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Peep the kweenz on my wall 🔥

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Marie „Pandora” Medina has been dancing for many year and became well known in our popping dance community. Her dance is a one, large dose of informations. As a female popper from California, she represents true skills. iampandoramarie ‘s control, speed changes and concepts are mind-blowing. Respect! infinitepopping popping poppin dance dancing taniec freestyle dancecommunity hiphop hiphopdance amazing passion talent dancelife lifestyle funk hiphop streetdance dancevideos dancevideo legend dancefloor funky flow performance danceteam danceforlife dancevideo danceislife dancers

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We’re ready for nationals! 💙💛

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L A S T N I I I I G H T icouldntevengetananswer 💔 YOOO THIS CLASS WAS SO BOMB & I love the was gibbsdonovan starts off class. You get in the right mindset and really focus on what you wanna improve on 👌🏽 I’m working on getting better lines and more tourography/performance tings so this was perfect for me! 🧠: gibbsdonovan 👯‍♀️: samantha_dahn & alex.benologa 🎥: spacedvisuals 🎙: keyshiacole diddy immabeast