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3 hours ago

Hello Friday! I admit I used to find ways to politely remove myself from conversations with seriously oddball people at parties, but my husband taught me the valuable and provocative line that can actually make the evening far more amusing and informative. “Tell Me More.” It has led to conversations with conspiracy theorists, psychics, gloriously elaborate liars, fascinating storytellers and plenty of misguided souls, but certainly entertaining. From this slightly creativeweirdo and storyteller - Welcome to the weekend and may there be a misfit or two and some whimsy that pop up in your plans. Have you met an unforgettable person? Please share. • • • • • helmutlang leather jacket jcrew shoes reformation bag catherine_malandrino parkersmithjeans daysunperkins createyourhappy stylediaries fridayfun fridaynight weekendvibes weekendadventure springstyle stylestatement effortlessstyle liveunscripted fashionover40 over40style playwithyourstyle caligirl lagirl misfits

15 hours ago

Almost nothing literally nothing comes free. In life everyone comes on stage, with strings attached. One needs to constantly play tag of war with so much stuff, people, responsibilities, work, etc. needing our time and energies. To perform choices, need to be made, at all time. Many a times, hard ones, as it is never easy to choose. Remember to stay strong in all this, other wise you will be a tangled mess. Tell yourself Every now and then. YOU GOT THIS ❤️ tagofwar stringsattached staystrong lifelessons Karachi Lahore Pakistan blogger handmade creativeweirdo artsy

19 hours ago

Just keeping making stuff ✨ Please credit me if you use my post

1 day ago

Hi Gorgeous Geeks! 🤓 . I've been working on a few new things that I can't wait to share with you. 😁 I'm hoping to have them available at the upcoming makersandbakersphx Event A few Give Me Space tees available now noons geektees  geekyapparel geekgear  geekfashion geekypins geekyfashion geeklife geekyenamelpins geeklifestyle geekystuff geekystylist  nerdgear nerdteeshirts nerdypins nerdygirl nerdteeshirt creativeweirdo introverts  creativeintrovert nerdpins bookworms bookworm bookish lovereading booknerd bookaddict phxlocal localaz geekbusiness nerdbusiness

1 day ago

My business partners 😂 Do you have furry business partners too? I can’t be the only one 😂

1 day ago

How’s your week going so far?

1 day ago

I wanted to create a look that I call “the public bathroom wall”, so they feel a little edgy yet colorful. 🌈🎢🌈

1 day ago

For everyone that sends me a picture, I’ll send you a coupon for some $ off your next blanket purchase! ⁣ ⁣ Haven’t gotten a blanket made yet? No worries! DM me a picture of your current favorite and what your dream blanket would be and I’ll try and make it happen! ⁣ ⁣ blankets comfy smallbusiness shoplocal create girlboss handmade craftsposure makersgonnamake warmth tshirtblanket creative crafting shopsmall femalepreneur womenwhodo createeveryday makersmovement dreamersandoers creativeweirdo

2 days ago

All about the greens lately 🌿🥰 I’m constantly revamping my little work space (that i rarely even work at to be honest lol). Planning a slightly bigger change in here very soon, so thought I’d snap this ‘look’ one more time. 🙋🏽‍♂️ ☕️

2 days ago

I've come to appreciate I'm one of those creatives that likes to work with their hands and do more than one thing. My current project was one that I got taunted into. 🙈😂 I purchased a second hand bike which turned out to be more knackered then I would have liked. Someone close to me turned around and suggested I 'tidy' it up to keep myself occupied. 😄 Well my version of 'tidy it up' resulted in me proceeding to take it apart and paint it! It turns out, it's not what they had in mind! 🙄🤪 Thanks for a range of spray paints and primers which are making this so much easier. 🤗 Currently admiring the Frame Builders Putty drying on my bike fork. 😎 ilovetoworkwithmyhands diy bike spraypaint spraybike creative creativeweirdo manypursuits

2 days ago

hoping you haven’t watched yesterday’s vlog cause man, it’s embarrassing. But, ya, if you’re going to, might wanna before I archive it! thankGodforarchives

2 days ago

Tomorrow I’m jetting off for Hawaii for a while, in the meantime our orders will be paused and we will be back soon 🌴🥥🍍 in the meantime here’s a bts photo of the gorgeous aniquatoquero wearing blushedbyteaganjacobs roaming in the lavender fields 🌈🍃

2 days ago

Are these colors on-brand or what? mrkate you are GLOWING mama and we are here for it. 🙌🏼🌈🌚

3 days ago

One of my goals for this year is to learn how to film and edit videos decently. This will have to do for now. 😂 Here’s a quick little behind the scenes video of the mommy and me giveaway photoshoot I did with! I had so much fun doing makeup on vivalacendy and hanging out with sweet little Vivi 💕

3 days ago

2014 memories. tb

3 days ago

Gorditas y bonitas Check-out my business profile 👉

3 days ago

Oh look that's my girlfriends painting 🖤 (there's some of mine in the corners too) It was such an amazing experience to see my paintings exhibited along with other talented humans artworks. I'm a super shy person and i usually don't really like the attention and showing my works for others, but beeing surounded by my friends who do the same thing for the first time made me feel excited and motivated. Thank you guys for this experience and all time support sistem ❤ artist exhibition artwork art paintings bird birdpainting youngartist creativeweirdo blondegirl lithuaniangirl akvarel arts drawing

4 days ago

𝚛 𝚘 𝚘 𝚝 𝚜

4 days ago

Passover is not Passover without tiny faux legos people fleeing through the parting Red Sea with handmade tiny clothing, zebras as horses, goats, baggage, bedrolls and a small camel. Not purchased Star Wars Legos but Target/ Dollar Tree tiny people dressed in cotton and felt scraps with the glory that is a hot glue gun, Allenes Quick Dry craft glue, a lot patients and a touch of creative insanity. I give you "The Parting of the Red Sea" that would make Cecil B DeMille blush with envyor not mewminiatures imadethis craftatyourownrisk craftlife passoveriscoming passovercrafts creativeweirdo creative weirdo fauxlegoart fauxlego nolegoswereharmed targetdollarspot dollartree targetdiy dollarstorediy suckitcharlestonheston hotglue felt craftsand paint cotton passover2019 oncewewereslavesinegypt partingoftheredsea partingofthewaters nowwhatdoidowiththis

5 days ago

Some days everything goes as plannedand other days start at 4:30am with a baby who has discovered ALL of his vocal cords😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Flexibility This season of life we’re in is teaching us to take it day by day, be flexible and go with the flow - things I’ve never been good at doing. But I’m learning. And I’m enjoying these new lessons 💗

5 days ago

My favourite corner in our living room! I’m a big believer in that if your reflect your true inner self into your home you’ll feel uplifted and comfortable! The gold shelf will be changing and I’ll be doing a fill creative wall (when I get the time) and that will finish off our little corner! gallerywall tkmaxx creative creativeweirdo creativemind home newadventures

5 days ago

Happy Sunday! “And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him” Luke 15:20 Maybe ‘a long way off’ isn’t as far as you thought.

6 days ago

Thinking about the days when being creative meant you were also called a “nerd” and when loving to draw meant you were “weird.” Oh man have the times changed. Raise your hand if you’re still the creative you were when you were , even through the name calling 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m happy you stayed creative. I’m happy you never changed. I’m happy you are YOU!

6 days ago

New vlog up today!

6 days ago

Making my way to Machu Picchu. tb