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8 hours ago

I came across this very interesting picture on the internet while looking for some inspiration. It amazes me! This monarch butterfly sitting comfy in the deer's nose is so cute isn't it🦋 I have used chitrapat rough paper and daler_rowney aquafine watercolor travel set watercolors watercolordeer watercolourist watercolorsketch watercolorpaintings watercolor_art watercolorbeginner watercolorlove watercolorpaint watercolorpractice watercolor_daily watercolorartwork watercolordrawing watercolorbutterfly watercolordaily artoninstagram art painting deer deerpainting dalerrowneywatercolor dalerrowneywatercolor dalerrowney watercolorpaintingart

1 day ago

A long day of driving to drop off my paintings for the twasi exhibition, stands were going up and the print racks were already filing with fantastic art. It opens on Friday at Nature in art, well worth a visit if you get chance This is one of my favorite stag paintings so far. This big guy was from Tatton Park, where I manage to get most of my stag reference photos after hours of trudging through the rain with nothing but bum shots. Luckily he wasn't in the bag that Eric decided to lie on; he doesn't like me packing paintings and leaving him behind to deliver them so he tries to sabotage me, in the cutest possible way 😀 art stag stagart stagpainting deer deerart deerpainting animalart animalartist atmospheric atmosphericart creative inspiration artoftheday gallery artgallery artforsale twasi natureinart artsy oilpainting ilovemydog artwork exhibition

3 days ago

Another exciting addition to our Studio Tour this year, Plainfield Artist Laurie Israel! 📍 Laurie Israel received degrees in music in her early life. She has been a practicing lawyer for over 30 years. Always wanting to do art (but thinking that it would have to wait until retirement), she stumbled into a live drawing course on a vacation 16 years ago. Since then she has been doing art intensively, along with continuing her law practice. She works in a number of mediums – oil, watercolor, acrylic, digital (i-Pad), charcoal, pen and ink. Her work ranges from figurative to abstract. Her current passion is painting pictures derived from a photo taken of a deer looking into her house from the back door. Laurie has exhibited a number of times since moving to the Hilltowns in 2011, and has very much enjoyed the community of artists who live and work in our area. You can see more of Laurie’s work on her website,

4 days ago

I will be working on getting these two paintings framed today, so I can hopefully get juried at WAC for mixed media.

4 days ago

More baby animals from the Woodland Collection 🦉🦌🦔🌲⁣⠀ ⁣

4 days ago

Here's a little deer just doing his long leggy thing. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be Penni or not, but let's just say it might be? deer deerpainting longleggies

1 week ago

It’s incredible that someone asking for this painting before it was finished (not seeing the entire composition, not even the background color). This finished original painting is now on the way to US. And, I am honored that it is soon to be on a pastel mint wall of a beautiful designed living room. Thank you Kristin. Posters of this painting are available at deer womanportrait womanpainting womanillustration whimsical pastel

1 week ago

And my obsession over round canvas and deers continues lost in the woods is one of my favourite paintings here is a retake on that beautiful painting Scroll down to look at that painting again :p

1 year ago

"FernAnn" 🌿 🌼 I painted this 2 or 3 years ago. When we were forced to move out of the mold contaminated house I had to leave everything behind. All my most precious possessions, books that my deceased father had written for me (which was the hardest to let go of and still is painful for me to accept the fact I'll never see those books again), and all my paintings and art. I am incredibly blessed and grateful I made it out alive so rather than thinking on what I've lost, I focus all my energy into what I still have. I focus my energy on what I can still create. Painting is one of my favorite things to do, yet I haven't been able to in over a year now. Lately I've been having the desire to paint even more, so I'd like to get my hands on some acrylic and/or watercolor paint and get lost- or should I say find myself in that world again 💜 chronicillness chronicillnessfighter chronicillnesswarrior spoonie moldillness mycotoxins mycotoxindisease CIRS chroniclymedisease arthritis degenerativediscdisease neuropathy dysautonomia POTS CFSME fibromyalgia mcas painting art artist starvingartist acrylicpainting animalpainting animalart animals deer deerpainting deerart colorfulart