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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein How balanced is your life? Are you satisfied with it? Are you happy with the way things are going or would you like to make some changes to get things in order. Are you feeling confused, dissatisfied and unfulfilled? You simply can’t pinpoint why exactly you are feeling this way and long for some guidance and direction. Worry no more, help is available right here & right now. Each one of us aspires to live the perfect life full of joy and happiness and what most don’t realize is that with a little effort it can actually be a reality. All you need to do is assess where you are in the present, chart out your priorities and ascertain what changes need to be made in order to achieve the balance that helps you reach your goals. I would recommend using the “Wheel of Life”. It is a great tool that I use and it will help you lay down the groundwork for goal setting as it encourages you to analyze your current reality while also visualizing your desired reality. The Life Coaching Wheel of Life also provides a visual representation of the balance or imbalance between various life areas. Understanding where these levels are helps you to better manage life transitions and changes. The key of course is to restore this balance. This wheel contains eight sections that, together, represent one way of describing a whole life. The exercise measures your level of satisfaction in these areas in the present. It is not a picture of how it has been in the past or what you want it to be in the future. It is a snapshot taken in the moment. It is not a report card on how well you have performed or what you have achieved. The emphasis is on your level of satisfaction in each area NOW. Rank each section on a scale of 1-10, 10 being most satisfied. Connect the lines to form an inner wheel. Remember, it’s not about high ranking but a smoother ride.

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Debating the pros and cons of calling in to work lolone of my favorite activities 😂

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What are your thoughts?🤔

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Words cannot express how grateful I am to have shared such a wonderful, heart felt time at Shri Kali Ashram. It's been a wild and amazing ride learning about my true self, facing past trauma, accepting and loving myself, having a safe space to feel and express my emotions, and really taking the time for reflection/introspection. "Relax" has taken on a wildly new meaning for me and my body and mind finally feel calm. This experience and the people involved have helped me change my life and its course. Sending love to all the divine beings on this planet. "Be floppy and relaxed". shrikaliashram selfdevelopment selflove yogaisthescienceofmeditation yogateachertraining kohphangan traditionaltantrayoga dailymotivation travelphotography solotravel emotions divinefeminine

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planning for the future.

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Everybody wants to party with you but don't nobody wants to get this money. I'm tryna pay for the club that night and hire the hottest promoter We are not the same Fuck the club unless I'm getting paid I waste over $1000000 partying and now I want in chasingmonifa101 blessed determination motivation motivate inspiration luxury money goals lifestyle inspire dreams entrepreneur entrepreneurs success wealth startup hardwork startuplife workinghard founder boss millionaire inspiredaily ceo motivasyon dailymotivation wealthy

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Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible to your approach. - Tony Robbins dailymotivation

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I’ve been asked a few times about what my “morning routine” is and yes it’s something I do every morning now, before anything else. The books and things may change but the steps and idea are the same. Maybe sharing this will help you make your mornings better Now let’s be honest I HATE mornings big time so waking up early to make sure I fit this in plus a workout and shower before the girls wake up is a challenge. But so so worth it. I found myself being on a defense mode and tense all day. Being needed constantly takes patience and honestly a positive mindset. Which is something I’ve always struggled with Dealing with years of depression and anxiety this has eased it massively especially with everything going on in my state for the last week. My heart is heavy and this is how I have been able to deal plus stay positive So I start with writing a prayer, this allows me to focus on my words, thoughts and even a look back to reflect when those prayers are answered. I then pull a random affirmation card, I just have a silly not serious deck, but it gives you a word and focus. Then I turn to a random page in this small book “you are doing fricking great job” it’s an affirmation positive focus book with quotes in it Once I’ve found my word and quote for the day. I dive into “100 days to brave” following the steps I need to take there, sometimes it’s focus, a prayer or reading a chapter in the Bible. After that I dig into my personal development book until my gogo juice is done (I make a big serving) so about 15-25 minutes is spent reading a book of my choice for personal growth for myself and my business. Currently I’m on “a tribe called bliss” To some it may seem like a lot of work but growing ourselves into better, happier and healthier people takes work! I’ve seen massive change in my life, attitude and mind from doing this every morning. I then instantly get my workout in and I’m fully focused at that point, so I crush it!😉 . I encourage you to find something that works for you like this to help you grow and focus. Before the world starts and needs you. You need you❤️

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OMG 🆘 🤭 🤪 My almond butter 🥜 and banana 🍌 toast 🍞 (toasted to perfection💯) is literally oozing HONEY 🍯 I put a thin layer of honey under the bananas for an extra taste of sweetness 😊 THROW A LIKE IF THIS WAS WORTH THE DOUBLE POST TODAY Come on, we both know it is 😉 • • • • • • • • • • health healthy motivation positive clean eating foodie inspiration dailymotivation healthylife cleanfood yummy cleaneats toogood thetoogoodlife foodlover fit fitness instafood nyc nyceeeeeats nyclife dinner honey almondbutter

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You push through always. This is beautiful, tag someone that needs to see this.

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If you consider that the DOW will have risen 📈about 20,000 points off its March 2009 lows and that when this pattern is done, (which could well be after a bit of a new market peak🗻) the least we should get is a 50% retracement, or a move back down to 17,000 or so. Technically speaking, there isn't any reason why the entire rally up from the low around 7,500 in March of 2009 can't be entirely reversed❗️📉❗️ For this to be so, you probably have to believe that Europe is not only on the verge of a recession but that it is on the verge of a deflationary spiral such as we have seen in Japan for decades❗️😱 You would have to believe that the ECB and the FED will be largely ineffectual at using expansionary monetary policy as we are starting out with rates barely above zero. We might not expect much of fiscal policy either given the deficit created by President Trump at the top of a business cycle❗️😡👎 - the very same thing President Bush did when he took office❗️😡👎 You would also leave the door open for some kind of "Black Swan" event, which is not very difficult to do given our current President❗️At least you won't have to believe in the tooth fairy❗️👸

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Just Keep going 🙂 . Tag your👩👨 loving friends who are feeling down and need to see this . Please Do share Hope we can motivate someone else today ✌ and make their day filled with positivity😇 . 🎥 knowledge_media . Double tap ❤ and Follow 👤 motivationland Double tap ❤ and Follow 👤 motivationland Double tap ❤ and Follow 👤 motivationland . Don't forget to ( Turn on the Post Notifications🔔 and Story Notifications🔔) for never missing out the future posts 🙌 . Use motivationland and tag us to share your motivational story with us. We'll be happy to share it further to our motivationland family 🔥 Tags: motivation inspiration motivationalquotes inspirationalquotes motivational motivationmonday dailymotivation motivationalquote motivationalmonday inspirationalquote motivationquotes motivations motivationalpost inspirationquotes motivationalquoteoftheday motivation💯 motivationforlife motivationalspeaking motivationalspeech motivationalquotesoftheday motivationalpage inspirationalquoteoftheday motivationalvideos motivationwednesday motivationalthoughts motivationeveryday motivationsunday motivationalquotesandsayings inspirationalmessage

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You are your best investment! Invest your time, energy, and money into building your skills, mastering your craft, and being the best possible version of yourself. Success is the long term result of leveling up daily!

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“Dream high and exceed your expectations.” ―Lailah Gifty Akita Once you commit to living your dreams, the lids blinding your eyes will be lifted. A completely new world will be opened to your view. Good Evening! acareerthatmakesyousmile dentalassistantsrock DrKimberlyDDS dreambig believe smile youcandoit nevergiveup newcareer dentalassisting igdaily dailymotivation motivationalreminder inspiredaily dentalhealth motivation goodthings love dreams success believeinyourself compassion dentalassistant teeth education dentalassistingschool dentalschool dentaleducation EveningQuote ctto

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Run from your fears and they will follow you. Run toward your fears and they will get the hell out of your way.⁣ •⁣ Tag someone who needs this motivation today.⁣👇🏼 •⁣ Follow 24Seven_Hustle📣 •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ hustle inspire motivation motivationalquotes dailymotivation inspiration inspirationalquotes dailyquote entrepreneur share success business inspiredaily quoteoftheday vision dailyinspiration ambitious gogetter successquotes mindset makemoney opportunity goals grind workhard quotes quotes4you millionaire millionairemindset buildyourempire

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If you want to become successful, you need to start "Being", so that "Doing" and "Having" comes naturally.

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