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How do you feel about flaxseed gel? Comment 👇🏽👇🏽 • • • Video by willnotwilly . "BRUH! FLAXSEED GEL IS THE TRUTH! ⠀⠀ I got my hands on the BRAND NEW Flaxseed collection from naturallclub, which just released an edge control gel, curl custard and curl defining flaxseed gel - all made with natural flaxseed! The definition….UNREAL. The moisture….UNREAL. The chicken head I did in my bathroom after witnessing these curls….REAL. ⠀⠀ I was blessed by this collection, and it really confirmed my love for flaxseed gel. Check it out y’all! ⠀⠀ flaxseedcollection naturallclub flaxonem washandgo ad" naturalhairtips naturalhair teamnaturalhair naturalista curls curlyhair curlygirl naturalhairstyles naturalhairjourney explorepage protectivestyles amazingnaturalhair berrycurly kinksandcoils kinksandcurlsnatural

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💜🖤♈️ Galaxy vibes ♈️🖤💜

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I wanted to use a cute caption about how i was possibly Irish in a past life and blah blah but the truth is I work up with a nasty hangover AND a sprained ankle. At least my hair was cute 😊 (not so much now) stpatricksday boston curlyhair

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march has been good to me so farhappy to announce I recently signed with ursulawiedmannmodels

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Three cheers for transformation Tuesday! 🙌 We’re obsessed with this cut and colour upgrade by wchienhair at our Richmond salon.

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Lil Queen of The Day winters_inc We know you will be great! Greatness is all over lil Queen. Dont let nobody stop you from chasing your dreams. Never stop Leading. Never stop helping. Be GREAT👑

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🚨Veja como eu consegui SALVAR meus cachos 🚑👀 CONFIRA o Resultado Final lá no Canal🎬 Link na Bio katiusciaaandrade

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"Sometimes we reach the point where we’ve had enough of life. At that point, maybe the real truth is that we’ve had enough of our attitude." -Craig D. Lounsbrough Today's been weird, but ok. I painted for 4hrs, and finished said painting. I also decided I'm gonna get my navel pierced next month, bringing closure to my past, and saying "I love you" to a part of my body that I've had a rough relationship for so many yrs. Part of my healing from surgery in my abdomen, to the blocked trauma for so many yrs. So I'm gonna bling it out Haha May not makes sense to some, but it does to me. I went on Etsy, and found a peice of opal jewelry, showed it to my man and before I could even blink he bought it for me. Wasn't expecting that, but hes so sweet, and goes along with w.e I want to do/supportive. It's really little, but means alot. I'm really excited, I was thinking back and forth for a yr btwn my navel, and septum. But the navel makes more sense with how active I am, and what I wear. And I can cover it up unlike the nose haha. I love my body modifications, but I love being able to cover them up easily as well. Oh and my right hamstring loosened up finally Look at dis^ I can fold again yay, spent the past couple of weeks keeping my legs played out as much as possible, instead of bent. Just what they needed. Sorry my mirrors messy, I cleaned it yesterday, I suck at cleaning mirrors LOL. yoga yogagirl yogaprogress myyoga yogaathome yogajourney Paschimottanasana seatedforwardbend sunset happy tired longday nomoretighthamstrings yay artistsofinstagram gettingmynavelpierced messymirror mirroryoga curlyhair gurlygirl messyhair yogainbed

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"Abrir os olhos da alma faz o coração sorrir feliz, porque felicidade não é o que se divulga, mas sim o que se sente. O que vem de dentro ilumina mais do que o que está lá fora." europegirl cariocadagema cabelosdivos instahappy goodnight inspiration lisboa cacheada curlygirl curlyhair likeforfollow likeforlikes pretty love instafashion catworld meninastumblr minhasmolas cachosbra cachosperfeitos cacheia curlyhairstyles curtidas girlspower portugal transicaocapilar brasileira badgirl curtidasporcurtidas lindasmulheres

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O umidificador de Cachos Banho de Silicone Gota Dourada foi desenvolvido para deixar os fios disciplinados, modelar os cachos e controlar o frizz. Reduz o volume e é reconstrutor dos fios quebradiços e danificados. Tem efeito de brilho molhado, com filtro solar que protege contra o ressecamento dos cabelos. gotadouradaportugal mutualsmileoficial gotadourada ❤️ gotadourada desafiogotadourada gotadouradacosmeticos gotadouradaportugal cacheadas curlyhair curly cachos cacheada fashion fashionblogger style fashiondiaries instapic inspiration instafashion outfit outfitoftheday lookoftheday fashiongram fashionpost blogger urbanfashion vscocam ootd vsco luxury photooftheday instalook curlynaturalhair 👩🏼‍🦱