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The next Southeast Denim Hang sedenimhangs is June 1st at skinner.jeans sturdybrothers (reposted photo from Sturdy Brothers) will be there too! Come join the fun Address: Skinner Jeans 1038 Commercial Drive Tallahassee, Fl 32310 sewing handcraft handcrafted handcrafts handmade finegoods sewingmachine durablegoods durableclothes ruggedworkwear ruggedclothes canvas duckcanvas denim denims smallbusiness sedenimhangs southeastdenimhangs southeastdenim denimcommunity denimhangs denimhang selvedgeforum rawdenim drydenim

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I’m addicted to denim and all things creative. I’m addicted to challenges and making myself better. I’m addicted to inspiring the community to think bigger than their current situation. However, my first commitment is to my family because it is them who push me, who directly or indirectly motivate me, keep me grounded and focused. It never gets old and it might end up being a t-shirt because it drives so many creatives to grind harder: . Prayer Family Denim Community livedenim denim rawdenim community denimhang selvedgedenim selvedgeforum redwingboots ootd style rugged vintage

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Nice shot here from skinner.jeans constructing some quality jeans ** Next Hang is June 1st!** We will be having our next Southeast Denim Hang at Skinner Jeans in Tallahassee, FL on June 1st at 1 PM EST Skinner Jeans  skinner.jeans 1038 Commercial Drive Tallahassee Fl 32310 skinnerjeans buttonfly buttonflyjeans qualitydenim qualityjeans highqualitydenim usamade madeinamerica madeinusa madeinus denimsquad denimhead denimheads denimhangs denimhang denimordeath denimordie denimcommunity selvedgeforum denimforum selvedgejeans selvedgedenim selvagedenim

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Unapologetically wellmade suspenders.

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We just want to make the best leather accessory you’ve ever wornat leastwe’ll try our best. itsjustfate

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Fermentation, creativity, collaboration. Our suspenders are merely saltlike seasoning for well made garments.

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** Next Hang is June 1st!** We will be having our next Southeast Denim Hang at Skinner Jeans in Tallahassee, FL on June 1st at 1 PM EST Skinner Jeans  skinner.jeans 1038 Commercial Drive Tallahassee Fl 32310 Pictured is ruggedworkwear in full denim attire Jacket-  tellason  conedenim coverall jacket Jeans-  ironheartdenim 777-XHS 25 oz Boots-  trickers_shoes x  clobbercalm collaboration tellason ironheartjeans ironheartdenim tellasondenim conedenim conemills whiteoakdenim trickers trickersshoes clobbercalm denimcommunity denimordeath denimordie selvedgeforum denimhead denimheads denimhangs denimhang

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Excited to see you today, Saturday, May 11 at our denimhang in the hudsonvalley! The deets: What: Grand Opening of philmontcooperative Where: 116 Main Street, Philmont, NY When: The fun starts at noon and goes until 6pm, with an official ribbon-cutting at 2pm. The fun: There will be food tastings, drink, live music, demos and much more. DM if you have any questions — see you there denimhangsnyc hudsonvalley

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Excited to see you tomorrow, Saturday, May 11 at our next denimhang in the hudsonvalley! Our destination is Philmont, NY, where we will join the celebrations for the official Grand Opening of philmontcooperative. The fun starts at noon and goes until 6pm, with an official ribbon-cutting at 2pm. There will be food tastings, drink, live music, demos and much more. Bring a friend, and a camera, and take a stroll to nearby Summit Lake or hike in the High Falls Conservation Area. Classic Hudson Valley fun! DM for additional information, and travel safely. denimhangsnyc hudsonvalley

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Preview of the black, full grain calf leather with contrast stitching suspenders. Only 45 will be available through the Kickstarter campaign launching in a few days. We only use upcycled salvaged leather so one these are gone they’re gone forever. Get on the list to be notified when the sale starts at itsjustfate

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Lest we forget that workwear can actually be worn for work.

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Come & join us, we are having a right good old chin wag with our good friends Ben & Amanda from Clobbercalm about denim, clobber and the life of Joe & Co along with &Sons, Forge Denim, Levi’s LVC, Barnes & Moore, Trickers & Red Wing for the Manchester Denim Hang at Manchester Union Brewery check out the details below should be a great day out & loads of Manchester Union Lager 🙏🏻👊🏻 denim denimhang manchester manchesterunionbrewery drygoods selvedge redwing levis lvc trickers barnesandmoore leather altrinchammarket unique menswear redwing

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The denimals In the wild. Even if they are different there are still some similarities to spot. They are like brothers of another father and mother. They like to come together in like-minded herds and call it a denimhang and just eat their denim raw. - 📸by ende_denim

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The first edition of The Hague Denim Hang is a fact. Last weekend these denimheads came together to share their love for blue jeans; rikslvdg thehaguedenim bearded_denimal rottadenim edwin028 ( dutchdenimrepair) skrieber73 seriousdenim jeffreyvv_photography denim_jas stephanbodeman leindersjo ende_denim ruggeddenimgiant. Go to Long John to read the recap of this denim gathering by rikslvdg and thehaguedenim, link in bio. 👖💪👖 thehaguedenimhang thehague denimhang denimheads denimlife denimgoods denimhead denimbrand denimcollection denimporn denimfades jeansfades fades drydenim dryjeans rigid unwashed denimblogger denimblue indigo blue selvage selvedge longjohn misterdenim

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Reading our article about the thehaguedenimhang on longjohn_denimblog! Check it out (link in bio) it captures a little bit of the fun we had! ⁣⁣ Oh and for all fade lovers, zoom in on skrieber73 rgt shirt it fades like C R A Z Y 💙 ⁣⁣ 📸 jeffreyvv_photography ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ styleformen vintageworkwear mensfashion styleiswhat rawdenim selvedge mensclothes outfitgrid rugged mensfashionpost lovethislook denimondenim workwear stylemen outfitplace mensclothing menslook stylebook mensweardaily menswear styleguide fadefriday mensstreetstyle mensoutfit denimhead denimhang beard bearded

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You are a denimal ? You like to hang out with these guys? Wanna talk some serious denimtalk? Ready for a massdointheende ? With some food and drinks? Sign up for the first private denimhang just outside cologne. bearded_denimal Claude opens the doors to his house . Sign up ende_denim or Claude or denimhangcologne . Limited availability. We want you! selvedge denimfamily denimdudes rawdenim drytillyoudie 365daysofraw When? April 27, 2019 16.00 onwards Where? Rommerskirchen 👩‍🎨: sign art by von_klueber

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Such a great day meeting you all The chaotic massdointheende in full effect! Anyone getting tired of thehaguedenimhang spam yet? Hope not I’m just getting started!😏👖💙 • • 📸 jeffreyvv_photography 📸 • • denim denimhang denimondenim denimlover denimlook dointheende massdointheende chaos selvedge selvedgedenim lotsofdenim denimlover denimlovers denimheads eudenimhangs laugh fun denimlife denimlifestyle denimjacket wabash beard bearded beer beerbar kompaanbier weirdowithabeardo

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It looks like a serious denim talk at the thehaguedenimhang But a denimhang is all about having fun,meeting people and making (new) friends 📸 ende_denim

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It was great (giant like) meeting you guys at thehaguedenimhang yesterday! More pictures will follow Thanks everyone for making this happen kompaancraftbeerbar 🙏🏼👖💙 • • • ⬅️⬅️⬅️ Swipe for more shots ⬅️⬅️⬅️ • • • denim denimbrothers denimals denimhang denimondenim denimlook bluedenim denimondenimondenim lotsofdenim denimheads denimhead thehague denimdaily instadenim boots beards beer denimlover denimlife denimlovers buttsandshoulders weirdowithabeardo

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Had a great time at thehaguedenimhang ! 💙🎉🍻🔝 , superdudes all around ! Hope everyone has a super selvedgesunday 😄 • • • • • • • • • •