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Gir is a famous cattle breed of India. It is found in Gir Forest area of Gujarat state and districts around Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Gircow is known for good milk productivity. In this cow’s milk, the elements of gold are found which develop immunity. gircowsforsale cows gircowsmilk cowspiracy

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These people are fighting for the life of God's precious animals. Why are humans still sinking their teeth into decomposing bodies. I really can not understand or accept this. edenisvegan ❤️ directactioneverywhere Western Australia Premier, Mark_McGowan_MP, responds to cries for the release of a calf seized by police after Wellbeing_James Warden rescued him. If a law is unjust, a person is not only right to disobey it, they are obligated to do so. -Martin Luther King Swipe left to see the second part of video. Sign the petition to protectTheo at Link in bio. nonviolent cows dairyfree dairyisscary animalrightsactivism righttorescue openrescue friendsnotfood theirlivesnotours govegan socialjusticewarrior socialjustice animalrescue dairycalves vegan veal animalovers animalagriculture slaverystillexists onestruggleonefight veganheroes speciesism cowsofinstagram

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Today is Earthday! Lets take care of our planet. Research shows that adopting a plant-based diet is the biggest way you can reduce your impact on earth. 🌍🌿👪 humanity vegan govegan ditchdairy plantbased compassion motherearth love cows family bekind eatfortheplanet waterpollution cowsofinstagram loveanimals burger beef food climatechange environment savetheplanet animalagriculture water meat hamburger rainforestdestruction oceandeadzones speciesextinction

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Not many people are aware that the dairy industry is directly linked to the veal industry. Male calves are useless to the dairy industry due to their inability to produce milk. As a result, they are either killed or sold for veal. Take a stand against the slaughter of innocent babies by refusing to support the dairy industry ditchdairy vegan govegan compassion mother babycow beautiful love cows milk VEAL animalcruelty family bekind puppy cowsofinstagram cheese food steakdinner loveanimals animalrights kindness lovedogs furbaby ilovecows dairyfree burger plantbased oatmilk dairykills

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VISION 2019 Clipping: Platz 3 von ca. 15 Rangieren und Tierbeurteilung: nicht plaziert Vorfürwettbewerb: Platz 4 von 6 TypSchau: letzter Platz Teamwettbewerb: nicht plaziert Wie ihr seht, war es nicht unser bestes Wochenende, denn bis auf den Clippingwettbewerb lief es nicht so gut. Jedenfalls nicht von den Platzierungen her. Auf den dritten Platz bin ich besonders stolz, denn letztes Jahr war an eine Plazierung bein Clippen noch lange nicht zu denken. Aber auch auf meine kleine Blue, welche im beim Vorfüheren präsentieren durfte bin ich besonders stolz. Denn obwohl es am Ende nur der 4. Platz in unserer Klasse wurde, lief sie wirklich gut. Und ehrlich gesagt, konnte ich die Plazierung nicht wirklich nachvollziehen. Aber man kann nicht immer gewinnen. Niederlagen gehören halt auch dazu. Und ich gönne es den anderen auch, denn sie haben sicherlich auch viel Zeit in das Training investiert! Bild: jungzüchtewettbeweb rinerallianz younvisin clippig scheen topline tierbeurteilung rangieren schau cows rinder jungrind schwarzbunt farmlife karow züchtertreffen love kuhliebe mylove fotographie

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This is our Duck Duck. He was adopted from my sister as he used to give all other birds a hard time. With a lot of love and a massive amount of time spent with Duck Duck he has proven that he can change his location but still chooses to be himself and give every other bird a hard time 😒 countryliving cats cutegaycouple pamper happycats happyhotgaycouple gardens gardenlove onpoint pieceandquiet tenniscourt blessed countrygarden cows pigs koalas budgies cars happygaylife friends flowers landrover mercedes bmw ford fairlane carlove loved

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Just a girl and her pet cows. In love with this find because it reminds me of some beach pals. 🐮🐄 Happy Moooonday all!

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Went for a surprise adventure today with my friends and a bunch of our kiddies and it was just spectacular. We ended up at Barrington, and it was so amazingly relaxing, so quiet and peaceful out there. Next adventure awaits barringtoncoast adventures holidays 💚

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🐂 Bull Breeding Soundness Exam 🐂 Last Thursday we had our bull breeding soundness exam practical, which was a really great, interactive class. I have previously done rectal palpation on cows but this class was the first time I had ever palpated a bull! 🐂🤛 There are five steps to the bull breeding soundness exam: 🐂 Record the husbandry and health history of the individual or group of bulls 🐂 Conduct a general physical exam, including gait assessment (very important for the bulls ability to mount cows) 🐂 Systemically examine the external and internal genitalia 🐂 Collect a sample of semen for microscopic examination (AV, eectroejaculation or massage) 🐂 Assess mating ability and libido When palpating the accessory sex glands of the bull you will be able to feel the pelvic portion of the penis, then a "speed bump" which is the prostate, followed by two tubes which are the ampulla and the seminal vesicles (bunch of grapes) laterally to these The semen is then assessed for motility and morphology under the microscope. Can you identify the morpholigcal abnormality in the second picture? Grateful again to be learning from such experienced clinicians and academics, who provide a safe learning environment, encourage us to ask many questions and stress the importance of keeping ourselves safe when working with cattle! 🐂🐮

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location: walmart, frankfort ky simple brown and white cow with blue mixed into the darks and yellows mixed into the mediums/dark whites - very similar to the last cow painting w the one with 3 cows rating: 5/10 cows

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She’s keen for her milk this afternoon🍼🐮 FOLLOW 👇👇👇👇.lover 📷 Follow me :➡ For More 😉 ➖ Visit our shop to buy 🔝 Cows 👕 T-SHIRTS Hoodies Legging Mugs Updating ➡ Click the link in my bio ( ) ➖ 🏪 Printed in the USA ➖ 🌎 Shipping worldwide ➖ 😉 Tag & Share with your Friends⤵ ➖ : From: cows_lovers_of_insta cow cows cowlove cowselfie cowlife

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Think w h o you eat not w h a t you eat was your dinner curious? Inquisitive and friendly? Was it a baby? Killed before it had lived anywhere near half their natural life-span? wakeup 💚 forthem