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polarsyrup I was so good at jetpack joyride 😪

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yello there kind strangers! By reading this, you can probably tell that I haven't posted much yet. Which is self-explanatory. Let me introduce myself. Hi,I'm Mythic! I post random stuff on this social platform. And Yeah. Stick around. I don't expect likes and followers either, since I'm just here to read reddit memes. (Reddit is blocked in my country 😥) So, that's it about me I guess. Tags : ((Ignore)) welcomes newaccount memes random newinstagram newbie weird cringy why in the world are you here though

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Narancia fucking dies ————————————————————————— Ignore Tags: meme memes dailymemes memesdaily dank denk followmeformorememes dabs offensivememes anime animemes animememes edgydankmemes spicydankmemes isthatajojoreference jojokes jojosbizarreadventure comedy funny minecraft roblox fortnite level35boss thatshowmafiaworks cringe cringy dankmemes thiccmeme offensivememes memesdank dankmemes dankdoodlememes ————————————————————————— Follow ( mr_spiced_the_punch) for more memes

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Well, its true 😂😂😂