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1 day ago

Miss Willow Belle got a mini photo shoot today, this is part one.❤️

3 days ago

So this is what the birthday girl requested for her birthday. I was reluctant, swipe left and you’ll get it! She’s thrilled creepybaby imsewinghattohead

4 days ago

spider necklace

4 days ago

tbt 1892 🕯

6 days ago

The arm next to her head is actually the same color, it’s just the lighting! I’m done for the night, but I love the direction this girl is headed. I think a couple 2-3 more golden-brown layers and she will be done aside from hair and varnish❤️ rebornforsale rebornfortrade (starling is photo bombing, but she will actually also be for sale upon completion. Not trade unless for kits.)

6 days ago

I just got more results that make me want to just scream and rant about pregnancy complications. But instead I'm gonna share this photo. We were doing our registry over the weekend and this baby scared me. Legit thought someone just left their kid in a display car seat when I first glanced it out of the corner of my eye. creepybaby babydoll fakebaby pregnancy pregnancyshopping carseat buybuybaby

1 week ago

iPhone pics of this little nugget.❤️ he needs a name still! Can’t think of one for him.

1 week ago

I feel like this is taking a lot longer than it should be lol. But I want the style to be thinner since she’s a tiny baby! I’ll thicken up the top and swirl a bit, but the rest will stay a bit on the thin side. I may also bring the hairline closer to her face, she kind of has a big forehead LOL

1 week ago

Its been a long weekend and as always some trial and errors but i am pleased with the final result. There will be some tweaking as time goes on but i look forward to utilizing my new stop motion backdrop. kvtphotography photography creepydolls creepy antique antiquedolls dollapocalypse creepydollsofinstagram creepybabies creepybaby dollstagram dollphotography stopmotion quaybrothersinpired stopmotionanimation dragonframe4 bronx riverdale yonkers westchester newyork bronxartist westchesterartist newyorkartist yonkersartist riverdaleartist yoho yohoartists setdesign yohoartists2019

1 week ago

Worked on this one’s hair earlier and made a ton of progress! I’d say just a few more hours total and she’ll be done Needs to have certain spots plucked where it’s pluggy and I think I’m gonna have to fix the hairline a bit, but she’s turning out to be a cutie rebornforsale rebornforsalecheap rebornfortrade

1 week ago

Peekaboo The little ones are always such a challenge. But I put aside smaller items just to make sure I have enough to work with their 5" tall frame. Available at market_obscura_pdx on March 24th 1-7pm hosted by whiteowlsocialclub in SE PDX. jasonpickeringstudios recycledart recycledartist foundobjectart assemblageart queerartist queerart indigo creepydoll creepybaby babydoll berenguer ritdyemore ritdye brokenjewelry marketobscura whiteowlsocialclub darkarts gothart IthinkIdbeareallygoodDad horns

1 week ago

Our bellies are filled with avocado 🥑 creepybaby 👶