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5 days ago

Definitely a night I'll never forget Thank you savagegasp guccihighwaters Two of the nicest people I've ever met such a great concert too. 🖤 Absolute Legends 🖤

1 week ago

Ladies and gentlemen it’s time for another round of is she drunk or is she just Erica! For those of you who have played the game before, you have the advantage. You know that the answer is always both! I am the always embarrassingly entertaining, occasional drinking champion, that has been blessed to be the Dorito award recipient! My coaches, teammates, teachers, friends, fictional characters, potential lovers (none of which exist), and parents may not appreciate my amazingness, but the bus drivers at Humber do! 😂 😘 Thanks saydonkey10 for tolerating me all this time! boozehawks doritos onlyawardIcanget onlyawardthatmatters humberbusdrivers cantstoplaughing humberhockey fairplayaward whyamilikethis socksondoors shirtlessmen wtfhappened crocs crocswithsocks icantakeapunch ihavetogogetmyshoes swifferwetjet getthatd loveyouguys butyourweird

1 week ago

Well there’s going to be a new skateboarder in town! 🤞🏻 trying to always support my boys dreams even when the kid who can barely walk on his own two feet chooses something that requires so much balance but like they say you’ll never know if you never try! boymom skate boards skateboarder proudsupporter proudmama newhobby crocswithsocks 😝 mamalifestyle therealinstamoms candidmotherhood honestlymothering motherhoodisdarling thepursuitofjoy adventuresofchildren littlepiecesofchildren thehonestlens hellostoryteller themindfulapproach mynameismama humansofjoy wildandbravelittles letthemexplore let_there_be_delight

2 weeks ago

Guys, I can’t stop. I need an intervention. Dylan is concerned my next step will be crocswithsocks

2 weeks ago

Two Tournaments, Two Different Results On Saturday, I ended up finishing in 2nd Place at the Big Woods Open for the 2nd consecutive year I just didn’t capitalize on opportunities I was given. It happens to everybody. Congrats to jacobsanders03 on the solid play and victory. Dude is a beast! It’s always a blast competing with you and Alec at the Top. As for today, I was able to shoot the two hottest rounds to win the Southern MN Spring Shootout by 6! The Moonshine Verdict has been a new addition to my bag and I couldn’t be happier about it. A over-stable midrange that I can always truly rely on to fight the strong winds I battled through today. Next Stop: Quad Cities for The Rumble! 🥏⛳️ 💰 bedynamic discgolfstrong drdiscgolf whalesacs skycandydiscs trusttheprocess letsgooo crocswithsocks

2 weeks ago

The 2019 yak fishing season has begun! Featuring these pasty white legs and crocs with socks! fishing crocs crocswithsocks

3 weeks ago

Sometimes I forget how beautiful the world is, but then it comes back and hits me in the face with some nature. 🌼🌳☀️🌊 CrocsWithSocks

3 weeks ago

When you go outside to find your neighbor has the same high fashion sense as you do. crocswithsocks northx_ 💁🏼‍♀️

4 weeks ago

SPRING KITTEN CLEAN UP Say one thing about my crocswithsocks and I’ll come stealyoman. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

1 month ago

ignore how pale i am this was my first time getting sun in a hot minute! crocswithsocks

1 month ago

Well it’s official. Never in my life did I think this would happen. I’m not even sure how I can handle this emotionally. I own a pair of crocs and wearing them with socks. I swore I would never own these and here I stand. crocswithsocks

1 month ago

Rockin some sexy outfit choices this morning lol! crocswithsocks

2 months ago

I’ve just found my newest travel uniform, and it won’t be complete without my cutest Crocs Literide clogs! It’s so comfy and light, making it perfect for long walks or airport sprints. And honestly, I can’t think of anything cozier than crocswithsocks! sponsored crocs

2 months ago

🧡 Happy Valentines Day 🧡 this is Rob’s present, which Agnes decorated the wrapping paper for Have a lovely day everyone. Anyone doing anything nice? We haven’t really celebrated Valentine’s Day for years, infact I think this is the first year we’ve bought each other presents since about 2010 I was given a lovely Sussex trug which I’m over the moon about 🧡 Rob asked for Crocs. CROCS 🤭 He assures me they’re for the garden thismaybethelastvalentinespresenthereceives joking notjoking crocs crocswithsocks . valentines valentinesday2019 valentinesday

2 months ago

No days off 🤟🏻😤😤🤯😳