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Your job to caption today!😸👀

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O segundo dia do Read Steady Tokyo, evento-teste para a Olimpíada de 2020 foi difícil para Robert Scheidt. Neste domingo (18), em Enoshima, no Japão, o bicampeão olímpico sofreu uma punição na única regata disputada e, ao perder posições, terminou em 17°. Mesmo assim, se mantém no top 10 da classificação geral: ocupa a décima posição, com 14 pontos perdidos.⠀ ⠀ cultcircuito cult esporte vela robertscheidt enoshima readysteadytokyo bulkheadmagazinejapan olimpiadadetoquio⠀ ⠀ ⠀ robert.scheidt2020_tokyo_olympics

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Boogie Nights (1997) ‘’You’re not the boss of me, Jack. You’re not the king of Dirk. I’m the boss of me. I’m the king of me. I’m Dirk Diggler. I’m the star. It’s my big dick and I say when we roll’’ A proper cult classic. Boogie Nights was such an original film when it was released, filmed in its own sharp and realistic way. Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie is hilarious in places and captures the characters at a time where nothing seems to be going wrong, or at least until the 80s arrive. Things turn very dark from there on. At the end of this film you will realise that Boogie Nights is a simple morality tale, but one that will stick in the mind days after you watch it. Trivia - Leonardo DiCaprio was originally offered the role of Dirk Diggler. He liked the screenplay, but turned it down because he had already signed on to do Titanic (1997). DiCaprio suggested Mark Wahlberg for the role. What are your thoughts 💭 ❓ ———————————————————————— Follow cult.classic.films for more ccfilms cult classic films film cultclassic cultclassics movies movie cultmovies boogienights paulthomasanderson dirkdiggler markwalhberg juliannemoore burtreynolds johncriley philipseymourhoffman scotty

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How delightfully Pulp! (am I a bad fan for unironically enjoying the hookier parts rather than ignoring them?) thephantom comics comicbooks cult

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Hang with the dead | coffin display shelfs are out now ⚰⚰⚰ | international shipping available 🦇🌍 • • • • •

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Il secondo appuntamento di Dentro il Parco Festival che vogliamo svelarvi sono proprio loro: Il Menu della Poesia ▪ Domenica, 15 Settembre, ore 18.30 - Parco Naturale Valle del Menago - Bovolone (VR) Metti una poesia a cena, per nutrire non solo il corpo ma anche l'anima. Metti un gruppo di attori professionisti, innanzitutto amici, con l'amore per il Teatro e per la Poesia. Metti qualcuno che ha detto che "con la cultura non si mangia" E mettici infine pure un po' di incosciente fiducia! Veri e propri Menù con poesie come fossero vivande, "servite" da maitres d'eccezione, cioè attori professionisti che su richiesta del cliente recitano direttamente al tavolo. FB: Instagram: ilmenudellapoesiaofficial Photo credit: Laila Pozzo

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A Lizard Cult faction overview for Root, a game of woodland might and right! One of the two factions from ‘The Riverfolk Expansion’, the lizard cult are an advanced faction themed around a religious cult catering to the woodland creatures who are below the attention of the other factions. Setup begins by placing four warriors, along with one of their faction buildings, a Garden, in the corner opposite either the Marquise’s Keep or the Eyrie’s Roost, or one of the other two corners if both are in play. Make sure the garden matches the clearing’s suit, as seen in picture 1/10 (1 of 10). To finish, select a starting Outcast suit, as in picture 2/10. Your player board’s starting Garden setup will look like 3/10 at first, but as you expand your goal is to get something more like 4/10, as spreading your Gardens is the key to victory! Interestingly, the different suits are not equal in how many Gardens it takes before hand size increases, something to note while playing! This is where things get complicated. The Outcast impacts your Conspiracies, seen in picture 5/10. As you play, your defending warriors as well as those you sacrifice (we’ll get to sacrifices) become Acolytes, a special currency to fuel Conspiracies during your Birdsong (first portion of your turn) phase. Conspiracies are your only method of moving your warriors and battling, and you can also Convert enemy warriors and even Santify enemy buildings, removing them and placing a suit-matching Garden instead. This is vital because the Lizard Cult is considered to ‘rule’ any clearing in which it has a Garden. But after the initial setup, the Outcast is decided at the start of each turn by the most common suit in your Lost Souls pile (6/10), essentially a temporary discard pile. Cards discarded or spent each turn go here, deciding the Outcast suit for the following turn. Then, once the Outcast is set for each new turn, the Lost Souls pile is fully discarded so it’s refreshed again for the new turn. See the Comments section for the rest of the Overview:

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Veneza Brasileira💕

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From the mind to the book, pages are written. From the page to the mind, the memories are read. reddeadredemption2 rdr2 cult

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• LelecoTarantino 05 – À Prova de Morte (2007) Subestimado ao extremo. Não sei por que ninguém comenta sobre Death Proof, sinceramente. Eu mesmo nunca tinha ouvido falar dele antes de iniciar a minha Sessão Tarantinesca. Em nenhum momento eu senti tédio, em nenhum momento minha atenção passeou por outros campos da minha imaginação. Ele não é cansativo, apesar de um início meio arrastado e aparentemente sem muito rumo, tem uma boa dose de diversão, uma fotografia saudosista no bom sentido, personagens carismáticos às suas próprias maneiras, uma narrativa fluida e um enredo redondinho, com o detalhe de ser o único filme do cineasta até hoje que começa e termina numa ordem cronológica. Se alguém me pedir recomendações daqui pra frente, À Prova de Morte estará entre os primeiros da lista. Se você clicar no link da descrição da página e ler a crítica completa, vai ganhar um prêmio: meu respeito e admiração! deathproof tarantino filmes cinema resenha critica tv aprovademorte movies quentintarantino kurtrussell geek review filme nerds cult setimaarte rosariodawson nerd filmescult maryelizabethwinstead movie hollywood

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"Sono tornata per dirti che sei un imbecille, un bifolco, uno zotico, un maschilista, un cafone e un villano!" "E a parte questo?" "Anche un presuntuoso." "Ho capito, ti sei innamorata di me." ilbisbeticodomato ilmolleggiato celentano lapigiatura 1980 cult trash intrashwetrust adrianocelentano adrian molleggiato trashy cinema ilovecinema films film ilovefilms movie movies ilovemovies mitologia vino vendemmia eliacodogno followme likesforlikes likeforlike likebackteam likeback tagsforlikes

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La puerta negra (Kit Wong, 2001). Tras sufrir un ataque durante el rodaje de un documental, un joven pide ayuda a su novia y a su amigo para que terminen de investigar la presencia de una antigua secta. Cinta protagonizada por Kevin Blatch (Infierno sobre ruedas) y John Hainsworth (El tesoro de la montaña). Puntuación: 6/10 Datos curiosos: - Rodada en formato de falso documental. - Se rumoreó la posibilidad de que lo grabado fuera cierto. lapuertanegra theblackdoor movie film pelicula cinta horror terror sectas culto cult sectasatanica demon demonio sacrificio resurrection resurreccion ritual gangster falsodocumental foundfootage

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Official statement from DPD.⠀ ⠀ Special News Release⠀ August 18, 2019⠀ ⠀ Delta, CO. – At approximately 11:48 A.M. officers of the Delta Police Department received a request from Delta Dispatch to respond to a residence in the 40 Heinz Mobile Home Park on a report of a suspicious person possibly breaking into cars. Officer responded and contacted a 33 year old Caucasian male in the area. The male subject became combative with the two officers on scene and a fight ensued. During the struggle the male subject became non-responsive and officers determined he had lost consciousness. Life saving measures was taken and the Delta County Ambulance District responded. The subject was revived and transported to Delta County Memorial Hospital where it was determined he would be immediately transferred to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Grand Junction for further treatment.⠀ ⠀ Due to the nature of the incident and the officer’s “use of force” in this incident, the 7th Judicial Critical Incident Investigation Team has been requested to respond and investigate this case. The Critical Incident Investigation Team is a group of law enforcement officers from different agencies throughout the 7th Judicial District who have gone through specialized training to conduct investigations in incidents where officers have been involved or implicated in an incident where serious injury to another person may have occurred. Serious injury in these incidents involves any injury which may have involved loss of consciousness, extensive emergency medical treatment, injury by gunshot, and / or incidents involving death. ⠀ ⠀ This incident is under investigation by the Critical Incident Team. No further information is currently available. The names of the male and the officers involved are being withheld for investigative reasons.⠀ ⠀ END⠀ ⠀ Prepared by: Jamie Head; PIO⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ judicial jw judicialcommittee moldova chisinau jwmoldova jwmd apostate cult kingdomhall exjw disfellowshipped jwchisinau wtbts jehovahswitness jwfacts jwfactseu watchtower exjehovahswitnesses tv victims activist thetruthaboutthetruth

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Tried 7th set of 3 Reps of 50kg Man Makers.⚓ Fully Exhausted 🤪 But It Was Fun! 😁😉 Man Maker Is A Whole Body Compound Exercise .☠️ As It's Name Suggests, You'll Become A Man Till The End Of The Workout lol.💪🏻🧔🏻 manmakers compoundexercises workout workoutoftheday workoutroutine workoutvideos cult fitness fitnesschallenge fit fitnesslife fitnessmotivation fitfam fitfun Motivation motivationalquotes fitnesscoach strengthandconditioningcoach amanabrol liftheavy lifestyleblogger fitnessblogger instagram instadaily instamood

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Good news, heathens! At the next ritual gathering of SlutChurch, we're introducing a new sacrament it involves koolaid and tequila Cummunion. You can join as our High AF Priestess timbalingling will officially welcome our guest DJ and performer into tainthood of the whorthodoxy before the show begins! Come early to our next show on the 27th!

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A giant thermometer on a roundabout in Ashgabat. The screen in the foreground was playing a loop of Turkmenistan's autocratic leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov attending official ceremonies. • • • Over the next few weeks, we bring you some amazing shots by amos.chapple, taken in 2012 in Turkmenistan. He captures rare images of the spookiness and spectacle of one of the world's most-closed countries. • • • • turkmenistan ashgabat strangeworld strangeplaces berdymukhamedov cult exploration travelphotography autocrat thermometer eeriesilence emptycity roaddecoration rarephotos

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How High? How High Are You? How High Are You Right Now?