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Nosferatu idk creepy

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“For the next five minutes candy is free!” 🍭🍺 Happy NationalPinkDay ! 💓🌺🍒🍭💗💖🎀👚👛💅 I think this is a perfect day to post this, so happy i can finally share the result of this photoshoot 🍭🍭🍭👄👄👄 Swipe for the full picture. Me as Candy Wife alstonstephanus as Peppermint Larry Wig, crown, eyes, accessories made by us Dress, shirt by aluthcapri nurrizacapri Candy FacePaint by hendrosudarta Corset from orchardcorset Photographed by alanlimstudio ————————————————————— candywife peppermintlarry themisadventuresofflapjack cartoonnetwork facepaint bodypaint cosplay cosplayer cosplay cartoon candy creepy freaky drag dragqueen queer crossdress corset orchardcorset pirates relationshipgoals creative photoshoot alstonstephanus erenschifferling couple cosplaycouple

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I'm very curious how we see ourselves and how we decide to behave in front of different groups of people. Some people are very steady, having the group conform to their personality. Some people will modify their behavior differently. For instance, I tend to make more jokes and appear funny in front of friends, but first impression of me I'm more reserved. Then I wonder how many of us get placed in and identity. How we use routines as rituals to protect ourselves from being made fun of or really just feeling out of place. Are we allowed to see ourselves without a filter? Is there an innate identity we are born with or is it all conditioning? HappyMonday vision photography photo portrait women identity womentakeportraits sludge creepy sister veil ritual art artisaprocess creative creativity

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~share the love and tell others to follow for more weird sh*t~🥀 creepy

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GIVEAWAY TIME! Hello, everyone! How are you doing? Today I would like to thank you for being with me and supporting me and my art. There are more than 2K of you guys and that is really unbelievable for me. I truly love each of you and honor every like or comment you leave. And to celebrate that I decided to make a giveaway where every of you will have a chance to win a pair of my prints. And as there are TWO thousands of you there will be TWO winners. So here are the rules: 1. You must be following me 2. Tag two of your friends in comments under THIS post 3. Your entry must be entered before 28th of June (before Friday in other words) On Friday I will randomly choose two winners who will receive TWO prints of mine. I wish you all to be lucky! PS - As you can see I have upgraded my prints sufficiently. From now and on they are printed on Fineart museum archive 230 gsm/ 380 mikron textured paper. Each piece is manually embossed with “ShatanX” chop and packed into the black craft envelope with an initials wax seal. All my prints are limited and there are just 5 pieces of each. If you want a specific print of mine you may check my ETSY shop which has also been updated. Wish you a nice day and a very effective week✌🏻🖤 artoftheday occultart darkillustration artforthesick sketch blackart gothart darkness 666 gothic illustrations darkfantasy sketchbook blackart creepyart horrorart spotlightonartists digitalart darksurrealism digitalartist lowbrow darkart occult creepy demons horror macabreart darkartistries darktransmissions

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"Дракула"- одна из первых совместных работ, случайно снятая во время ночной прогулки по Екатерингофу. И именно с нее мне бы хотелось начать новый этап в своем творчестве.⠀ ⠀ Последний месяц мы с jalla_maya плотно работали над несколькими проектами, многие из которых находятся в стадии обработки или ждут своего часа для публикации. По возвращению в Петербург раскроем карты 🃏🎴⠀ ⠀ Photo by jalla_maya⠀ ⠀ goth gothic gothicgirl gothicstyle dark witch witchcraft satan magic demon vampire horror horrormovie dracula bloodymoon monster darkforest pale vintage vintagemovies vintagestyle oldmovie creepy visualart visualartist crazy2look gothgothgoth cosplay fantasy hell

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A failed experiment?

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It's Moebius Monday! Today I'm going to share a few landscape style works by Jean Giraud in two-panel format.

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𝓷𝓸𝔀 𝓶𝔂 𝓵𝓲𝓯𝓮 𝓲𝓼 𝓼𝔀𝓮𝓮𝓽 𝓵𝓲𝓴𝓮 𝓬𝓲𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓶𝓸𝓷, 𝓵𝓲𝓴𝓮 𝓪 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓭𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶 𝓲'𝓶 𝓵𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓲𝓷 zofiówka urbanexplore forest creepy photography photoofmylife poland polishgirl aestetics europe grunge likeme followme grungeblog artist zielonekaczki zloteananasy tb s00ki tcesarstwo lgbt girl instagood instamood szybkiefurydobredupy lanadelrey

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Kitana wins! Flawless Victory 🔪 This is my own spin on the the Kronika skin of Kitana from the new mortalkombat video game 🎮 Took me HOURS to get this entire look done, but certainly paid off lol. Hope you guys enjoy it! Check it out on YouTube or link in my bio: ( . 💇💄: Hair, makeup and body art by me (using australiscosmetics bennyemakeup bodyfxnz makeuprevolution mehronmakeup natiobeauty nyxcosmetics wetnwildbeauty ) . makeup bodyart bodypaint bodypainting facepaint facepainting halloween makeuptutorial artist art glammakeup kitana drag scary horror faceart anime manga creepy makeupartist cosplay mua halloweenmakeup specialeffects cosmetics mortalkombat11 glam mortalkombat mk11 dragqueen

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Good Morning Horror Addicts! Halloween is getting closer but not fast enough. 🎶It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaar🎶 🦇 Horror_Addicts_🦇

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„humans are complex beings they can talk, they can make tools, and they can do just about whatever they want but they are born into a world of luxuries and disappointments“. - Justin Oberstadt abandoned dark exploration forgotten lost amazing beautyful darktones urbanexploration urbex urbex_kings lostplace mansions photography Nikondeutschland urban_exploring creepy decay travel instagood haunted art photographerlife adventure nature luxuryhouse photooftheday lostplacesgermany urbexphotography savethedecay

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Nel 1423, su consiglio di San Bernardino da Siena, il Senato della Repubblica deliberò di destinare l'isola a ricovero di persone e merci provenienti da paesi infetti e di provvedere i ricoverati di vitto, medicine e assistenza. Sembra che il termine lazzaretto derivi proprio dalla chiesa di Santa Maria di Nazareth, con sovrapposizione del nome del patrono degli appestati, San Lazzaro destroy abandoned lostplace urbex lostandfound lost place italiainunoscatto ig_abandoned all_is_abandoned ig_urbex decay exploring ruins creepy buildings venice venezia sky colours cityscape pointofview nikond3200 nikon_photography nikontop italy ps_tck ph_of_thickness dark darkcolours

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Wtf Jangan Lupa Like dan Share Ke Semua Teman Kalian! 🎃 . Creepystagram . Follow ➡️ creepystagram ⬅️ Follow Follow ➡️ creepystagram ⬅️ Follow Follow ➡️ creepystagram ⬅️ Follow . 🚫 Warning Notices 🚫 Postingan Akun Saya Bertema Horror dan Gore Dan ditujukan Kepada 18+ dan Open Minded People All Pictures and Videos are for Educational Purposes Only . mystery horror creepy creepyfact midnight monster ghost creepypasta horrormovie horrorstories horroraddict facts fakta mitos mythology indovidgram viral video mistis urbanexploration urbex hits instahorror

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⁣ Who can relate? 👀

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Kamu yang suka film horor pasti sering dengar suara-suara aneh yang muncul disetiap adegan film. Tapi, tahukah kamu alat musik apa yang digunakan? Alat musik itu bernama Waterphone. Alat sederhana ini bisa mengeluarkan bermacam jenis suara menyeramkan yang pasti membuat bulu kuduk kamu merinding. Ada yang bisa lihat? - - Jangan lupa follow fakta.musik Tekan ♥, dan mention teman kamu untuk  saling berbagi informasi menarik! informasiberita - spoters spotersmedia fakta mitos misteri sejarah viral musik music horor horror scary creepy mistis videooftheday sound backsound soundeffects musicmaking videoeffects audioproduction backgroundmusic soundproduction royaltyfreemusic audiopost soundstudio audiomixing musicmakers productionmusic abletonlive

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Чтож, я решила написать мангу Но пока я ещё не окончательно придумала сюжет😅 Но главная тема - это маски, что скрыли лица 70% людей и из-за этого девочке по имени Кристи Крепито с её родителями пришлось переехать в другой город. Да, эта история чем-то грустная, чем-то загадочная, чем-то жуткая, чем-то улыбательная. Пока сложно что-то про это говорить, ведь я могу очередной раз просто забросить эту идею Самое страшное для меня - узнать, что что-то такое уже есть😅 1 арт по манге "Маски" маски манга идея рисунок арт тамбудутпацаны кристикрепито обезликивание искусство иллюстрация тян кун мило жутко masks manga idea picture art boys kristikrepito nofacehuman illustration illustrator tyan kun cute kawaii creepy

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Damnthis weekend was fucking epic if i may say so ! Lets start off showing the results with this unexpected but gorgeous photo that we improvised during one of vince_voltage s photoset yesterday , starring me and dupri_wolf 🤘🤩🤘 Yo krousky we are looking forward to way more collaborations in the future 😊 Photo / edit by krousky Models kleinerzorn & dupri_wolf Concept, Outfit & styling by sumpkid / radroachgear wasteland postapo postapoc fetish madmaxfuryroad furyroad witness witnessme whataday whatalovelyday krousky raider raidersgonnaraid nophotoshop sumpkid fetishart fetiahparty creepy artsy beard darkart goth viking

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Kyo(THE FINAL ver.) model doll made by Harumaki. The doll expresses Kyo's dark, mysterious,creepy and cool atmosphere well. And the doll's eyes draw me in. I was very impressed with his work. I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart Kyo(Dir en grey's vodalist) had a great effect on my life,fashion,and my music preferences. So I respect him はるまきさんから、Dir en greyの京くん(THE FINAL ver.)のカスタムフィギュアを頂きました…! 髪色やメイクとかつけまつげの感じも京くんのあの様子をそのまま再現していて素敵なのですが、 台座のロゴの雰囲気がTHE FINALのシングルのロゴみたいで細部にも深いこだわりを感じております。 日本語でこのフィギュアのどんなところが好きか上手く書けなかったのと、書いていてエラい気持ち悪い文面になったので、英語に逃げました…† hideちゃんのリペイントフィギュアと共に家宝にします(´;д;`)誠に有難うございます…!! . direngrey direngreykyo instalove repaint custom customfigure toy dark toyphotography toystagram toyplanet instatoys toyslagram figure photography kawaii black pink repaintdoll xoxo doll love instagood happy figureart toys4life gothgoth creepy top