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Soodas sind dann meine Haare für heute nach dem Spitzen schneiden im Cast bin eigentlich ganz zufriedenetwas ungewohnt-kurz, da ich von den hinteren Längen mehr als nur die Spitzen geschnitten habeaber das ist nun mal meine Problemzone und wir wollen ja gesunde Haare in der Zukunft haben curlygirlmethod cgmethod wavyhair hairstyle hair haircare wavygirl naturallycurlyhair naturallywavy lovelycurls locken germancurlysunite curlyhairroutine curlygirl curlygirlcommunity rakewetscrunch smasterstechnique embraceyourcurls 2bwaves curlygirljourney cutyourhair diyhaircut curlycut reallifecurls

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Burn da bras! 👙

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So excited about these pictures! Still no baby. Hopefully today

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Today is all fentyface day 🤩 I put some of the killawatthighlighter in penny4uthots on my lids and then added the killawattfoil in wattabrat right on top of that. Couldn't do with out my fentybeauty profiltrprimer profiltrfoundation in 360 profiltrconcealer profiltreyeprimer profiltrsettingpowder fentycontoursticks and then of course the brand new sunstalkbronzer in bajan gal, and I added the wattabrat to my cheeks. Topped of the look with some fentybronzer around the eyes, and some toofaced betterthansexmascara and a little smashbox lippie I'm loving the look this is giving me fenty fentybeautyfoundation fentybeautyconcealer fentysettingpowder fentyhighlighter fentymatchstix fentyshimmerskinstick londonchicknick fentycontour sephora sephorafentybeauty sephorahaul curlygirl

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Sobre essa make maravilhosa que a fez em mim, um arraso né não minha gente? 😍😍❤️ ( Descobri que não tenho especialidade nenhuma em fazer vídeos mostrando make) kkkk mas não desistam

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So perfect 😱😍😍😍

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he always leans down so i don't have to strain my arms when taking selfies, and if that's not true love idk what is 🤣 ❤ tbt

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Did you catch oandohooch on lowcountrylive last Friday?! They’re celebrating 4 years & we couldn’t be happier that this curly wonder woman came in to have _xshaylovex_ tame her mane before showtime! 💕💕 bloheartsyou blocharleston blomountpleasant unitehair charleston bloheartsyou blocharleston blomountpleasant blochs kingstreetsalon upperking curlygirl tamethemane happybirthday hoochitup sullivansisland supportlocal lcl lowcountrylive lowcountry charlestonsc mountpleasant

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When the braidout should have long failed you but still poppin into almost week 2! flaxseedmagic. This weekend - as is my ritual - I nestled into the couch to end my hustle/bustle of a Saturday with a Netflix session. I started watching Beyonce's Homecoming & 30 mins in I was compelled to turn it off. Not because it was bad but because it was that good. I felt witness to something. Something in me felt that this work was better viewed communally - kind of like reserving the opening day latenight showing of a newly released horror flick. You want the gasps, screams, in-sync heart flutter experience you can only get by viewing with other die hard fans. Although not a member of the Bey Hive - it seemed like an appropriate piece to experience among them - an opportunity to unpack its meaning later. Checking out a big screen showing later today! homecoming performanceart beyonce beyhive naturalhair natural braidout braidouts braids curls curlygirl kinkycurly afro twists twistout curl bighair

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De carinha nova. ❤ QUER MOSTRAR SUA BELEZA E SEUS CACHOS AQUI? BASTA SEGUIR AS REGRINHAS. Envie sua foto por direct, siga nosso IG seinspirenacrespa e siga o meu IG pessoal isa.belamakeup e pronto, depois é só esperar seu post ❤ Use: seinspirenacrespa seinspirenacrespa cachoscachinhos crespissimopoderoso crespos crespa cabelocrespo naturalista crespa crespasecacheadas cacheia VoltandoAosCachos todecacho todecrespa transiçãojuntas cachostumblr transicaocapilar bigchop bigchopbr curlyhair curlygirl curly curls cachos cachoscurtos culrscurlscurls bc curlytutorial crespodopoder santoblackpoderoso

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Throwback with one of our favourites curly_uz! 😍❤️ Look at those gorgeous curls! ・・・ ✨ T E X T U R E T H U R S D A Y ✨ I wanted to show you guys my perfectly imperfect curls a couple of days after my wash day. This texture is on Day 4 curls from my yesterday’s post Regardless of the frizz, the bunch of white hairs flourishing at the top, the different colours to my strands due to becoming dye free, my curls are still quite defined Rewinding back to last year or even 6 months ago, my curls would have been a complete mess on Day 4 Embrace every aspect of this healthy hair journey because it is so worth it! 💕✨

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A queridinha das misturinhas caseiras kkk adoroooo 🌸 Gostou da página? Marca azamigas aí. E não esquece de seguir o oxentesoltaoscachos 🌸 Não se esqueçam de ativar as notificações para não perderem nenhuma postagem ❤ cachos oxentesoltaoscachos cacheadasnordestinas admcachos meuscachinhos penteado meuscachos amorpeloscachos vivacacheada camaleoacacheada divulgacachinhos cachoscomamor cachosemakesblog curly hair curlygirl transicaocapilar alagoas instablog crespomeu ilovecrepos cachosloiros cachoscoloridos cachosdivos cacheadasdosinstagram salonline

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They say you have weird dreams in the hospital, but I had an amazing one last night that felt so real! I was back in Vegas with these amazing ladies! We were having the time of our lives! I still can’t believe my company sent me there FOR FREE This business has done so much for me, and continues to do more and more, I mean I’m working from a hospital bed, not because I have to but because I want to, because I see the value of this product, and the value of this opportunity, and I know it can help so many people If you think you might be ready to change your life and hop on this train reach out! Worst case scenario you will wind up with the best hair of your life! But more than likely it and the people you will get to know and love will change your life life changing workfromanywhere becauseiwantto becauseiseethevalue becauseopportunity joinus besthairofyourlife whatareyouwaitingfor nowisthetime founderspool mitralvalverepairsurgery americanheartassociation value changeyourlife changeyourhair curlygirl naturalhaircare veganhaircare bluebunnyapproved influencer besthaircareever youregoingtowashyourhakranyway monatofficial

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Missing my beautiful baby sister sister! moncaton ❤️ Forever my best friend and soulmate, my little piece of childhood that can never be lost 💕

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Latinas are 28 million strong and growing faster than any other group of women. We are teachers, entrepreneurs, dog moms, and everything in between. We do everything, everywhere. So don't call us "up and coming" because we have already arrived. We are the future and also THE PRESENT. 🧑🏾👩🏼👩🏽‍🦰🧑🏿👩🏽👩🏻🧑🏾 RP: theluzcollective curlygirl plantbased popsicle vtwomenpreneurs womenpreneur bosslady latinaownedbusiness supportsmallbusiness sustainablebusiness womenempowerment womensupportingwomen healtheworld🌎 ThePresentIsLatina dontgetittwisted werunthis BrownGirlMagic LetThereBeLuz

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"If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?". - Rumi ° Have you ever heard of Anthroposophic art? Its an integral part of Anthroposophic medicine where the physical, vital physiological, mental and spiritual functions are connected through artwork such as painting. I call it "holistic art": because the mind, body and soul are connected. ° You should try Anthroposophic art out sometime and clean your inner being to let it shine🎨✨

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🎶Antes de eu falar Tu cantavas sobre mim Tu tens sido tão, tão bom pra mim Antes de eu respirar Sopraste Tua vida em mim Tu tens sido tão, tão bom pra mim Oh, impressionante, infinito, e ousado amor de Deus Oh, que deixa as noventa e nove Só pra me encontrar Não posso comprá-lo, nem merecê-lo Mesmo assim se entregou Oh, impressionante, infinito, e ousado amor de Deus🎶🎶 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 curly cabelocurto amomeuscachos cacheadapqsim cabelocacheado cachosbr 3C cachosdefinidos cachosnaturais cabelonatural cachinhos curlygirl curlygirl cacheada cachos cachinhos curlyhair cachospoderosos cachinhosinlove instacachos

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Reminiscencias de LaChiqui en una tarde de verano Ella observa de lejos y analiza sus blancos en el funeral: hombres con ropa negra desgastada? Estilistas! Voy por ellos La Chiqui sin escrúpulos Black lace bodysuit by nabelmartins Brazalete Helena by juliettegf ————————————————————— artist 4x4producciones actress happy actorslife working soycarlamüller actress actrizinternacional movie tv teatro followforlike shooting curlygirl mujer casting positivevibes amor cinema curlyhair curvy latina sexy followforfollowback followme lovmyjob selflove film exoticbeauty