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14 hours ago

Do you feel shame for depression, any other mental ilness or your problems? Be sure to check out my new YouTube video (link in my description). There is nothing to be ashamed of when you are depressed. A mental ilness can happen to anyone at any time! There are millions of people who have suffered or are currently suffering from depression. It's nothing uncommon and definitely nothing you have to be ashamed about depression depressionplace depressionposts depressionawareness depressionisreal depressionvideo beatingdepression stopdepression depressionhelp depressionproblems depressiontips dontbeashamed ashamed ashamedofmyself dontbeashamed dontbeashamedofyourself mentalhealth mentalhealthcoach mentalhealthdepression fightdepression yougotthis mindsetgrowth mindset stopnegativity selfdevelopment selfhelp negativeemotions overcomeobstacles feelbetternow lifegetsbetter

1 day ago

Therapy is not an exclusive fan club where they give out special jackets. Therapy is for everyone. End the stigma of therapy! 💛 [photo description: here is a words that say “Things that make you qualified for therapy:” in yellow. On the bottom contains a list that goes as follows 1.breathing 2.being human 3.classified as a mammal 4.fuckign breathing. The background is white and it fades into a yellow at the bottom. 💛] • • • mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness anxiety depressionplace love recovery therapy

3 days ago

IF THIS IS YOUR HEAD and you are suffering from mental health issues, then you can clearly see there’s just a small part of your head that’s a bit cloudy, but the rest of flourishing. So just because one part doesn’t feel good, does not mean the rest is a right off. Seek help, ask for help, talk to your doctor, talk to friends, talk to strangers, if no one will listen, talk to me 🥴 But whatever you do, never think oh I’ll be ok, because it won’t naturally sort itself out, it needs to be addressed then the rest will flourish. I know, 10 years my head was like this, 10 years I couldn’t understand what was happening, 10 years to get it right. Don’t wait 10 years, start today and start talking please.