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Idk what you normies use but I personally use Blocks per tick. |Credit: This meme was sent to me from lb_laura.x. If any of you have memes you want me to post just send them to me, i really appreciate it :))| |Don’t mind tags| meme dankmemes Lmao help illuminati memer laugh meandtheboys tiktok lol dankmeme kermit kermitmemes pewdiepiememes memesdaily dailymemes tiktokmeme 420 shrek cursedimage marvelmemes flextape mincraftmemes burgerkingfootlettuce welovememes spillthetea drphil mrbeast memez jontron

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Y’all already know

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So Toy Story 4 came out a while ago and the reviews are pretty good from what I’ve seen👀👀👀 🅱️ 🅱️ 🅱️ for more memes like these follow inhale_my_large_peepee

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Love this though 😅😅😅

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What's happening in Sudan? Omar al-Bashir was ousted in April, nearly 30 years after coming to power via a military coup during a north and south civil war in the country. An eventual International Criminal Court against him for genocide and other crimes against humanity, per a BBC News report at the time, was effectively put on hold amid a lack of support from the UN. Following his removal, protesters continued their work toward ensuring a new military-ruled government wasn't put into place, a move that would possibly lead to a repeat of what inspired this uprising in the first place. Additionally, activists say, many in those military groups were close to Omar al-Bashir and/or shared his ideology. Earlier this month, those protesters were met with brutal force by paramilitaries, particularly at a protest camp in Khartoum. A medical official working with a pro-reform group of doctors told The Guardian this week that hospitals in the capital had estimated "more than 70 cases of rape" during the attack and its aftermath, which also saw more than 100 deaths and at least 700 injuries. The Transitional Military Council and opposition groups, per Reuters, have now agreed to resume talks regarding who should head a transitional government ahead of eventual elections. - via: amp.www.complex.com article regarding the Sudan Massacre 💙💙💙 I’ve changed my profile picture to blue and you should too, to spread awareness about the massacre. The internet in Sudan is being shut down and the victims of the massacre are being silenced. Some of the best ways to help are to spread awareness and donate to charity. blueforsudan 💙 tags: meme memes memesdaily dailymemes humor lol imao imfao lmao lmfao blueforsudan sudanmassacre massacre sudan sudanuprising sudanrevolts