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3 minutes ago

Earlier today we unexpectedly spotted this gorgeous mural on Larry’s Sporting Goods, 2nd Street in Nampa. It’s an easy one to miss and I am sure we have driven past it before without noticing. It’s soooo pretty larryssportinggoods sportinggoods nampa nampaidaho mural muralart murals muralpainting muralnews streetart streetartphoto streetartnews streetartwork elk elkpainting deer deerpainting deerpaintings deerart deerartwork mountains mountaineering mountainmural landscapepainting landscapeart river fish fishjump

9 hours ago

I’m start!😎

23 hours ago

"Art is never finished, only abandoned" Leonardo Da Vinci 🎨 So true! 👩‍🎨 "The Buck Stops Here" 24"×30" Acrylic on canvas. This amazing deer stopped in front of us. He hesitated for a long moment, seemingly sizing us up before carrying on through the bush. The sun was warming the treetops but down on the ground the cold of the night was beginning to creep in. ❄ deerpainting impressionism acrylicpainting

1 day ago

Fun morning making music and experiencing art at the Living Arts and Science Center. Totally captivated by the color choices of Kentucky artist kentuckypopart (Jerielle Hanlon)

1 day ago

When I use pretty vibrant colors in my paintings I am still amazed that the print shop I work with, Marina Graphics, can match them almost perfectly using good old 4 color process offset printing. That pinky orange color is pretty bright and saturated in real life! And as you can see in this originalvsprinted comparison it came out pretty darn close. I’m so grateful for their hard work! This illustration is still a favorite from the 2018 spring batch. You can find this and new spring cards from this year through the shop link in my profile! smalladventurecards illustratorsoninstagram springillustration landscapepainting illustration watercolorpainting gouache gouachepainting illustrator deer deerpainting natureillustration goodprinting mutedcolors vibrantcolors watercolor

2 days ago

Hello deer, summer is officially here.

2 days ago

Hello all 💜 This is my first roe deer painting - I find them so secretive - I followed a hoof track of one the other day, didn’t get to see it though sadly! I think they’re creatures of enchanted woodlands - so I tried to create a magical background, the pink are rhododendrons as this too is painted on my own printed photograph. The original is available & prints too 🦌 larryware supporthandmade handcrafteduniquelycommunity illustrationaday etsyseller shopindie creativemornings creativebiz wildlifeart wildlifeartist roedeer deer deerart deerpainting oneofakind oneofakindart newcontemporaryart woodlandanimals illustrationartist illustrationaday illustratorofinstagram art creativearts artistsoninstagram mixedmediaart mixedmediaartist painting paintingforsale paintingonpaper

3 days ago

My paintings are up! At classicquiche cafe teanecknj !If you’re wondering why there’s a hammer on a table at a restaurant it’s because we just put them up. I’m very excited. This is a favorite restaurant + I’m honored to have my paintings on display + forsale. I’ll be hangingout there a lot. Love their spinachpie + californiadreamin sandwich. Victorianlady With Her Cat ( Oil), I Am A Westie ( Acrylic) BabyDeer Discovers The Rose (Acrylic). paintingsonthewall charmingrestaurant saatchiart artslant studiomontclair spotmesisters dogpainting deerpainting artpridenj jerseyarts

3 days ago

Oh how life is full of surprises ! Our cat Spooky has incurred some surprise vet expenses .😿 I put this sparkling Valentine deer painting on sale as well as a teacup narwhal sculpture in my Etsy shop in hopes to raise some money for her ! Will have more new stuff very soon including my tiny new mouse sculpts and am also accepting commissions just message me what you’d like to order and we can set it up .😺❤️💗❤️💗❤️ • • • • stitchofwhimsy deerpainting cutedeer vetbillsSUCK poorkitty

4 days ago

First painting post, more to come ❤

4 days ago

Getting more comfortable putting out there what my free time allows me to do!

4 days ago

Some finished pieces and some not so finished pieces 😂

5 days ago

marchmeetthemaker Day 19 Dream Collaborations, I might have to post more than once because I am a big dreamer. This fall I was able to do two mixed media paintings based on photos my cousins took of a wild horse foal and a buck in the field. These two piece are for sale. Wild Horse Foal 12"x12" displayed at with Sheep River Health Trust at Okotoks Urgent Care and Buck in Field a huge repurposed canvas. MaryVanMaarion albertawildhorses photosbyfox and placed them in a duo show All Creatures Great and Small. Unfortunately, my cousins are not interested in showing their photographs but they are happy to let me paint from them if I give credit. My dream collaboration would be a combination art and photography show featuring wild horses and Canadian Wildlife. I love DuanneStarrPhotography and it would be an honour to collaborate with him and have an informative talk and slide show on the Alberta wild horses by my cousin, June Fox. albertawildhorses canadianwildlife duannestarrphotography pennygundersonart mixedmediaanimals deerpainting wildfoalpainting

5 days ago

ANOTHER ONE 😍👍🏻 progress peaked on Sunday, I wish it would have been light outside so I could have gotten another picture in the middle of this paint sesh, since there was so much progress from the last image! Getting there 😊 blacktail blacktaildeer wildlife animalportrait huntress wildart wild norcal inspiredbyhome progress mountainlife exposedbrick diy wip paintingprogress progresspic realisticpainting reallifepainting art acrylic acrylicpainting paintingonwood ooak theartofhunting deerpainting exploregon outdoors hunt pnwinspired

5 days ago

Deer oh deer! Day 19 of marchmeetthemaker with joannehawker brings me to my Dream Collab. I am blessed to count some seriously talented interior and decor people among my clients. My dream collab would be to do a line of art for one or all of these folks! In the meanwhile here is something that would be great for room decor swipe to see my limited effort at styling but style I must because it helps understand size and impact of the painting. But I always welcome feedback from my insta fam here on how to do this better still let’s do a collab to style art And sorry about the last shot which got trimmed by insta size please take a better look in my stories! deerpainting watercolorart wildlifepainting artanddecor artwork marchmeetthemaker2019 tempuradesign kidsroomdecor

5 months ago

Another quick painting 🍂