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Friday Night Lights 19.4 Edition saw Hawaiian Theme vs. St Patty’s Day The videos says it all. Everyone one of our athletes gave it their all and made sure they had fun in the process. That’s what it’s all about! Having fun 🎥 by thatissonick of tisnmediagroup

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Anyone else?

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This is from 3 years ago! This awesome family has since continued eating healthy through of written plans! Coolest picture and text ever! " Thank you Raw Living Foods! Our family absolutely loves your meals. We have lost 100lbs as a family this month! Thank you for helping us be healthy. Also the love not doing dishes! LOL" ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thank you to all our awesome clients out there We love you all! rawlivingfood

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Mindset 🧠⁣ ⁣ Yesterday I talked with everydayanthonyj for a couple hours solely about mindset.⁣ ⁣ It really got me into thinking the importance and power of a positive mindset.⁣ ⁣ What do we have without a positive mindset?⁣ ⁣ How much do macros or the perfect training program matter if our mind isn’t in the right place to adhere to them?⁣ ⁣ I just posted a new blog all about mindset.⁣ ⁣ I talked about⁣ ⁣ The difference in a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.⁣ ⁣ How some of the greatest minds work, and how they view the world.⁣ ⁣ And, how motivation will only take you so far and that mindset is the real driving factor that keeps you going.⁣ ⁣ Having a positive mindset is the ONLY way to go. ⁣ ⁣ It creates a passion for learning rather than the need or hunger for approval. ⁣ ⁣ People with a positive (growth) mindset are not discouraged by failure, but rather driven by it. ⁣ ⁣ Even more they don’t see themselves as failing, they see themselves as learning.⁣ ⁣ 💻Please go check out my blog post at (link in bio) and comment below and let me know what you think!

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We’re lucky in Cincinnati to have our health, happiness, and fitness PLUS a huge community of people (like turbopat) that support all three! 💪🏼🏋🏼‍♂️ • • “Meet the man behind the vision and creation of battleatthebanks - turbopat . Most of you know his company bridgebuilt for all the dope equipment they make. While he is the creator of your crazy downtown workouts, he's also quite the beefcake athlete so you know we are coming at you with some fun and challenging workouts” - battleatthebanks • • What movements do you want to see this year at the 2019 Battle?? crossfitevent crossfit cincinnati cincyfitnessmag fitfam fitnessmotivation cincinnatifitness L2F cincy ohio ohiofitness fitnesslife fitspo thursdaymotivation crossfitopen2019 battleatthebanks currentatthebanks

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My nemesis. Will we make it through The Open without thrusters?

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Ya know, a nice little mobility series set to some feel good background tunes 😌Don’t let this light hearted music fool you, these mobilizations are intense 🔥 if you’re sore Roll it out, stretch it out, because here comes 19.5 around the corner {high speed up mode=high speed talking 😂}

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Less than an hour until the last Open workout is released…what’s it going to be?? We’re looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow night for Friday Night Lights from 4.30-7.30pm, then reubensbrews tasting room right across Leary from the gym after the last workout is done! Week 4 winners and team standings going into week 5 are as follows: • • • Top 3 RX Men: 🥇BJ yuumoushin 🥈Zac zacund 🥉Brynnan itsthenight_hawk • • • Top 3 RX Women: 🥇Catie catiemets 🥈Sam instaglam 🥉Kelly R. kereynolds • • • Top 3 Scaled Men: 🥇Jackson jackmayb 🥈Forrest fcollman 🥉Scott scotts117 • • • Top 3 Scaled Women: 🥇Brittany brittyjhale 🥈Yasmine yasminegalvez 🥉Malori malmcgill • • • Team Spirit Award: Team Bar Fight for the win! • • • Top 3 Teams Overall: 🥇Burpee Outbreak 🥈1RM Singles 🥉Push Jerk It Real Good

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E a gente tá como aguardando o 19.5? Hahahahaha já com os peso na mão sem saber o que fazer 💀✅ crossfitopen2019

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Ok guys, I want a clean fight🤞 Listen to my instructions and protect yourself at all times. Touch gloves if you want.🤜🤛 Now, back to your corners. Ding Ding!🔔 Let's get it on!🥊 crossfitopen2019 19.5 Bulls 🐂 vs Timberwolves 🐺

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Just casually working on my forehead veins today. Smiling because it's a rest day and too bad you can't tell me what to do! Just kidding, but programmed rest days are great days to do some active recovery, low to moderate intensity cardio, and movement practice. If I have access to a gym, this is likely what you'll find me doing when I'm recovering from higher intensity training days.💪💦 - One day closer to the weekend! I hope you enjoy as much of each day as possible and crush your goals this weekend! motivation inspiration fitstagram fitness lifestyle lifelessons ignitechange personaltrainer healthcoach fitfam fitnessgoals bootygoals bodygoals bodypositive fitnessjourney fitspo cardioday restday activerecovery goaldigger CrossFit imintheopen crossfitgames crossfitopen2019 girlswholift functionalfitness

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Mais alguém aí odeia Burpee?? Kkkkkkkkkk 🙋‍♀️ Pois é com certeza o 19.4 matou muita gente. Fiz a primeira tentativa, passei mal e desisti. Hoje refiz e fui até o fim 💪 Não foi a meta, mas dei meu melhor e fui ao limite do meu corpo. Claro que todos tem suas limitações e um exercício que é péssimo né?! Esse é o meu, no caso rsrsrs 😝 Obrigada amor brunomont.a pelos No Reps no burpee 😭 ❤kkkkk . open19.4 opengames burpees snatch pullups crossfitgirls crossfitopen2019 crossfitbrasil crossfitters strongwomen cardio wod limite meta educaçãofísica judge falta1

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Done. Easy on paper not so much in real life. Always working to make my BJ’s landings light but it gets hard when you’ve added 10 lbs of French 🥖 and 🧀 to your frame. It’s likely what creates all the negative emotions. Open WOD 19.5 at some point this weekend and fingers crossed for a run. Consistency in fitness hasn’t ever been as much of an issue as consistency in nutrition. How is that solved? consistency crossfitopen2019 fitnessforfunction healthybodyweight healthybrain hormonalhell boxjumps dumbbellcleans heavylifting power rowforcals rowingform itcanonmygetbetter

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Si quieres triunfar, no te quedes mirando la escalera. Empieza a subir, escalón por escalón, hasta que llegues arriba🤼🇧🇷💪🙏📸 cabes se acerca el momento. Ossss Manaus amazonas.💪 . cross crossstitch crossfitter crosscountry crossover crossfitGirl crossfitcommunity crossstitching crossing crossstitcher CrossfitMotivation sexy sêxy poder crossfaith crossbar crossword paixão crossprocess crossfitopen2019 crossnecklace força wrestling unitedworldwrestling luta gym gymmotivation selfie selfies tbt

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ok three months into joining Sequoia all i heard and saw was micothemedic and being the poster and the favorite of all Sequoia Crossfit members and i'm tired of it so with that being said i want to call out micothemedic for the Sequoia house cup challenge in the 19.5 crossfit games open. Oldest guy in the competition versus the youngest guy in the competitioni think this was meant to happenDo you accept this call out Mico if so let's shoot for friday night lights 6ish , what say you man??? if not i can sunday as well teamcjswans teamgetswoleordietrying sequoiacrossfithousecup teamjigglybits callout crossfitopen2019 oldvsyoung noexcuses challenge

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Looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces Saturday at Fury Field Day! Come celebrate all your hard work these past 🖐🏽 weeks of the Open with our potluck, beer mile, corn hole tournament and most importantly - the people who’ve sweated it out with you! REMINDER: Sign-up for the beer (La Croix substitution available) mile and the dish you’ll bring for the potluck ☑️ Oh and if you have a corn hole board, can we borrow it pretty please?! Festivities begin at 10:30am - see you Saturday! 🍻 seeyaopen crossfitopen2019 doneanddusted furyfieldday furyparty beermile cornholetourney bringfood hungrycrossfitters furystrong

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Thursday 100rephiit was a recommendation by woo_tang1 to do 100 Push-up Renegade rows. The cool thing about having a specific rep/calorie goal is coming up with unique ways to get there. Suggestions are welcome as long as the total time is about 30-35 minutes. 1️⃣ Warmup for 15 minutes 2️⃣ 10 Sets of 10 Push-up renegade rows with a 1 minute rest between sets and 60lb dumbbells 3️⃣ Extracurricular option is to play a hockey game at 9:15pm 😂 crossfit crossfitgames crossfitter crossfitopen tribasereign crossfitopen2019 pivotgrips bootcamp hiit dumbbells dumbbellworkout fitness weightlifting strength bodybuilding exercise row renegaderow