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Repost spartanraceuk ・・・ We don't know which is shining brighter andreaaattard smile or his medal? . 📷 andreaaattard Medal Inspiration SpartanUK SpartanRaceUK Spartan ・・・ Train for your next medal with victory_fitness_coaching ・・・ ✨Keep tuned for our best offer yet✨ ・・・ You won’t want to miss out on our JUNE OFFER fitnesstransformation fitnessgirl fitnessguy fitnessmotivation fitnesslifestyle bodytransformation crossfitlife femalefitnessmotivation ocrtraining crossfit crossfitters obstaclecourse obstaclecourseracing slimmingworld weightlosstransformation weightloss fitnesslife thisgirlcan personaltraining

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What an experience. Arrived home exhausted but happy with many new friends and memories. It was an emotional experience to represent my own box for the first time 🤗The top 10 was so competitive and there was absolutely no place for errors. One no rep or one small mistake in transitions would cost you few seconds and 2-3 places on the leaderboard in every wod but it is these situations that teach you to be a better competitor. Little bit disappointed that we could not do the final because this year I was in😊 but also that can happen. Looking forward to next challenges💥 crossfit crossfitleijona crossfitaffiliate crossfitathlete masterathlete competitionprep europeanmastersthrowdown goals competition betterthanyesterday crossfitaddict crossfitgirls crossfitlife mentalgame strongnotskinny budapest hungary

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~Wod 1 Unicorn Throwdown~ Être déterminé et se battre pour la victoire 🏆 . Retour sur ce magnifique weekend dans le Nord pour les unicornthrowdown organisée par larenecrossfit_amiens 🤩 Une compétition fun et intéressante , une organisation extra réglée à la minute près qui fut vraiment agréable pour le déroulé des journées Des wods à la fois fun , degeulasses et éprouvants 😅bref tout ce qu'on adore L'équipe était vraiment au top , de superbes partenaires ( level_addict clifbar 🤤 thorus_wear foodspring ect), un photographe adorable (ou presque 🤣😝 frozenintimefr ) , un speaker génial (avec de trop belles metcons whatsalimdoing ) , des concurrentes motivées , des athlètes forts avec une belle mentalité et un public et une ambiance générale assez folle ! 🤩🤪 . Encore merci à toute l'équipe des organisateurs , staff , juges , bénévoles qui nous ont permis de prendre un plaisir fou a concourrir dans l'arène 😉 . Également un grand merci à mes sponsors et à vous qui me soutenez , me permettez de vous représenter et m'encouragez ! nutrishop64bayonne northernspiritcf aoc_athlete tacticshop49 ironfibre 💓 . On se dit à l'année prochaine ! 💪 . crossfit competition crossfitlife crossfitters aoc yesnorthernspirit girlswholift arms focus

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Przedstawiamy Wam wraz z gospodarstworadosnychipieknych adrian_jura_athlete . Jest on godnym polecania Trenerem CrossFit Athlete 💪💪 Jego pasja do sportu i chęć pomocy innym skłoniła go do udziału w wielu szkoleniach. Są to między innymi: Szkolenia z Weightlifting, Dietetyka i Suplementacja w Treningu Siłowym i Kondycyjnym, Żywienie sportowców i suplementacja w sporcie, Węglowodany w diecie a otyłość - insulina i leptyna a zdrowie i sylwetka Jeśli szukasz Trenera CrossFit Athlete, nie musisz dalej szukać‼️ Wystarczy, że zadzwonisz pod numer : 511892248, a dowiesz wszystkich szczegółów😊 • • • gospodarstworadosnychipieknych emisto wirtualnamapa crossfit crossfitlove sport gym lifestyle cracow power sila moc dieta trenerpersonalny trenerpersonalnykrakow video krakow lovesport crossfitlife siłownia movie moviemaker adrian_jura_athlete

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❤️ Croquetas de verdura y serrano al horno 🤤 Ingredientes en su mayoría verduritas 🍲 y horneadas 👩‍🍳 para evitar la fritanguita 👌 ✏️ Ingredientes: ➡️ 100gr de repollo - 100gr de zanahoria 🥕 - 100gr de cebolla - 100gr de pimiento rojo - 100gr de serrano en taquitos - 120ml de aceite oliva - 650ml de leche desnatada - 170 gr de harina de espelta integral (también puedes usar de avena, trigo 🌾 etc integral - Sal - Nuez moscada - Pimienta negra 〰️ *Para la cobertura necesitaremos 1 paquete de pan wasa (mercadona) - 2huevos - Ajo y perejil 〰️ ✏️ Preparación: . ➡️Yo la hice en Thermomix, pero la puedes hacer también en un caldero siempre que sea hondo y te dé margen de movimiento. 1° Sofreímos toda la verdura (cortada muy muy pequeñita) con el aceite y un poquito de sal hasta que poche. 2° Añadimos la harina para tostarla un poco junto con la verdura y vamos removiendo bien hasta que se haga una mezcla. 3° Luego ya pondríamos la leche, los tacos de serrano, la sal, pimienta y nuez moscada removiendo muy bien con unas varillas para integrarlo todo. 4° Cuando ya esté compacto, apagamos el fuego y dejamos reposar en un bol o fuente. Yo lo dejé toda la noche y a temperatura ambiente, ya que la nevera dejará húmeda la masa, y no interesa 👌 5° Metemos en el procesador el pan para dejarlo pequeñito pero no tipo harina sino algo más granulado y le añadimos el ajo y perejil seco mezclando bien y en otro bol batimos los dos huevos con un poco de sal y pimienta. 6° Este es el truco definitivo para que no se abran al hornearlas 😝 o lo mínimo posible 🤭 ➡️〰️ Pasar primero por el pan, huevo, pan, huevo y pan〰️⬅️ Así la cobertura será más crujiente, dura y consistente, evitando desbordes 🤣 👩‍🍳Espero que les guste y se animen, porque son un acierto total! 👌 croquetas croquetasfit fitness fitnessmotivation fitnesslife fitnesslifestyle fitnessfood fitnessaddict lifestyle foodblogger foodie foodporn foodstagram foodshare fitnessgirl fitnessmom fitnessinspiration lunch healthy healthylifestyle healthylife healthyeating healthyfood healthysnacks healthyrecipes healthychoices crossfit crossfitlife crossfitgirl fitmom

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It's all about balance

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Monday's Stretch of the day (A bit late) Banded Hamstring stretch on box. Tight hamstrings are a common complaint and they can cause back and knee pain. In addition they can really affect performance. When running shorter hamstrings can affect stride length and your ability to create power. For those of who have trouble squatting deep or deadlifting without losing neutral spine. (Commonly known when squatting as a butt wink!) The hamstrings can be a cause. Always best to do this following some soft tissue work with a lax ball, stick or foam roller. stretchoftheday mobility flexibility crossfit crossfitter oldguymobility fitness tightmuscles fatburn crossfit crossfitter crossfitlife crossfitgirls crossfitters crossfitaddict crossfitfamily crossfitlifestyle crossfitmotivation crossfittraining crossfitweightlifting StrengthIsNeverAWeakness personaltrainer personaltraining amersham strength strengthtraining strengthandconditioning strengthcoach

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What an experience. Arrived home exhausted but happy with many new friends and memories. It was an emotional experience to represent my own box for the first time 🤗The top 10 was so competitive and there was absolutely no place for errors. One no rep or one small mistake in transitions would cost you few seconds and 2-3 places on the leaderboard in every wod but it is these situations that teach you to be a better competitor. Little bit disappointed that we could not do the final because this year I was in😊 but also that can happen. Looking forward to next challenges💥 crossfit crossfitleijona competitor crossfitathlete europeanmastersthrowdown masterathlete fitmom crossfitlife crossfitaddict competitionprep crossfitaffiliate betterthanyesterday goals strongnotskinny womenwholift budapest hungary

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🤝 Sport Depot ( sportdepotbg) is a Varna Throwdown General Sponsor. • 👏 We want to thank the largest chain of sporting goods in Bulgaria for supporting our event. • 👟 Sport Depot is a Reebok ( reebok) official dealer. Expect a lot of promotions during the finals for spectators and athletes. • ——————- varnathrowdown varnathrowdown2019 VNTD2019 varna throwdown 2019 crossfit crossfit🇧🇬 crossfitlife crossfitlifestyle crossfitcompetition crossfitcommunity crossfitcommunity🇧🇬 fitnesscompetition fitness competition crossfitaddict conditiontraining reebok crossfitreebok bulgaria functionaltraining functionalfitness functionalworkout europeantownofsport europeancityofsport2019 sportdepot reebok

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Little wins 🙌🏻 When poundforpounduk announced qualifier 3 had pistols in I had given up hope as I couldn’t do 1. After 3 weeks of constant work I managed 50 today doing the workout! Really shows hard work pays off 👌🏻 not the prettiest but super proud. Thanks to tom_the_trainer for judging as always! crossfit crossfitgirls bodyweight vegancrossfit crossfitshapesmiths londonfitness londoncrossfit crossfitcompetition crossfitlife vegan crossfitlifestyle fitnessblog pistols crossfitters pistolsquats poundforpound shapesmiths madebyg pistolsquat

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Um dos problemas ortográficos da vida é não saber onde por um ponto final.

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Tuesday💥19.05.21💥Black Jack⠀⠀ ⁣⠀⠀ For time:⠀⠀ 20 pushups, 1 situp⠀⠀ 19 pushups, 2 situps⠀⠀⠀⠀ 2 pushups, 19 situps⠀⠀ 1 pushup, 20 situps⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⁣⠀⠀ ⁣🏋🏽♂ Men use 20lb vest⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ 🏋🏽♂ Women use 14lb vest ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ ⁣⠀⠀ > share your workout with us weightvestwod <⁣⠀⠀ ⁣⠀⠀ ​ everydaydifferentworkout weightvestwod workout wod workoutoftheday crossfit crossfitwod reebokcrossfit crossfitter crossfitlife fitness reebok crossfitgames train health stamina crossfitopen weigthvest crossfitnederland reeboknl intheopen gymnastics theopens nike games fitness life

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crossfitter is always fighting, like we do everyday in life Never give up, never surrender. Always looking forward and giving your best 💪🏼 New day, new chance fellas. makeitcount 🔥😎. ————————————————— crossfitvillalba crossfit likeforlikes photooftheday black picoftheday white blackandwhite bnw crossfit crossfitlife instafit instagood instadaily instagood athlete travel love training fitness rest wod . —————————————————

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High-tech mixed with beautiful countryside 🇰🇷 Graphic inspired by lee_sang the 67kg South Korean weightlifter 🌷Use link in bio to buy this shirt 🔥

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🦍 Un nouveau partenaire ! Retrouvez le WOD du jour ainsi que toutes performances réunies dans une seule et même application grâce à striveetracking ! Mes athlètes ne se prennent plus la tête ! 🤭😉GarAgym : No Secrets Just Work !🤙🏻 weightlifting wod metcon crosstraining conditioning fit training motivation fitness fitnessmotivation personaltrainer hiit cardio muscle force snatch deadlift crossfitlife crossfit athlete training burpees mobility squat clean stretch health strength running

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➡️CROSS-TRAINING ➡️ federica_basile95 ➡️Complex🔥 1 clean pull 1 clean high pull 1 clean squat ➡️Ottimo lavoro, continuano i progressi della nostra atleta. Linee di tirate molto più pulite rispetto ai mesi passati, e soprattutto maggiore confidenza con il movimento. 🔥🔥 ➡️ Nello sport non esistono scorciatoie, se vuoi avere risultati devi allenarti con costanza. 💪 ➡️Il nostro coach vi seguirà passo dopo passo,. ➡️È arrivato il momento di metterti alla prova, vieni nel nostro box, e prova le nostre classi. ➡️Inizia il tuo percorso di benessere con noi, migliora il tuo corpo, entra nella nostra community 💪 Coach : giuseppeandolina kingsbox_ fit.italia italianswoditbetter italian_wodders crossfitter crossfiters crossfitteritaliani crossfitgirls crossfitlife crossfitstyle crossfit crosstraining allenamento allenamentofunzionale allenamentoglutei palermo_illife palermo palermosport palestra palermofitness palermocity workoutmotivation fitnessitalia unbrokenaddiction

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Did you know we have an 45 min Express WOD every Tuesday & Thursday afternoon? Created specifically with those of you who have busy schedules in mind. Drop by, work out, shower, grab a healthy lunch to go from Natural Eats and you can be back at work in no time – with a whole new level of energy thanks to all those post work out endorphins! This is a Free Members Class - Sign up via the WODIFY App. CrossFit CFCY ForgedByCeylon CrossFitCeylon CrossFitFamily CrossFitBox CrossFitLife FitnessGoals FinessAddict AfternoonWorkOut ColomboFitness Fitness

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🇫🇷 Revisite d’un plat qui sent bon l’enfance : le steak haché/purée version vegan et IG bas 😺 Steak vegan aux haricots rouges maison et purée de carottes au cumin 🌿 La recette du steak vegan vous intéresse ? 🤔 🇺🇸 Low GI & vegan lunch: homemade vegan red bean burger and cumin carrot purée 😺🌿