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El Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón (Columbus cemetery) in Havana, Cuba is known for it's beautiful memorial stones, 5 CUC entrance feeand no relation to Columbus himself. He was never buried hereand never even got the monument that was initially planned. However, it is worth a visit, perhaps an extended one, as it has over 800,000 graves. habanacuba habanavieja cubatravel cubanlife ilovecuba havanamagazine cuban havanacuba havana cuba🇨🇺 cuba cuban streetphotography fidelcastro fidel havanavieja oldhavana cristobalcolon ig_cuba hiphavana frutabomba banana breakfast cubanbreakfast куба гавана coloncemetery columbuscemetery foodphotography cementeriodecristobalcolon

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IG: salicerose | Peruvian 🇵🇪

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Sometimes you need to see your past in order to get excited about your future. The bottom two pictures we had just finished graduate school and we were on our way to celebrate in Vegas. We were living our best unhealthy life to the fullest. Today’s journey is truly our best life. We ended one journey to begin a healthy journey together. Although our weight, meals, workouts, and physical features have changed our relationship has remained consistent. This is an unbreakable bond. My BESTIE for life. findyourownbff vegas reclaimedourhealth thickandcute guatemalan haitian cuban flights tagteam unbreakable bffgoals justwaitforit

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Marielitos series. Little Havana Miami. Nearly a decade ago I began documenting through photography the world of Afro-Cuban rumba in New York. I wanted to make visible the Cuban diaspora in the United States, including those from the Mariel Boatlift who emigrated in the 1980s. I continued documenting Cubans from the Mariel Boatlift and later after I moved to Miami's Little Havana neighborhood in 2015. Today, many who arrived during this exodus and later fear that they will have to return to Cuba based on their situations in relationship to the end of the U.S.'s Wet Foot/Dry Foot policy. street streetphotograpy street_photo_club cuban cubanphotographer street street_photo_club streetlife streetstyle street_photo_club . photooftheday nycphotographer cubanphotographer street streetstyle street_photo_club streetview photooftheday documentaryphotography cubanphotographer nycphotographer journalist journalism streetart streetshot street streetstyle streetphotography streetarteverywhere street_photo_club streetview streetlife streetphotos streetlife_award street_focus_on streetart_daily photooftheday color colorphotography littlehavana miami documentaryphotography photojournalism portraits pictureoftheday

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Reserved for a group of cigar aficionados! Puffing starts as early as 3pm, see you all then! Call +603 2386 6030 or email reservations for bookings.

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"Le estoy metiendo lo ven y me dicen Waoopero yo se que no les gustan Lo que estan es asombraooo" - "La Descarga" coming soon "We Got Next" coming soon "Fuego" coming soon.

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On the road.

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Isn’t she a cutie. 😜 Lash fill days are the best days ✨🖤

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🛑 A secret it’s a secret 🛑

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You and me