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Painting with a twist ProductsUsed 💄 officialsnazaroo white facepaint bhcosmetics foil eyeshadow palette lagirlcosmetics pro concealer maybelline Master strobing liquid illuminating highlighter bellaterracosmetics Bronzer janecosmetics Recklass Romantic lipstick picoftheday motd canvasface makeup artist unique facetoface loveofmakeup beauty instagood art inspire maybelline janecosmetics bellaterracosmetics bhcosmetics lagirlproconcealer slay facebeat instagood fotd glamour creativemakeup daretobedifferent

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In my own world 😜💕

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Don't mind me 🙈I'm in my own lil world 😊💕 • Music: Starship - Nicki Minaj 🎶

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We have been conditioned to believe our logic mind is what we should pay attention to. We’ve been told to settle down, not wear our emotions on our sleeves. We learn that we should only show certain positive emotions and the “negative” ones need to be controlled, shoved down, and hidden. What if instead of feeling ashamed of experiencing certain emotions and therefore resisting them, we sat with them, trusted that they will somehow serve us? The author of this fascinating book makes a convincing case that our emotions need to move and flow. Even more important, that they carry valuable information. Information we will not receive by resisting and judging ourselves for feeling them. Next time you feel sad or angry, slow down and have a conversation with your feelings. Ask how they are trying to help you. Trust the answer you receive. 💞💫💓 bereal, becourageous, havecourage, dontcompare, learnfrommistakes, beauthentic, authenticself, valueyourself, authenticlife, embracewhoyouare, betruetoyourself, forgiveyourself, beyourself, yougotthis, ownwhoyouare, staytruetoyou, daretobedifferent, daretobeyou, realisthenewblack, perfectlyimperfect, justdoyou, unapologeticallyme, youareenough, selfdiscovery, flawsandall, selflove, selflovejourney, trustyourfeelings , trustyourgut, trustyourself

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Guys guess who's back on this week's episode You asked, we answered! • ☕️ • On this week’s episode Norm Norm_noire and I dive into the questions that our listeners sent in and oh boy were they good! From a listener letter down to how we feel about the 90 day rule, we did not hold back! • Time to sip this coffee • Happy Monday! • Link in Bio • coffeenocreampodcast podcast podcasts podcasting podcasthost podcastshow podcastlove podcastersofinstagram podcastaddict applepodcast spotifypodcast blkcreatives googleplay podcastinglife podcasting blackgirlpodcast datingadviceforwomen datingadviceformen datingadviceformen daretocreate daretobedifferent selflovery selfcarecoach inspiringwomen youareworthit daretodream influentialwomen xotribe

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Take responsibility for your own potential and be courageously committed to achieving that potential Always follow your passion and be whole heartedly kind to yourself and others along your journey Be prepared for the journey to be hard work; for their to be challenges but this creates opportunities and with opportunities we grow, we shine and we live our best life Dare you to make a difference, be brave and be the change ❤️🙏🥰 . yoga mindfulness motivation lovingkindness costarica travel passion courageous committed kind sunset exercisephysiology yogi liveyourbestlife healthymind mentalhealthawareness livin brisbaneyoga togs uvita paradise bethechange daretobedifferent bebrave namaste

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. Burgundy Highlights beauty 🔥🔥 . 100% virgin hair ✔️ Tangle free ✔️super full & bouncy ✔️Can be dyed&bleached ✔️ . Malaysian double drawn body wave +Kimmatching closure . Length in picture:14" 300g ₦52,000 . Very limited stock 🏃🏃 . To order kindly click on link in bio , Send a DM OR Call 07067341593 . angelsaffordables distinctvendors naijasalesmaker hustlersquare bellanaijaweddings naijahairseller weddingguest ibadanwedding bridesinlagos bridestobe naijabusinessonline hairblogger hairbrand personalshopper wholesalehair wholesalers retailer naijabusinessonline kimkclosure nightposhpod daretobedifferent malaysianhair curlyhairstyles touchofgold_brand putmouthinmybusiness coloredhairstyles realnaijahustlers

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Spring is here. The air is crisp. New beginnings, new growth, new ideas, new adventures. Step out of your comfort zones. Think outside the box. Let’s get things started. Happy Monday 😃🌝🌺 jewellemckenzie aintitgood comfortzone springtime springisintheair abundance newbeginnings freshstart newideas newadventures thinkoutsidethebox mondaymotivation lawofattraction happymonday stepoutonfaith havefaith nofear fearless miracles empowerment kickass liveyourbestlife womenempowerment liveyourdreams womeninbusiness gogetit beyou startnow daretobedifferent doyou

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**Calling JH/HS Jay Girls - Join Us!** Women’s wrestling is one of the fastest growing sports at the scholastic and collegiate levels. Wrestling instills such tremendous qualities: self-discipline, self-control, confidence, perseverance, the willingness to work hard and sacrifice for what you want, and these are qualities we want all of our to have. Wrestling gave this to my son; why wouldn't I want my daughter to reap the same benefits? I was one of those parents who thought that my daughter might get hurt or that someone might be unkind because she was a girl wrestling in a primarily male sport. She didn't, and any obstacles in her way only made her that much more determined. Other parents might believe that perhaps girls shouldn't wrestle because they may not be strong or aggressive enough to compete. That is actually the opposite of what wrestling is all about; you don't have to be the strongest or the most aggressive person on the mat to win; sound fundamentals and technique will always prevail. I can't imagine another sport that would have given my daughter so much confidence and mental toughness, and I believe that these are qualities we want all girls to develop. Give your daughters a chance and watch how this sport can help shape them into strong, confident women. DareToBeDifferent Freestyle practice this week. Tuesday 7am and Thursday 4-5:30. Be there! Prepare to be a champion next winter! Contact Coach Wilson for more information. dogtuff wrestlingfamily

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As soon as you trust yourself. You will know how to live. Give yourself permission to live a big life. Step into who you are meant to be. Stop playing small. You’re meant for greater things. Trust that. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ trustyourself livelifefully getuncomfortable thebestisyettocome

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Your personal style is yours, nobody can take that from you. You will shine brightest when you are being your bad ass, unique, creative, amazing self Collect humans that want to see you shine, that love you for you, and keep them close As for those that judge you solely based on appearance, rise above. Greet their judgement with a smile and move on with your day. Chances are, they are uncomfortable with your confidence because they lack their own You're incredible, and vibrant, those who are intimidated by that are simply not meant for you, and that's ok I wear sneakers with skirts, I want my curls to be as BIG and voluminous as possible, I love a bold lipstick, and I have a tiny obsession with polka dots and stripes Tag a friend whose style you admire.❤️

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“IN ORDER TO BE IRREPLACEABLE, ONE MUST ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT” - Coco Channel Benefiting the Mission of Yahweh Homeless Shelter, The Industrial “EVOLUTION” fashion show is coming soon and we promise it will be something unexpected Creative director when_worlds_collide_fashion . Photographer joss_castt . Model sashalibbyofficial hannahpressleyy kathleenavarro MUA spooky.makeup.nerd beauty.by.indira Designer Angel Phan DARE TO BE DIFFERENT and be part of something unique and support a good cause When Worlds Collide Fashion, We don’t do fashion shows, we create experiences , . ( CAUTION: not a show for narrow minded people ) houstonfashion runwayshow voguemagazine whenworldscollidefashionshow fashion fashionmodel houstonmodel fashionshow unique different daretobedifferent moda glamour mystic houston fashion fashionphotographer glamour  houstonphotographer houstonmedia instafashion htx  htxphotographer fashionblog fashionstyle houstongalleria houstonnews houstonfashionstylist instagood houston_insta newyork fashionblogger

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Are you true to yourself? I haven’t always been due to one insecurity or 5 😂 it was easier to blend in to follow the crowd even if I didn’t 💯 % agree all because I felt like what I truly think made me alien like 👽, like I used to ask my self ‘am I crazy or what isn’t that just common sense ?’ After constantly thinking like this I just found it easy to keep my thoughts to myself BUT for me that was totally the wrong move I put myself in a cage not society me I did and when I began to come out of my shell 🐚 and blossom into who God created me to be (btw it was no overnight took a lot of gardening) I found this new freedom I found me confidence I found new strength I found new beauty in myself loool who would have thought such a simple thing could unleash such beauty 🌺💐🌸🌹 dare to be different it’s scary I know but worth it 💯 • • • • authenticity realtalk girlpower empoweringwomen motivation pinterest inspiration christianblogger londongirl justbeyou daretobedifferent

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First time ever we're getting some work done to our house. The painting has commenced and no.2 has got his school uniform, hair and more of the floor absolutely covered. The poor guy painting said he didn't know where to look as no.2 was on the newly painted walls, in the paint, throwing his ball in the paint and then wrapping himself up in the dust sheets and cannon balling down the stairs into the paint. Somehow (and thanks to his hard work) the walls look fine so far and we all had a good laugh. Only a week left to go Photo 1 is actually no.1 chilling on the floor and then no. 2 rocking the lower half paint on school uniform look. autismlove autismsiblings autismawareness autism ambitiousaboutautism SEN abahomeschooling specialneeds family daretobedifferent normalcanbeboring adhd hyperactive

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Control your time effectively since you’re in control of your clock ! Busy work just wastes time Be methodical in how you plan your day What you don’t finish today steals from tomorrow Monday Motivation nevergiveup successfulmindset mindset motivational motivation mondaymotivation champion success warrior win winning live daretobedifferent daretodream lifechanging instagood instagram igers instamood patience wisdom monday believe successful fearless foutsy51 warriorswanted motivationalrich riseandgrind

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stop lecturing, preaching especially stealing. steal someone's dream is bad steal someone's future is bad steal someone's spouse is bad i prefer steal a smile, it is the nicest thing to warmth the heart life it is beautiful, do make it by simple take each day as it is this sweetest smile especially for you 😁 M. smile sweetestsmile changeyourperspective personality reverseyourmindset motivation evolve growth develop shareandcare pride prejudice ego selfcenteredness gratitude abundance transformation contentment positive life wisdom benatural beauthentic beinspired kindness daretobedifferent thinkoutofthebox simplicity quote quoteoftheday

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"What good are wings without the courage to fly." - Atticus 🦋 🦋

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💚”No matter what life gives you, give more back”💚 C E R E B R A L P A L S Y Awareness Day 2019 . I’m 1of17million For me, growing up with the wasn’t the easiest at times. I did not want to be “different” and I struggled with my identity as a person with a disability These days, I’ve learnt, I am who I am. I’m only on this earth once so while I allow myself to have “off-days”, on the other days I’m going to live the heck out of life. Know your worth, then add tax 💚 1of17million gogreen4cp cerebralpalsyawarenessmonth💚 cerebralpalsyawareness cerebralpalsyawarenessmonth nationalcerebralpalsyawarenessday cerebralpalsyawarenessday cpawareness cpadvocate cerebralpalsy spasticcerebralpalsy cpwarrior cplove cpstrong cppride cerebralpalsywarrior supportcerebralpalsy cerebralpalsystrong cerebralpalsylove palsypower cplife wheelchairlife wheelchairgirl 365dayswithdisability lifeonwheels daretobedifferent diversitymatters diversityandinclusion