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There’s an infinite amount of creativity in your image ∞ hipcravo_art Follow Infinite.Art.Design ​•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• “Creativity takes courage” —Henri Matisse •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Tag InfiniteArtDesign •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Featured work IAD_hipcravo_art •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• creativity launchdsigns creative arts_help thegraphicspr0ject graphicdesign Beautiful manipulation ps art photoshop simplycooldesign art_spotlight artfido enter_imagination photomanipulation Artist design  worldofartists artistic picture artshub dailyart artistic_unity_ art_motive XceptionalEdits create inspiration •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Congrats on your amazing work

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While Alice was sitting curled up in a corner of the great arm-chair, half talking to herself and half asleep, the kitten had been having a grand game of romps with the ball of worsted Alice had been trying to wind up, - Looking Glass House - Through the Looking Glass aliceinwonderland alicesadventuresinwonderland wonderland throughthelookingglass fantasyart fantasy illustration artoftheday artoninstagram instaart art instaillustration kunst lewiscarroll quirkyart aliceiseverywhere aliceinwonderlandart aliciaenelpaisdemaravillas drawing painting artwork dailyart illustrationart illustrationoftheday illustration_daily illustrationartists cat

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Dario Cataldo vince la 15a tappa del Giro d’Italia dopo 220 km di fuga con Mattia Cattaneo. Richard Carapaz e Vincenzo Nibali attaccano, Primoz Roglic perde 40″ Tre giorni fa nella tappa di Pinerolo era presente nella fuga che aveva un ampio margine di vantaggio e che poi si è giocata la vittoria di tappa, ma Dario Cataldo si era messo a piena disposizione della squadra che aveva preferito fermarlo per dare una mano a Miguel Ángel López che stava cercando di recuperare secondi che in quel momento potevano essere molto importanti per la classifica generale: la carriera di un gregario, come è il 34enne abruzzese dell’Astana, è fatta proprio di rinunce a giocarsi le proprie possibilità, anche quando in gioco c’è una vittoria, pur di aiutare i compagni; e certe occasioni non sempre ricapitano. Per fortuna di Dario Cataldo, il treno buono si è ripresentato oggi e stavolta lo ha portato diritto verso la prima vittoria in carriera al Giro d’Italia alla decima partecipazione: in passato il corridore abruzzese, che tra l’altro non vinceva una corsa da più di cinque anni, ci era andato vicino altre volte, ma oggi ha potuto finalmente alzare le braccia al cielo come se fosse una puntualissima ricompensa per il gesto di Pinerolo con l’intervento di un karma a restituirgli quello che avrebbe potuto cogliere quel giorno. 2019 giroditalia giro2019 dariocataldo lancianeseaddavere caricature color caricaturista caricatures_world ciclismo instapic instaartist illustration dailyart

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It’s the final week to enter copicmarkerau’s ‘Under The Sea’ competition ya’ll! Get out your blue & turquoise inks or markers, create, then post/submit by 31st May for your chance to win a pack of Copic Sketch Markers & xpressitau Blending Card! copicsea

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Målningen har torkat och här är resultatet, blev riktigt nöjd och glad över den 😃 Liv Life 112x115 cm

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You are not a real Dane if your father is French. You are not his real brother if you don’t have the same mother. You are not a real vegetarian if you eat fish. You are not a real Muslim if you eat pork. You are not a real metal head if you like Volbeat. You are not a real teacher if you don’t wear socks in your sandals Or Great that’s how being Danish is like for you. Great that’s how being a brother is for you. Great that’s how being a vegetarian is like for you. Great that’s how being religious is like for you. Great that’s how being a metal head is like for you. Great that’s how being a teacher is like for you. What way of communication do you think creates more acceptance and happiness around you? imonlyhuman pointingfingers usversusthem youarenotoneofus 5minfink drawingmakesmehappy everyoneiswelcome lowbrowart dailyart

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okay babes i brought lil original ~mystery monster~ illustrations to the con ($15 each!) & some stickers (1 for $2, 3 for $5, or 15 for $10) so come tackle me for some and if u don’t see me, swing by Black Haüs’ booth 930 for some stickers there, their new shirts that feature two of my designs or for the most beautiful boobz that art legend victoriaelizabethblack crafted 💘💘 art artist artwork artistsofinstagram blackandwhite drawing dailyart drag dragqueen queen victoriaelizabethblack opulenceblack dollyablack wakashameblack blackhaus dragula illustration sketchbook rupaulsdragrace rupaulsdragcon

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Well long Time without posting on Instagram I just took the time to find myself again , and I think I did it 😉😂. I didn't feel it was the real me all this time. Now like Mauro Meijin , the Lord of the ぐるぐる imagination I just can say : 🍥 The creative slaughter continue 🔥💪🐲 🍥 This time the mkultra takes control of this guy , just the doubts took control of me. 😵 🍥 Acrilic and ink on sketchbook 🍥 acrylicpainting drawing ilustracion ilustration instadraw inkdrawing artwork sketchbook sketch drawingdaily instaart instaartist 絵描き イラスト イラストレーター 美術館 設計 mangaart drawingoftheday artlover artistic dailyart スケッチブック totoro clockworkorange hayaomiyazaki

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chipping away

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TAURUS ♉️🌞🌷 I know Taurus season is over but I still love you stubborn little earth signs 💘 tag your Taurus friend and show them love Gemini is next 😏

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Parachute Inspired by hiragaruben sketches. Please go check and follow him, he has taught me so much about digital painting and is an amazing artist. Another failed Image and Idea comp that I worked on further. Used the same process as I had on "Conquest" and am happy with the results. Allows me to go from a rough comp to a finish that I enjoy smoothly. It's not at a stage I'd consider finished bur I really like the life and roughness it has at the moment. Added in a close up and the original comp for anyone interested art artist digitalartwork photoshoppainting illustrationgram illustration space photoshop digitalartwork sketch dailyart ArtCenter igart artwork arte artoftheday artistic artsy artofvisuals space astronaut artistsoninstagram arts artists artistsofinstagram artlife anime illustrationaday illust conceptart light digitalpainting

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Essa é uma das ilustras que eu mais sou conectada, não só pela enorme dificuldade do trabalho (pelo minha dificuldade em perspectiva de cenário), mas também pela motivação pessoal que envolve vários dos meus amores efêmeros ilustracao draw girldrawing illustration drawing ilustradora dailyillustration illo  illustrationoninstagram digitalartdailyart drawings digitalpainting doodle ilustraciones illustratorart  graphicillustrator ilustrator portrait ilustradores illustratorart digitalillustrator  imperialis ilustramesilustracaodigital ilustracaovetorial

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go completely numb

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Tak perlu paham dukaku, nikmati saja jenakaku😴 dailyart art