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Ready for the first trucketeers band rehearsal 🤟🎸🧥🧥🧥😂 denim_jas martindenim

1 hour ago

"Z with Red Roses" Custom by JoohArt Design / Konsep bisa request sesuka hati. 100% Hand Painting Detail kualitas tinggi Cat tahan lama Tidak luntur bila di cuci Siap berbeda dengan Jooh.Art? Hubungi kontak yang tertera pada bio GRATIS KONSULTASI HARGA,DESIGN,CONCEPT DAN LAIN LAIN.

2 hours ago

EDWIN Exclusive Japanese Selvage Denim Japan Made,Japan Quality. Made by Experienced Craftman, in every single process (sewing,washing,finishing) Only available at EDWIN Shop in Japan EDWIN 完全オリジナルセルビッチデニムを使用し、 縫製、加工、仕上げまでの全ての生産工程を 日本国内の熟練したデニム職人によって 1本1本丁寧に作られた最高品質のMADE IN JAPANです。 EDWIN直営店舗でしか購入できない JAPAN EXCLUSIVE MODELです。 edwin_minamihorie edwin_japan japan japanpride osaka minamihorie edwinjeans jeans jeanslovers jeansfashion denim denimstyle denimlovers denimaddicted jeans madeinjapan japanlimited unwashed rainbowselvage selvage 大阪 南堀江 牛仔裤 裤子 청바지 데님 instagood likeforlikes likeforfollow love

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Look at this beauty lillyyoes styling the rainbow Chanel - she is stunning and is rockin’ this jacket for a night out! Love to see my clients express themselves through their denim dreams & when they know what they want and how to accessorize it - goals

3 hours ago

Todays look ft. my new cool ass boots that I actually replaced with sneakers after this cause I get too anxious wearing heels in public places unless I’m drunk?????

5 hours ago

Platforms for the future summer season☀️ Hopefully this year I won’t trip in them 🙈😝🙊

5 hours ago

Such an amazing night & so great to meet you therealmontedurham and yes this is the exact replica of the Jackie Kennedy dress 🙌🏼❤️

6 hours ago

There’s a story behind this Bulgari Serpenti “dupe” that triggered me to write the blog post that I just published today: My stomach dropped when I opened the box and discovered this bag had a poorly-attached metal “BULGARI” logo on the back, and the metal eyelets were also adorned with the brand’s name. I bought a dupe, and was given a fake. Even though I complained and they sent me an unbranded replacement, I wasn’t able to ignore my gut. I’ve always been vehemently against encouraging people to buy fake designer items, but the more I thought about this incident who’s to say that the same places who manufacture dupes aren’t the same warehouses that produce counterfeits? Buying fakes might seem like a victimless crime, but I’ve spent months and months researching this topic only to discover that the counterfeit industry uses human trafficking to fund organized crime that’s thinly-veiled as beautiful bags with unbelievably low price tags. I understand this is a controversial topic and may definitely be uncomfortable for some people to read, but this is definitely something that we need to discuss. We need to get better at knowing where our dollars are going. I need to do better at setting an example that pushes for positive change. That’s why I hit “publish” today instead of sweeping this under the rug. I hope you’ll read this - link in bio and stories. ❤️ .

8 hours ago

when you spot bae walking over with food in his hands 🤤👀🥟 it’s the little things!

8 hours ago

If you guys haven’t seen it, new youtube video is up! It’s a Mulvaney with my sister! :) you know where to find the link ;)

8 hours ago

When your outfit matches The Met 🌚⚪️

9 hours ago

💜Parisian Purple Shorties💜 & a Candy Kebob. 💪

9 hours ago

Have a good weekend everyone 🍻 fadefriday

9 hours ago

Forever staring at my shoes 😏

9 hours ago

Every season there are trends and then there are trends that I will actually wear and how I determine that is simple which of them is a classic style staple, once I identify with those I have MTC trend of the season. I settle for classics because No matter how great a modern/contemporary is they can never beat a classic!

10 hours ago

¿Qué es mejor que haya reposición de las heartbreakers? Que estén más baratas🤩 ¡Están rebajadas a MÁS DEL 40%⚠️🔥! O voláis o vuelan y os quedáis sin Os dejo el link en la bio🖤

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Did you know cotton is used in 40% of the worlds clothing. That it takes roughly 24 oz. to make a pair of jeans! Why not reuse, recycle, or repurpose something that has already taken so much time just to grow. Not to mention then dye and manufacture.

10 hours ago

R.I.P to all the drama and all the toxic people who were part of my life

10 hours ago

I finish college in May and so far I have planned holidays and trips with friends. Maybe I should start thinking about what I’m a c t u a l l y going to do when I leave. Eh there’s time for that • • • • reallifeandstyle chattycaptioncommunity blogandbeyond smallblogger instastyle cambridge london londonstyle londonfashion londonstreetstyle londonfashionblogger denimaddicted streetstyleluxe bloggervibes whatiwore styleblogger londonblogger ootdsubmit ootdmagazine stylehunter styleinspo ontheblogtoday bloggersgetsocial

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Life’s a beach and I’m just playing in the saannnd ✌🏻 p.s. for all my SoCal ladies, charlesdavidshoes is having a trunk show at bloomingdales fashionvalleyca San Diego until March 29th if you want to get a pair of these white slides yourself!

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I actually wore this today 😊 (Gifted shirt - gant)

6 months ago

I don’t buy merch, I buy food. choosewisely

7 months ago

Someone called me uncool and like the good gf that she is, Aub laughed in agreement. HappyNationalGirlfiendDay bb, you’re a real one.