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Artist Name: Shelby White Follow Her: imshelbywhite Shelby is a up and coming singer who just released her first Single, "Sober" which is a country twist on Demi Lovato's original song. Go check out her instagram profile for a link to hear it on iTunes. countrymusicsingers countrymusic singersongwriter newmusic nashvillemusic realcountrymusic countrysinger musicians musicartist musiccity singer countrymusiclover countrymusicrocks countrymusicfans countrymusicforever countrymusicartist countrymusicradio songwriterlife nashvillesongwriter

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You can find me in the front row. 🎶

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Who's excited for Katy's March 1st release of 'Twenty Something'??? Repost imkatygalloway (with report.for.insta) It’s been a while since I have released any new music and I am so pleased to be able to announce my brand new EP ‘Twenty Something’ that is going to be released on 1st March 2019! Get the date in your diary, it will be available on all major music platforms!

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Incredible time with the guys last night at stationonjasper ! Thanks so much to everyone that came out to help make it an amazing night 🙃. 📸: katherinemariecolwell

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Workout Coming Close to my numbers without doing my workout yet I was at a soup kitchen with this guy 👇🏻and his Scout troop all day It feels good to pamper yourself and be able to nurture yourself daily but it feels even better when you can help less fortunate men,women and livelovelaugh boyscoutmom rugbymom marchingbandmom over40 momof3boys gmom alwaysgiveback feelthelove disnerd countrymusiclover myjourney FF beyou rma pa pamperothers coachgoals mentor scoutleader ❤️❤️ momlife coffee

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Why on earth would I willy nilly it?!?! 🤔👊 🎵 This is Living by Hillsong & Free

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The making of Stay With Me (feat. alexisgomezmusic). grantmickelson played the electric guitar parts, cause he's awesome, and because he's my friend, but mostly because I paid him money. I wanted a pedal steel sound on this song so he meshed two different guitar parts together to mimic a pedal steel. He was unsure about the result when talking it over with the songs producer robbieartress and me. I wasn't. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Grant.⠀ ⠀ The song is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play and everywhere you listen to music.⠀

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Had a blast at espn’s collegegameday on Saturday! I may or may not have been fangirling over getting to see these awesome kentuckymbb players up close in person! 😂🙌 Thanks statefarm! 🏀

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Two Days Left to vote. I personally need a huge favor. The town of Durant, Oklahoma is in a contest to win a $500,000 Small Business Makeover. Being from Oklahoma, I would love to see them win. Reba McEntire And myself both attended collage in this Amazing town. Thanks for your help! ~ TK VOTE HERE:

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Seeing as I am seeing the King of Country in a few months, I needed to add a George Strait design to my collection! 🤩 Link in Bio

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Come check out my latest cover for this week. It’s a Shania Twain song, ‘You’re Still The One.’ Please subscribe if you’re happy with my content. I upload a new music video, weekly. Cheers 🎧💙(link in bio) youtube • • • • • artist singer actor musician singersongwriter performer musicindustry youtubers creator youtubechannel weeklyvideo shaniatwain shaniafans countrymusic countrypop countryartists countrymusiclover countrymusicrocks countrymusicfan countrygirl yourestilltheone countrycover countrycovers countrycoversongs countrymusiccover danielleedwards danielleedwardsmusic bloomwhereyouareplanted vocal

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My drive home yesterday Weekend getaway was beautiful and amazing. I met a lot of new people & such great hospitality out here, absolutely grateful. ✌🏽 🖤 took the back road. 💕🎶 Country music . peaceofmind grateful countrymusiclover

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Back in the studio feeling good n recording a brand new radio show for y’all And a syndication company has reached out and we’ll be airing in all local markets soon rowdyradioshow

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♥️Mrs. Jean from Portal For many years you have heard Mrs. Jean from Portal call in. She would make jokes, give her honest opinion, make requests, and would always tell us she loved us before she hung up the phone. ✝️Today, Mrs. Jean from Portal flew home to be in the arms of Jesus. Around 10:30 this morning Robin called and left a message to call her about Mrs. Jean. As soon as I got out of my meeting I called Robin. She let us know Mrs. Jean had been moved to Hospice in Statesboro and she wasn’t able to speak. I asked if she could put us on speaker phone so we could talk to her. Darci and I told Mrs. Jean we loved her and promised her that Pastor Tom Akins would preach her funeral and that we were praying her Home. She didn’t speak but Robin said she was blinking and raising her eyebrows when she heard our voices. We told her we would be to see her this afternoon. 😪We got off the phone and within 10 mins Robin called us back to tell us that Mrs. Jean was in the arms of Jesus. 🤗Mrs. Jean, thank you for loving us like one of your own! Thank you for always remembering birthdays, anniversaries and calling just to “say hey.” This is not goodbye, because I know we will see you again one day! Until then, your memory will be kept alive at Y96 Hot Country Hits! ♥️ Viewing is Wednesday 5-8 Joiner-Anderson Funeral Home in Statesboro. Mrs. Jean’s funeral is Thursday at 11:00 • speciallady gonebutneverforgotten likeamother loyalfriend countrymusiclover radiofam

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"l’ve always dreamed of having my own country themed brand of makeup, something that ressonated with other people like me." GnG founder tuffandpretty gunpowderngloss

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This weekend I have been in a major mood. Saturday was great. We had family come over and hang out. But yesterday and today I have just been mad 😡. No idea why. Nothing major happened. Just woke up on the wrong side of the bed I guess. So I am taking 45 minutes to myself and going to my happy place. I’m getting lost in the reps of each move. Strengthening my muscles one day at a time. I can almost feel my anxiety melting away. Working out makes me feel 💯times better. So I am taking time out for me.

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Fun filter via Snapchat he he heee - - My daily meal replacement looks a little suspicious, to be truthful I don’t always get my additives spot on so sometimes it tastes suspicious too. Sometimes I get a little heavy handed with the black pepper and you know what it’s ok. Since I started adding turmeric to my drink my inflammation has decreased. I don’t use the usual base either the aloe vera I use is so much better for my health than any milk out there or the fact that I add avocado to get extra good fats daily is so super important to me. - - Honestly though how it tastes, what I mix with it or what flavor of the day I choose doesn’t matter. What matters is how it makes me feel, how it’s improved my health and how no matter what others say it has changed my life for the better. The best part is I do drink it almost everyday and I don’t have to decide on a meal, I know what I’m having, I know I’m going to have my drink with all the goodies I need and it’s helping to improve my health. - - I don’t really drink, I’ve never smoked and I haven’t always taken care of myself. I’ve become very aware of how important my health and fitness is as my age has increased. I don’t want to have the health issues my parents and other family members have had. That means taking better care of myself NO MATTER WHAT My daily drink has become a huge part of it, even if I don’t get it mixed just right! 😉 - - thisis50 menopause menopausefitness sayyestosuccess neorainternational makeideashappen thriveexperience girlboss pruvit makeithappen rodanandfields beyourownboss influencive monat wearechampions bethechange accountability workfromwherever suicidesurvivor mommymakeover momwholifts musclemom yorkiemom inkedmom hashimotodisease hypothyroidism autoimmune countrymusiclover raisedoncountry lasvegasbaby

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Best friend: the only person you text with before 7 am to finish your convo from the night before, who you also text after 2 am from the next room about celeb gossip, who doesn't judge you for eating 4 slices of pizza because they probably want slice 5 themselves, who loves cats and country music as much as you do, who supports all your wildest dreams in your life, your business, your relationship. Who is the best gift giver and always knows your favourite wine or bevvie at the time. Who gets you hooked on eggs benny when you never once ate it beforeI can go on forever but this girl is the bomb and she deserves the world. So much so that the province gave her a long weekend for her birthday! Hooray Happy birthday, Michelley marissahannaphotography yegphotographer yeggers bestfriendgoals friendsforlife takemetothemountains mountaingirls maidofhonor bridesmaids pizzalover eggsbennyaddict countrybumpkin countrymusiclover lakeminnewanka mybanff canmorealberta woodscanada explorealberta portraitphotography weshouldbefriends

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“You’ll only find your passion if you search and fight to discover it” . This may be my new favorite quote. Just because society tells you that you need to live a certain way and have a certain type of job doesn’t make that true . I want a job that allows me flexibility. Where I can easily take a day off without worrying about vacation time or even a midday break that isn’t just my “lunch hour”. A job that allows me to work from anywhere on my own time Every day I’m placing my pebbles where one day that dream will be a reality. Have you found your passion yet? girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings michigangirl southernliving southernwinter countrymusiclover myfitnessjourney doglover northcarolina femaleprofessional architecturelife girlswhosquat interiordesignerslife homedecorator southernroots leggingsarepantstoo workfromanywhere careerflexibilty liveonmyownterms beaboss worknowplaylater iamthatgirl

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Choose GREATNESS this Monday! Be CLEAR with your choices and keep climbing to the TOP! clearchoicebags

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I like to call this installment 1 of, “pretty as a pixel” These gems were a find about a year ago from ritualvintage . I rarely meet a high-waisted pant that I don’t like. Some in the 70’s wore these and felt so futuristic. Guess I’m going “back to the future”. Thanks to: jennifernettles 💜💙 countrymusicfan jennifernettlesfans jennifernettlesmpac countrymusic countrymusicislife countrymusiclover countrymusicvideo countrymusicfestival jennifernettlesxmastour jennifernettlesconcert countrymusician

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Creating joy in small moments. "Thank you so much! Brycen had an amazing time last night. He was excited to meet dylanscottcountry and was glad he remembered him. Thank you for making this all possible and giving Brycen an amazing night!" - Brycen's Mom

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Many of you know I have an addiction, I mean obsession, I mean passion, yes, passion that’s it, for vintage clothing and home items. I love imagining the stories behind the vintage items I find. It’s even something that I enjoy doing on the road. For example, meet “Penny”. I found Penny theflyingworm on our stop in Omaha, Nebraska. Some little girl named “Penny” must have roped herself a steer and wanted to wear her joy of it all on her body. I can relate Penny! I can relate! So, in honor of Penny, I’ve decided to start sharing with you some of my treasures, prizes and finds with the hashtag . More to come. Until then, Penny and I are going to check on the lasagna I have in the oven. Thanks to: jennifernettles 😀💘 jennifernettlesmpac countrymusicvideo countrymusician jennifernettlesconcert countrymusicfan jennifernettlesxmastour countrymusicislife jennifernettlesfans countrymusicfestival countrymusiclover countrymusic