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💜💛🖤In keeping with the theme of vibrant colours - there is then jadefadojutimi solo show “Numbing Vibrancy of Characters in Play” peergallery A mental mix of vibrant colours and energetic brush strokes on huge canvases. I’ve had to visit a few times to appreciate the methods of the bold strokes and her command of paint. Distant places and foliage bleed in and out of abstraction, with the paintings naturally relating and reacting to each other. I feel the works speak of identity, cross cultures and experiences. The colours remind me of Indonesian fabrics and Japanese textile prints and Anime. I can see interesting contextual references to Amy Sillman, Varda Caivano, Nicola Tyson, and Phoebe Unwin as influences on her practice. However, her work is a unique language. I can see how it would sit nicely with MakikoKudo exciting works. Jade had a solo show in Cologne. I would have loved to have seen it. I am therefore sharing some pictures of that show too - photos taken courtesy of laurahudsonstudio 💕 abstract emergingartist artgram abstractpainting peergallery identity culture britishartist diaspora collectingart painting artcollector oilpainting artisan

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تازە بابەتی نوی لە کوتالی عیسا نویترین کەوای سولتان ⚘بابةتي نوي لة كوتالي عيسا ⚘ 🌷كاتةكاني دوكان 🌷 🌹كات ٩ بةياني تاكو١٢ نيورؤ🌹 🌹٢دواي نيورؤ تاكو ١٠ شةو🌹 گةياندمان هةية 🚗🚗 🌹بۆ فرۆشتنی هەموو جۆرە كوتاڵێك بۆ ئافرەتان و بوكان🌹 📍ناونیشان : هەولێر ، گەڕەكی نەورۆز ، نزیك زانكۆی جیهان📍 📞07500457311 📞07504917933 erbil iraq fashion zaxo duhok sulaymaniyah kirkuk kurdistan kurdish culture best fashiondesigner kurdishgirl dresses dress girls kurdishwedding kurdishclothes kurdstyle kurdishdress kurdishbeauty kurdishsone akre hawler دهۆك badinan shene hamko shenehoshyar

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L'evento di Domenica 17 febbraio " BEST FLOW VRST" è stato innovativo. Solo chi c'è stato ha potuto percepire l'energia positiva di tutti. Dalla strada ai club e dai club alla strada, non ci sono limiti per chi si divertire i mezzo alla gente esprimendo il proprio pensiero artisticamente. Ieri Torino è cresciuta. Finalmente ieri si sono spaccate tutte le maschere pirandeliane, dando vita al nuovo pensiero individuale. Complimenti ai finalisti fearmars k_2o_k trigga_kelvin_msigwa Sono delle Potenze. 🔥🔥 BEST FLOW TO BE CONTINUED. 🔥 events live music dance afroeat culture dancers afroumanesimo all we need is love

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Iam so inlove with African aesthetics which is why I will be discussing digital content creation for Africa on Upright African with actordonald today ( gabz_fm 4pm) This is our time as Africans to tell stories about our people and land.We need to represent our content! Stay tuned! Muse Donald Molosi wearing an NM original by Prince Ntanya Magurira blackmagic africa cultured malemodel checkoutafrica africa blackmagic wakanda blackpanther culture melanin portraitphotography panafrican fashion black blackgold sunkissed botswana lovebotswana visualart fashionphotography wakandaforever

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18 FEBRUARY 2019. 📸📸📸 PHOTO OF THE DAY: . ~ Tiger Cave Temple Krabi, Thailand. 🇹🇭. ↬ anskus ↫ . 𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓾𝓵𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓼 🏆🥇🏆👏 👏👏 . PHOTO SELECTED BY : terrycecorock . ✔️ VALID TAG: art_planet_pics . 📍FOLLOW: art_planet_pics . FOUNDER🏘️: terrycecorock ADMIN🙋: terrycecorock . ⚠️ ONLY YOUR OWN PICS ⚠️ ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ 💥Galleria raccomandata/recomanded Hub: total_art_gallery . ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ . È gradito il repost/repost is welcome. 🍀GOOD LUCK!🍀 . art instaart instagood gallery featured beauty tigercavetemple dragons tigers krabi thailand temple buddha buddhism religion culture architecture bangkok photooftheday uk russia architecture japan igerseurope artworld follow igerskrabi igersbangkok igersthailand

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DEUXIÈME ARTISTE DÉVOILÉE ! 💡 laureboin 👩🏻‍🎨 Laure Boin est née en 1963 à Draguignan dans le Var. Elle vit et travaille à Sauves dans le sud de la France. Le dessin est une véritable passion depuis son enfance, une passion qu’elle concrétise lorsqu’elle entre en 1980 aux Arts Appliqués Duperré à Paris dans la section arts graphiques. Elle rentre rapidement dans le monde de la publicité où elle exerce les métiers de “roughwoman”, “storybordeuse” et Directrice Artistique. Depuis 2012 elle se consacre exclusivement à son activité de dessinatrice et peintre. (N’hésitez pas à aller voir son travail ) LaureBoin

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Le Terre dell'Alto Mantovano sono luoghi pieni di tradizioni secolari che vengono portate avanti ancora oggi. Sapete cosa succede ogni anno per San Biagio? losguardochetimanca terrealtomantovano inlombardia365 inlombardia discoveraltomantovano monzambano tradizioni culture Repost ds_digitalsim • • • • • Nel giorno di San Biagio, in Castello a Monzambano, si celebra la tradizionale festa dedicata al Santo protettore della gola. Come da antica tradizione i visitatori saranno ospitati nelle abitazioni dove potranno gustare i prodotti di un tempo 📸Simona Monzambano FestaSanBiagio festa tradizione festadipaese drone dronephotos collinemoreniche mantova monzambanotourist nophotoshop borghipiubelliditalia

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La Chiesa del Complesso di San Domenico fu costruita tra il 1441 e il 1468 per volere della famiglia Sanseverino. La sua facciata presenta ancora elementi della costruzione originale, come il rosone e l’arco che incorniciano il portale d’ingresso, in stile gotico. All’interno sono evidenti decorazioni ascrivibili al tardo barocco, come gli stucchi, la volta a botte e la cupola. Il coro è una sopravvivenza del periodo medievale. Le opere d’arte presenti sono prevalentemente settecentesche: le Sante dipinte da Granata e l’altare maggiore marmoreo. Alla sinistra della chiesa si trova l’antico convento con annesso il chiostro il quale rappresenta un esempio architettonico estremamente raffinato, che sottolinea il passaggio dalle tipologie gotiche alle prime forme rinascimentali. Nel 1588 ospitò il filoso Tommaso Campanella attirato a Cosenza dal pensiero e dall’opera di Bernardino Telesio. Il complesso monastico attualmente ospita anche il BoCs Art Museum The Church of the Complex of San Domenico was built between 1441 and 1468 at the behest of the Sanseverino family. Its facade still features elements of the original construction, such as the rose window and the arch that frame the entrance portal, in Gothic style. Inside are evident decorations attributable to the late Baroque, such as the stuccos, the barrel vault and the dome. The choir is a survival of the medieval period. The works of art are mainly eighteenth-century: the saints painted by Granata and the marble high altar. To the left of the church is the old convent with the cloister attached, which is an extremely refined architectural example, which underlines the passage from the Gothic types to the early Renaissance forms. In 1588 he hosted the philosopher Tommaso Campanella attracted to Cosenza by the thought and work of Bernardino Telesio. The monastic complex currently also houses the BoCs Art Museum discovercosenza cosenza calabria italy travel culture travelling church landscapes storytelling art holy medieval gothic renaissance museum sud holyart beauty photo picture peace followus monument

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What is your purpose of life? I might be wrong but I bet YOU DON'T KNOW. You know what is theirs? 🍛 Three course meal 🤺Survival 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Family 🏠 A Home I bought my camera, just for clicking my won picturesthat was a selfish motive right Honestly speaking I didn't know I was even interested in social stuffor street photography or photography with a purposeWhen I started travelling I realized how badly I wanted to click pictures of otherslike not just a picture but a story for my memorybecause YES I TEND TO FORGET EASILY Memory became loveand I love telling stories (ask my bf😅😋🤣) free jharkhand history culture wedding tradition tribal tribaltradition tribalsoul beautiful warm photography portrait soul travel travelgram instagram feelings triballifematters portraitmood music art musiclove artlove nightmood moody alimentacaosaudavel smokeweed tribalfusion culturalshock

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“These two worlds dance together and collide throughout the piece, which is very much anchored in the spiritual belief system and ritual heritage that informs many aspects of East Asian culture. I was keen to create a visual motif to convey this, while avoiding the stereotypes that often weigh down productions inspired by East Asian heritage – I wanted to create a shared vision, rather than an exotic one.' - set and costume designer Moi Tran | Under The Umbrella Check out one of our original EATC founders -Moi Tran's work as set and costume designer for the world premiere of Amy Ng's Under the Umbrella at Belgrade Theatre We are THE CHANGE here in the UK, join us, be part of us and share this experience with us. The East Asian Ticket Club are keen to advocate for an Arts and Cultural environment that is more diverse and inclusive of East Asian minority and Diaspora communities in the UK. It is essential that we start building a serious site of appearance and encourage the East Asian community to take their position in this growing conversation. In a focused scheme of engagement, EATC is working in partnership with leading Arts and Culture Venues to promote attendance by offering free/subsidised tickets and events for the East Asian communities to targeted events. Cast Mei Mac – Wei Laura Tipper – Lucy Charlotte Chiew – Dong Minhee Yeo – Grandmother Creative Playwright: Amy Ng Director: Justine Themen Designer: Moi Tran Dramaturg: Ola Animashawun Creative Producer: Lian Wilkinson Special thanks to our partners Belgrade Theatre, Tamasha Theatre and Yellow Earth Theatre Image by Heather Kincaid visualart performingarts performance multimedia dance art contemporaryart arts culture poc uk international eastasian eastasianart eastasianartist asian asianpride asianartist diaspora launch hereweare representationmatters representation comingtogether visibility wematter narrative

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“Beneath the murky sky, River flowing serene and still, A man on boat; dreamily saling 🚣🏻‍♂️[]” -V.T. ••• Khalid from sugarkids for the new and awesome “WABI SABI” SS19 littlecreativefactory Collection. ••• Eternally thankful to 👩🏻‍🎨 lcf_cristina 📸 takeapicturelady 👩🏻‍🎤 estrellaelorduy 👫 littlecreativefactory Team. 🍭 sugarkids ••• lcf barcelona littlecreativefactory ss19 wabisabi serenity love sugarkids kidsmodels cutekids igkids kidsfashion halfasian beauty imperfections menka bamboo asianstyle catalanstyle fusionstyle imperfectionsarebeautiful haiku japanese philosophy culture creativity art artlovers

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Banyak tempat-tempat menarik atau objek wisata di Nias Selatan yang wajib dikunjungi. Selama ini, anda mungkin hanya mengenal atraksi lompat batu, tari perang, rumat adat yang sudah berusia ratusan tahun, pantai yang indah serta gulungan ombak yang menantang, tetapi Nias Selatan juga menyimpan kisah menarik yang mungkin belum anda ketahui. Salah satunya Situs Megalitik Behu Bitaha yang terletak di desa Olayama, kecamatan Huruna. Menurut penuturan lisan, situs ini sudah berusia 600 tahun, walaupun belum ada uji penanggalan radiokarbon resmi. Behu tersebut dibuat sebagai bentuk penghormatan sekaligus representasi diri leluhur mereka yang bernama Angi Sebua, dan juga untuk istri serta anak-anaknya. Behu tersebut tidak boleh diperlakukan atau disentuh sembarangan. Menurut penuturan warga setempat, beberapa waktu lalu, ada seorang turis dari luar negeri yang mengunjungi situs tersebut. Mungkin karna penasaran atau karna hal lain, dia menyentuh genitalia laki-laki salah satu behu, dan tiba-tiba turis tersebut berputar dan terpental jatuh. Hal menarik lainnya mengenai behu tersebut adalah, lumut yang menempel di badan behu tersebut bisa dijadikan obat untuk mengobati penyakit. Wah benar-benar menarik ya ceritanya, penasaran? Silahkan baca cerita lengkapnya di (FB : Pesona Nias Selatan) Anda bisa memuaskan rasa penasaran anda dengan mengunjungi situs ini. Letaknya di desa Olayama, kecamatan Huruna. Situs ini berjarak sekitar 81 Km dari Telukdalam dengan waktu tempuh sekitar 2 jam dan dari gunung Sitoli bisa juga ke tempat ini dengan jarak 51 Km waktu tempuh 1,5 jam dari Gunungsitoli. Yang penting gak nyesel ke tempat ini, sebab anda akan melewati puncak/gunung tertinggi di pulau Nias yaitu Gunung Lolomatua dan menikmati keindahan alam sekitarnya. Yukmari kita jaga dan lestarikan peninggalan para leluhur Salam Pesona Nias Selatan PesonaIndonesia PesonaNiasSelatan genpi genpinisel megalithicsite situsmegalitik culture budayaindonesia indonesiabagus tourism visitindonesia visitsumut

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Maria Luigia • • • Il ritratto di Maria Luigia in veste di Concordia è una scultura in marmo di Antonio Canova databile al 1811 - 1814. L'opera ritrae Maria Luigia d'Asburgo, moglie di Napoleone. La sovrana viene rappresentata in veste di Concordia con il diadema regale lo scettro e una patera. • • • marialuigia canova statua statue sculpture monument architecture history culture beautiful wonderful awesome spectacular gallery art artgallery museum museo museoarcheologiconazionaleparma gallerianazionaleparma parma italy