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My next show is Moon, Serpent and Bone Oddities & Curiosities Night Market The Hudson Valley’s Only Oddities and Curiosities Night Market! University Settlement Camp 724 Wolcott Avenue Beacon, New York 12508 Friday, June 21st, 2019 6pm to Midnight $3 Admission Fee 18 years and older advised Parents/Guardians use your discretion. Some subject matter may not be suitable for persons under the age of 18 years. In celebration of Summer Solstice, we welcome the height of Summer and the element of Fire! We invite you to experience all of the hidden dark treasures of our live entertainment, delectable concessions, unique crafters, makers, artists, taxidermists, magick makers, psychics, and the unusual to show their wares and talents in this one of a kind Night Market. moonserpentandbone moonserpentandbone hudsonvalley hudsonvalleyevents nightmarket workingartists claychic unique talented ceramics creepybaby planters plantbabies pottery clay mugs bowls makersgonnamake artist makers handmade

3 days ago

a sketch of a baby demon with only one horn I made based upon a reference (slide for reference) its my very first ever baby to be drawn so bare with me for using a reference xD.(if anyone knows whom the artist of my reference is tell me i didnt find any info on that) art artist referencework proreference sketch pencilwork babydrawing babysketch baby toddler fantasybaby cute chubby sleepybaby illustrator firstbabysketch nursery demonbaby creepy creepybaby horror mythricalcreature creatures

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Repost from Minneapolis Oddities & Curiosities Expo vendor scavengedparts ✨🖤 Join us June 1st for our first time in Minneapolis, MN! 💀 ・・・ We have been ALL over scouting out new treasures for the Minneapolis odditiesandcuriositiesexpo Our favorite is the 1920s burgundy velvet carriage 🖤. These and MANY more pieces will be with us June 1st! scavengedparts odditiesandcuriositiesexpo oddities creepybaby velvetcarriage antiquedolls haunted creepydolls compositiondoll odditiesbooth odditiesshop

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CreepyBaby just wanted to remind those of you who were interested in the Kundalini Yoga series “Embody the Goddess,” spots are filling fast. Only a few left. Link in bio

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New prints are on the wall. Sadly i may not make it there this weekend. I have been battling an infection that is traveling through my chest. About to start a second, stronger antibiotic and steroids. Fingers crossed better by morning! kvtphotography photography creepydolls creepy antique antiquedolls dollapocalypse creepydollsofinstagram creepybabies creepybaby dollstagram dollphotography stopmotion quaybrothersinpired stopmotionanimation bronx westchester yonkers riverdale newyork yoho yohoartists porcelaindolls bisquedoll uncannyvalley yohoartists2019 miniatures dollhead cmad yaw2019

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“I’m a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else” What a doll! This little lady is killing it in her Wednesday dress by hemetbrand Repost creepycutejaylah with make_repost ・・・ 𝖂𝖊𝖉𝖓𝖊𝖘𝖉𝖆𝖞 𝕬𝖉𝖉𝖆𝖒𝖘 🖤🕯🦇 TheMunsters Munsters lilymunster hermanmunster munsterskoach wednesdayaddams addamsfamily FamilyGoals Artshow Horrorfamily creepydoll Creepybaby Spookygirl Evildoll killerdoll annabelle everydayishalloween Horrorgirl spookycute creepygirl halloween halloweenaddict horrorjunkie mysticmuseum beardedladyvintage

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aw shit, here we go again