveyourself disneymom girlswithglasses fitfam girlgang momlifebelike workingmom countrymusiclover

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iamjojo was such a sweetheart. It was a pleasure talking to her, hearing her sing, and of course, opening the show for her!

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Guess what my weakness is? FOOD . I would grab fast food in a heartbeat before heading home to cook a meal and it was an endless cycle. I would feel sick, bloated and over eat and I needed help When I joined a Bootcamp and got all the recipes/meals plans, something clicked. I learned how to eat, prep and plan for the unexpected. Now I make delicious recipes that I now share with my bootcampers If you can relatethen me and you should talk! I am looking for 10 ladies who are ready to change their lives for the better firsttimemom boymom postpartumbody postpartumjourney boymomlife fitmoms postpartumweightloss firsttimeparents momlife goworkout applewatchseries3 whatsyourwhy newmom curvybody marriedliferocks countrymusiclover peanutbutterlover myjourney girlswithfreckles selflove albertagirl sweatathome loveyourcurves deliciouslunch lovepink

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Happy Long Weekend! We hope you had the chance to connect with your loved ones and listen to some great tunes. 🎶 Photo of davidleemurphy, Rockin’ The West headliner, by jasonkalish

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Open Mic Night with Aaron Loesch hosting and jessieb_777 behind the bar! Join us! Happy hour til 7! Open Mic kicks off at 6pm! See you soon! Ask about tickets to upcoming shows and purchase right in our Box Office to avoid online fees! Upcoming shows include: davidadambyrnes 5/24 David Holt, Speedy Sparks and Tommy Taylor 5/25 Shake Russell & Michael Hearne 5/31 jackingram 6/1 masonmarekandthedrifters 6/7 chadcookeband 6/14 haydenhaddockmusic 6/15 jdw_music 6/21 rogerclyneandthepeacemakers 6/27 bribagwell 6/29 thedalewatson 7/5 sundancehead 7/26

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Heard this song couple times and wondered if I could cover itso here is my first attempt lol I know that I dont know all the lyrics lol so bare with meI think it could be a fun duet with anyone out there who would be up for the challenge. Just hit up the Dm. Aloha ladygaga astarisborn shallow shallowcover shallowladygaga ladygaga bradleycooper countrymusic countrymusiclover garthbrooks georgestrait cmas cma tennessee texas georgia aloha mahalo tmoss country hawaiian rvca taylorguitars shure thenextidol thevoice 808viral kailua hawaii rnb hiphop starisbornmovie

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I’ve been working on a digital archive of some of the album covers my dad designed or photographed over the last 40 years. Each one of these albums has a story too. Like the time my mom helped burn the brand new flag on the Johnny Cash album, (no one tell the federal government). Or the time my dad caught a ride from Charlie Rich on the way back from a photo shoot, and things went a little sideways. Anyway, I am pretty proud of my pops. You could say my career as a creative director began when I was crashing photo shoots when I was 5. I have another plan for all these stories I’m working on, but in the meantime, for those who are into this kind of thing. Enjoy. graphicdesign albumcover albumartwork country countrymusic countrymusiclover nashville vintage nashville record johnnycash johnhiatt maninblack hatchshowprint artdirector photography portraitphotography

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🌹Ticket Giveaway🌹 Alright friends and fans of country music, big weekend coming up. We have an absolute burner on Friday when we make our foxtheatreco debut, celebrating flashmountainflood’s album release alongside kindheartedstrangers • Tag your dance partner for a chance to win free tickets to the show💃🏻💃🏻🕺🕺 The first two will be selected on Wednesday and will receive a free CD. Help us bring the classic country song and dance to Boulder. For tickets at their lowest price, without fees, DM or Venmo $10 to Evan-Holm-1 to be placed on Will-Call • TUESDAY we join the openaircpr studio for a live performance and interview. The performance will air on Thursday at noon on 102.3 FM for Mile High Noon. 📸 by dans1434 country countrymusiclover countrymusic denver colorado 5280 bouldercolorado cudenver wehatepopcountry savingcountrymusic flashmountainflood classiccountry musician musicmonday love highandlonesome highandlonesomesound shamelessselfpromotionisnauseating Who ya bringing?? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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Aqui cê tromba no farpado , aqui o chicote estrala nois não guenta desaforo nois tem vergonha na cara , truquei e já tá trucado falei e já tá falado , não aceito bronca de sogra nem conversa de cunhado 🙌🙌🍻🍻🍻🍻 mayckelyanoficial Sigam : comitivafirmenoarreio sertanejo sertanejouniversitario sertanejos sertanejou sertanejotop sertanejobruto sertanejobao sertanejovip sertanejonaveia sertanejar sertanejinho sertanejouniversitário sertanejoraiz sertanejando musicasertaneja sertaneja arrocha músicasertaneja amosertanejo musica hashtagsemportugues countrymusic ilovecountrymusic countrymusiclover photooftheday

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Yea, the rains gonna fall on us all Your hearts gonna break sometimes But theres no way around it, lifes full of mountains Youre gonna have to climb But there aint no crime in crying You just gotta keep on trying So remember, no matter what youre going through Tough times dont last Tough people do countrymusic besties bestfriends instaselfie instalike instasmile redlips girlswithpiercings wingedliner girlswithtattoos igdaily countrymusiclover musiclyrics musiclover brettkissel toughpeopledo mydayone canadiangirls

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To those who say we’re only good because of our weight/height difference 😜 It definitely helps for sure! But that can’t stop Grant from lifting a 180 lb guy into the star on his FIRST TRY. borntodance makemiguelmoney star manlifts notcheerleaders justdancers lifts dancecouple acrodance acrodancer couplegoals countryswingdance countryswing stuntcouple swingdance countrygirl country countryguy partnerlifts dance countrymusic countrymusicfan countrymusicrocks countrymusiclover dancecouple cowboy cowgirl provocenterstreetcountrydancing acro circus

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Everything you need to know! 🌲🍻🤘 Tag your crew.

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So much musical talent and entertainment at this year's cloverdalerodeo photobyego has one more day left thanks to a longweekend We're all looking forward to seeing her write up and photos! Stay tuned!

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Just shot a badass music video for MY NEXT SINGLE BEING RELEASED 5/31 🚨🚨🚨🚨

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🎶❤️ MUSIC IS LIFE musicislife 🎶THIS IS BOURGEOIS ENTERTAINMENT Where MUSIC IS THE ANSWER 🎶💃🏼🎶🕺🏻🤙🏽🤩 MONDAY MOTIVATION mondaymotivation Jammmmin To Gretchen Wilson gretchenwilson Here For The Party mixxxxed with Kerosene mirandalambert . songoftheday 💜🎶🕺🏻Absolutely LOVE WHAT I DO lovewhatido djlife dj entertainment 🙏🏼 One Day I Will Get The Opportunity To DJ FULLTIME countrymusic country music musicians musicvideo musicproducer countrymusiclover turnup musiclife djs djing mobiledj weddingdj partydj lit rvadj rva virginiabeach dmv vegasbaby virginiaweddingplanner

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S U M M E R is almost here! I am so ready for warm weather, friends, family, pools and lakes. I’m so glad I started this wellness journey! This summer is going to be my best one yet. Are you ready to have the best summer of your life? Let’s chat! campingday bookstagram booktube cricutshirts cricutlife crafter planner planneraddict gameofthronesfan booknerd fangirl countrygirl girlswhohunt girlsthatfish countrylife ironworkersgf lakelife relaxbythelake midwestblogger midwestgirl illinoisblogger illinoisgirl yeeyee grangersmith countrymusiclover

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Have some good stuff in the works

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This is my country guy Just love him so and I get to see him in concert on July 4th 🇺🇸 To say I’m excited is definitely an understatement tobykeith mohegansunarena

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“Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. I’ve been playing around with this song a little as a guitar instrumental.