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Here’s Brody hitting a 200kg squat after only a few months of working together. Before this he had a one rep max of 175kg ✅ • Brody wasn’t even peaked for this, being in the military means things can change at any moment and in this instance that’s exactly what it did. This squat was taken 4 weeks earlier than we planned for because of his abrupt change of location, imagine if we managed to finish the whole prep 🤭 • Good work Brody 😊 • Stay Safe. Stay Strong ✅ • Email me or DM for no bullshit, no gimmicks Strength & Conditioning programming/coaching and 1:1 sessions that truly work 🏋🏻‍♀️ • We are taking clients out of etcgeelong just shoot a message to get involved ✅ • supremacystrength supremacystrengthsquadpowerlifting coach powerlifter strength bench gym personaltrainer pt strengthtraining motivation fitfam transformation muaythai gymlife fitness strong physique strongman crossfit healthy ufc deadlift bodybuilding muscle fitspo health food

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Another week, another 5 rep squat session. This time at 210kg/462lb, with a 7 rep AMRAP finisher. Excuse any missed depth, looking after my knees with the pool noodle bar.

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Tonight was back 🙌🏼🙌🏼 My body is dead , this week I have pushed myself so Much! And I feel it but hey, when you want something you go hard! staystrong • • • IF INTERESTED IN MAKING A FREE FITNESS PROFILE CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TEXT ‘FIT’ TO 951)834-7596 • motivation fit Weightlifting InstaFit Squats PushPullgrind liftheavy Herbalife beastmode deadlift hustle fitfam strongnotskinny weightloss mompreneur passion FitMom model USPAPower Powerlifting QuadGangOrDie powerliftingmom FitNotFat FitChicks Dedication BloodAndSweat LittleLifter DecideCommitSucceed

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272.5 kg/600 lb deadlift tonight. Haven’t pulled anything over 440 off the ground since my meet back in October 2018. Feels good to be able to hit this after virtually no deadlift training in 5.5 months. Looked ugly, but it’s a good start. I still wanna deadlift 700+

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Leg day today was all about deadlifts 👀 PR 235 lbs The workout : 4 sets x 10 (95lbs,115,135,155) 6 reps with 175 5 reps with 195 3 reps with 215 and my PR of 235lbs (shown on the video) I can officially say that I can’t feel my legs The feeling of accomplishment is unbelievable. Make sure you surround yourself with people who believes in you And will push you to succeed beyond the limits you imagine in your head. People who empower you to become better and applaud when you get there. liftheavy fitfam bodybuilding bethebestversionofyou sweetsweatambassador fitnessmotivation fitness fit fitspo motivation life lifestyle pr gym personaltrainer workout legday deadlift coach mindset myp fitness_2_all

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Don’t just grip and rip your deadlifts! This applies to all variations. Develop tension at the bottom of the lift, you want to: . • Take a big breath in and lock your core tight. • Lock your shoulder blades down towards your back pockets. • Squeeze the bar tight and pull it tight into your legs, engaging your lats. • You can’t see this in the video, but you also want to press your knees outwards, into your arms (to create torque at the hips) All of this should result in you pulling the slack out of the bar and then you want to commence the lift by thinking about pushing the ground away There’s a bit to think about here, hence why you need to take your time to learn lifts. Over time all of this will become habitual, if you practice This applies to all deadlift variations. Don’t just grip and rip your deadlifts! Tension! Tension! Tension DM any questions strengthtraining strength strengthcoach strengthandconditioning strengthandconditioningcoach strong coach training deadlift deadlifts tension createtension push pull athletedevelopment canberra canberralife canberralocals canberragym realfitt realfittgym

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Still weak on bench but, finally starting to head back in the right direction.

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I am beat to fucking hell. This is fatigued to the max. But nonetheless PR. 465 roadtorecords

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110kgs beltless. followed by 110kg. Whacked on a belt for 120kgs. I’ll take that 😁 my deadlift has come along way for someone who avoids deadlifting like the plague 🙅🏼‍♀️

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QUICK LEGGGGGGGGS: me and my sister were in and out of the gym in less than an hour with socializing 😂 thank uuuuu supersets. Full workout below! • • Sorry for the total 🍑 view on the last video. Leg extensions—- squeeze at the top I’ve been working on single leg isolations more bc my left leg is stronger than my right 😂😬 plus I like mixing it up • • -leg extensions/leg curls: 3x12-15 each -single leg deadlifts: 3x10 each leg -sumo squat to deadlift: 3x6 -Abductors/Adductors: 3x15 each • • deadlift womenwholift strengthandconditioning strengthtraining legday quads

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495 x 7 beltless Post Rave Lift got me feeling kinda woozy. Had to support notorious_lift. First time using deadlift slippers and I gotta say these feel way better. Peep the creepy dude in the back though🙂

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About a month out from my powerlifting meet! Hit a bunch of singles with about 90-95% my 1 rep max. Did 435 for 4 singles on squats, 480 with deadlift, and 225 with bench. Man it’s been awhile since I’ve felt good enough to do this again in the gym! This medicine is helping so much and I’m getting stronger squatlife deadlift squat squateveryday powerlifter powerlifting traineveryday motivation inspiration grind gymmotivation lift leaveyourmark positivelifenegativemind 405 olyshoes baregrip crohnsdiseaseawareness reps4jesus strong thecolormorale warmbodycoldmind maxeffort maxeffortmuscle tattoos juglife drugfreelftr oldschool vegeta crohnsdisease

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Goal Setting 101: Stop Asking 'Why?' I have been teaching consultations to new PTs for years and it is fair to say that we want to find out the 'why' behind something in order for it to be a motivator - Simon Sinek knows what's up But remember that people, your clients and all gym members including you, are in the gym not because of logic, but because of emotion - because they want to feel something they have either never experienced or want to experience again Setting concrete goals with clients begins with cutting out the interrogation aspect of the consult, with asking 'why?' and demanding a justification while taking them out of their body and out of the moment Use these instead: WHAT will be different for you WHEN you achieve this? HOW will you feel? WHEN we achieve this, WHO will you celebrate with? Language shapes reality. If you want more effective goals from highly motivated clients, stop filling them with doubt Stop asking 'why?'

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W3D4 DIDiLIFT 3Sx1Rx410/435/460lbs (Shown) I did a thing where I went off program coz it felt light AF! 5 ripz Also not gonna post W3D3 OHP coz I failed miserably lol. Rocky: 0 OHP: 3 😅😂🤣 VC: renz.gee P: greyhairedgains uspa uspapwer squat bench deadlift k9

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I haven’t deadlifted in a few months but I was inspired by anthony_brandon619 to go heavy today! I hit a single at 526.5 lbs🎉 Huge thank you to Brandon for helping me build up and giving me solid coaching points to work on as I progress back into powerlifting! - Thank you gambaathletics and romycha for hosting us and getting the team together! It was great seeing everyone❤️😁🙏🏽 Gamba GambaAthletics Blessed OneLove

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✿。. 会場&ホテルの周りには高い建物がなかったので、空が大きかったです🌙✨ 南半球にいるからオリオン座が逆さまに見えるとか、地球ーーーって感じでした(笑) . ブリスベンのビルが多くある街並みと比べるとやっぱり雰囲気が違うね。 オーストラリアの一軒家とか建物を見てるとデザインがとても可愛くて、普通に買いたい&住みたい(笑) . 余談ですが、私がずっと心に残ってるのはシドニーのロックスという街。 今回は行ってないですけど、今度オーストラリア行くときはここにもまた行きたい☺️ オーストラリア ゴールドコースト ブリスベン アジアパシフィック 日本代表 ベンチプレス プレッサー女子 プレ女 フルギア パーソナルトレーナー パワーリフティング フィットネス トレーニング 筋肉好き 筋トレ Australia powerlifting bodybuilding  benchpress squat deadlift  bench strongman strongwoman training gethuge workout fitness brisbane

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Don't rip when you grip 👐 Protect your hands at all times with our ultra thin self-adhesive single use grip that feels like wearing nothing at all Athlete hello_mogwai ・・・and that’s a wrap. 19.5 done and there ain’t no danger I’m doing it again when I’m up to my neck in antibiotics. Thx. K. Bai. Double + a bit more chest to bar Fran can get in the bin. • wodndone saved my paws on those longer sets of pull-ups. Yay for no rips. • • 19Point5 wodndone strongwomen fitfam pullups toestobar ttb stronggirls crossfitgirls funcionaltraining girlswholift dontripwhenyougrip rippedhands deadlift Crossfitgamesopen weightlifting olympicweightlifting crossfitgames crossfit barmuscleup firstmuscleup HandHealth crossfitter crossfitfamily crossfitlifestyle crossfitlife crossfitcommunity crossfitmom crossfitmasters

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Arnold’s Events; 1️⃣Yoke/Frame/Frame/Yoke Medley: 360kg/280kg 31 seconds. 2️⃣ Rising Bar Frame Deadlift 13inches: 420kg 3️⃣ Viking Press: 135kg x 10 4️⃣ Power Stairs: 180kg/190kg/200kg: Made it to the 3rd Stair 200kg - stuff up on the first run cost me energy and flow. 5️⃣ Stones ✅ Great event run by the arnoldsportsau crew - my posterior chain should be ready to go again in 12 months 😂 🏋🏻‍♂️ stronggeelong - 📈 1:1 Coaching/Programming - 🔐 Join teamsmw 📲 🚚QEST Environments- 👀 spartansuppz [TYSON10] thestrongmanway startingstrongman strongman powerlift deadlift gym crossfit bodybuilding deadlifttilimdeadf

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raw deadlift 235kg/518 lbs x3 reps (two sets) at bw 179.4 lbs. This calc max is 572 lbs. It's better performance than prev where I was at 551 (with the straps). Very surprised I performed this well considering mentally I had checked out. The very best thing I was able to do was to completely & temporary, force a blank image into my mind and mechanically, go through the motions. Otherwise I would called it a day and gone home. At least it allowed me to do something. And since my body was almost 💯 this is straight raw strength without any psychological boost. For sure the 1st set was RPE 9. If I was focused and amped, I'd have gotten a 4th rep on that first set and put my calc max at 588 lbs raw. That wouldda tied my recent peak (with the straps). Instead, I got two sets of 3. Usually, I decline on reps in my 2nd set, not stay the same. It may looks like it was a grind, but mentally pumped these wouldda moved faster. Back feels fine today. I didn't over do it. Again 🎶🎵🔊 Delerium - Silence ft. Sarah McLachlan (Tiesto's in Search of Sunrise Remix). This beat is too🔥not to have some more of it. powerlifter powerlift powerlifting guyswholift liftheavy liftingweights beastmode lifting gymrat gymjunkie garagegym weightlifting training legsfordays workout legday glutes hamstrings quads legsfordays quadzilla backworkout strong beast

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You get fitter, hanging around fit people. • We often hear ‘I didn’t think I’d be fit enough to train at your gym’. • That fear is warranted but it should also be met with the hope that you could one day become that fit. • Like the old saying goes you, you become the people you hang around. • Spend time at a gym, you’ll inevitably get fitter. • Spend time at a library you’ll probably end up reading more books. • Allowing yourself to enter an environment where you acknowledge that you want to improve is key. • Ultimately you must be vulnerable before you can open up and get what it is you are looking for.

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اليوم الأحد و بعد غداً الأثنين خصومات أوكسجين على المكملات الغذائية. خصومات تصل إلى ٥٠٪؜؜ بجميع فروع أوكسجين للمكملات الغذائية يوجد خدمه التوصيل داخل الكويت و خارج الكويت تواصل واتساب مع الرقم بالبايو مابين الساعه الساعه الثامنة صباحا الي الساعه الخامسه عصرا Available in all Oxygen shops for delivery please send WhatsApp to +965 51111450 In between 8am till 5pm . o2nutrition o2nutrition _ لأنك_تهمنا_نختار_لك_الأفضل o2supplement o2community . بروتين اوكسجين بمب حديد دايت كمال_اجسام تمرين لياقه امينو bodybuilding muscle muscles inspiration sixpack gym كمال_اجسام squat deadlift كويت الكويت kuwait protien ifbb physique الصحة o2_supplement

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Deathlifts earlier today. Top set of 353 for 8 here. Going beltless and "dead stop" for as long as possible. I think it's helped my positioning on my first rep, which is obviously the one that counts. 🎵Suicidal Thoughts by Biggie (Omokage remix) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ powerlifting squat bench deadlift collegiate WilliamPaterson pioneers wpu usapl ipf rps rpe uspa adelantebarbellclub whippanyathleticclub elitetrainingfacility wheresthediscipline sandbagging nasmcpt inshot trapsarethenewabs juggernautai chadbot jugglife personaltraining NASM ACSM

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🎊GRAND OPENING + DEADLIFT COMPETITION + RAFFLE DRAW 🎊 Come and join us April 13’th for our GRANDOPENING as well as DEADLIFT Competition. We are giving away a bunch of prizes! 🔥 Hard Cash prizes for the top 3 winners of the deadlift competition, store credits, raffle draws, & so much MORE ANY purchase that day is considered a raffle ticket, so please hold on to that receipt for the raffle draw We look forward to see you guys! 🙌🏻 For more in-depth details regarding this event, feel free to stop in at the shop or give us a call:)

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🏋️‍♀️225-295lb Snatch Series🏋️‍♀️Want to improve your technique AND get stronger? Our NEW CYCLE of Invictus Weightlifting launches in 9 days on Monday, April 1st! Video analysis of your lifts is included (I do all of the video analysis personally). We have programs for both CrossFitters & Weightlifters as we have 3day/wk & 5day/wk program options available. Let’s get strong this year Start your journey with Invictus Weightlifting TODAY- Link in bio!

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Repost matt_teske ( get_repost) ・・・ First time having fun at a meet in a while. Finished today by knocking my two goals out of the park! I qualified for nationals and broke the state deadlift record. I wanna thank everyone My wife, parents, Jamie, Quintin, Maggie, Andi, & every freakin body in the building! Honestly all the members of Limitless Elite Gym is like one big supportive family powerlifting deadlift limitlessmadnessmeet limitless limitlesselitegym fun party strong grind partyallthetime

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500lb hexbar deadlift. And with that - along with my new 300lb Back Squat and ~250 Bench Press (to be tested/updated later) - I am “officially” in the 1K Club! Maybe someday I can get in there with a standard barbell, but I have prioritized my health & well-being over appeasing purists This first part of the year has had a lot of setbacks and false starts. But things are finally falling into place and I can feel momentum building. Let’s get back to it! 🏋️‍♀️🔥☢️ BisonBeltane KnokXPro knokxpro fitnessmotivation nerdstrong nerdstronggym strengthtraining

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I ate so much today so I had to get my butt in the gym for a quick 30 min session. Working deadlifts in the 200s and some cardio today. 🤗✅ FACT: I purposely ripped off my middle finger nail so it wouldn’t get caught on my pants when I lifted. 😬😂 trackyourprogress fitnessblog deadlift fitness weightlifting fitnessmotivation baregrip strong gains fitnessfashion gains inzer girlswholift determination weekend fitnesslifestyle mindset legworkout snapfitness fitnola gymshark hiit gymsharkwomen

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PBP 172.5×5 goal 150×5 87% 152.5×5.5 88.5% 155×5.5.6 90% PBP SS 165×3 175×3 プルダウン 120×12.12 プレスダウン 300LBS×20×2 ハンキングレイズ マシンクランチ オブリーククランチ 155までは5セットぐらいはいけそうです。 目標が172.5なので後7week squats backsquat benchpress deadlift powerlifting picture today now motivation fitness enjoy student strength power midnight body パワーリフティング スクワット ベンチプレス デッドリフト 筋トレ フィットネス 日本 千葉 体幹

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Ending WEEK 5 of Powerlifting training 💪🏼 — with little sleep & bad allergies I wasn’t expecting much, but was able to push through and hit multiple PRs, yay! 🎉 Honestly, just sticking to a schedule and giving it 💯% has made all the difference enjoying the process and excited to see where things are a few months from now 🤗🔹225 Deadlift PR (yes those are my racing shoes 🤣) 🔹185lbs x 3 PR (couple weeks ago this was my 1 rep MAX😱)

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🚨🚨 SQAUT PR 🚨🚨 Leg day went well even after being out last night!🍻 . Hit 135kg single Bodyweight 68kg🔥 . Chasing 3 plates🤞🏻🙌🏻

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Jeff has been doing some Prehab Rehab & adjusted a few things & ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ Easy 135kg(297lbs)👣👊🏽 Stay tuned 🎬 Warmup:51” boxjump Jason made it look easy ✈️

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Recently I noticed how inconsistent I am with my squat depth and working to fix it has been a challenge but, I feel I have finally started to make some progress by doing pause reps which have also been a huge challenge.