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Mind the spike strips this weekend! Seriously though, whatever you plan on doing this Memorial Day Weekend, please be safe out there and take care of each other! ✌️

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First a dying sound. Then this Smokin’ 😱🔥🤬 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• My ryobitoolsusa Blue 18v Circular Saw which I bought 15 years ago made it’s last breath with it’s final project and unfortunately was not able to finish it’s job. This was my first Blue Ryobi CircSaw. I have (2) of these. This one came with a combo kit. Well, it’s a pleasure working with you. You have helped me for so long ang glad u lasted up to this day. Many projects made bcoz of you and I appreciate everything. You are the best! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Was laughing at the end of the video coz of how much smoke coming out from the motor. But of course sad coz I have to let you go. Farewell buddy! But I will still keep you along with my other first ryobitoolsusa blue power drill who’s been dead for 4 years now which was also part of the CircSaw combo kit. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• farewellryobi thankyouryobi ryobi ryobipowertools ryobitools teamryobi ryobinationrocks ryobination woodworkersofinstagram ryobicollector ibleedryobi ryobiinvestments woodworkingcommunity moretoolsmoreprojects makersgonnamake woodworking woodworkingprojects makersmovement makerscommunity handyman diy craftsmanship carpentry followme liketolikeback thankgodforeverything adjilonggowoodworks

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Your style, in the making.

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Some of the available fretboards. I'll buy you a soda if you can name all the wood species from left to right :)

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Guess I’ll finally do a post on my custom miter saw wings I made over the winter. I wanted something versatile, not just miter wings not just a bench, something that can adapt to whatever job I’m doing. They’re basically a clash between a paulk bench and Gary Katz wings with a few of my own twists. They’re 7’ long each by 11” wide and 8” deep, all birch ply. I made some legs similar to the Katz style to support the ends that get held into the bench with a couple of rockler_woodworking Magnets to keep them in place during transport. I also made them so you can take both wings and put them together with a couple of drawer hasps on each end to lock them together. Doing this gives me a 22” bench top I can work off of for assembling or cutting bigger stock. I added some kaizen_inserts K’nex on the underside of each one, that way I can drop them on a couple stacks of packouts and have a benchtop anywhere. Granted you can’t get into all your boxes other then the top box when they’re on but i like how they’ve turned out so far and the versatility of them. I’ll probably add some T track to the top and make some kind of stop block system at some point. Need to seal them up first. Thanks garymkatz1 and thepaulkworkbench for the influence.

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In our previous post, we showed how a leather brand mark is cut and embossed. Here we show how it makes it into one of our products, the Slate Stool. ⠀ If you are curious what we have created in the last 12 months, please come and see us at the Ideal Home Show in Glasgow at the SEC, running from May 24-27. Even if you don't buy a single thing, we would love to show'n'tell. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⁣ decoracioninteriores livingspaces designdeinteriores slate stool artsandcrafts contemporarydesign home furnituredesign homedecor homedesign Interiordeco interiordesign interiordesigning interiorinspiration craftsmanship madeinscotland moderndesign modernfurnituredesign livingroom livingroomdecor design interiors interiorstyling interiortrends designer designinspiration copper slateart handmade

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“Craftsmanship. It’s not about making something that meets expectations. It’s about creating something that changes them.” TC As we start to wrap up the cords for the long weekend tomorrow, we thank all our team members for their hard work and dedication. The bar is raised and we can be proud of our final product, yet due to your dedication to your craft we can continue to strive to raise the bar. berghuisconstruction moderncraftsman craftsmanship raisethebar2019 midcenturymodern grandrapidsbuilder

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Ian Röder aus Rieth. Ein absoluter Herzblut-Handwerker, Holzbaufachmann und Visionär für eine zukunftsfähige Landbau- und Siedlungsentwicklung. Er steckt hinter so vielen kleinen und vor allem schönen Details unseres neuen Bauernhofes. Sein Traum sind nachhaltige Formen des Lebens und Wirtschaftens auf unserem einzigartigen Planeten. Ian liebt es, Ideen nicht nur zu denken, sondern auch praktisch umzusetzen. Vom Gesamtkonzept unseres Hofes, der landschaftsangepassten Architektur über die vielen Sträucher und Bäume auf und am Hof bis hin zur wohnraumhaften Einrichtung der Ställe - Ian gibt dem ganzen ein Bild. Kein Wunder, dass auch von ihm die schönen Zukunftsskizzen unserer Hofanlage stammen. Es freut uns riesig, ihn für dieses einmalige Projekt „Wiederaufbau des Biohof May“ gewonnen zu haben. 1.000 Dank für alles Freund Ian. 🙏 Wer selbst gerne ein schönes Landschaftsprojekt mit Gewässer, Bäumen und Liebe plant, ist bei ihm genau richtig. ❤️ vision farmlife landscape love nature circleoflife sustainablesettlements trees water woodworking real craftsmanship new farm

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🇯🇵 🔨 ブランドロゴを彫刻した、オーダーメイドの焼印、素押し金具。よく見ると分かりますが、スタンプと同じく文字を逆さまに彫刻しています。 ・ 🔨 こだわりの革にブランドのロゴを入れ込む為に使用する焼印型。素押しの型に入れ込んでも良し、手打ちの型として使用するのも良し。 ・ 🔨 お客様が理想とするオリジナルブランドのロゴやモチーフを自由に焼印型に彫刻ができます。また、ジュラルミン、鋼、鉄、真鍮製と使用用途や予算に合わせて選択することも可能です。 ・ 🔨 メタルハウスでは、お客様オリジナルブランドや、記念品、プレゼント、ノベルティ。また、アクセサリーパーツ、金属パーツをお客様のデザインやご希望に合わせて、オーダーメイドにてお作りします。 ・ ★ オーダーメイドでブランド特注金具やアクセサリー、金属小物を作りたい方は、プロフィールのメール📩よりご連絡下さい。 HP内では沢山の製作事例もご覧になれます。★ ・ ・ 🇬🇧 🔨 Making metal stamps for your important and precious leather of your products. ・ 🔨 Whatever logos or images can be engraved on stamps and choosing materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, bronze and brass is available also. ・ 🔨 Creating original metal stamps with your own brand names can be used for your own brand and give lots of good impact for so many ways. ・ ★ Are you interested in creating your original accessory or metal fittings with your original brand logos? ・ ・ You can send us your inquiry from Email 📩on our Instagram Profile page. Lots of more examples we have made on our HP also★ ・ ・ メタルハウス オリジナル金具 チャーム ブランド アクセサリー オーダーメイド金具 アーティスト 歌手 ファッション 洋服 真鍮 靴べら 革小物 真鍮アクセサリー キーホルダー originalaccessory craftsmanship brand brass charm singers artist fashion clothing keychains stamps shoehorn accessories actor hairaccessory

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A recent kitchen renovation in Torquay Ave. With this renovated support wall, there was extra counter space, storage and so much more open space! If you're looking for a big or small renovation, give us a call ottawarenovations  renovation  newkitchen  kitchenreno  instagood  construction  femalecontractor  hgtvcanada  renovation  restoration  clients  instacool  remodel  home  contractor  homeimprovement  craftsmanship  builder  homerenovation  carpenter  room  homedecor  interiordesign  marble  custom  myottawa  ottawabiz

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Buddies for life, I think.

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IA Round Table in medium walnut. Classic and striking.

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Only 3 days left on Kickstarter for the Weekender Duffel! FolklandWeekender

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Trying to use this page to educate clients because this crap must stop 😡😡😡😡😡😡 I feel when we step on to a job for a client, they are lucky & should treat us like Kings and also give us chicken wings twice a day because it’s like lottery out there in the trade world at moment or Russian Roulette as you might be shooting yourself in your head by doing your job twice. Most time you come well recommended, but still yet a client rather to take a gamble with a unknown because they are a cheaper 🤷🏾‍♂️ but guess what most time this is what they end up with 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 do your research guys and don’t be too cheap else you will paying twice or more 👍🏾 Thanks for sending me this video richsav22 hope you got it sorted out for the client 👊🏾 staytuned moretocome 2019 horror week

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Don’t know what style engagement ring to choose? A solitaire is always a safe bet! Classic, stunning and you can add personality or style with endless options for wedding bands.

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💍A circle has no beginning or end and is therefore a symbol of infinity. It is endless, eternal, just the way love should be. For many the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is because the vein in this finger was believed to lead directly to the wearer's heart.💞

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Finally getting some menswear pieces up on the site. New collection of Ethiopian-made sneakers are live now. Full grain chrome-free leather, ethically made.

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💓SOON💓 La fête des mères approche L'occasion de lui offrir un bijoux unique et délicat pour sublimer sa tenue💫 Rendez-vous sur et profitez de la livraison gratuite fetedesmeres mothersdaygifts fabricationfrancaise createurfrancais ceramics   porcelaine porcelain porcelana bijoux jewelry jewelrydesign craftsmanship contemporarycraft contemporaryceramics makers slowdesign slowmade sustainablefashion ecoresponsable moderesponsable bijouxcreateur handmadeceramic handmade madeinparis madeinfrance artisanat craft  art altvalora

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I think I'm in love with this combo 💛 Super happy to finally get some lovely deep yellow bookcloth and over the moon with this beautiful marbled paper by jemmalewismarbling 💙

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53 years This is the ultimate find. The 2nd owner whilst on a long distance trip had a blow out. He then laid the car up with the view to restoring it back to its former glory. It was put in primer And abandoned. His dream never came to fruition. In doing so. It becomes the most sought after barn find due to be auctioned off. In the years that kept it hidden from the world. Its appreciated in myth and value. It's a early 1954 model with bolt on arch flares and hand beaten grill and three pointed star. It represents elements of the cross over from one model to the later. It deserves to live again and the cost will be extortionate but sometimes you can't put a value on something Like the love of cars. If you or someone you know has a classic car or something rare. DM With pictures, asking price and location In a perfect world. I want a 300SL Gullwing but perhaps your car will be chosen one?? ferrari lamborghini porsche mercedesbenz audi autounion racingdriver nuerburgring car handmade handbuilt craftsmanship classiccar oldtimer art thefuture bespoke

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Congratulations to our friends claretnola on their soft opening last night! It’s a great new wine, cocktail, and charcuterie spot in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. It features a cool interior and a terrific patio, too! The drinks and food are fantastic. We can wait to see this space thrive. We are proud and honored to guide the design and help deliver the vision of this special spot for Latter Hospitality! Be sure to check them out soon (grand opening is tomorrow at 4 pm). Come say, “hi.” We’ll be at the bar yourspaceasaworkofart honoringtraditionandprogress artisan craftsman craftsmanship craftsperson craftswoman decorativeartist fauxfinisher artist designer interiordesigner interiordesign interiors nola neworleans itsyournola nolaphotoguild amournola showmeyournola southernliving mysouthernliving restaurant bar restaurantdesign bardesign stencil stenciling plaster plasterfinish

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New AVUELA sofa dressed with a beautiful velvet: this year, the deep blue fabric is 'the must have' of Bellavista Collection concept of luxury furniture! ••• sofa bellavistacollection luxuryfurniture

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I’m pretty schluter I’ll be Wedi to tile the floor after my flood test. Made my own rolito extensions and bench this Wedi caulking is strong AF😬😂👍🏾😎 Frankenstein

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A beside table lamp you’ll love…⁣ ⁣ Entirely handmade in Italy, this precious design by silvio_mondino features a chrome-finished brass stem concealing the light sources enclosed in two glass globes and a round base of black Marquina marble from Tuscany. ⁣ ⁣ Discover Silvio Mondino Studio lighting on⁣

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hi! The art collective I am part of is having its monthly event this Saturday, which will be a calligraphy workshop led by the amazing carla.orel ! So if you are in montreal, check out our meetup: [] • allo, le collectif d'art dont je fais partie organise un évènement ce Samedi; ce sera un atelier de caligraphie présenté par carla.orel ! Si vous êtes à Montreal, visitez notre meetup [] 🖌🖍

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Outside pathway Original 6x6 Quarry tiles. Take up lose and change cracked tiles with original salvaged tiles from Cardiff Salvege yard Cleaned n stripped down Allow time to dry, then sealed n polished to get a lovely satin finish . victorianhouse victorianfloortiles tilestyle tiledoctor victorianfloortiles floorrestoration granddesigns victorianterrace cardiff victorianstyle victorianterrace victoriandesign craftsmanship qualitycraftsmanship originalfeatures encaustictiles original tiling victorianart craftsmanship victorianterrace cardiff craftsmanship victorianterrace originaltiles salvageflooring (inbox us for free quote). 🙌🏼

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Grab a lightweight dress shirt for those warmer week days! Come shop with us today- we are open until 8PM. To contact Vero Uomo, call our store at (201)894-1424 or email us at verouomo!